Black Water

Black Water

T. Jefferson Parker / Feb 26, 2020

Black Water The Barnes Noble ReviewEvery appearance by T Jefferson Parker s protagonist Merci Rayborn is a cause for celebration among fans of police procedurals A warm endearing but tough heroine she is fille

  • Title: Black Water
  • Author: T. Jefferson Parker
  • ISBN: 9780786890163
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Barnes Noble ReviewEvery appearance by T Jefferson Parker s protagonist Merci Rayborn is a cause for celebration among fans of police procedurals A warm, endearing, but tough heroine, she is filled with all the wry charm and expert insight we ve come to expect from Parker s hard edged storytelling The author always gives his novels an extra dose of genuinely mThe Barnes Noble ReviewEvery appearance by T Jefferson Parker s protagonist Merci Rayborn is a cause for celebration among fans of police procedurals A warm, endearing, but tough heroine, she is filled with all the wry charm and expert insight we ve come to expect from Parker s hard edged storytelling The author always gives his novels an extra dose of genuinely moving humanity, featuring honest character motivation and a gripping, energetic narrative.Archie Wildcraft, a cop with a great career ahead of him, is found with a bullet in his brain, lying beside his murdered wife, Gwen It looks like a botched murder suicide, but Sergeant Merci Rayborn s gut instincts tell her differently As Archie holds on by a thread, Merci is drawn further into the Wildcrafts private lives and comes to believe that the young couple were deeply in love and that Archie s been framed When Archie vanishes from the hospital, it appears he s on a vendetta, and it s up to Merci to cover for him until she has a chance to solve the case on her own Eventually, she s led to the Russian mob and discovers awful secrets that she isn t sure she wants to hand over to the heartless district attorney.Black Water gives voice to subtle yet resonating themes relating to loss, audacity, and vengeance That sense of obsession and purpose is what makes this novel a standout in the Rayborn canon The complexity of character detail and the poignant writing prove once again just what a superior stylist Parker remains Merci is an Everywoman, a detective who doesn t merely do her job but in a sense actually is her job Tom Piccirilli

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        T Jefferson Parker is the bestselling author of 20 crime novels, including Edgar Award winners Silent Joe and California Girl Parker s next work is a literary novel, Full Measure, to be published in October He lives with his family in Southern California


    1. Audio book and while it was good, it wasn't all that compelling. I read #1 in the series a few years ago and liked the protag, Merci Rayborn, but there are only three books in the series. I read the first one and now the last one. I guess that T. Jeff didn't like Merci as much as some of his fans.

    2. Merci Rayborn is still suffering the consequences of exposing an old scandal in the Orange County Sheriff's Department when the wife of Deputy Archie Wildcraft is shot to death with a gun belonging to Wildcraft. Wildcraft himself is found shot in the head, and all of the evidence suggests a classic murder-suicide attempt. But Archie Wildcraft survives and Merci, burned by an earlier mistake, refuses to jump to conclusions. While virtually the rest of officialdom is determined to hang the crime o [...]

    3. This book contains far too many references to previous novels involving the same protagonist. Not only do all those references make me have no interest in reading the previous books (I already know how they turned out), but they made the book drag - especially when the same situations are referenced for the 120th time. I can understand setting the stage for some of Merci Rayborn's concerns, but there really is no need to repeatedly dredge up the previous investigation and arrests.Merci's toddler [...]

    4. Rather a decent read, but not compelling. Would now look out for other books featuring Merci Rayborn, Orange County detective. Rayborn gets to the bottom of what seems to be a straight forward case of murder-suicide. And in doing so, redeems herself somewhat, of the taint of a previous case. Merci sticks to her understanding of the case, stands up for herself and for the suspect and eventually cracks the case which turned out again to be not all that complicated. The crucial breaks were not due [...]

    5. I had some trouble getting into this book. I think that T Jefferson Parker is an excellent writer but I have also been disappointed with him at times. He is great at giving heart to his characters, and yet that doesn't seem to carry the entire weight of a who-dunnit. In Black Water there are several "beautiful losers" who captured my own heart. Unfortunately the plot seemed not to grab me and I labored through until midway when I decided to stick it out.It's not a bad book; but it is frustrating [...]

    6. I had the audio book version of this novel and found it to be a taut, well plotted murder/mystery with believable characters, which made me want to read the earlier books in the series.“Black Water” follows the murder investigation into the shooting of a young woman, Gwen Wildcraft, in her own home. Her husband, young Sheriff’s deputy Archie Wildcraft, has been grievously wounded in the same incident, shot in the head by his own service weapon. Merci Rayborn, the homicide detective in char [...]

    7. Parker always manages to get a good story going and offers an intriguing plot. Sometimes he focuses on the intense evil of the bad guys and sometimes he focuses on the frustration of being a cop. This time, it's the cop. I thought the title would have more to do with the story, but it only relates to a minor degree. Archie is a deputy sheriff who hears a noise and goes outside with his gun, only to get shot in the head. When he begins to awaken, it is like he is trying to swim in dark, black wat [...]

    8. Considering how many mysteries have been published by T. Jefferson Parker, it is probably amazing that Black Water is my first encounter with this author. Black Water had the disadvantage of giving too much away on the dust cover of the hardbound volume, but it was still good enough to keep me reading during two sick days at home (where, I slept soundly in between sessions of reading). The protagonist was a honest deputy in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. She was so honest that she had app [...]

    9. Latest Merci Rayborn murder mystery a complex pleaser!This is the third (and most current) of the Orange County (CA) Homicide Sergeant Merci Rayborn series. The story starts out fast with the near murder of fellow Deputy Archie Wildcraft and the concurrent slaying of his wife. Rayborn and partner Paul Zamorra investigate and all the early clues point to Archie himself as a murder/suicide attempt. Merci won't believe it and away we go. Adding to the suspense, Wildcraft wakes up from the coma indu [...]

    10. In the third novel by T. Jefferson Parker featuring Sgt. Merci Rayborn, Merci is riding out the consequences of a case in which her pursuit of fellow sheriff's deputy and former lover Mike McNally for the murder of a high-priced call girl was undone by revelations from a cold case murder dating back to the 1950s. Worse, those same revelations brought to light a decades-old cover-up that forced the Sheriff out in disgrace, and even tarnished her own father's reputation.Now, the Orange County Sher [...]

    11. 4.5 starsMerci is a homicide detective with her eyes on the sheriff’s office someday. This will be hard since decisions made a year ago (in Red Light) have alienated her from half of the police force of Los Angeles. When a case comes in about a probable murder-attempted suicide involving a fellow officer Merci is reluctant to believe the officer guilty, even though evidence points in his direction. When the officer survives, but with bullet parts littering his brain, the case becomes more comp [...]

    12. third in the Merci Rayborn series after The Blue Hour and Red Light. Excellent, and an extremely hard to put down book. Merci Rayborn is a Deputy Detective with the Orange County CA Sheriff's office. She is a unique, interesting, strong woman who is one of the best investigators yet sometimes has trouble being understood as her sense of fairness and justice and brusk manner sometimes places her at odds with her coworkers. Once again I am recommending that this series be read in order, especially [...]

    13. A beautiful young woman is dead in the bathroom of her home. Her husbanda promising young cop named Archie Wildcraftis shot in the head but still alive. It looks like an attempted murder/suicide, but something tells Detective Merci Rayborn that theres more to the story. When the suspect vanishes from his hospital bed, he draws Merci into a manhunt that leaves the entire department questioning her abilities and her judgment. Is Archies flight the act of a ruined mind, or a faithful heart? Is his [...]

    14. The book was a hungarian translation consisting 415 pages of bse synopsis was that a 26 years old "beautiful" woman and his husband gets shot on the womans (Gwen) birthday after they return home. The police tried to unravel (not complicated at all) case where the woman was part of a shady stock action ripoff. The book is sloppily written it has no real plottwists and the cop romance is just WTH. theres no chemistry, the end is this forced 'try to make it look good with a happy ending whereas the [...]

    15. I LOVE T.Jeff, and I really like the heroine cop in this series, Merci Rayborn. She's fiesty, independent, stubborn, and flawed- yet soft inside, principled, and a straight shooter: just like me ;)Some readers don't care for her. In this, the 3rd in the series with her in it, Merci investigates a grisly murder of a young deputy's beautiful wife, and he is the prime suspect. Because of Merci's own demons, she doubts her instincts which makes for a lot of tension/drama in the chase.This can be rea [...]

    16. Finally, a Mercy Reyborn novel I really enjoyed. This one had Mercy acting like a real human being, not some hardass superheroine. I think that's what turned me off to the first two books in this series. I like strong women characters, but find ones like the Mercy portrayed in them hard to care about. That really is what reading a novel is all about: forming a bond with the main character(s), and I couldn't do that with Mercy in those earlier novels. I kept hoping throughout them that someone wo [...]

    17. The melancholia of the life of a police officer is well documented. When surrounded by the worst of humanity, in a chokehold of a bureacracy and if you are FOOLISH enough to become a famale LEO. You are in for it. This is a good series, well plotted, mature in viewpoint but I just wish somebody would catch a break. The nature of the series is such that anything positive will be weighed in with something more negative, threatening and ominous. Somedays you just want her to take the kids for pizza [...]

    18. I eventually finished the book and actually found it not too bad. I think what bugged me was the author stated the obvious. Almost given reasons to explain the characters' movements or decisions. This can work if there is history being woven in, which is also the case here. There are 2 stories happening simultaneously which one can follow but don't add to that elaborate explanations which are not adding any value in your ability to follow the story. There is no character development but an inter [...]

    19. Young cop, Archie Wildcraft and his wife Gwen were the perfect couple and madly in love with one another. When she is shot with his gun and, it appears, he is the victim of a botched suicide attempt, it is all very confusing. This is the third of a series featuring Detective Merci Rayburn. If you haven't read any of them, start with the first - The Blue Hour. I am now going back and reading the other two but they clearly should be read in order. I am just delighted to have found a new (to me) au [...]

    20. The title refers to how Deputy Archie Wildcraft feela as he swims back to consciousness after being shot in the head. He is recovering okay, but his wife has been killed, and he is suspected of doing it, despite the fact that they have been madly in love for 10 years. This book is from the Merci Rayborn series, she being the lead detective on the case. Once he is well enough, Archie sets off to also solve the case which includes sudden wealth, rattlesnake venom as a cure for cancer, and Russian [...]

    21. #3 in the Merci Rayborn series. Merci Rayborn is an Orange County homicide detective and this was the final entry in a short-lived series that I wish had lasted longer.Merci Rayborn has caught the case of sheriff's deputy Arch Wildcraft shot in the head outside his home and his wife shot to death in their bathroom. Positive GSR tests and blood evidence point to a possible murder/suicide attempt. Merci believes in Arch and with her partner Paul Zamorra unearths evidence that suggests a Russian Or [...]

    22. Good detective story. Merci Rayborn has to investigate a double shooting of a fellow officer and his wife by either an unknown assailant or by the officer. The more Merci investigates the more it points to the husband. Her gut is telling her otherwise, but how is she going to prove it. Especially when the mews papers and a lot of the police are already convinced he did it. This is the 3rd and last of the Merci Rayborn series.

    23. The author brings back Merci Rayborn, a homicide detective from two books ago. She has to solve -- again -- a case in which a fellow sheriff's deputy is suspected of the murder of his wife. Rayborn is afraid she will be branded again for mistkes like those she made in the previous case, which turned half the department against her, so she may be overly cautious. This novel moves better than the previous one, "Black Joe".

    24. I am reading the Merci Rayborn series in order. This is the weakest so far. Not enough to make me quit the series though. The case was not as intriguing as the previous novels. I felt like Merci and her partner were more like observers of events rather than actively making things happen. The antagonist(s) were not well developed at all. We also need less of little Tim and Rayborn's home life in general.

    25. Sheriff's deputy Archie Wildcraft is shot in the head and his wife Gwen is murdered in their expensive home in California. Many want to believe that it is murder-sucide.Sergeant Merci Rayborn investigates while dealing with her own demons and physical attractions to members of her department. She split the Sheriff's Department apart a year earlier when she falsely arrested another officer for the murder of a prostitute that he had been seeing, so she has doubts about this case.

    26. I really enjoyed the Merci Rayborn series of novels by T. Jefferson Parker. All three are well-plotted with living characters and good movement. The Blue Hour and Red Light (the first two in this series) were somewhat more engrossing than this one for me. I am not sure why, but Black Water seemed repetitive (bad cop?)and somewhat labored to me. I also found the weird ghost aspects a little off-putting. However, even with those caveats, Black Water was a better-than-average read.

    27. I probably should have given this book a two star rating, because I never really enjoyed the story. It just dragged on, and I don't like the continued allusion to some event that occurred before --- a complaint I had with another book recently read that might have negatively influenced this reading. However I was impressed with the writing style enough to give it that extra star. I might try another book by Parker in the future.

    28. My first T. Jefferson Parker novel and I liked it very much. This is not a crime novel about a gruesome serial killer, does not contain graphic bloody episodes and creepy psychotic nutcases -- all of which are pluses for me. Parker's prose flows easily and sticks in my head, not the words but the feelings evoked by the interaction and observations of his characters.

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