Between the Tides

Between the Tides

Patti Callahan Henry / Sep 23, 2019

Between the Tides The scene of a childhood tragedy that forced her family to move Seaboro South Carolina is the last place Catherine Leary wants to see again But her father s last wish to have his ashes scattered th

  • Title: Between the Tides
  • Author: Patti Callahan Henry
  • ISBN: 9780451221148
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • The scene of a childhood tragedy that forced her family to move, Seaboro, South Carolina, is the last place Catherine Leary wants to see again But her father s last wish to have his ashes scattered there, and his young colleague s desire to write an article about him, conspire against Catherine Hoping to stop her family s secrets from being exposed, she travels to her onThe scene of a childhood tragedy that forced her family to move, Seaboro, South Carolina, is the last place Catherine Leary wants to see again But her father s last wish to have his ashes scattered there, and his young colleague s desire to write an article about him, conspire against Catherine Hoping to stop her family s secrets from being exposed, she travels to her once beloved Lowcountry town and embarks on a poignant trip into the pasta journey that might lead her into a new life of love, forgiveness, and self discovery.

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    1. I read this book in one sitting, something I very rarely do if ever. I was thoroughly captivated by Cappy, the main character and her struggle to deal with a tragedy in her young life 18 years later. It is one of those books where you get so entwined with the characters that you hate for it to end and the whole story continues to roll around in your brain. I think it will take some time to really discover what this book has meant to me. One of the best fiction I've read in a long time.

    2. "Sometimes we know who we want to be and what we want to do . . . long before we know how to get there."Set in South Carolina, primarily the marshy wetlands of low-country, this atmospheric rich novel explores themes of redemption, family function/dysfunction, loyalty, friendship, and the many hues of unconditional love. The underlying themes, however, center around secrets and tragedies, and how they affect lives - both good and bad. A bit weightier than chick-lit, but far lighter than a meticu [...]

    3. Read this in my romance-reading attempts but this is more of a story about grief and guilt, with two former love interests and a dead father's last wishes around to mansplain to the main character how she should be feeling. Because otherwise, you know, she'll never figure anything out. Loved the setting (SC up-country college town, very possibly a fictionalized version of where I work; returning to sleepy SC low-country marsh town) but if romance is about women who need a man to heal their wound [...]

    4. This was a quick read but very moving – at least it was for me. Catherine, referred to as Cappy by those closest to her, experienced a horrific accident at the age of 12. While at a family/friends gathering, she was asked to keep an eye on a small child while the mother carried in food but she took her eyes off for only a split second (or so it seemed). The young boy fell in the river and drowned and Cappy’s world and her hope for future happiness seemed to have floated down the river along [...]

    5. great book, fast read. Catherine's father passes away with but one request to his daughter. That she return with his ashes to South Carolina where they once lived and scatter his ashes there. caroline has not been back to South Carolina since a tragedy 12 years before changed the corse of her life and her familys life.

    6. Between the Tides was a book I purchased while I was waiting for the arrival of a few I ordered on . I though the plot outline looked interesting and original, unlike many books where the plot almost too closely resembles something else you’ve read. I was pleased with my pick and enjoyed the mystery that Henry establishes in the very beginning of the text. The text uses quotes at the beginning of each chapter to allude to where the story is going. Not only was this an interesting touch but I f [...]

    7. Patti Callahan Henry’s Between the Tides is an amazing story of self realization and of love. Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them.How True, right?I loved this book, and it is one book that I don’t want to let go and give off to someone else.The best thing I loved about this book is that each chapter starts with a famous saying such as the above and they are all so true and beautiful.Though it was a little predictable for me, but I loved the way the story was told, revealing bit [...]

    8. There were parts that were very predictable, but overall, I easily became immersed in Cappy Leary's world where reluctance meets regret. As she tries to fulfill her passed-away father's wishes, she struggles with all the losses she's suffered in her life--of her childhood, of loved ones, of herself and of truth. I actually teared up at the end, but not for sad reasons. I was a bit unsatisfied with loose ends that didn't completely tie up, however, life isn't neat and tidy all the time, so I thin [...]

    9. I have just reread this book, and loved it just as much as the first time. Cappy is a happy 12 year old in a world filled with love and friendship. When the 2 year old brother of her best friend dies in a tragic accident, her family quickly move away. Cappy believes it is her fault that Sam died and the move is her punishment. Eighteen years later she returns to Seaboro for the first time since her departure to scatter her father's ashes on the same river where Sam died. It is a book about love, [...]

    10. I thought this book started out pretty slow but definitely got better as it went along. It was a fast and easy read. There was a twist in the story that I didn't see coming, but made it saved this story as far as I am concerned. I read some reviews of the book before I read it, which was probably a mistake. Somebody mentioned that Cappy comes off as a whiny character and I found myself remembering that comment during most of the book and thinking how true it was when I probably wouldn't have oth [...]

    11. I appreciated what the author was trying to do, but the plot was predictable and something about the writing seemed a bit juvenile. I kept hoping I would be immersed in the story, but found myself paying more attention to the writing then the characters and setting. The detail was sometimes a bit too narrow- there was the mention that the protagonist chose to put on Lilly Pulitzer pajamas when she was home recuperating from a stressful experience. This felt like a name-drop, since brand names ar [...]

    12. Pretentious, whiny, and self-centered. The prose is at times ridiculously heavy, as if Henry was more concerned with how lush she could make her sentences than really conversing with her reader, while the main character is so remarkably self-centered that I could not imagine having to deal with her poor-me temper tantrums and selfish, thoughtless b.s. in real life. By the time you pile whiny and childish into the mix, it was all I could do not to fling the book across the room. Life is too short [...]

    13. picked this book up for $3 at a bookstore, not expecting much-it turned out to be a good read. Catherine's family leaves their beloved home near the river after a tragic accident in which she feels responsible. All her adult life she keeps the feelings deep inside and tries to forget until her father passes away and she must go back to scatter his ashes in the river. All that she has been afraid of and that has kept her from being true to herself is brought to light, painfully, but ultimately wi [...]

    14. "Awesome writing! Well done - you will not be able to put it down! A story of regret, guilt, loss, past, family, and finding your way back to your true self - if you are an avid reader - this one is a must! Patti Callahan Henry at her best! Have read all her books (new and old) so looking forward to her next one! This is movie worthy!"

    15. This book was so engrossing it kept me home, on the last Friday night of my vacation, instead of going to a birthday party at Doug Fir one of my favorite watering holes, SE Portland style.

    16. This was a great book and it did surprise me. I had to keep reading to the last page to actually see what would happen to the characters. The author really keeps you hanging!

    17. Between the Tides, by Patti Callahan Henry was absolutely WONDERFUL, beautifully written and very moving. One of my favorite aspects of the story was that the main character was the daughter of a college literature professor, so there were many references to great books, all of which I have read in my lifetime, and some related to the plot of the novel. Catherine, "Cappy," was an only child raised in a small town in the deep south, a place where everyone knew their neighbors and watched out for [...]

    18. Catherine (Cappy) Leary travels to Seaboro in the Carolina lowlands to fulfill the wish f her recently deceased father to scatter his ashes in the Seaboro River.It is difficult fr her to return there, where her family once lived, because of a tragedy that occurred when she was a young girl. She was asked to watch a toddler for a few minutes, and the child fell into the water and drowned. She was riddled with guilt. When her family moved from the lovely and only home she had known to relocate in [...]

    19. This novel explores the way tragedy and grief shape a persons life and future. Whether you're an adult or a child, the pain of loss affects us all in different ways, as do the secrets adults sometimes keep in order to protect the ones we love. This novel made me feel ALL THE FEELINGS. I hated putting it down and if I'd had the time I probably would've read it all at once. The way the author told this story by weaving the present with memories of the past was just the perfect way to keep me comin [...]

    20. I may have enjoyed this novel more if the main character was a level or two less dramatic or selfish. How she navigates her past is more fitting for the 12-year-old she continues to look back on, rather than the 30-year-old returning to the story. I appreciate the sentiment in which this was written, it was just unfortunately so predictable.

    21. This was a beautiful, lyrical, poetic book. Full of metaphors and quotes, sadness, redemption and hope. Takes place in South Carolina's low country-great setting. Writer works through all the emotions of the characters and pulls it all together. Reminded me of Pat Conroy's Prince of Tides d enjoyed this book immensely!

    22. Wonderful bookThis book made me cry real tears and laugh out loud. I couldn't put it down from start to finish.

    23. An absorbing read. Particularly liked the thread of a gentle love that ran through the narrative (between Cappy and Forrest). Slow start, but picked up as the story continued to unfold. Fairly predictable storyline in parts, but beautiful storytelling nonetheless. Evocative descriptions of the coastal setting. I enjoyed the writer's style, the book's pacing, and the slow reveal of key points in the plot's development.I felt frustrated at Catherine's blindedness/ignorance about her true vs percei [...]

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