Fistful of Feet

Fistful of Feet

Jordan Krall / Oct 16, 2019

Fistful of Feet A bizarro tribute to Spaghetti westerns H P Lovecraft and foot fetish enthusiasts Screwhorse Nevada is legendary for its violent and unusual pleasures but when a mysterious gunslinger drags a wood

  • Title: Fistful of Feet
  • Author: Jordan Krall
  • ISBN: 9781933929897
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • A bizarro tribute to Spaghetti westerns, H.P Lovecraft, and foot fetish enthusiasts.Screwhorse, Nevada is legendary for its violent and unusual pleasures, but when a mysterious gunslinger drags a wooden donkey into the desert town, the stage is set for a bloodbath unlike anything the west has ever seen His name is Calamaro, and he s from New Jersey.Featuring Cthulhu worsA bizarro tribute to Spaghetti westerns, H.P Lovecraft, and foot fetish enthusiasts.Screwhorse, Nevada is legendary for its violent and unusual pleasures, but when a mysterious gunslinger drags a wooden donkey into the desert town, the stage is set for a bloodbath unlike anything the west has ever seen His name is Calamaro, and he s from New Jersey.Featuring Cthulhu worshipping Indians, a woman with four feet, a Giallo esque serial killer, a crazed gunman who is obsessed with sucking on candy, Syphilis ridden mutants, ass juice, burping pistols, sexually transmitted tattoos, and a house devoted to the freakiest fetishes, Jordan Krall s Fistful of Feet is the weirdest western ever written.

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    1. A drifter named Calamaro drags a wooden donkey into Screwhorse, Nevada, and enters a web of trouble involving people with bizarre fetishes, an ineffective sheriff, a depraved mayor, a rich man and his goons, and a gunfighter called the Hard Candy Kid. Will anyone be left alive when Calamaro leaves town?Jordan Krall's Fistful of Feet is the weirdest of weird westerns. There are sexually transmitted tattoos, whores that cater to any bizarre fetish a cowboy may have, a woman nursing a giant starfis [...]

    2. The first thing I remember about Jordan Krall goes back to when we were in college together. We weren’t roommates, but we both stayed in the Fish House on the wooded side of campus, near the biology labs. Now, Jordan’s family didn’t have enough money to pay for school outright, so Jordan had one of those work-study programs, sorting plankton by species and flavor for the Marine Biology department. He was always complaining about that job. One day he’d complain about the lack of microscop [...]

    3. Jordan Krall’s third release and first full-length novel is a must for spaghetti and weird western fans. I’ve never actually read a western novel but I find many of the movies to be plodding and dull to the point that most of the characters and plots are nakedly obvious in the first few minutes, thus beginning an endless barrage of the protaganist asserting his masculinity. Krall brings something new. The framework still draws heavily from the tried and true formula of the western film but i [...]

    4. A town called Screwhorse that caters for the wacky and bizarro fetishes of people. You have guns that burp when they shoot, a wooden donkey, starfish babies, and a brothel that caters for fetishes unheard of. This strange blend of wackiness makes it an fun packed read a page-turner of sorts that leaves a lot to the imagination with cringing effects of disgust.

    5. Okay, so, I'll make it clear: This book I wrote it's entertaining if you enjoy bizarro (weird) westerns. It's an homage to Spaghetti Westerns, giallo cinema, and HP Lovecraft.But don't take my word for it, just give it a try.

    6. Jordan Krall's `Fistful of Feet' is a bizarro tribute to Spaghetti Westerns and claims to be the "weirdest western ever written". It does not disappoint. As this story unfolds, you can easily imagine the characters speaking poorly dubbed English as the onscreen actors mouth their dialogue in Italian. This book reads how TV re-runs of the film `The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' used to look before digital retouching came into vogue: gritty, dirty, violent, occasionally out of focus, regularly unse [...]

    7. I love westerns. As a kid up until now, I have held a unique fascination(sp?) with all things relating to this genre usually held sacred only by the elderly. Eastwood, Leone, Van Cleef, and so on have been personal heroes of mine since middle school. I have seen every cheezy seventies western ever made, and have made it my personal goal to read every book L'Amour ever wrote, or thought about writing (i can do that, I have what they call "Cowboy-Kenesis"). However, I have always felt one thing ha [...]

    8. On paper, I should have loved this book. I like both Westerns and bizarro. There were TONS of good ideas in these pages, a very likable protagonist, great character development, lots of gross-out sex and violence. So what's wrong with me?I think the three-star (instead of four- or five-) is due to two things:1) The author REALLY likes putting things in his characters' mouths. It got a bit old. Sort of like 'Drag Me to Hell.'2)The action got a little convoluted, in my opinion. All in all, though, [...]

    9. I went into Jordan Krall’s latest novel, Fistful of Feet, with a certain bias. I am an avid fan of the Western, be it the traditional Hollywood kind or the Spaghetti kind. This same bias could have ultimately worked against it however, if it wasn’t pulled off very well. It might have fallen into a Western pastiche, stealing the associated aesthetics and bastardising them superficially. Fistful of Feet doesn’t do this. It is a triumph and clearly written by someone with a deep respect for e [...]

    10. I’m going to be honest and say that I’m a huge fan of Jordan Krall and he’s one of my favorite bizarro writers. I once heard Krall mentioned as the Quentin Tarantino of bizarro, and I think it’s true in that he has a perfect mastery of genre fiction. Squid Pulp Blues paid homage to crime noir, and now with Fistful of Feet, Krall is entering one of my personal favorite genres: the western.So of course I love this book, but I’m also going to tell you why. Fistful of Feet is a bloody love [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this. The book had so much going on, yet never lost it's cohesion. There were bits of so many genres blended into the weirdness. Entertaining and recommended.

    12. I should admit right off that I've never been a big fan of westerns, movies or books. That's not to say that I'm opposed to them or haven't enjoyed them. I've found several western movies enjoyable if a bit derivative. But I've never sought them out, and have really just seen them in passing.Fistful of Feet is one of those enjoyable westerns but with bizarro overtones. In fact, the bizarro parts are mostly in the details, which would make this an otherwise normal western tale. I'll explain about [...]

    13. I've been reading bizarro for a long time now, long enough to know that there are basically two categories of authors that write bizarro - those who prefer to write the strangest, weirdest stuff that they can think of and string them together with a thin/weak plot and those who write wonderfully intricate plots with strong characters and bizarro subtleties peppered throughout. Jordan Krall is one of the latter. FISTFUL OF FEET is by far Krall's best work to date (which says a lot - his books SQU [...]

    14. This is my second book by Jordan Krall, and i enjoyed it but not as much as his other book- Squid Pulp Blues. I don't know if this was entirely to do with the book, or, more likely I suspect, my own preferences. Although I think the writing in SQB was a bit higher quality than this one.FoF is a bizzaro-style spaghetti western set in a town like no other you will ever encounter callled Screwhorse. Honestly, I'm not too into the western genre but the book still kept me engaged. I love that it was [...]

    15. So this was absolutely insane. Cowboys, Indians, serial killers, deformed hookers with extra feet, shoot outs, squids, all different types of gross fetishes, the list goes on. Incredible novel, like nothing I've ever read before. The weird west doesn't get any weirder than this.

    16. Bizarro + spaghetti western = absolute win. To determine whether you should read this book, you have but to ask yourself one question: Ever hear of Ass Juice?

    17. Jordan Krall, Fistful of Feet (Eraserhead Press, 2009)I finished this book quite a while ago (16 April 2011; it's 7 July as I write this). I've been trying to come up with something to say about it other than “OMGYOUMUSTREADTHIS”, because while that's the case, it doesn't quite give you an overview of the book's strengths and weaknesses, does it? I want to give it the attention it deserves, but every time I start trying to come up with a “this book is like” gig, I end up tripping over my [...]

    18. Jordan Krall and I have very similar tastes in movies. Horror sure, but we also share a love for brainless 80's action movies and spaghetti schlock, not just Westerns, but Italian zombie and post apocalyptic mad max rip offs. There is a certain vibe you get from watching a a brilliant filmmaker with modest means do the best they can without enough resources. There is a charm to bad but ballsy films, the Italian filmmaker of 60's, 70's and 80's don't give a shit about looking silly that is why th [...]

    19. Jordan Krall's tour guide of Screwhorse, Nevada is an example of the wild west truly being wild. The characters are paranoid of each other, the flesh designs are grotesque, and the sexuality has the force of a stampede. A stampede which can choose to maul, confuse, or gross-out the trampled reader as needed.Fresh from his previous adventure in Krall's "The Pistol Burps," Calamaro is found once again dragging his wooden donkey, Sartana, through the desert. As he happens upon the lustful and poten [...]

    20. First things first, Jordan Krall is an amazing writer. His Bizarro literature is unique and quite fantastic. When someone tells you, "this author has a voice," Jordan Krall is one of those. I say this because after having read everything by Krall (save for Piecemeal June,) there definitely is an authorial voice hidden behind the Bizarro curtain that is this book. If you enjoy the type of writing found in pulp novels, then you will enjoy FISTFUL OF FEET. There's dialogue, fantastic imagery, memor [...]

    21. Fistful of Feet is the first full-length novel published by bizarro author Jordan Krall. It’s not your typical bizarro title… scratch that… NO bizarro is “typical”, actually. However, Fistful of Feet is a mesh of genres, leaning heavily towards being a Spaghetti Western title. The story takes place in the desert town of Screwhorse, which consists of many typical townsfolk for a western setting. There’s the bartender that knows everyone, the major, the gals from the whorehouse, and ma [...]

    22. You can’t read the Bizarro genre without seeing the name Jordan Krall. But as many times as I’ve seen his name it took me awhile to get around to reading one of his books. Fistful of Feet was where I decided to start with Krall, and I believe I choose well. Taking place in Screwhorse, Nevada we are introduced to this strange desert town when our hero Calamaro wanders in with his wooden donkey. It doesn’t take him long to get the attention of some of the thugs that push around the rest of t [...]

    23. Calamaro has come to Screwhorse, Nevada in search of gold to start a new life in California. He’s not the only one looking for gold. Sergio, Clayton and Leonard are also headed to Screwhorse for gold. Rebecca is going there to work at Black Betty’s in the hopes of making enough money to also get to California, and Bluford is hoping to con a few people out of some of their money. Mayor Douglas just wants to continue running the town and using women as he sees fit. There are Cthulhu-worshippi [...]

    24. A lone cowboy (known only as Calamaro) wanders into a small Nevada town and immediately gets on the nerves of some card players; but a couple of people befriend him when he sticks up for Stacklee (a black bartender at a local brothel) and Betty, the brothel's owner. Despite the screams of Indians in the surrounding desert and a slightly high-strung sheriff, Calamaro decides to take a break from his journey (from New Jersey) and stays for a while.Before long Calamaro comes across all kinds of str [...]

    25. I rate this 5 stars for sheer ambition and awesomeness. A booby-trapped wooden donkey, filled with razor-tipped women's shoes? Krall brings together two disparate genres- Lovecrafteana and Spaghetti western/giallo, which would seem to nullify the moody terror of the former. Besides, aquatic horrors in the dry desert? Active gun-toting protagonists never stopping to read a book that would threaten their sanity? Surprisingly it works, and works very well, accentuating what must have seemed to many [...]

    26. It says "bizarro" on the cover of this book, and sure enough, it qualifies, but it has more in common with the weird western tale. It's a wonderful mixture of Lovecraft and Leone. You're just as likely to run into lifeforce-sucking starfish than with cutthroat bandits.Meet Calamaro. All he wanted to do is get away from the memory of his family's death at the hands of drunken scumbag Union soldiers near the end of the war. Instead, he's found his way to the town of Screwhorse, where everything is [...]

    27. Hilarious,weird western. I enjoyed every page. This is a bizarro western set in a town in Nevada. Home to a fetish brothel, a hallucinogenic drink called ass juice, a hero with a wooden donkey any many other characters and features of a strange existence. If you like gunfights, hookers, violence, romance cowboys, Indians and evil mayors then this is a book to check out.

    28. a wonderfully perverse take on spaghetti westerns. it has some fabulous nods for fans of the genre and a lot of really odd sex takes place. not everything makes a whole lot of sense but I suppose that is the point.

    29. Clumsy, random plotting. Limited character development I could go on but despite all its flaws it was bizarre and it was enjoyable in its own weird way.

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