The Master Key System

The Master Key System

Charles F. Haanel / Feb 18, 2020

The Master Key System The Master Key is here given to the world as a means of tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to the ambitions and aspirations of each reader The Master

  • Title: The Master Key System
  • Author: Charles F. Haanel
  • ISBN: 9781599869476
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Master Key is here given to the world as a means of tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to the ambitions, and aspirations of each reader The Master Key teaching has been published in the form of a Correspondence Course of 24 lessons, delivered to students one per week for 24 weeks The reader, who now receives the wholeThe Master Key is here given to the world as a means of tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to the ambitions, and aspirations of each reader The Master Key teaching has been published in the form of a Correspondence Course of 24 lessons, delivered to students one per week for 24 weeks The reader, who now receives the whole 24 parts at one times, is warned not to attempt to read the book like a novel, but to treat it as a course of study and conscientiously to imbibe the meaning of each part reading and re reading one part only per week before proceeding to the next Otherwise the later parts will tend to be misunderstood and the reader s time and money will be wasted Used as thus instructed The Master Key will make of the reader a greater, better personality, and equipped with a new power to achieve any worthy personal purpose and a new ability to enjoy life s beauty and wonder.

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        Charles Francis Haanel was a noted American New Thought author and a businessman He is best known for his contributions to the New Thought Movement through his book The Master Key System.Hannel s book The Master Key System, was published in 1912, when he was 46 years old It is written in the form of a course in New Thought, mental development, financial success, and personal health The book was heavily promoted in the pages of Elizabeth Towne s New Thought magazine The Nautilus By 1933 it had sold over 200,000 copies worldwide Haanel practiced the financial principles he preached and was a self made success who owned several major companies According to Stevens, writing in 1909, He was president of the Continental Commercial Company, president of the Sacramento Valley Improvement Company, and president of the Mexico Gold Silver Mining Company The original Master Key System contained 24 parts or modules of study The allegedly lost chapters of the Master Key System, chapters 25 28, which are found in some editions, are not original, but have been copied from the chapters 11 14 of A book about You Among the key points of Haanel s system are what he refers to as the laws of concentration, attraction, and harmonious thinking and action Unique to the Master Key System is a set of exercises that accompany each chapter, and which are systematically building upon each other they are what makes the Master Key System a system.In addition to the Master Key System, Haanel wrote several other books including Mental Chemistry, published in 1922, The New Psychology, published in 1924, A Book about You, published in 1927, and The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi, co authored with Victor Simon Perera and published in 1937.In 1919, Napoleon Hill wrote Haanel a letter thanking him for The Master Key System 8 In the letter Hill stated, My present success and the success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master Key System Haanel was quoted in the best selling self help book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, published in 2007.


    1. This book, together with Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now', has really made me feel as though I now have a complete understanding of where I fit in the grand scheme of things and how I can best live a happy life. That's one hell of a statement to make! And it's not to say that I will be terribly successful at so living, but these two authors have given me the knowledge needed; it's up to me to now put it into practice.Charles F Haanel, writing in the early 1900s, was so utterly convinced of his [...]

    2. "Realize that we are not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body." I've read over a hundred books and many articles on the subject of mental/spiritual sciences, and this has to be one of the most complete discourses, touching on virtually every aspect of thought-creation and workings of the Law of Attraction. Haanel outlines some very helpful and detailed exercises to help the student craft their own personal-power to live an intentional life. The heavily guarded secrets of the initiated [...]

    3. I think a lot of New Thought followers need to be honest with themselves and admit that this book is not that hot. I've tried to get through this one at three different points in my life. Sure, it's a "classic," but it's full of repetitive lists. It doesn't offer any tangible modes of action, and drones on - and ON - I say this aside from the antiquated language and the fact that it's supposed to be read in a chapter-per-week format. I wonder how many people feel obligated to finish because of i [...]

    4. It is not advised to read The Master Key in four days or less but if time is all you have, then why not, with the intention of underlining and highlighting and revisiting time and again. An intriguing read, this book gets the reader thinking, which is the point actually. The author offers 24 in-depth lessons on how to create one's world within. The idea is that we are responsible with our thoughts for creating the world without. With understanding and knowledge of this 'truth' we are masters of [...]

    5. Written in 1912, this book was a little difficult to get into. The language and style of writing is antiquated, it's written from the perspective of a male dominated world, and at first glance it seems choppy and repetitive. But keep reading. By the middle of the book, I was hooked. This appears to be one of the first "self-help" books published. Its advice is simple, honest and progressive taking into account the era it was written. Haanel's wisdom is still useful today. And I must admit, by th [...]

    6. I came to this book after reading 'The Secret'. The best way I can describe this book is to say that 'The Secret' could serve as a back-flap summary of its contents. The profound concepts introduced in 'The Secret' are defined, explored, and put into action in this book (even though it was written much, much earlier). The workings of the mind are simply amazing and the messages of this book are timeless.

    7. This is the book that made me understand the movie "the matrix", the author explains how our "external" world is but a reflection of our "internal" world, it's one of the first books that promoted the "new thought/ new age" era, i think it was written in 1912 so the style is a little hard to understand. But i did like it. It is said that napoleon hill (the author of think and grow rich) read it before becoming rich so he might have been influenced by this book.

    8. I began reading this book this summer, for it is referenced many times in "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Now, some people may thing The Secret is a lot of hooey (especially because, due to its popularity, it has been the subject of much scrutiny and criticism) - but that's okay, the Truth is the Truth regardless of what "other people" think or the source where you find it.Charles Haanel's Master Key System is actually a series of 24 weekly lessons that will teach you - through the power of though [...]

    9. In a nutshell: What you think trickles into your subconscious and will manifest itself in your life be it good or bad, so one needs to be careful of what thoughts they entertain. It's a bit difficult reading the first couple of chapters, but once you get into his writing style it's much easier reading. I don't agree with some of his theology, but I do agree with the power of intent, focus, concentration, and thought.

    10. This book requires careful study and analysis. You will learn how to release all fear and stand in your power as a child of God. If you read it two or three times, you will uncover numerous tols for overcoming adversity and achieving success in every area of your life.

    11. One of the source materials for Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, this is one of the historical references that identifies the Law Of Attraction by name. First published in 1912, it is a difficult read by today's standards because of language and format. Set up as 24 weekly lessons complete with exercises, I found the exercises interesting but struggled dealing with the presentation format.

    12. Excellent!I recommend this course for anyone and everyone looking to make changes in their life by way of positive thinking and/or the laws of attraction.Free e-Booktakingcare/masterkeyml

    13. If you want true Metaphysics and understand the Laws of universe , This is for youally amazing book and by this I got deep understanding of working of universe.Thanks to Hannel.

    14. I was so involved with this book I actually read it as I went for my daily morning walks. Positive thinking when applied it works! I found a $20.00 bill while reading about how to make money, lol.

    15. Back in 1912, long before "The Secret" movie came out, Charles Hannel explained the Law of Attraction. He shows us that mental power is creative power, and that what we think about is what we attract into our life. He makes the point that the world within is the cause, and the world without is the effect.In The Master Key, he provides 24 lessons all related to the power of thought. The lessons cover such topics as:- the proper use of the subconscious mind- the power of nonresistant thought- the [...]

    16. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing, science has and will continue to try and understand the balance between controlled action and acts that come about by other means i.e. spirituality etc. This book contains a hypnotic learning strategy which allows you to check your understanding of lessons learned, which to me, can only be a good thing. Although I thought it was a little too long in parts I often wondered if it was trying to reach out to scholar types as it appears to be written in the [...]

    17. I'm amazed that very few people have managed to figure out the way life works throughout history but Charles Haanel really gets more than most. His breakdown of how to meditate, breath slowly and focus while channeling your energy into positive frequencies and brain waves.It's a book self keeper!

    18. Dnf @ 31%!! This book was so intense, so in depth that it totally went over my head. I had no idea what it was meaning. Therefore I became bored and not interested. Don't really like to start a book and not finish it but omg I think you would need a degree to understand what the book is actually talking about. Wasting my evening, when I could be reading something a lot more captivating!

    19. 24 lessons to understand the power of our mind, after read this book you can visualize exactly what do you want in your life and create the positive frecuence to achievement.

    20. This is one of the best books I have ever read and it allowed me to learn about and utilise many of the hidden laws in the universe around me

    21. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel was originally published in 1912, over a century ago. One would think that the material in it has been superseded by more contemporary stuff, but to conclude such would be an error of magnitude. The Master Key System is a brilliant presentation about life, the power of positive and creative thinking, and moreover, and possibly most importantly, that with training and discipline, ANYONE can control their circumstances and make their dreams come true. We' [...]

    22. My top takeaway: I should stop complaining about the way things are because it is up to me to change anything with which I am unsatisfied.Stars from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)Readability: 2 - I found the style of using numbered paragraphs tiresome to read.Content vs fluff: 2 - There are some good points to be made but it boils down to a main theme similar to many other books. It also makes statements about the underlying philosophy that are accepted rather than supported with facts or research.Wh [...]

    23. It has just one point - Universe listens to our Subconscious mind, we have to BELIEVE and anything is possible. The same thing is repeated in all the 300 odd pages in the book.Worst part is the bullet point representation. Every chapter has 20-25 bullet points. The author has written as if it is the ultimate truth and people have to believe it blindly. Like a gospel or something.The intellectual discussion in the book is too shallow. May be it was a great book when it was written. It is definite [...]

    24. This book was a lot better than most of the books in The Prosperity Bible, but it was longer than it needed to be and it focused far too much on Christianity, God and spirituality in general. Outside of those topics, I found myself in agreement more often than not. It's important to get extremely clear on what your goals, dreams and desires are. Remind yourself of them every single day and often as possible. Replace negative thought patterns with positive ones and you will find happiness and har [...]

    25. I have to say, I admire every single aspect in this book and have seen the results of the practices. This will definitely engulf you into realizing the power of your mind possesses along with the manifestation of your reality and condition. We are God’s if you ask me; as it dwells in us, it is amazing how the vibrations of thought produce everything from thought, to heart, to material. Describing this book is hard to put in words, pure excellence. AMAZING!

    26. Not my style, but it has some good insights. Mostly the power of visualization. Visualize what you want in such detail and with such frequency that making it reality is a matter of time. Unfortunately 95% of the book is religious and pseudoscientific language (in my opinion), but I can see how somebody else would like it.

    27. Great take-aways and foundational information for creating and living a purposeful life but a little too philosophical for my tastes. This book is considered the precursor to The Secret which I enjoyed much more. It is a book that I will occasionally go back to though and re-read as a reminder.

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