Primal Passions

Primal Passions

Stephani Hecht / Feb 25, 2020

Primal Passions Here kitty kitty has never sounded so fine As the two males run for their lives they find that not only are they having to battle their enemy but they are also fighting a growing attraction to each

  • Title: Primal Passions
  • Author: Stephani Hecht
  • ISBN: 9781554873869
  • Page: 135
  • Format: ebook
  • Here kitty, kitty has never sounded so fine As the two males run for their lives, they find that not only are they having to battle their enemy, but they are also fighting a growing attraction to each other.Jacyn had always considered himself a pretty normal guy Little did he know that he couldn t be wrong Attacked by a group of gunmen, he suddenly finds himself shHere kitty, kitty has never sounded so fine As the two males run for their lives, they find that not only are they having to battle their enemy, but they are also fighting a growing attraction to each other.Jacyn had always considered himself a pretty normal guy Little did he know that he couldn t be wrong Attacked by a group of gunmen, he suddenly finds himself shot at, kidnapped and chained to a wall Not exactly the kind of day a normal guy has All he knows is that all of it is somehow connected to his birth family Rescued by a tall dangerous looking stranger who claims to have been sent by his long lost family, Jacyn doesn t know whether to run with him or away from him Especially when the stranger claims to be able to shift into a jaguar.The last thing Logan wants is to be rounding up some stray jaguar shifter, but he has never refused an order Even as he tells himself the mission will be a snap, he finds himself having to launch a one cat rescue party when Jacyn gets himself captured by their enemy.As the two males run for their lives, they find that not only are they having to battle their enemy, but they are also fighting a growing attraction to each other Passion is the last thing they should be thinking about, however Because if they don t keep their attention focused on the enemy, they could very well pay the ultimate price.

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        Stephani Hecht is a happily married mother of two Born and raised in Michigan, she loves all things about the state, from the frigid winters to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team Go Wings You can usually find her snuggled up to her laptop, creating her next book or gorging on caffeine at her favorite coffee shop.When she s not running around like crazy, trying to get her kids to their various activities, she s currently working on numerous projects In the coming months, she has several books coming out with eXtasy Books in both The Lost Shifter Series and Drone Vampire Chronicles, plus a few additional projects that are still in the development stages.Visit Stephani on the web at Email her at archangelwriter yahoo


    1. This series and this book in particular were the first MM shifters stories I read a few years ago. And I have to say that I was unexpectedly pleasantly surprised.I liked the whole idea: There is a secret base and feline shifters are working with the government in military secret missions. The series describes also shifters that I never imagined back then that they could exist in literature like raven shifters or snake shifters or spider shifters. The series is called 'lost shifters' because a fe [...]

    2. Over-all, a very good read. Stephani Hecht is not the best with grammar or smoothness of her words [she uses 'the male' way too much:], but the characters and plot, and action, always seem to make up for it. This new novel of hers, while following the same guidelines of above, doesn't disappoint in the characters and action, but kind of lacks in emotional attachments and plot. At first the relationship between the two jaguars is hot and believable. But then Jacyn turns a little TOO willing to be [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this story.  It was a simple read without a lot of world building for a PNR and I really liked all the characters.  I only had two major issues with it that come to mind.  First, was the "insta love". I always find that a little annoying when the characters are so in love with each other right after meeting. Of course, Jacyn and Logan didn't immediately admit it too each other, but I was still bothered by it. Second issue is that I was kinda icked out by all the lube-less sex [...]

    4. This looks like the start of a new series based on feline shifters. Jacyn and Logan are a likeable pair and there are enough secondary characters that enhance the story and have hooked me and interested me already for future possible stories. The characterization and conversations are very witty and made me laugh. I liked Jacyn's sense of humor and irreverance. He met up with enough other like minded characters in the compound so hopefully this won't be lost when he is no longer the focus of the [...]

    5. I really liked this first story of the "Lost Shifters" series. It sets up the problem for the series and introduces the key characters, but the focus is still on this story's main characters.Jacyn's shock at finding out that he's a feline shifter was palpable. The attack and suffering he has to go through until his rescuer Logan can get him to safety certainly held my attention! Add the emotional turmoil both he and Logan (who turns out to be his mate) go through before they recognize and admit [...]

    6. Aside for the cover that, sorry, but it wouldn’t have attracted me to read the book, the first instalment in the Lost Shifter series is pretty good for a gay paranormal themed book. True, Stephani Hecht mostly uses known themes, like the “mate” rule (you are my mate and I will only love/have sex with you), or the “pack” concept (you are part of my pack hence you are a good boy and we will fight together against the big bad men), but she did that in her own way so that, in the end, this [...]

    7. I did enjoy the book and plan to read the next one. I liked the idea of the crow shifters and their roles. I liked the idea of a man searching for his siblings and how important it was to him.I liked that the "weaker" member of the couple learned how to defend himself and kick ass. I liked that the "strong" member of the couple was vulnerable and hurting.There were a lot of issues I had which kept this book at a 3.75 for me:MC named Jaycin. Seriously.Poor grammar, e.g "it fit just as nice [sic] [...]

    8. A good start to the series. It sets it up well - so likely this is the one with more tell and less show but the world is sketched/built out nicely. Established bad guys, bit of mystery, and the quest to find lost family members. It is insta kind of love but it feels o.k. - great sex and some really interesting characters.

    9. Can you imagine having no clue that you are a jaguar shifter until your entire world goes to hell in a handbasket? I can't, and I love shifter stories, but I'm pretty sure I'd have lost my mind if I'd gone through what Jacyn experienced. 'Primal Passions' is book one in Stephani Hecht's series 'Lost Shifters' and I was super excited to read it because it had been recommended by more than one friend. The fact that this author is new to me also held its own appeal as I adore discovering new favori [...]

    10. This is the first book in what looks like a very long series. And it was a strong enough start. I really liked the book issues and all, and let me tell you, there were issues with it. Not very strong ones, I guess. But some of them annoyed me. The name Jacyn being one of the issues. The name just annoyed me after a while, I don't know why.Saying that, Jacyn and Logan were nice together. The sexual tension was great. The sort of but not really break up was another thing that annoyed me. After thr [...]

    11. This was the first book in the Lost Shifters series and it's off to a fun start. Jacyn is an EMT that is on duty when he is attacked by some very hulking, goth-looking, well-armed men. Luckily, Logan, a similarly well-armed and large man comes to his rescue. As if that isn't strange enough, Jacyn is awakened to a world of hidden shifters when his attackers turn into Ravens and he discovers that not only is Logan a black jaguar, but Jacyn himself comes from a family of jaguars.The series is calle [...]

    12. Jacyn Adams, a paramedic, finds out that his life rapidly changes into a strange realms -- when he is kidnapped, beaten, and chained to a wall. Then a stranger comes to help him and tells him that he has long lost siblings. And oh, he also sees birds turn into humans! So what to do? Nature thing of course, get attracted towards his savior :)After falling in love with Stephani's "Drone Vampire Chronicles", I decided to jump immediately to her other series, the shifters. I think this one gives a v [...]

    13. Stephani Hecht is a terrible writer. I don't feel like pulling any punches here, because to do otherwise would be a disservice to my fellow readers. These books are awful, but have their own compelling pull. I wanted to carry on to see what happened next, even though the writing was making me insane, the characters were all the same, and the sex was becoming incredibly redundant. It wasn't until I got to the third book based on Shane (seriously, again?), that I finally hit a wall and couldn't re [...]

    14. I have absolutely no recall about this book. Now I see Bubbles likes it and I love Bubbles's reviews. Should I re-read it orjustletgo? Decisions, decisions. Man, this series goes on for-ev-er.

    15. This was a nice shifter story about Logan, who was always treated as an outcast because of his family history, but who has faithfully worked to help Mitchell, the alpha of his pack of cat shifters as Mitchell tries to bring peace among the various species in the shifter world. Mitchell is also trying to find his brothers, young men who were reported dead at the time his parents were killed, but for whom information recently surfaced showing they may be alive. One of those brothers is Jacyn, and [...]

    16. 3.5 starsTalk about having a bad day at work. Poor Jacyn stops for a cup of coffee when his whole world is turned upside down. He's shot at and finds out he's a jaguar shifter with some pretty nasty guys wanting to kill him but on the bright side he meets Logan, a super sexy shifter who makes his inner kitty purr.Seems Jacyn is one of many missing feline shifters and the author does a good job creating this shifter world. I liked the protags and the supporting cast was nicely varied. Overall a f [...]

    17. A little clichéd in some aspects, but still an entertaining read. I especially enjoyed many of the side characters and can't wait to read Rat's book. I would have preferred a better balance in the romance of this book. Logan came off as a little unlikable, and one man constantly feeling the need to dominate the other wears on me after awhile. Jacyln came across as a really strong character, and I would have liked that to have been reflected in their sex life a little more. I will be the first t [...]

    18. I don't go out of my way to read shifter books but i thought this one looked good & the price was good also (.99 cents on ). I ended up really liking it including the very cheesy opening with all the guns a blazing action. Despite reminding me of every bad Van Diesel movie, I was immediately drawn in. I guess I like a little action amongst all the romance and adding even more action would have improved this story. Stephani Hecht is a good storyteller although her writing is flawed. I keep me [...]

    19. The characters were promising, the plot was promising but the actual writing was so disjointed that it drove me to distraction! It was difficult to connect with the characters and follow their motivations to love each otherI will, however, get to the second book in the hopes that the writing will be a little bit better

    20. /I really liked this. I read it a few months ago so I can not give a detailed review but I remember I liked it a lot. Have to admit I really hate the idea of crazy bird shifters!! Now the crows outside my window look at me funny! I swear they do!! They stare and get me really creeped out! If one turns onto a hot crazy guy I wouldn't mind so much I can do crazy! lol

    21. I agree with several other reviewers. The story is a good one, however, the editing sucks. A lot of spelling mistakes and not a lot of depth where there should be. The sex scenes are unrealistic and the one in the tub leaves me quoting Anita Blake "As wet as water is- It is NOT a lubricant!"I will read the next one because like I said, the story idea is a good one.

    22. For the entire shifter series so far (book 1-8)I managed to read the entire series in four days it was the only thing I read until I ran out of books. The books are short and fast paste but they don't lose their flow every story has it's own couple right up until the 8th book which is more of a wrap up book than anything else.WARNING HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!

    23. This is a nice start to a shifter series that is slightly different from the norm there was some lovely world-building in this one and I liked the war-ish plot line too the smex was hot which is always an added bonus I'll definitely give the next book in the series a go.

    24. Reviewed by: KevinPublisher: eXstasy BooksGenre: M/M ParanormalISBN 13: 9781554873869Check out the review on heartsonfirereviews/

    25. Interesting start to the series. I liked it. It seemed to set up the world pretty well, and opened up the start for the next book. I'll give the next book a sot.

    26. New author for meI really enjoyed this book. Logan and Jayce so hot together but the action was very good too. The periferal characters I hope will be having books of their own. I love series like this where each couple has their story but the characters arenked making it feel like a family. Away now to get the next in the series.

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