Henrys Freedom Box

Henrys Freedom Box

Ellen Levine Kadir Nelson / Dec 09, 2019

Henrys Freedom Box Japanese edition of Henry s Freedom Box Winner of Caldecott Medal Inspired by an actual s lithograph this beautifully crafted picture book briefly relates the story of Henry Box Brown s dari

  • Title: Henrys Freedom Box
  • Author: Ellen Levine Kadir Nelson
  • ISBN: 9784790251941
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Japanese edition of Henry s Freedom Box Winner of 2008 Caldecott Medal Inspired by an actual 1830s lithograph, this beautifully crafted picture book briefly relates the story of Henry Box Brown s daring escape from slavery The story tells of his life Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

    Henry s Freedom Box A True Story from the Underground Henry s Freedom Box A True Story from the Underground Railroad Ellen Levine, Kadir Nelson on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A stirring, dramatic story of a slave who mails himself to freedom by a Jane Addams Peace Award winning author and a Coretta Scott King Award winning artist Henry Brown doesn t know how old he is. Henry s Freedom Box A True Story from the Underground Editorial Reviews Kirkus Starred Nelson s powerful portraits add a majestic element to Levine s history based tale of Henry Box Brown, a slave who escaped by having himself mailed to freedom in a crate. Henry s Freedom Box Teaching Resources Teachers Pay Teachers This is a mini unit and book study for Henry s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine It has activities to engage your students, and a day lesson plan layout for your students to get to know Henry Box Brown. Henry s Freedom Box Comprehension Questions FREEBIE This product is a FREE SAMPLE from my full day of plans for Henry s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine The full plans include an activity for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and a craft Video Book Trailers, Author Videos, and Educational Videos Video book trailers for the best children s books and authors, plus educational videos on reading, science, and seasonal topics teachers can use in the classroom Henrys SONY ALPHA A BODY Won t Be Beat On Price SONY ALPHA A BODY Explore the advantages of a high speed silent shutter that is fully digital without a physical mechanism. NIKON D D SLR BODY Won t Be Beat On Price Henry s Full frame freedom, outstanding agility and the convenience of built in Wi Fi For those who find inspiration everywhere, who switch between stills and video without missing a beat, who want the look only a full frame D SLR can achieve and who love sharing their The Slave Who Shipped Himself to Freedom Now I Know Bonus fact Henry Brown isn t the only person who mailed himself to freedom As reported by the BBC, in , a man serving a seven year jail sentence in Germany couriered himself outside the prison walls.Once he was outside the gates, he climbed out of the box and escaped The jail s warden admitted that they were unable to find him after. Prop Box Lesson Plans happy hoikushi Prop Box Lesson Plans The Best Prop Box Lesson Plans Free Download PDF And Video Get Prop Box Lesson Plans These free woodworking plans will help the beginner all the way up to the expert craft.Search For Prop Box Lesson Plans Prop Box Lesson Plans Prop Box Play Themes to Inspire Dramatic Play Gryphon Think inside the prop box Kleinhans Music Hall Kleinhans Music Hall Box Office Symphony Circle Buffalo, NY Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

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        Ellen Levine s books have won many awards and honors, including the Jane Addams Peace Award Although she enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction, most of Ellen s books for young readers have been nonfiction Writing nonfiction lets me in behind the scenes of the story I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people, even if they lived 200 years ago Ellen Levine was born in New York City She received her B.A degree in Politics from Brandeis University, graduating Magna cum laude She has a Master s degree in political science from the University of Chicago and a Juris Doctor degree from New York University School of Law She has worked in film and television, taught adults and immigrant teenagers in special education and ESL programs, and served a law clerkship with Chief Judge Joseph Lord, U.S District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania A former staff attorney with a public interest law group, Levine now devotes her time to writing, lecturing, and teaching She is on the faculty of Vermont College s MFA program in writing for Children and Young Adults.Ellen Levine divides her time between New York City and Salem, New York.


    1. Ellen Levine's Henry's Freedom Box is a book that tugs at all of one's emotions. It makes one angry, sad, despairing, happy. And above all, it should make any reasonable, any compassionate human being indignant at the inhumanity of slavery and strive for liberty, justice and equality for all. In fact, I think that Henry's Freedom Box should be required reading in every elementary school classroom, not only in the United States of America, but globally. That Henry Brown has basically no rights, t [...]

    2. This was a phenomenal book that taught about Henry Brown. During slavery he was married and had children, but when their master struggled with money they were sold to a different owner. He escaped slavery by being shipped in a box to Philadelphia. This book is easy for children to follow a long and has great photos that represent everything that is being said.

    3. This is another book that I was reading for the Children’s Book Club for Black History Month and I will admit that I just loved this book to death! “Henry’s Freedom Box” is a Caldecott Honor Book by Ellen Levine along with illustrations by Kadir Nelson and it is about a runaway slave named Henry “Box” Brown who thinks of a clever plan to get out of slavery after his family is sold. “Henry’s Freedom Box” is a truly inspiring and dramatic book for children who want to learn more [...]

    4. I read this as one of six books chosen by the Children's Books group’s Picture Books Club for its February theme of Black History Month.The subtitle of this book is: A True Story from the Underground Railroad. It’s the true story of Henry “Box” Brown, a man who mailed himself to freedom, to a state where there was no slavery. Before I read this, I thought that it was a historical fiction story; I didn’t realize that this was a true story until I read it. This book is a seamless mix of [...]

    5. Reviewed for THC ReviewsHenry's Freedom Box is a wonderful storybook for teaching younger children about slavery and the Underground Railroad. It is the true story of Henry “Box” Brown who mailed himself to freedom. Henry's bravery and ingenuity were inspiring to read about. It is very sad that Henry lost his entire family when they were sold and apparently was never reunited with them, but it seems that his pain may have been a driving force in his quest for freedom. He also became an inter [...]

    6. Excellent biography of Henry, a slave who mails himself to freedom with help from white friends on "the underground railroad." I love that it conveyed the issues and emotions so poignantly and powerfully without being too graphic or bogged down. I just felt so in-tune with what Henry was going through--I mean, obviously I have no idea what it must have really been like, but kudos to the author and illustrator for making me feel like I was "there" and that my heart had been on a remarkable journe [...]

    7. This is an inspirational, amazing and true story, with breathtakingly detailed and expressive illustrations. It is certainly worthy of its Caldecott Honor designation. It's a story that will take you from joy to heartache and back again in a short narrative that will captivate young elementary school-age children. We read this as one of the February 2011 selections for the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books group here at . I am so grateful to have been introduced to this story, and that I [...]

    8. Henry's Freedom Box was a story selection for the Children’s Picture Book Club found here: /topic/show/4First off thank you again to the group for introducing wonderful books I may have otherwise never found! I held this book in my hands for several minutes after I read it. This isn’t a normal practice for me. I fought back tears and feelings of heartbreak at the same time thinking this was a fabulous book. I felt I was living every moment with Henry on his journey to freedom by mailing hims [...]

    9. This is a true story from the Underground Railroad about an African American slave gaining his freedom and the hardships he faces achieving this victory. Henry is a young boy who does not have a birthday. This is no surprise because there were no records of slave’s birthdays. He is torn from his family at a young age and put to work in a warehouse. He soon meets a girl named Nancy and marries her. They have three children and are happy. Henry’s happiness is torn away when his family gets sol [...]

    10. More amazing illustrations by Kadir Nelson. Definitely deserves all the accolades it's gotten this year. Based on an incredible story that I hadn't heard before. A boy born in to slavery is sold away from his family as a young child. As an adult, his wife and children are sold away from him. At that point, he just can't take it anymore, and he decides to send himself all the way from Richmond, VA to Philadelphia, in a box. He makes it there, and for the rest of his life he's known as Henry "BOX" [...]

    11. Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story of the Underground Railroad is appropriate for students in grades 2-5. It received a Caldecott Honor Award in 2008.It might seem odd, but Kadir Nelson's illustrations for this book reminded me of Brian Selznick's work in The Invention of Hugo Cabret. More than anything, the quality that seems to connect these illustrators in my mind is the crosshatching that adds texture, depth and shadow to the images in both close ups and "wide shots" of the action. To me, Nel [...]

    12. Henry doesn’t know his age-slaves aren’t allowed to know their birthdays. Henry’s master sells him to his son, and Henry works many years in a factory. He married a woman named Nancy and they had children. Then, one heart-wrenching day, Henry’s wife and children are sold and Henry knows me may never see them again. He decides to mail himself to a place where there are no slaves, in Philadelphia. Some friends help Henry stow away in a shipping crate. On his journey in his box, he was lift [...]

    13. First, let me just say how incredible Kadir Nelson's illustrations are. The sheer beauty and brilliance of his work never ceases to amaze me. The pictures in Henry's Freedom Box are no exception--simply gorgeous. The text is fairly simple, making this a great introductory book for children about the topic of slavery. It's a heartbreaking story, don't get me wrong, and by the end if you don't weep and cheer for Henry, well, I'm not sure you're actually a human being. There's a little author note [...]

    14. Henry Brown wasn't sure how old he was. Henry was a slave. And slaves weren't allowed to know their birthdays.

    15. A picture book based on a true story. I read this story aloud to my middle school classes during Black History Month. When they discover that it is based on a true story, they're fascinated, horrified, and in awe of this man's courage and yearning to be free. A must read!

    16. This true story of the time of the Underground Railroad would be a perfect companion to “Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt,” a story about Harriet Tubman, or any of the books included in a unit on the Underground Railroad. The beautiful imagery and vivid descriptions make it a perfect read aloud. Freedom is compared to an autumn leaf, as Henry’s mother says, “Do you see those leaves blowing in the wind? They are torn from the trees like slave children are torn from their families.” Thi [...]

    17. All that is in my mind upon reading this story: Then (March 23, 1849):Illustration from Henry's Freedom BoxSee Henry Box Brown's profile, PersonalNarrative and the biography Unboxing of Henry Brown for more information about Brown's life story. Now (May 17, 2010):[image error](AP Photo/Chiapas State Attorney General)On May 17, 513 people are found shipping themselves upright in two trucksIs there room for Hope?

    18. Based on the true story of Henry "Box" Brown, this book not only goes through the heartache and emotions of slavery, but it is also accompanied with beautiful illustrations that cover the entire pages from top to bottom. Henry is given to his master's son when he is young, but has always had a hope to be free. Later on in his life, when his own family is taken away from him and sold, Henry has had enough. He will do whatever it takes for freedom. He is mailed across the world to Pennsylvania. Th [...]

    19. Kadir Nelson’s art is amazing, as always. He uses color very effectively to illustrate Henry’s moods and feelings throughout the story. Henry, a slave living before the Civil War, decides to escape to freedom. His beloved wife and children have been sold and he doesn’t expect to ever be reunited with them. He finds a white friend who doesn’t believe in slavery who agrees to literally mail him to a free state. Ellen Levine very clearly describes the effect that slavery had on families and [...]

    20. This book is very interesting because it is a true story. I liked but also disliked how simplistic some of the wording was. While it does make it accessible for children who are younger readers, it takes away from some of the very strong emotion that comes with the story. It is a very interesting story about a boy who is a slave his whole life and finally finds a way out after he grows up and has children. The illustrations are phenomenal and Kadir Nelson paints each page individually with such [...]

    21. This book caught my eye because of the fabulous illustrations by Kadir Nelson. It tells the story of Henry Brown, who, in 1849, escaped from slavery by having himself mailed to Philadelphia. Henry traveled 350 miles from Richmond, Virginia, in a nail-biting trip that took twenty-seven hours. Henry “Box” Brown became one of the most famous escaped slaves and his story remains incredibly inspirational.

    22. The is an amazing book that can be used during a study during Black History month or a social studies piece on the Civil War. The pictures are very engaging and the expression of the characters is fantastic. It is a positive story from the not so pretty side of American History, slavery in particular. It has simple text and is easy for children to read.

    23. An interesting story from the Underground Railroad that I hadn't heard before. I really liked how the sensitive issues of slavery were presented without sugar coating them for kids but also without making them super graphic, either. A great intro to slavery and the Abolitionist movement for young elementary kids.

    24. I'm going to predict that this will win a Coretta Scott King Award for illustrations in 2008. I'd read about Henry "Box" Brown in books for older children, so I'm happy to see this picture book on him. I can't imagine being cramped up in that box for days!

    25. Absolutely love using this book in my classes as we embark on our historical fiction unit. The illustrations help to tell the story of a brave young man on his journey to start his new life.

    26. Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine shares the life of Henry Brown, an African American slave who is ripped away from his family and sold. A low-spirited Henry is introduced as an ageless slave who has never had a birthday. When his owner becomes ill, he begins to think that he will be freed, but instead he is torn away from his family and sold to work in a tobacco factory. Years later and grown up, he eventually meets Nancy and marries her. While working at the tobacco factory, he learned his [...]

    27. Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad is a fictional story about an enslaved boy named Henry who is struggling to find his sense of identity as an enslaved person. The audience follows Henry throughout his life has he suffers tragedies like the loss of his family and believing he is about to be set free only to be passed from one slave owner to the next. Henry then has the idea to mail himself to freedom. The audience gets to rejoice with Henry as he arrives in the nort [...]

    28. Henry’s Freedom Box: A Ture Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine is a Historical Fiction picture book. Henry’s Freedom Box is about a little boy named Henry, who grew up as a slave in the south. Henry was separated from his mom, who was also a slave, at a young age. In the story, Henry faces some hardships as he grows up alone working for a new master. As time passes, Henry meets Nancy, who soon becomes his wife. Over laughs and love, Nancy gives birth to not one, but three ch [...]

    29. This book is about a slave boy named Henry. Henry was born in a time when slaves could not have birthdays and they were bought and sold and separated from their families. Henrys master separated him from his mother at a young age. When Henry grew up he worked in a tobacco field, and he was beaten by the boss tearing tobacco leaves and for working slowly. Henry met a woman named Nancy, he decided he wanted to marry her but both of their masters would have to agree to let them do it. When they agr [...]

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