Healing Heart

Healing Heart

Thom Lane / Feb 23, 2020

Healing Heart Coryn is the rarest of mages a young man with the gift of healing A chance encounter with a sick slave on the road leads to love unimagined a match for his gentle heart and the two to a town riven

  • Title: Healing Heart
  • Author: Thom Lane
  • ISBN: 9781596329973
  • Page: 426
  • Format: ebook
  • Coryn is the rarest of mages, a young man with the gift of healing A chance encounter with a sick slave on the road leads to love unimagined, a match for his gentle heart, and the two to a town riven with plague It s too much for one inexperienced healer but still, Coryn will break himself with trying and his new boy s heart in the process What will it take to heal a heCoryn is the rarest of mages, a young man with the gift of healing A chance encounter with a sick slave on the road leads to love unimagined, a match for his gentle heart, and the two to a town riven with plague It s too much for one inexperienced healer but still, Coryn will break himself with trying and his new boy s heart in the process What will it take to heal a healer s heart

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    1. I really enjoy this series. The slave relationship is so matter-of-fact and understood but the love and devotion is still palpable. I get sucked into the whole story. I keep expecting one or the other to ease up and into a less strict relationship. It seems that it would be inevitable when you mix emotions with duty and responsibility. When they do someone pays the price and has to be brought back in line, usually painfully for both sides in different ways. I didn't expect to see Lucan and Tam a [...]

    2. This book is set in the same world as Dark Heart. Like the previous book this is not really a romance or a bdsm story, in fact as it's set in a world where slavery is a reality, there can be no real romance between master and slave, as there is no equality. And it's not true bdsm as there is no consent required or given. If that disturbs you, it's probably not for you. If you can look upon it as an interesting concept, as a fantasy background then you might enjoy it too.Coryn is a young mage hea [...]

    3. As great as book 1! Delightful :)It's book 2 of the Tales of Amaranth. You can find my review of Dark Heart, the 1st instalment, here.Healing Heart takes place not in Amaranth itself, but again it's a story about a Master Mage and a slave.Healer Corynis on his way from the island where he'd trained to be a Master Mage, he's young and doesn't have anything of his own except a pack on his back.One day a sick slave, Raffle, runs into him - sweaty and shivering and almost blind from the plague Coryn [...]

    4. A sappy Dom??? Well, everyone need to be lovedSo, if you want to know if this BDSM book would be right for you let me say some quick things:1) This book has both point of view (POV). Dom and Slave Coryn and Raff.2) The dom(Coryn) is not what a "classic" BDSM usually show. Why? Simple, Coryn is sappy incredible and absolutely sappy! The book start with him after a long time away (he just finish the mage training, in a island) from everyone and everything. He never had a place to stay, or someone [...]

    5. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ The Aramanth series just keeps getting better. In this installment we encounter the wandering master mage Coryn who runs into a young slave boy dying from plague. The you, inexperienced Coryn heals the boy and takes him as his own slave naming him Raff. The two find the town of Everton closed and barred due to plague but the sight of a rare healing mage opens the door into the city. The upper class citizens are dying like crazy and Coryn feels it's [...]

    6. This next installment in the 'Tales of Amaranth' series was quite enjoyable, with a nice little slave/master story. It didn't quite match up to the first book in my opinion, I preferred Tam and Lucan's relationship as I like a bit of an age difference but it hasn't put me off reading the rest of the series.

    7. Full guest review (of Tales of Amaranth: The Boxed Set) to follow shortly on Boy Meets Boy Reviews'No slave escapes the whip, but sometimes the hand that holds it can prove not only strict but tender too. Maybe no slave escapes dreaming, either. I wasn't fool enough to dream of freedom, but perhaps I'd dared to dream of love'This can be read as a standalone novel and brings a whole different vibe from Dark Heart'. Told from the mixed point of views of Master and slave this explores the life and [...]

    8. The second book in the 'Tales of Amaranth' series does not disappoint, shedding new light on the mystical realm of Amaranth and its freeman-slave society, while still keeping the mysterious land in shadow.Coryn, a healing mage newly released from his training, is traveling city to city, via the back roads, well aware that people fear his kind. Breaking camp early one morning, a fleeing figure collides into him. One look at the man in his arms, and he realizes that the runaway is a slave, and is [...]

    9. I fell in love (hard!) with Tam from #1 "Dark Heart", so the beginning was a bit dissapointing. Thom Lane surprised me with new characters, completely different from those from first book of Amaranth. However, author's beautiful style and creativity managed to made up for lack of Tam and his master. At least at the start Our main characters are again a slave and his master who is a mage, but don't expect many more simmilarities to Tam and master Lucan. The story is concentrated about the plague [...]

    10. i like this series :) i think this book is much better than DARK HEART, first book of this series.we could see couple,luke and tam in this book.i ve been longing for reading their after story so i m so happy when i knew they are play an important role in this book even though then are not main charators!new charactors are really nice! i love master coryne and his slave boy? raff so much.i felt that i wanted to read more conversation between them.i m look forward to reading next book!

    11. This was a good read but I didn't get as invested in it than I did with the first one. Coryn and Raff were great characters but once Lucan and Tam came into the story, I found myself drawn to them again even though they were very secondary characters. I liked the four of them as a team with the added inclusion of Jon, of course. On to the next one.

    12. I loved this book. It works as a standalone, but I advise reading Dark Heart first just so you get the full effect.

    13. I read the first one and liked but this was, I don`t know Shouldn`t one yearn to leave (real) slavery and not wallow in it.

    14. Healing Heart is a sequel to Dark Heart but stands alone entirely. The characters from Dark Heart, Lucan and Tam, do make a bit of an appearance so fans of the previous book will enjoy their interaction but readers who haven’t read Dark Heart can easily pick up this book without losing any context or continuity. That said, this story has a very different tone from the first book and more complexity to its world building. The plot itself has some problems and weaknesses but the characters are s [...]

    15. This second installment in the Tales of Amaranth was a different duo of main characters from the first. Centering around young healer mage, Coryn. And slave boy Raff (formerly Raffle). Coryn is a very young mage with the extremely rare magical gift of healing, in all regards. He's a little naive in some aspects of slave treatments, and has never owned a slave before in his life. Untilyoung Raffle literally runs straight into his arms, dying of a plague and about to be murdered by some thugs. Cor [...]

    16. Didn't like it as much as the first installment, but it was still an enjoyable read(I would have given more stars if I didn't make a comparison between volume one and two). We do get the POV of both the Master and slave in this one, whereas we only got Tam's POV in the first volume. It kept repeating itself at some points which I did find boring. Also, the main couple of this story Master Healer Mage Coryn and his slave-boy Raff, did not have the chemistry of Mage Lucan and Tam. They were cute, [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this second book of the series more than the first. It’s set in an alternate world where slavery is just a natural way of life. It’s not really a romance, although in this installment, the connection between Master Coryn and his slave Raff felt pretty strong with many more feelings of adoration and devotion that were mutually experienced (if shown in different ways). I also really enjoyed the touch of mystery as Coryn and others tried to solve the source of the plague that n [...]

    18. When I first started this second book in the series, I was disappointed to find out that Tam and Lucan were not the main characters. I was all set to enjoy some more of Tam's humor and Lucan's stern protectiveness. But Coryn and Raff are wonderful and warm characters. This series is stand alone stories in a wonderfully built world. It was so good to see how these two men fit together, there for each other, but within the structure of their world.I recommend this and the first book in the series [...]

    19. This is the second book in the series and focuses on a different couple than the first. Tam and Lucan are in the story but not central. I enjoyed the tale. (The idea of slaves and how they are treated is easier to take once you have read the first.) This one just didn't grab me as much as the first. It seemed more shallow. I enjoyed the story and characters. Coryn is so lonely and lost. He may be mage but needs more in his life. Raff is a poor lowly slave and needs a savior. The two are a good f [...]

    20. These kind of books always leave me feeling conflicted If this book were set in our contemporary world, I'd hate it I'd find the slavery degrading & humiliating & so very, very, wrong BUT make it all happen in another world & I can sorta make peace with the dynamics of the society sorta kinda it still leaves me a little squicked out 4 stars for awesome world-building; consistency of character & setting; & intriguing plot 1 star withheld because of squirmy discomfort [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book.I think one of the greatest selling points is the universe it is set in. There is magic but the magic even in this story doesn't overtake the story.I liked the concept of a young Mage barely out of training traveling and coming across a problem that he can help but in the end is too difficult for him alone.I liked the various secondary characters, and enjoyed having Luke and Tam from the first books make an appearance (and a very timely one at that for Raff).

    22. Since Jane Eyre, the experiences of a victim achieving a measure of victory over their circumstances has enchanted readers. In BDSM books, there is automatically this power/victim dynamic. In Dark Heart, it was possible to vicariously experience the pleasures of being both a victim and a sadist. However, in Healing Heart, the m/m protagonists are much more equal and the dynamics don't work quite as well. Still a great read.

    23. This book was as good as the first, which means I loved it. My only quibble is that I read 5 Amaranth books in a row and it would have been good to see these characters again. They were the most loveable of all. Another thing I appreciate is that none of these books end on a cliffhanger but they do make you want more.

    24. Takes place in same world as Dark Heart. This was a good story, just not as good as DH. Both characters are younger, and you get both pov's. I don't think Coryn and Raff have the same level of attraction that Lucan and Tam do. The story is compelling, with a plague of mysterious origins that must be battled. Lucan and Tam are secondary characters.

    25. Good, I guess, but I'm having a hard time reconciling the slave-owning society with modern day ideals. I mean, it's not like the main characters are exactly cruel to the slaves, but there is still a pretty strong element ofnizing.

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