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Dreamer It is through first contact with an alien species that humanity learns of the Dream It is a plane of mental existence where people are able to communicate with one another by their thoughts alone over

  • Title: Dreamer
  • Author: Steven Harper
  • ISBN: 9780451458438
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is through first contact with an alien species that humanity learns of the Dream It is a plane of mental existence where people are able to communicate with one another by their thoughts alone over distances of thousands of light years To ensure that future generations will have this ability, human genetic engineering produces newborns capable of finding and navigatIt is through first contact with an alien species that humanity learns of the Dream It is a plane of mental existence where people are able to communicate with one another by their thoughts alone over distances of thousands of light years To ensure that future generations will have this ability, human genetic engineering produces newborns capable of finding and navigating the Dream.They became known as the Silent.Rust is just one planet among many in the Empire of Human Unity It s nothing special, nothing unusual except for the fact that it is home to an unknown boy who may be the most powerful Silent ever born a Silent with the ability to possess the bodies of others against their will This mysterious child may be causing tremors within the Dream itself.For now, only the Children of Irfan know about him A monastic like order of the Silent, the Children protect their members even as they barter their services with the governments and corporations that control known space But power like that cannot be hidden, and soon every Silent in the universe will know about the boy and every government will be willing to go to war to control him.And if the Children of Irfan cannot find him first, the Dream itself may be shattered

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        A pseudonym of Steven PiziksSteven Harper Piziks was born with a name that no one can reliably spell or pronounce, so he often writes under the pen name Steven Harper He lives in Michigan with his family When not at the keyboard, he plays the folk harp, fiddles with video games, and pretends he doesn t talk to the household cats In the past, he s held jobs as a reporter, theater producer, secretary, and substitute teacher He maintains that the most interesting thing about him is that he writes books.Steven is the creator of The Silent Empire series, the Clockwork Empire steampunk series, and the Books of Blood and Iron series for Roc Books All four Silent Empire novels were finalists for the Spectrum Award, a first


    1. I should have known that this book will turn out to be a massive pile of steaming horseshit as soon I saw that the great plateau of mental existence which connects the inhabitants of various star systems, is called THE DREAM. That instantly demonstrated the level of originality and creative inspiration we could expect from the author, a certain dude called Steven Harper.According to , Steven Harper is actually a pseudonym of American author Steven Piziks, who is exclusively using this more macho [...]

    2. The prologue showed a world in chaos after civil wars and battles for leadership between planets. It showed a couple's attempt at survival in a world where there was little food or water. And a world where money meant the difference between life and death, they had none. It was a strong piece of writing and I quickly grew attached to the characters and setting.When chapter one started with different characters and an obviously different time period, I was utterly disappointed. I wanted to know w [...]

    3. This review is not for this particular book (which can be read independently of the other three; actually, every one of them is a finished story in itself) - but for the whole series which is such a perfect example for entertainment-literature being great. When thinking about these books, I always have the feeling of something colourful: despite the fact that the Children of Irfan were brown robed, that houses on Bellerophon are made to look like part of the nature (in this case: tree tops) and [...]

    4. In trances states the Silent can enter the Dream, a malleable mental world in which distance and form are entirely subjective. While this concept (the author's idea, I mean) seems to have been taken from the Aboriginal Dreaming, its function in the textual universe is largely practical: it enables communication between the various planets which would otherwise slow to days or weeks instead of being instantaneous (albeit expensive). The gift is largely genetic and the number of Silent is limited [...]

    5. I loved this book for many things - gay protagonist, an unusual romance, a naughty teenager, the feeling of security it gave me throughout the readingHowever, I also felt as if watching some Holywood blockbuster - so much emphasis on family values. It made it feel less real, less potent, more of a one-of-many book.

    6. Better than I expected. Lots of depressing things happen, it's very dark in its particulars, but the overall tone is upbeat. The ending is a surprising alteration of the universe the author has gone to a lot of trouble to set up - not something you expect for the first book in a series.

    7. In the far flung future, the universe hinges on the Dream - a shared consciousness that allows governments and corporations to communicate in real time, ensuring political and commercial cogs keep turning smoothly. Dreamer kicks off just as a spanner is thrown into the works: an impossibly powerful Silent—one of those who can reach the Dream—has been discovered, and everyone's racing to get their hands on him first.I loooooooved this book, guys. It's a slow burn to start, but it's all worth [...]

    8. 2.5* An engaging Sci-Fi story with OK characters, OK plot, OK setting. I keep remembering it even weeks after reading it. Thus I'll round it up to 3*.Some things I liked (view spoiler)[an awkward super-teen Sejal was amusing and refreshing, mentor -student relationships between Ara and Kendi, Kendi and Sejal were touching (hide spoiler)], others, I found to be just silly/painful (view spoiler)[ so there was this batch of murderous artificially grown children with underdeveloped brain who threate [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. I was not expecting to love it this much because I hadn't seen many enthusiastic positive reviews. In fact, I owned this book for about a year before listening to it. Now I'm so happy to have discovered a new-to-me series and author. I won't do this book the justice it deserves with my review, but I can definitely talk excitedly about it for a bit. This is a sci-fi novel on an epic scale, with very high stakes. Some of the plot elements are familiar, although a lot of [...]

    10. This is an odd book. I liked the characters and the general arc of the plot, but there were a lot of little details that bothered me. Slavery is everywhere in this book, including among the good guys, so it was hard to root for them or accept that their government should win. Nah, man, y'all should all be overthrown, none of y'all are ruling responsibly. The Audible narration is clear. And easy to follow. But also very stilted. Which kept dragging me. Out off the story. Much like. This paragraph [...]

    11. Okay, this is more of a 4.5 stars. I can't really explain why I can't give it 5 stars, except maybe that I don't think I'm ever going to re-read it entirely. I'll re-read my favorite parts for sure, though. There certainly were enough of them.People (of any race - not only the human one) being able to create their own spectacular dream spaces, meeting others from all across the universe and talking to them, because the dream's language is universal is a fascinating concept. And a complicated one [...]

    12. The Silent have the ability to communicate through the Dream, a plane where one exists in a purely mental state of awareness, and can communicate over vast immeasurable distances in an instant. Such ones are greatly valued, but when it becomes apparent that there is boy with even greater abilities such that he can posses even the non silent at his will, the search is on to find, and if necessary destroy this boy.The Children of Irfan, a benevolent monastic like order of the Silent, are amongst t [...]

    13. I knew on the very first page that I would not like this book. The writing style is outdated, the characters feel like characters instead of people, and the dialogue is unconvincing. I soldiered on through the first half hoping it would redeem itself, but things only get worse: we're given numerous information dumps about the history of the Dream, the Unity's takeover of multiple planets, and characters' pasts, but none of it rings true-- it is all telling instead of showing.In addition to space [...]

    14. Interesting premise (that there is a psychic "dream" that some people can reach and communicate through), interesting characters, fun plot: what more could you ask for in a novel? Well, what you get is characters who seem real, who have a life and history beyond what's portrayed in the book. In particular, the secondary characters are well-developed; even better, there are several women among them who are strong, interesting characters in their own right. There's a bit of (m/m) romance, but not [...]

    15. The premise is that our minds create a landscape that some people can enter. The "Dream" is the answer to instantaneous communication between governments as well as individuals, as once you have entered the Dream, you create your surroundings and that can include talking to others in the Dream no matter where in the universe they're physically located. Naturally those capable of entering the Dream, the "Silent," are identified, exploited, and enslaved by some, and the object of great hope for ot [...]

    16. I liked the premise, but wasn't so crazy about the execution.And I thought the moral 'message' was a bit off. (view spoiler)[It's apparently wrong to kill one guy in order to save thousands? And wrong to kill the angry, murderous 'children' even though they were destroying humanity? I guess I have a more utilitarian, less Randian approach to morality - to me, the good of the whole does sometimes override the good of the individual. (hide spoiler)] So that part was frustrating.

    17. A rich read for sci loversit could use more proofreading and copyediting to tighten up the writing more and fix the typos and spelling errors, but overall a very good, compelling story that kept me invested in the diverse landscapes and characters, and the action surrounding them. an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys sci-fi with a dash of "fantasy" mixed in.

    18. A great book and an imaginative story. Excellent fast paced writing. Characters you like and who are multidimensional. What can I say but that you have to read this, its fun, its fast paced, its driven by a huge mystery and how it all comes together is fantastic to watch.Very enjoyable!

    19. A very nice concept (an alternate plane of mental activity that links all sentient beings, with those able to reach the plane called "Silents") but only a so-so kind of delivery. It was good enough to keep me reading but not enough to make me rush down to the LL to get another by the same author.

    20. I was a bit creeped out by the author's name and the book is kinda trashy, but it is enjoyable SF/fantasy trash.

    21. Good space opera. Interesting idea and the writing was very engaging. I will read the other books in this series.

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