Getting Rid of Matthew

Getting Rid of Matthew

Jane Fallon / Jan 19, 2020

Getting Rid of Matthew A fabulous debut about a long suffering nearly something woman Helen and her affair with a family man named Matthew who is not so surprisingly her boss Just at the moment she decides it s time t

  • Title: Getting Rid of Matthew
  • Author: Jane Fallon
  • ISBN: 9781401303204
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fabulous debut about a long suffering nearly 40 something woman, Helen, and her affair with a family man named Matthew, who is not so surprisingly her boss Just at the moment she decides it s time to dump him and get on with her life, she opens the front door to find Matthew on her doorstep I ve done it he announces triumphantly I ve left her I m yours he tellsA fabulous debut about a long suffering nearly 40 something woman, Helen, and her affair with a family man named Matthew, who is not so surprisingly her boss Just at the moment she decides it s time to dump him and get on with her life, she opens the front door to find Matthew on her doorstep I ve done it he announces triumphantly I ve left her I m yours he tells her, and proceeds to move in She is not brave enough to throw him out She then discovers how much she can t bear him, wherein ensues a zany plot that involves figuring out that the best way to get rid of Matthew is to befriend his wife and convince her to take him back The only problem is that Helen discovers she really likes Sophie, Matthew s wife a lot than she likes Matthew And on top of that, she has a rather dishy stepson Light as a feather but about real issues, Getting Rid of Matthew is a deliciously funny novel that proves the peril of getting what you ask for.

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        Jane Fallon is an English producer and novelist, most famous for her work on popular series Teachers, 20 Things To Do Before You re 30, Eastenders and This Life She has also written two successful novels.Fallon has been in a relationship with popular comedian Ricky Gervais since 1982, after they met while studying together at the University College London The couple has lived together since 1984 and are based in North London They own a cat called Ollie.


    1. I am in an emotional quandary entirely of my own making. I try to stride proudly around, claiming I'll read anything once, trying to eschew the all-too-common academic trend of looking down on popular culture or books that everyone is reading. So I make sure there are one or two recently popular books on my reading list at any one time. I'm open-minded, dammit!Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision [...]

    2. This was a great rid, "chick-lit" with some substance. A 30-something woman who has spent four years of her life with a married man now ends up with him full-time--and finds it is so much less than she hoped for. Well written, funny, insightful. And set in England--always a plus. Why does British slang sound so much classier than US slang?

    3. In Getting Rid of Matthew, Helen finally convinces her lover to ditch his wife, but as soon as he moves out – whoops! She doesn’t want him anymore. So rather than chronicle falling in love and winning the guy, this clever novel recounts the all-too-real ways we lose interest in people – did he really leave his socks on the couch again? Has his hair always looked that bad? – and how we kick them out. But what if you happen to develop an unexpected friendship with the wife, the woman you m [...]

    4. Helen had always imagined that by the time she turns forty she'd have her life sorted: she'd have the job in PR she wanted, a lovely apartment in London and a man to share it with. So there was plenty of time to travel the world and go out drinking with her best friend Rachel. Now Helen's thirty-nine and waking up to the fact that none of her expectations in life have come about: she lives in a basement flat; she's stuck in a second-rate PR firm as a lowly personal assistant; she's invented a bo [...]

    5. Finally finished it. It's hilarious and written with the same british humour that I've been used to of late. A friend bought it in London and read it, said it reminded her of med passed it on.A woman is having an affair with a married man. Just as she decides she's getting fed up with it/him (4 years into the affair), he shows up on her doorstep having left his family and now wants to be with her.She's less-than-amused that this has happened and decides to do everything in her power to repel him [...]

    6. This is one of the worst books I have ever read. The story is based on an adulturous relationship, which is repugnant. But when this woman finally gets her boyfriend to leave his wife, she no longer wants him! I never enjoyed or cared for the main character and as the book developed it only got worse. The language is rough and reason enough to NEVER pick up this book.

    7. *This book was supplied to me by Audiobook Reviewer. This review was originally published on ABR's website.*It’s a rare humor book that’s laugh out loud funny, clever, and complex all at the same time. Humor is a difficult genre to write, especially since it’s easy to alienate readers who don’t share the same sense of humor as the writer, therefore unfortunately appealing to one type of reader instead of a variety of readers and often attracting heavy criticism. Getting Rid of Matthew by [...]

    8. I have rated this book on the level which I enjoyed it rather than the quality of the writing. The writing is actually pretty good - except for the odd glitch where absent characters suddenly speak in conversations - but unfortunately this type of novel isn't my thing.I was given a copy for World Book Night and thought I would give it a go even though I don't usually read chic lit. It isn't badly written or anything, but I didn't like the characters, the storyline or the concept and I didn't fin [...]

    9. So far, so good. This is a book about a woman who years for her lover's attention outside their scheduled evenings. Once he leaves his wife for her, she's shocked to realize that she doesn't actually want him, after all.Determined to learn more about the wife that she took him from, Helen befriends Sophie and heads into dangerous territory, trying to balance her career (where her new live-in, married older boyfriend works), her relationship with Matthew's teenage daughters and her new friend, So [...]

    10. What a terrible book!I struggled to like the characters and with no result.Helen is a bitch and a cow and all the annoying things,Matthew is a bastard and Sophie is boring,at least a bit likeble than the others.I can't understand how 11 years old or near this age girl will swear like a grown-up and the grown-ups have been using fuck,shit and fuck and shit every second sentence.I've red "Got you back" from Jane Fallon some time ago before this one and now I found that I'm going over nearly the sa [...]

    11. Some books I read just to escape, like a lifetime movie. This made me laugh, her descriptions are spot on, and can put you in the moment. I thought it was a bit long-and there was an ick factor in the ending, but that might just be me. It was fun. I laughed about the upstairs neighbors and personalities taken.

    12. Knjigu općenito ne smatram gubljenjem vremena ali ova je toliko loša, plitka i očajna da sam mogla vrijeme utrošiti i na manje gluposti

    13. This was an easy read. Helen is the worlds most dumb and self absorbed creature in the whole entire world yet age still comes across as genuine. I felt like lots of situations in this book were totally unreal and I'll be honest the ending was ridiculous. The thing however that annoyed me the most was the list of women we hateHelen had become one but when her vest friend does too she gives her such a hard time. I'd be interested to read another book by this author just to see if I rated it anymor [...]

    14. Genuinely funny book - maybe the funniest of the year - and my foray into the world of chick lit.Fallon does a great job of caustic one liners in her observations of people, although I am disappointed that she has ladies who where suspenders on her list of peole that she hates. She also paints the story of perhaps the least sympathtic character in fiction with her portrayal of a woman who has a four year affair with a married man, forces him to leave his wife and then promptly spends the rest of [...]

    15. There are many humorous bits throughout the book (which is a tad raunchy) that you really will laugh out loud. I mean, Fannie Flagg said "I loved it! What a terrific writer!" so how bad can the book be, right? Maybe it's just me. Or the mood I was in the other day when I read it. Or the author just made it hard to connect with any of the characters because none were fully developed. Or maybe it was the characters themselves. I mean, how do you relate to someone who vacillates between being a hot [...]

    16. Getting Rid Of Matthew follows the story of a successful, thirty-something businesswoman who has fallen hopelessly in love with her married boss. After years of trying - Boss Man decides to leave his wife and kids for his mistress, when surprise, surprise, she actually discovers she doesn't want him anymore Despite its typical, rather cliched synopsis, this novel is an exciting chick lit and an impressive attempt for a first time author. Although women are typically conditioned to despise the mi [...]

    17. This was just ok.The premise is that the mistress gets the adulterous husband, but then doesn't want him and so then works to get the shunned wife and adulterous husband back together.It's interesting enough to see how things shake out, but what bothers me the most is the sympathy that I felt for the mistress even though she went into the affair knowing he was a married man. I'm also a bit bothered that throughout the book there is a running list of women the mistress hates (she figures prominen [...]

    18. The ‘Getting rid of Matthew’ story may resonate with some single women in their mid 30’s and married men over 50, who have become embroiled in not dissimilar addictive affairs, with unenviable consequences after the intensive passion declines, as it succumbs to the ravages of real life constraints.Jane Falcon’s book is cleverly written, with humorous undertones that I found very entertaining, as they contained lots of human issues covered in a reasonable amount of detail, without becomin [...]

    19. I remember my mom reading this book and liking it. Thought I would give it a go- hated it. Every time the main character would speak, I would get irritated and have to put the book down. You are supposed to like her, pity her, and want the best for her; but she is just a complete turd. But I began it, so I had to finish it. The ending didn't make you feel fulfilled either; not recommended. Will not be reading books about homewreckers.

    20. Although the plot was okay, and the book had a followable storyline, I found that I really wasn't into the characters at all. The only character even vaguely interesting and likeable was Sophie - the wife Matthew left!From the beginning, I found this one very hard to get into - I outright disliked Matthew and I wasn't very fond of Helen, either. It did get better once Sophie came into the picture more, but for the most part I really wasn't impressed. Not one I intend to keep!

    21. Interesting look at what it's like on the other side of the coin: the point of view of the 'mistress.' I thought the book was entertaining but it lacked something for me. I didn't really connect with the characters and I had a hard time caring about what happened to them. I didn't really know who I was supposed to root for.

    22. Definitely one of the funniest books I've ever read. Just recommended it to a GR contact who asked for suggestions for a book that would make her laugh and leave her with a happy feeling. This is that sort of book.

    23. This is the worst book I have ever read. In fact, it is scarcely a book. Pop-up characters, no depth, flimsy use of language, poor linguistic rhythm and a horribly predictable ending. I only finished it because I rate determination over pleasure. It appears Jane Fallon feels the same way

    24. I'm truly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I used to be a huge chick-lit fan but have broadened my reading horizons and now tend to turn to it when I need to clear a book hangover from something heavier or just want some silly, mindless entertainment during times of stress. Both were the case here so I went into it with relatively low expectations for probably a 3-ish star rating. But as another reviewer said, there was actually some substance here along with the ridiculous, which was [...]

    25. (+) Funny, witty story which is well written – just what you’d want out of a chick-lit book.(-) Rather repetitive, particularly the office scenes, where the same few things seemed to be just happening over and over again. (-) The balance of the book didn’t seem right, with a very long drawn-out middle section and a quick ending. Could be just my taste of having more closure, and I would have appreciated more interaction between the two main female characters at the end of the book. Overall [...]

    26. Pretty much all the characters in this book are on the spectrum of awfulness. But you know what? We can have female anti-heroes and dislikable characters. I wouldn't do what Helen did, but I enjoyed reading about her journey to less awfulness. The first 100 pages or so was hard to get through, because the characters aren't nice people. But once I was invested, I had a few good laughs. The writing was pretty good. Definitely heavy on the British-isms.I really enjoyed the developing friendship bet [...]

    27. I am not the one for cheesy romance novels. Though I used to be one, when I was around 13 I guess? And I got this book "Getting Rid of Matthew" as a complimentary book for purchasing a pile of others, this year. Getting Rid of Matthew actually exceeded my expectation, it had a different kind of a chick-lit thrill and suspense to it, than the usual ones. You ought to give it a try when you are at real leisure with absolutely nothing to read.

    28. Ha ha! I felt like reading this book just because of it's title and summary! But, you know what they say - Never judge a book by it's cover!! It's funny and I liked the part when she realizes it's all just a phase - infatuation and the part where she tries to make the family whole again. Hope we all just realize this soon enough in our lives. The part where he doesn't stop with the relationships seems a tad bit much, most men are not like that, ha ha, but who's to say!

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