Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness

Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness

Tilly Bagshawe Sidney Sheldon / May 20, 2019

Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness Author Tillie Bagshawe brilliantly recaptured the late superstar author s magic with Sidney Sheldon s Mistress of the Game and now she does it again with Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness A classic

  • Title: Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness
  • Author: Tilly Bagshawe Sidney Sheldon
  • ISBN: 9780061728303
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Author Tillie Bagshawe brilliantly recaptured the late superstar author s magic with Sidney Sheldon s Mistress of the Game and now she does it again with Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness A classic tale of love and betrayal, and a struggle for survival in the new world order, this is an enthralling novel with ripped from the headlines immediacy, perfect for the post BerAuthor Tillie Bagshawe brilliantly recaptured the late superstar author s magic with Sidney Sheldon s Mistress of the Game and now she does it again with Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness A classic tale of love and betrayal, and a struggle for survival in the new world order, this is an enthralling novel with ripped from the headlines immediacy, perfect for the post Bernie Madoff era in America A tribute to one of America s most popular and bestselling authors, Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness is a novel that the master himself would have been proud to call his own.

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        Matilda Emily N Bagshawe was born on 12 June 1973 in England, UK She attended local all girls Catholic schools near her family home in Surrey She was a single mother at 17, but she won a place at Cambridge University and took Persephone, her ten month old baby daughter with her As a journalist, she went on to enjoy a successful career in London, and contributed regularly to The Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Evening Standard, before turning her hand to novels Her first book, Adored as Tilly Bagshawe, was a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 2005, and she hasn t looked back since.Tilly is married Robin Nydes, a US businessman, and the couple have two sons together, Zac and Theo The family divide their time between their homes in London and Los Angeles Tilly is also the sister of the writer and politician Louise Bagshawe.


    1. Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness is a wonderfully written story of suspense, intrigue, mystery and betrayal. The principle character in After the Darkness is Grace Brookstein. Her character goes through so many changes and growth from the start of the story. Grace is the wife of Lenny Brookstein, who died while out on his boat and the death is ruled a suicide. Lenny is the financial wizard behind an investment company called Quorum. After the Darkness starts out with Grace on trial for theft [...]

    2. This book is a dubious copycat, a farcical imitation of Sidney Sheldon's IF TOMORROW COMES. This posthumous writer can't even make her own ideas: her theft of Sheldon's ideas run the gamut from the religious-lunatic detective's obsession with the protagonist, her incarceration and her Houdini escape, to the inmates' help. Bagshawe is supposed to be continuing our beloved Sidney Sheldon's work, not copy every single word out of his book. This is a parody! Even the ending is so predictable, I figu [...]

    3. Sidney Sheldon always delivered a great story. This book is no exception. Tilly Bagshawe has continued the tradition with great panache. From front to back, the story unfolds in such a way you will keep turning the pages to see what happens next. I love the way she keeps Sheldon's tradition of fine prose alive. Brava!When a wealthy young woman finds her father-figure in a rich and powerful Wall Street magnet, she is drawn into a world she never dreamed of. Accused of a fraud of such magnitude it [...]

    4. This book is a disaster, why do people write things like this?Sheldon is an amazing writer and I don't like when someone uses him (or any other author) to sell books with his (or hers) name on the covers. Just try to write something unique.

    5. Grace Brookstein, a former gymnast, is the wife of billionaire and philanthropist, Lenny Brookstein, who rose from poverty and made a name for himself “The King of Wall Street”. They both live a life of fantasy. Their fairy-tale story comes to an end when stock market crashes and Lenny Brookstein is murdered suspiciously on his yacht. Grace is arrested for money laundering and everyone she knew turns their back against her.Deciding on to prove her innocence grace puts herself in danger and g [...]

    6. Bernie Madoff's ponzi system sure has inspired many novels. I picked up this just to know more about the ponzi schemes. This was fast paced. Somehow my expectations from this book were much higher as it is set in the current high tech times with everyone using all types of gizmos on the market. This book could have been well set in the 80's except for the maddoff type of scaming, as there is no mention of any of the new gadgets, thats some can't live without even for a single day.All along I kne [...]

    7. After reading Mistress of the Game by Bagshawe and being quite disappointed by it, I was hesitant on giving this a try but since it was lying around my house with no other books on the horizon, I picked it up anyway.I think the reason why I gave this a 3 stars as opposed to a 2 stars (like I did for Mistress of the Game) was because I wasn't subconsciously comparing Sheldon's characters and plot with Bagshawe's; something I couldn't help doing with Mistress of the Game since Bagshawe was writing [...]

    8. I found this book to be a real mixed bag. An intriguing story and a great heroine, but most of the other characters were very one dimensional. There seemed to be a mixed message here--Grace was unfairly judged because she was rich, and yet the author does nothing but paint pictures of these rich folks that make us want to puke our guts out. I found it very hard to believe that Grace's sister's hated her soooo much for no real reason, and that her husband didn't have any qualms at all about letti [...]

    9. It was an alright read. It was a bit slow in the beginning and I almost gave up because it was just so stupid and vapid. Just about every single character was selfish, mean or sexually perverted. Not my kind of people. I read just a bit further to see about the verdictd then I had to keep going. I admit, I figured out the "twists" pretty early on. As soon as hubby slipped wifey the paper to sign right before the party, I knew he'd set up the whole mess. When the corpse had no face, I figured he [...]

    10. This novel rated 4 stars in plot, 2 stars in character and 5 stars for a shocking ending! However, I had to subtract another star for leaving crimes committed during the course of the book with no consequence. The main character is straight out of a Danielle Steel book. You know the type- young woman born into wealth, beautiful, marries an even wealthier older man and the worst problem she ever faced was a hangnail! When her husband is found dead [ruled suicide:] she is left in a horrible positi [...]

    11. I haven't read a Sidney Sheldon book in years. This one did not disappoint. After the Darkness took me through so many different emotions and twists and turns that I really had no idea what was going to happen next. Great book!! Will read again!!

    12. sekali lagi, Sidney Sheldon menggunakan tokoh utama seorang perempuan tangguh yang harus menghadapi jatuh bangun kehidupan seorang diri. Grace Brookstein memiliki kehidupan yang hampir sempurna sehingga selalu memandang naif terhadap segalanya dan menganggap semua orang baik dan tulus seperti dirinya. Kenaifannya akhirnya menghancurkan dia dan membuat dia lahir kembali menjadi orang yang sangat berbeda, wanita yang mandiri, selalu awas terhadap sekitar dan berjuang sekuat tenaga demi hal yang pe [...]

    13. In another life, a different dream, I could have loved him. But that chance had passed, blown away like a feather in the wind. She knew she would never go back.Would she really go abroad? Probably, Or perhaps she would simply fade away here, as she had before, disappear into the comforting anonymity of the city.Turning the corner, Grace Brookstein walked toward the subway. The crowds on the sidewalk opened up to let her in, then closed around her like a womb. She was gone.When I decided to read [...]

    14. Sidney Sheldon's After The Darkness by Tilly BagshawePublished by HarperCollinsISBN 978-0-06-172830-3At the request of LibraryThing, an ARC was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest review Synopsis (from back of book): Grace Brookstein is the very young, naive wife of financial superstar Lenny Brookstein. Lenny is a billionaire many times over, with estates around the world, a fleet of yachts, and a life that is the stuff of fantasy. He and Grace live in New York where Lenny is revered as King o [...]

    15. I requested this book from the Library thing Early Reviewers program. I did so primarily because of seeing Sidney Sheldon's name on the cover. I've read and enjoyed many of his books over the years. Sheldon's books have always been somewhat soap opera-esque, taking the reader into the world of the filthy rich and powerful, and often showing us how lust and greed spin out of control. In that way, this book is no exception. Tilly Bagshawe takes up Sheldon's torch in the penning of this novel. Bags [...]

    16. Da nisam pročitala knjigu "Ako dočekam sutra", koju je napisao Sidni Šeldon, oduševila bih se ovom knjigom. Ovako ne mogu objektivno da je ocenim, jer sam sve vreme imala osećaj kao da čitam ponovo istu knjigu. U redu je da se piše po uzoru na Šeldona, ali ne i da se potpuno prepiše cela knjiga, sa malim izmenama. Knjiga je odlična sama za sebe i veoma je interesantna, do detalja razrađena tematika, jedino mi je utisak kvarilo to što sam ponovo čitala o (ko nije čitao knjigu, neka [...]

    17. I received this book for Christmas and was really excited to start it. Who doesn't love a good mystery? Although I've never read Sidney Sheldon or Tilly Bagshawe (Sheldon passed away and Bagshawe wrote this based on his notes) I've heard good things. Unfortunately, the 'mystery' was pretty clear after the second murder was described and it was really unbelievable that all of these wealthy men fell in love so fast. Not too mention the fact that these men, worth hundreds of millions of dollars eac [...]

    18. I did not realize it was not a Sheldon's book at first. But it was a book fair, it was cheap, and I was not really upset when I found out. I thought it would be funny to see what someone else could do with Sheldon's style.Well, I noticed now. It is unreadable. I'm hesitating between one an two stars. It is one of the worst books I have (painfully) managed to finish. All the cliches you can imagine are gathered in 400 pages, the intrigue is totally lousy, he characters don't make sense, except th [...]

    19. A Sidney Sheldon novel for me is a fairly simple plotline that is neither fantastical or flamboyant, but that is more intense and compelling than most other books that I have read. Sheldon's novels are brought alive by the cast of intricately developed characters that we as the reader grow with.This novel was full of flat, undeveloped characters who annoyed and frustrated me, they were tedious and so unlike any of the older Sheldon novels.Many of the strong female leads in Sheldon's novels are s [...]

    20. Well, this is the second book of Mr. Sheldon's collaboration with writer Tilly Bagshawe. Well, for a Sheldon fan, this book is somehow a disgrace (I'm sorry Ms. Bagshawe), I've read both books (Mistress of the Midnight) and I felt so disappointed, since I was looking for the original way of Mr. Sheldon's writing. I guess, I've expected too much from Ms. Bagshawe. Actually, I thought she was much older, but then today I looked up her website, and it turned out she was a lovely young woman, much y [...]

    21. "Justice had become a mere word, letters on a page, empty of meaning. There could be no justice, no closure, no satisfying ending. The whole thing was a farce, a game."Sidney Sheldon has been the first ever writer who made me start reading books, and will forever be my hero. And TB, hero's follower, is also amazing. It's a tale with twists and turns, a real page turner, or burner, as you wont get enough, and the pages turning wont be quick enough, ever, if the words flow like this.

    22. Maybe because I read a thriller novel after a long time, I couldn't keep it down. It is similar to my favorite "If Tomorrow Comes" by Shidney Sheldon. I liked the character and the plot. If there is one thing this book teaches, its being "cynical" :D

    23. I loved this book. Sheldon was one of the best and Tilly Bagshawe does him justice and more. What a thrilling story. I couldn't put it down.

    24. Sidney Sheldon or not, I always liked Tilly Bagshawe and her attempts at writing in his style. Many of her works ended up as intriguing favourites of mine. This one, however, was a slight disappointment. It talks about a rich, princess-like heroine who grew up with no adversaries of any kind- loved and cared under rich parents, and an even richer husband. The plot takes a twist when her husband goes missing (presumably dead) and she goes to prison for her husband’s crimes of embezzlement and f [...]

    25. This is my first Sidney Sheldon's and I like the story. You may have read the synopsis of the story so I won't be telling it here, I'm just going to write what I feel about this book. The main character, Grace Brookstein went through so much changes and growth. At first I did not like her, I don't like her because of what the book told me, that she is too spoiled, too naive, and blinded by irrational love. But the way her thinking and actions and every details about the new aura of Grace makes m [...]

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