The Emperor's Egg

The Emperor's Egg

Martin Jenkins Jane Chapman / Feb 17, 2020

The Emperor s Egg Students who are wild about penguins and classrooms doing units on them will find THE EMPEROR S EGG an action packed read SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNALCan you imagine spending the winter outdoors in Antarcti

  • Title: The Emperor's Egg
  • Author: Martin Jenkins Jane Chapman
  • ISBN: 9780763622336
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Students who are wild about penguins and classrooms doing units on them will find THE EMPEROR S EGG an action packed read SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNALCan you imagine spending the winter outdoors in Antarctica without anything at all to eat That s just what the male Emperor penguin does While his mate is off swimming in the ocean and catching loads of fish, he stands aroun Students who are wild about penguins and classrooms doing units on them will find THE EMPEROR S EGG an action packed read SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNALCan you imagine spending the winter outdoors in Antarctica without anything at all to eat That s just what the male Emperor penguin does While his mate is off swimming in the ocean and catching loads of fish, he stands around in the freezing cold with an egg on his feet for two whole months, keeping it warm and waiting for it to hatch This charming, oversize picture book is full of fabulous facts about nature s most devoted dad.

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        Martin Jenkins, a conservation biologist, has written several nonfiction books for children, including Ape, Grandma Elephant s in Charge, The Emperor s Egg, and Chameleons Are Cool He lives in Cambridge, England.


    1. how am i supposed to review children's books? we bought this because we were in antarctica, and like penguins. it didn't teach me anything new, but i am 35.

    2. Great illustrations, and the story was interesting and thought provoking. I want to find out more about Emperor penguins now that I've read this little story about them.

    3. The adorable book goes throughout the life cycle of the Emperor Penguin. It also gives facts about their environment, the differences between males and females and their roles. It could be used for a lesson on animal characteristics, the life cycle, or environment. I also feel like this could be used for lesson on gender roles because in the emperor penguin's case, the dad takes care of the egg and the chick while the mother goes fishing for food. Grade: 2nd-life cycles, 3rd-Habitat

    4. The male emperor penguin has got to be the most incredible dad right? Standing on an egg in the freezing cold for two whole months? That's true love. And this children's picture book tells the story of this process, and the one thereafter once that nice warm egg hatches and becomes a penguin itself!A wonderfully illustrated, super colourful and ridiculously cute story young children will love to read about; and as a bonus it's filled with facts about the emperor penguin too. I did think that the [...]

    5. This book would be a great read aloud for younger children about the part of the life cycle of Emperor Penguins. Students will be intrigued by the fact that it is the father who has the responsibility of sitting on the egg, while the mother is off feeding. Well illustrated with enjoyable text. I would use this with kindergarten students through third or fourth grade.

    6. This is such a cute book. I would use this book in my classroom to start the knowledge of what animals lay eggs for babies to be born and the adventure of that taking place. 3rd and 4th grades are the grades that I would use this book for my students. Activities I would use for this story would include drawing all the steps out of the egg process for the birth of the chick.

    7. A book my 5 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved. A solid reading level 1 book, this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story. A great addition to any children's library.

    8. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book. ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ is a fun picture book, wider than A4 in size but shorter, it’s filled with thick glossy pages of very colourful illustrations and text. The book has a very fun feel to it while also being educational and gives kids a great introduction to these lovely birds.The first page of the book gives a brief description of a penguin’s life, before the start of the actual story of the book. Although this book is part of the Nature Storyb [...]

    9. 1. Awards the book has received (if any): None2. Appropriate grade level(s): 1st grade to 3rd Grade 3. Original 3-line summary: This is a children's book that goes through the life cycle of an Emperor Penguin. It provides information of the Emperor Penguin that distinguishes it from other penguins. It also provides information about the types of environment that the Emperor Penguin resides in. 4. Original 3-line review: Its an informative children's book that isn't boring. The illustrations and [...]

    10. Awards the book has received (if any): noneAppropriate grade level(s): 1st- 3rdOriginal 3-line summary: A penguins life is quite opposite than what most people think. Instead of a mom caring for the baby, the father does. When the mother leaves to get food, the father keeps the little egg with it to keep it warm. It shows the stages of a penguins life while also telling a story.Original 3-line review: I thought the animation of this book was very cute and informational (especially for the younge [...]

    11. Awards: no awards receivedGrade: 2nd and 3rd Summary: The male emperor penguin holds an egg on his feet for over two months while their partner is out getting food. You can learn about how the father moves around while carrying the egg. You get to read about how the penguins survive the freezing cold weather in Antarctica.Review: This books give a lot of facts about penguins in general, but then focuses on a particular type of penguin. The illustrations and captions help explain what is going on [...]

    12. 1) The Emperor's Egg has not won any awards.2) Age range: Preschool- Third Grade3) When the mother penguins head off to find food, the father penguins are left behind to take care of the growing egg. The father penguin must wait 2 months in the bitter cold and struggle to find food close. The father penguin is a true example of love.4) This book is not only cute, but informational. It has beautiful illustrations that will keep children interested. Along with the illustrations there are facts abo [...]

    13. I read this informational picture book on 1/22/18. Usually, I'm not crazy about informational texts as they can be boring. However, this book had fun illustrations and language that would keep children interested. It contains good facts that would teach children about the penguin life cycle, their habitat, and male/female penguin roles. I would recommend this book as a read-aloud to any child preschool+, and an independent reading book for children starting around 1st/2nd grade.

    14. Rating: 5 out of 5 starsDate Finished: February 8th 2018Genre: Informational One Unique Feature: I really enjoyed this book! The author, Martin Jenkins, turned information about emperor penguins into a story. It lead the readers through the "struggle" of the father penguin! This books also used a lot of language that made it seem as if the narrator was talking to the reader! Grade(s) to be Used: I think the best grade for this book is 2nd or 3rd!

    15. This book is wonderfully illustrated and reads well. The only flaw I have with it is sometimes it's hard to tell if you should read from page to page or read it left to right across both. However I loved the storytelling while still being factual.

    16. One of the elementary students I tutor picked this book for tutor read aloud time. It was a good pick. The pictures were well done and I learned some facts about Emperor penguins I did not know.

    17. I think of all the nonfiction emperor penguin books I've read, I like this one best. It has a fun interactive style, and facts that I hadn't read anywhere else

    18. A good non-fiction book to share with the younger elementary crowd. The facts are presented in a story form. Additional facts in the smaller print can be read as well, depending on the audience.

    19. Grade/interest level: Primary (K-3rd grade)Reading level: Lexile, AD570LGenre: Picture Book, Information TextMain Characters: Emperor PenguinsSetting: The ArcticPOV: Third personUpon looking at the cover, a reader might think that The Emperor's Egg is a non-fiction story. Although this book is set up in a story-like format, it is highly informational. The book begins by giving a brief description of Antarctica and its characteristics and location. Then the book introduces its main focus, the Emp [...]

    20. Publication: 1999Grade/Age: Ages 4-9Annotation: This book talks about the parental behavior of Emperor penguins, focusing on how the male keeps the egg warm until it hatches and how the parents care for the chick after it is born.Themes: Emperor penguins, parental behavior in animals, penguin habits and behavior, working together and sharing responsibilitiesWays to use the book: Language Arts - Have the children write a poem titled, "My Father." The father plays a unique role in the story and pr [...]

    21. Identifying the appropriate genre: Informational TextReview/Summary: This book is an informational picture book about Emperor penguins. It is written in way that makes it easy for children to understand. This book has beautiful illustrations of the Emperor penguin. It shows the penguins as they go through their egg hatching and all that comes after. There are also footnotes in the book that explain some of the common questions children might have about penguins. Writing Trait:The Emperor’s Egg [...]

    22. This book describes how emperor penguins take care for their young in a manner that is kid friendly and all kids may enjoy! As you go from page to page, you can see that the text correlates with the pictures to convey a more deeper meaning and show how this process happens. As a future educator, I would definitely use this book to cover more information in a manner that my classroom could enjoy and learn. Looking at this book through a visual design lens, the author and illustrator took the time [...]

    23. This is all about the Emperor Penguins and how the male penguin cares for the egg while mom ventures out into the water to hunt and eat for a couple of months. The dad huddles together with other dads to keep their eggs safe and warm until they are ready to hatch. Mom doesn't come back until after they hatch and then she gives dad a break to go out and hunt for food, and she keeps the baby warm and fed. This book is appropriate for ages 5+ This is perfect to teaching them about the Emperor Pengu [...]

    24. This is a wonderful book about the Emperor penguins of Antarctica. We've read several books about them and we are always amazed and enchanted by the way that the parents take care of their chicks and the extreme sacrifices they make to raise a family. The illustrations by Jane Chapman are just as wonderful as we've come to expect and the narrative is informative without being overly detailed or boring. The story interacts with the reader, bringing you into the story. This book is fun to read alo [...]

    25. The Emperor's EggThis book is wonderful and it tells us about the story emperor penguins’ unique habit at the kids’ level. Therefore, everyone enjoy this book with wonderful pictures and interesting text. If you like penguins, I strongly recommend this book for you.This book is really great because this book combine science with elaborate sentence and beautiful pictures to give us good opportunity to know penguins’ habit. Of course, it is written in easy English so kids enjoy this wonderfu [...]

    26. Informational book #8This book is about emperor penguins and the process it takes of taking care of their egg. It gives great detail of when the egg is laid and who takes care of it and for how long they must take care of it. Then it goes on to talk about what happens after the chick is born and also gives a little detail as to what the weather is like in Antarctica.

    27. A natural history of the penguin with additional informative facts. The penguin is the focus of the illustrations and the landscape is not detailed compared to the effort to show the detail of the penguins body, wings and feet. I especially like the the thick feather coat and penguin feet holding an egg. Size of font and placement on page makes words another focus of the story.

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