Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love: Solving the Mystery of Attraction

Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love: Solving the Mystery of Attraction

Allan Pease Barbara Pease / Sep 19, 2019

Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love Solving the Mystery of Attraction Allan and Barbara Pease the international bestselling authors of Why Men Don t Listen Women Can t Read Maps deliver their most exciting book yet Will men and women ever see eye to eye about love and

  • Title: Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love: Solving the Mystery of Attraction
  • Author: Allan Pease Barbara Pease
  • ISBN: 9780307591593
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Allan and Barbara Pease, the international bestselling authors of Why Men Don t Listen Women Can t Read Maps, deliver their most exciting book yet Will men and women ever see eye to eye about love and sex How will relationships ever be rewarding if men only want to rush into bed and women want to rush to the altar In this practical, witty and down to earth guide, Allan and Barbara Pease, the international bestsell ing authors of Why Men Don t Listen Women Can t Read Maps, deliver their most exciting book yet Will men and women ever see eye to eye about love and sex How will relationships ever be rewarding if men only want to rush into bed and women want to rush to the altar In this practical, witty and down to earth guide, couples experts Allan and Barbara Pease reveal the truth about how men and women can really get along By translating science and cutting edge research into a powerful yet highly entertaining read, you ll learn how to find true happiness and compatibility with the opposite sex REVEALED IN THIS BOOK The seven types of love The top five things women want from men What to do when the chemistry is wrong What turns men and women on and off The most common New Relationship mistakes and how to avoid them How to decode manspeak If you want to get the most satisfaction from your relationship, or are single and looking for the right person, then you must read this book for the answer to Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love.

    The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex The Good Men Project The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex It happens to be the one thing women find hard to give February , by Jed Diamond Ph.D Comments. What Men Want in a Relationship Issues I Face Why do Men Want Sex in the Morning The Times of India Jul , Why do men want sex in the morning while women get frisky at night Mystery solved Why is it that a man feels at his sexiest when he wakes up Why men cheat WebMD There s no question that men cheat than women, says Steven Nock, PhD, a professor of sociology at the University of Virginia who has followed the marriages of over , men since . Why Men Want Their Wives to Work The Transformed Wife Many men now want their wives to work for the paycheck they bring home so they can buy stuff This is a comment I made on my post The Backlash of Women in the Workforce Here are a few men s comments to this. What Do Men Really Want Psychology Today What men want in women and from women is getting complex by the minute Men and their motives are evolving The study of male sexuality really should have ended in That year psychologists Russell Clark and Elaine Hatfield reported the results of a social experiment conducted on the campus of Florida State University. Things Men Want From Their Wives verywellmind The Exact Things Every Man Really Wants In A Woman Why Women Want Married Men Psychology Today Single men want married women as well Submitted by My Wife is a Hotwife on February , am I m one of those who enjoy the knowledge that their wives date other men. What Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For MSN Here are things that men want but don t dare to say, either because there are too shy, modest or proud What Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For Samantha Carr SHARE SHARE

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        Allan Pease is an Australian author and motivational speaker Despite having no education in psychology, neuroscience, or psychiatry, he has managed to establish himself as an expert on relationships.Originally a musician, he became a successful life insurance salesman, he started a career as a speaker and trainer in sales and latterly in body language This resulted in a popular sideline of audio tapes, many of which feature his irreverent wit.His best selling book Body Language brought him international recognition It has been followed by several others He is quite well known in Australia and during the 1980s he was an occasional TV analyst for political debates where he would analyze the body language and overall performance of the contestants.enpedia wiki Allan_Pease


    1. I think this is an essentialist worthless book and an epic piece of trash.Simply repackages stereotypes that are palatable to "traditional" Western values.Tries to prove through pseudoscience (aka bad evolutionary psychology) how ALL men are horndogs who are always ready for sex, and how women who actually enjoy casual sex must be damaged (have self-esteem issues) or been masculine (have high testosterone) and how men ONLY do *anything* for women ever as brownie points for sex, and how women are [...]

    2. According to the authors, our attitudes towards sex and love are strongly influenced by our basic evolutionary history and biological needs. Men can't be sure that any given baby is theirs (the book says that studies show that about 10% of children born to married couples are not the husbands' biological children), so they are driven to have sex with as many women as possible to have a reasonable chance of fathering children. Women, on the other hand, know exactly which babies are theirs since t [...]

    3. Đây là 1 quyển sách giải mã tất tần tật về tình dục và tình yêu của cả hai giới dưới góc nhìn khoa học và lịch sử.Đọc quyển này,Nếu bạn là phái mạnh, bạn sẽ biết:- Cách thu hút 1 bạn nữ- Mình quyến rũ nhất trong mắt phụ nữ khi nào- Cách làm gì để "hạ gục" đối thủ- Cách nâng cao chỉ số hấp dẫn của bản thânBạn cũng sẽ hiểu được bạn gái/vợ của mình.Nếu bạn là phái y [...]

    4. *uhuk*Heboh juga judul buku yang saya jadikan buku non fiksi untuk posting bareng #BBI bulan November. Sama seperti bicara soal cinta, berbicara hubungan pria dan wanita sepertinya memang tidak ada habisnya. Buku karangan sepasang suami istri Allan Pease dan Barbara Pease mengungkapkan akan apa sebenarnya yang diinginkan kaum pria dan wanita dalam suatu hubungan. Didasari dengan penelitian dan riset, mereka mencoba mencari jawaban dari apa itu cinta? Apakah benar pria lebih tertarik dengan seks [...]

    5. Just in the style of its title, the book establishes its theme in a very simple and direct manner. It stresses repeatedly that the two sexes behave almost completely differently, due to their biological and psychological "hard wiring", which has not changed from primitive humans to civilized ones. Since the authors are not formally trained scholars (not much reputation is at risk), one obvious question is how much this book can be trusted. As I only listened to the audio book I could not see the [...]

    6. I liked and enjoyed reading it. It focused on The scientific and biological basis of human relations; love, attraction, sex, How: our brains and hormones act and interact inside and reflected outside in our actions. Very interesting. Though, I don't like the way it covers human relations in a very practical way ignoring but even bluntly denying that mystical relation that turns on flame. I believe, the issue is spiritually followed by chemical then biological Interactions. Also, I believe there [...]

    7. Took a longer time to finish this book because it is not the usual genre I read. I like the book though. Although it is criticized for only analyzing love from the aspect of science and not a bit from the aspect of emotion, I think it is a good read. The facts are really based on scientific research and papers. There's nothing wrong to learn a little bit more. Plus the comics and little jokes in the book are cute and funny. Just don't take it too seriously and you will find yourself reading a ve [...]

    8. If stereotypes upset you, definitely not a book I would recommend (also very not politically correct ) :DI enjoyed reading the book, laughed out loud, got frustrated some other times finding myself reflected in the descriptions. A pleasant light reading that made me think, and where I found that love at first sight truly exists (though not how romance books usually picture it).

    9. Ik heb het boek uiteindelijk niet helemaal uitgelezen. Er stond eigenlijk geen nieuws in en ik moest er meer om lachen, bijna uitlachen, dan dat ik er van leerde. Nadat het boek meer dan een jaar op mijn currently reading list stond heb ik het er maar afgehaald. Erg jammer want andere boeken van hen (vooral die over waarom vrouwen schoenen kopen) vond ik wel goed. Dit boek was echter een tegenvaller.

    10. Me he encontrado tal sarta de machismos y prejuicios en las primeras páginas de este libro, que he sido absolutamente incapaz de continuar. Me estaba poniendo enferma, en serio. Era abandonarlo o revolear el ebook, y, teniendo en cuenta que todavía tengo otros muchos libros por leer en el kindle, me he decantado por la primera opción. Aunque ganas no me han faltado de revolear el libro.

    11. It certainly is a delightfully politically incorrect book, with each chapter told alternatively from the male/female perspective, it is probably a hard to digest book for many, but for those who can take it there's some really good info in there. Also as a bonus there's a shocking amount of surprisingly subtle humor (even to unexpectedly rare social points).

    12. OK book to quickly breeze through, but wouldn't base a romantic relationship on this book. However, it does provide some insight on the way both genders view both relationships and non-relationships.

    13. buku ini bagus sekali, mengisahkan isi kepala dn kemauan laki-laki pada perempuan, dan mengisahkan perbedaan sex laki-laki dan perempuan kalian must read!

    14. Unfortunately, this book contain the 'west people' point of view. So there are several things that different with the condition in Indonesia and it can't be applied.

    15. The authors of the International Bestseller Book ‘Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps’, Allan & Barbara Pease has again written a New International Bestselling book ‘Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love’. The book distinguishes the sexual desires between the opposite sexes with scientific research and facts. Accentuating the sex in the relationships, it reveals what men and women really want from love and sex and how to have a happy future.Most men whether married [...]

    16. Wieder ein neues Buch der Erfolgsautoren Allan und Barbara Pease. Diesmal widmen sie sich dem Thema, das am meisten Stress zwischen den Geschlechtern erzeugt: Sex.Gestützt auf wissenschaftliche Studien (die im Anhang zum nachlesen wissenschaftlich korrekt gelistet sind) untersuchen sie, warum die Menschheit die einzige Art ist, die bei der Partnersuche Probleme hat. Dabei werden Klischees, die bisher eher auf Erfahrungen begründet waren durch wissenschaftliche Fakten und Messungen belegt und u [...]

    17. “Fiquei seis meses sem falar com minha mulher só pra não a interromper”Com um excelente sentido de humor e suportado cientificamente consegue-se compreender as causas e consequências genéticas das diferenças de reacções entre homens e mulheres.“Marido que ensina a mulher a dirigir está a caminho de uma ação de divórcio”“O casal está deitado na cama. Ele, silencioso, concentra o olhar no teto. Ela pensa, aflita: - Provavelmente nem sabe que existo… Acho que não gosta mais [...]

    18. This book is a little shallow in that it only looks at the biological aspects of love and totally ignores the spiritual aspects. It also downplays friendship. While friendship is mentioned as one of the seven types of love, it is not mentioned in the three phases of love. This may be the way a most relationships actually happen but it is also the problem with most relationships. When there in no real friendship in the beginning than there is nothing remaining after the passion is gone.I did, how [...]

    19. WTF?! Crazy book filled with stereotypical talk and even sexist remarks? (and no it's not because I don't have a sense of humour) so that's saying something While I gave this book 2 stars - only based on what lil thing I found useful about the book - sharing some scientific research behind some of what the author covered - but really should be 1 star of not ZERO STARS- really the advice is actually terribly dangerous because the method that is being taught as is based on the idea that YOUR partn [...]

    20. This book is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it seems to be a collection the conventional wisdom on gender difference backed up by evolutionary biology / psychology pseudoscience. And yet, there is a reason why conventional wisdom has developed and not all the science is junk. I think this can be a useful book in understand the general inclinations of many people. There are some unfortunately tendencies described in this book which I think are common among men and women. I think learning about the [...]

    21. I think this book is the best ( meaning it has every concept ) from the entire series these authors wrote on this topic.I agree that somethings might be considered by some people ( male or female ) challenging and maybe a little offensive, but the theory behind has enough qualities to be regarded as being a good approximation of the reality. The language is very accessible and every few pages there are some small jokes. One advice before reading this book: position yourself in a mindset of a sci [...]

    22. Ennesimo libro della serie uomini contro donne scritto dai coniugi Pease. Mi chiedo se gli autori sperimentino prima su loro stessi i loro consigli e quanto stress debbano ricavarne. Ad ogni modo tra i loro libri che ho letto finora questo è il più lungo e articolato ed anche quello con i contenuti peggio organizzati, spesso ripetitivi (ma a volte è una tecnica) e in alcuni casi contraddittori. Tuttavia ci sono molti spunti interessanti, tratti da una vasta gamma di studi, che concordano con [...]

    23. Это одна из тех книг, про которые можно сказать "Начали за здравие, а кончили за упокой". Первые несколько глав были интересными, открывали много нового, но начиная с середины повествование стало "жидким". Новая информвция почти отсутствовала, постоянно присутствовали идент [...]

    24. Ik heb het boek ervaren als erg interessant. Het gebruik van de vele stereotypen vond ik juist wel grappig, maar dat kwam vooral door de manier waarop het werd gebracht. Daarnaast stonden er echt leuke facts in waar ik zelf nog vanop keek. Ook het hoofdstuk met '10 dingen van mannen die vouwen niet snappen' vond ik leuk om te lezen. Ik herkende zeker een aantal van deze 10. Het boek is niet helemaal uit mijn genre, dus ik had ook wat moeite om het boek volledig door te lezen. Uiteindelijk is dit [...]

    25. A handful of sections are rambling and disjointed, and sometimes I feel like the ends of some of the chapters are a nonsensical thought dump. Minor quibbles aside though, this book does a wonderful job of breaking down the differences between men and women when it comes to sex. There's no sugar coating here, and both parties are held equally responsible for their evolutionary upbringing. All is not lost though, and maybe with the power of this knowledge and the handy human attribute of free will [...]

    26. If one accepts the science and research backing this book up, the book is very good and informative. Do i have any doubts? not really but as all books of the same kind they tend to generalize Other than that I would say, very well written, and definitley the kind of book that can help couples understand each other better In fact I suggest, once read, it would be good to dip into it every now then in order to remind each other what to do and how to deal with problemsA good book!

    27. An excellent look over men and women's real differences and how to understand and live with them.To accept the differences is to walk a path to understanding and acceptance between both sexes and also provide a better relationship.All theories are trully identifyable in every day situation and supported by scientific data.I really reccomend everyone to read it.It's a light and funny reading, full of fun and handy information.

    28. Generally, this book does not describe anything new. Authors simply systematize all known knowledge. Although, they do it well. The book consists of many useful advices about human relationships. If you read this, you will get a good experience for building a strong relationships. In whole, you can understand the opposite sex better.In the end I want to quote very good words: "Men and women are different. We are not better or worse than each other. We are just different!".

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