Lucky for Good

Lucky for Good

Susan Patron Erin Mcguire / Jun 19, 2019

Lucky for Good ELEVEN YEAR OLD LUCKY adores Miles a cookie fiend genius and the closest she s got to a little brother But when Miles s mother returns to Hard Pan Lucky finds herself with a tricky challenging mor

  • Title: Lucky for Good
  • Author: Susan Patron Erin Mcguire
  • ISBN: 9781416990581
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ELEVEN YEAR OLD LUCKY adores Miles a cookie fiend, genius, and the closest she s got to a little brother But when Miles s mother returns to Hard Pan, Lucky finds herself with a tricky, challenging moral dilemma and no idea what to do about it She also gets into big time trouble for starting a fight with an older boy, discovers a relative and much needed ally called StiELEVEN YEAR OLD LUCKY adores Miles a cookie fiend, genius, and the closest she s got to a little brother But when Miles s mother returns to Hard Pan, Lucky finds herself with a tricky, challenging moral dilemma and no idea what to do about it She also gets into big time trouble for starting a fight with an older boy, discovers a relative and much needed ally called Stick, and says the hardest good bye of her life Meanwhile, Hard Pan residents join together into an unlikely but determined army, declaring war against the County Health Department, which wants to close Brigitte s Hard Pan Caf This final book in the Lucky trilogy continues to explore the vast rocky landscape of the human heart As always, Lucky is brave and foolish, impulsive and tender, vulnerable and determined for good.

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      354 Susan Patron Erin Mcguire
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      • Susan Patron Erin Mcguire

        Susan Patron specialized in Children s Services for 35 years at the Los Angeles Public Library before retiring in 2007, the same year her novel The Higher Power of Lucky was awarded the John Newbery Medal As the library s Juvenile Materials Collection Development Manager, she trained and mentored children s librarians in 72 branches Patron has served on many book award committees, including the Caldecott and Laura Ingalls Wilder Committees of the American Library Association She is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators.Patron s previous books for children include the Billy Que trilogy of picture books Dark Cloud Strong Breeze and a chapter book, Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe Maybe All earned starred reviews, and the latter was named an ALA Notable book The Listening Library audio edition of The Higher Power of Lucky is an ALA Notable Recording the book will be translated into twelve foreign languages and has been optioned for a motion picture A sequel, Lucky Breaks, will be published early in 2009 Married to a rare book restorer from the Champagne region of France, Susan is working on the final book in the Lucky trilogy.


    1. This was my second reading of the entire Lucky trilogy, and the second time around it was even better than the first time. Susan Patron has a way to deliver a powerful impact with simple sentences. Never mind that this book is geared towards young readers - it is a fully developed masterpiece. It starts with a setting - Hard Pan, California. A small town in the Mojave Desert surrounded by abandoned mines, sediments, and . . . desert. Miles from anywhere, even the dreaded cellphones do not get a [...]

    2. I love the way this children's books author believes children have brains they can actually operate themselves.*********************Few dare in Children’s Literature like Susan Patron does, and I really think they should. Lucky’s Hard Pan Trilogy ends even more provocatively than it began; which, you may recall, was quite controversial. Can a Children’s Book use the word “scrotum,” let alone use it on the first page?! This was the worry with the 2007 Newbery Award-Winner The Higher Pow [...]

    3. Review of all three books in the 'Hard Pan Trilogy'Lucky Trimble lives in Hard Pan, California, in a canned-ham bedroom attached to a trailer. She lives with Brigitte, who is not her mother but her biological father's French ex-wife. Brigitte came to Hard Pan all the way from France because Lucky's father asked her to, after Lucky's mother went out into the desert after a storm and was struck dead by lightening. So for now Lucky lives with Brigitte, who calls her 'petite puce' which sounds lovel [...]

    4. If you lived in Hard Pan, who would you be? Are you a creative and thrifty Short Sammy type, living in a water tank? Or are you more like Klincke Ken, who can fix anything and has a fondness for cats and donkeys? Perhaps you're more like sociable Dot, who operates the only beauty salon in town or the Captain, who holds the only steady job with benefits that exists in Hard Pan (postmaster).Myself, I'd be Mrs. Prender, grandma of the smart-and-sweet 6-year-old Miles and mom of Miles' mom, Justine, [...]

    5. Susan Patron writes so beautifully that sometimes it takes your breath away. In this third book of the Lucky trilogy, she continues to give Lucky a voice that rings utterly true. The children in it are mature beyond their years but are totally believable. They are also deeply affected by their unique community and its environs. Lucky's observations about life are descriptive and insightful in the most loving way. She grows up in this book in so many ways. Lincoln, Miles, Paloma, Brigitte, and th [...]

    6. The reason behind two stars is simply the story. This one delved a lot into the nature of God, religion, and what not. Pretty deep stuff for an eleven year old to expound on. As Matt said while listening, "I've never heard an eleven year old talk like that". Fun characters and I still enjoyed the book (same reader as the previous- great reader) but just didn't like the subplots as much. Plus, I'm not really into sculptures made out of findings in owl pellets :)

    7. When a journey like the Hard Pan trilogy ends, after years of investment on the part of readers in the characters and the particulars of their lives, I think that the final book usually carries a bit more emotional weight than most stand-alone novels. In this case, I've been reading about Lucky for several years, faithfully obtaining a copy of each new book in the trilogy upon its publication, so for me this is more than just a nice, lovely story coming to a close. Lucky's odyssey toward an unde [...]

    8. This is my favorite Lucky of the three, and that's probably because of the family history connection. Contention is resolved and a large part of Lucky's angst is relieved, at least in part, to family history discovery.

    9. This might be my favorite of the three Hard Pan books. I really loved it. It has adventure, science, poetry, Viking runes, (view spoiler)[ and lots of love (hide spoiler)]. What more do you need?

    10. Me stopped reading on page #22 cause me no can get a grasp of what was going on or where this story was going! Me was totally confused and frustrated! Guess this no for me.

    11. This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.Lucky for Good is the third and final book in Susan Patron's Hard Pan series. As the book begins, Lucky and her adoptive mom, Brigitte, learn that the cafe Brigitte runs is illegal because it's inside their residence. The people of Hard Pan come together, therefore, to find Brigitte a new location and to settle her into her new building. In the meantime, Miles's mother returns from prison with a new religious outlook that she tries to force u [...]

    12. "Lucky for Good" wraps up her story in a still-winning fashion, but sometimes feels a bit like an effort to get it over with so the author can get on with something she really wants to work on. The story starts off with Lucky getting into trouble at school. She gets into a fight with a slightly older boy, and ends up punished with a school assignment where both she and the boy need to track down their family histories. Now, I suppose there's a chance readers might be disappointed with the predic [...]

    13. Lucky is back, and she has some hard questions. Like, why is Miles' mother Justine obsessed with the Bible? Does Miles have to give up his beliefs about dinosaur origins and primate hominids now that he's found Jesus? Did Charles Darwin go to heaven? Why doesn't her father want anything to do with her? Will junior high be full of bullies? Will Lincoln understand how much she will miss him when he goes to live with a master knot-tyer in England? What does Justine want to do with hundreds of owl p [...]

    14. I liked this book, but preferred the first and second more, the first being my favorite. This third book was not formulaic as I felt the second was to the first. However, this book introduced a new character to the Hard Pan town, population 43. This character is a Christian, ex-con, recovering addict. I felt like the author through this character made Christianity look overly simplistic and unthinking. For example, this character did not want her child to read some books which might expose him t [...]

    15. Third in Patron's trilogy about eleven-year-old Lucky Trimble, resident of Hard Pan, California, it struck me that Patron is willing to tackle really hard topics and willing to confront criticism that might occur because of her stand. Miles' mother is released from prison and returns move in with her mother and reclaim her boy. Miles is overjoyed to have her back in his life, but the joy is mixed with conflict as he tries to reconcile his fascination with science with her fundamentalist religion [...]

    16. An amazing ending to the Hard Pan trilogy. Miles's mom is released from prison, Paloma visits over the weekend with her Hollywood parents, Ollie gets in a fight with Lucky, Lincoln - as usual - saves Lucky from danger, and Lucky, well, she's as lucky as usual. But it seems there is tension in the air with all of this happening. Lucky gets into trouble as usual, and there are still reactants from the trouble she got into in the last book. Lincoln won the Knot contest with his present to Lucky, so [...]

    17. It is so rare that a sequel lives up to the original, and rarer still for a third book in a trilogy. But Susan Patron has done it! I was introduced to The Higher Power of Lucky in my Children's Lit class for my Masters in Ed/Library Science; the professor read aloud and I was hooked. My professor shared this book with us because it had both won the Newbery AND been a banned and challenged book because Patron had the audacity to use the word "scrotum" in chapter 1. God forbid we use honest, anato [...]

    18. Another lovely book to put a bow on the package that is the Hard Pan trilogy. I am sorry to say goodbye to these characters and their diverse personalities. In this final book, there are several satisfying resolutions and hints at hope and love ahead. Lucky learns more about her father and her biological family tree. There's a surprisingly bold Christian thread running through Miles's relationship with his born-again mother. What I so like about these books is their description of problems/confl [...]

    19. Susan Patron hits it again (the third of her stories about the little girl, Lucky, who lives in the desert of Southern California with her French step-mother, Brigitte) I was hooked with the first book in this series, The HIgher Power of Lucky, which won the Newbery Award. And shortly after I read the first book, I met Susan Patron at a writers' conference. What a NICE woman! She told me she had had total writers' block for years well it looks like she doesn't now. A great series, unique writing [...]

    20. This is the third in the Hard Pan or Lucky trilogy. It seemed to meander a bit, but I continued to enjoy the setting, characters and development of Lucky as she researches her family tree. It is assigned as punishment for a fight she gets into at school. She learns more about her father's family and herself. Miles' mother is a new character, recently released from prison, where she became a saved Christian. She has strict ideas on what Miles should and should not be reading, which stifles his vo [...]

    21. I'm not a huge Lucky fan, so I read this mostly just to say that I finished the series. While I thought it was good, as with the others, some things were alluded to and never explained, although I really enjoyed the development of Lucky's character in this one. In the past books, I felt like she was mostly just a know-it-all brat, but in this one it seems like she learns from the situations where this gets her into trouble, rather than just saying she learned. I also liked the importance placed [...]

    22. This is the final book in the trilogy that begins with "The Higher Power of Lucky", which won the Newbery Medal for Susan Patron, who is a librarian in Los Angeles. Throughout this series, issues have been addressed which are often not discussed, despite that for many children, they are part of their normal. These include everything from alcoholism, drug abuse, having a parent in prison, adoption, secret family members, absentee parents, and conflicting religious beliefs. I think what I like bes [...]

    23. The final volume in the Hard Pan trilogy, I found this one kept the spirit of the series. Lucky is very much come into her own in this one - she searches for the truth about her family, learns some complicated things about relationships, and helps Brigitte keep the cafe running. This is a really sweet and lovely series overall. I very much enjoyed it, but am glad Patron didn't make it go on forever. I think the three books allow readers to watch Lucky grow up and mature just enough to feel satis [...]

    24. There are many changes in store for Lucky in her final book. Bridgette's cafe might be closed, Mile's mother is back, and Lucky's about to learn more about her father. On top of all that it's the summer before she enters junior high. What's a girl to do, but gather her courage and hope her higher power will see her through.This is a lovely conclusion to the Lucky books, bringing in new story lines while also bringing closure. Lucky remains the same plucky girl as she struggles to navigate unchar [...]

    25. Bravo Susan Patron for not being afraid to tackle sensitive subjects like evolution and religion. Patron accomplishes this feat believably through her characters, without giving easy answers. I also appreciated this book for giving readers a real sense of what a family is -- how many different forms that can take. And how it can change over time. Lucky learns more about her father and her family and becomes more secure in her friendships . . . really finding her place. A worthy conclusion to the [...]

    26. Lucky's summer before starting Middle School, billed as the last in the series but there's nothing in particular that makes it so except authorial fiat. Like both of its predecessors, it's a series of linked but distinct sets of small incidents, each of which mirrors some great insight or truth. In the hands of lesser authors this would result in a set of didactic Teachable Moments--but Patron has both a gently comic tone and a sure hand with nuances of character, so the messages are delivered i [...]

    27. I liked this trilogy, very sweet stories about friendship, neighbors, and life in a tiny town. Lucky is a strong and funny main character. I like the way the author puts you inside Lucky's thoughts, and the sometimes silly yet logical way that Lucky thinks about things.I think the best one in this series is still the first book. This third book was a little heavy (sad) and I was turned off by the religious theme, introduced via a new character Justine, and all the talk about Heaven, Jesus, dinos [...]

    28. I had no idea that this book existed until I saw it on the library's book shelf. Having already read the first two, I was enticed to finish the trilogy. Though I liked the other two volumes better, I still found this to be a cute story - not as much action as the prior two, but some needed completion. I equally liked how the town of Hard Pan banded together to help Brigette save her cafe, how Lucky was "sentenced" to research her family tree, and how Lucky and Paloma continue to be true friends [...]

    29. I have been long charmed with the Lucky books, and I feel this one definitely keeps up the magic of the first two. Returning to the little town of Hard Pan was an enchanting opportunity, and all 43 citizens were as charming as ever. As usual, Susan Patron takes her little girl heroine and tackles some tough situations such as health code violations and religion. This is a thought-provoking but fun novel full of characters I can't help but love. Wonderful conclusion.

    30. I checked this book out and then put off reading it, somehow thinking it would be boring or at least less interesting than my other books. I'm not sure why I was of that opinion. The story is quite good, and it was fun to revisit Hard Pan and its unique cast of characters. Lucky is maybe a bit too precocious for my taste, but I really loved many of the other characters, so it all added up to a quick and enjoyable read for me.

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