Tadpole's Promise

Tadpole's Promise

Jeanne Willis Tony Ross تونی رس شهلا انتظاریان یی یییی / Feb 24, 2020

Tadpole s Promise Where the willow tree meets the water a tadpole met a caterpillar They gazed into each other s tiny eyesd fell in love I love everything about you said the caterpillar Promise you ll never change An

  • Title: Tadpole's Promise
  • Author: Jeanne Willis Tony Ross تونی رس شهلا انتظاریان یی یییی
  • ISBN: 9780689865244
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Where the willow tree meets the water, a tadpole met a caterpillar.They gazed into each other s tiny eyesd fell in love I love everything about you, said the caterpillar Promise you ll never change And foolishly the tadpole promisedBut we all know that tadpoles don t stay the same, and neither do caterpillars.Will they still be able to love each other

    Tadpole s Promise by Jeanne Willis A tadpole and a caterpillar fall in love and promise each other that they ll never change, but the tadpole keeps changing during his slow metamorphosis and upsetting the caterpillar, who eventually dumps him and then turns into a butterfly. Tadpole s Promise Teaching Ideas Tadpole s Promise Tadpole loves his rainbow friend, the caterpillar, and she tells him she loves everything about him Promise that you will never change, she says But as the seasons pass and he matures, his legs grow, and then his arms and what happens to his beautiful rainbow friend As he sits on his lily pad, digesting a butterfly, Tadpole s Promise Jeanne Tadpole s Promise and millions of other books are available for Kindle Learn Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Storytime Read Aloud Tadpole s Promise, by Jeanne Willis Mar , Jeanne Willis writes special picture books and Tadpoles Promise is a great example The ending is a real surprise and will delight children. Tadpole s Promise by Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross , Paperback Tadpole s Promise by Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross Where the willow meets the water, a tadpole met a caterpillar They gazed into each other s tiny eyes and fell in love Promise me that you will never change , the caterpillar says. And foolishly, the tadpole promises. TADPOLE S PROMISE by Jeanne Willis Convent of the TADPOLE S PROMISE by Jeanne Willis Where the willow tree meets the water, a tadpole met a caterpillar They gazed into each other s tiny eyesand fell in love He is her shiny black pearl, and she is his beautiful rainbow I love everything about you, said the caterpillar. Children s Book Review Tadpole s Promise by Jeanne Willis Tadpole s Promise Although the setting remains consistent on each page, Ross I Hate School keeps readers visual interest by depicting developmental changes in the characters, seasonal changes in the natural world and by including running sight gags involving the submerged antics of fish and tadpoles.

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      419 Jeanne Willis Tony Ross تونی رس شهلا انتظاریان یی یییی
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      • Jeanne Willis Tony Ross تونی رس شهلا انتظاریان یی یییی

        Jeanne Willis was born in St Albans and trained as an advertising copywriter at Watford College She worked for various agencies creating press adverts and TV, cinema and radio commercials She is now a full time writer and has published over 80 books Her hobbies include gardening, reading non fiction , natural history and collecting caterpillars Jeanne has also worked on scripts for TV, including POLLY POCKET and THE SLOW NORRIS, and a pilot TV series for DR XARGLE She lives in North London with her husband and two children.


    1. Tadpole's Promise, Jeanne Willisتاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفتم جولای سال 2012 میلادیعنوان: قول بچه قورباغه؛ اثر: جی آنه ویلیز؛ برگردان: شهلا انتظاریان؛ تصویرگر: تونی رس، مشخصات نشر: تهران، شرکت انتشارات علمی و فرهنگی، 1384، ذر 32 صفحه، مصور و رنگی، شابک: 9644456629، چاپ دوم در 1390، موضوع: داستانهای حیوانات، [...]

    2. Not for the faint-at-heart adult, but great for every child with a sadistic side (and what child doesn't have a hidden or not-so-hidden sadistic side), including every first-grade boy in the world. I read with a high, squeaky voice for the caterpillar and a low, stopped-up-nose voice for the tadpole. Read around Valentine's Day, if possible.duce by asking who likes mushy love stories, then tell them that this isn't one. Great when paired with a lesson on life cycles. Read aloud to the group, but [...]

    3. I am a currently a LSA in a SEN school and this book was to read to six year five pupils. I have chosen this book to review due to the unexpected ending, which is unusual for the majority of children’s books of this type. The book was chosen as it covers the topic of change, the current curriculum topic theme. The story also has good cross curricular links to science with a life cycle theme and PSHE with issues such as separation anxiety and death. This book in my opinion is also an excellent [...]

    4. When I first read this book a year or so ago, I found the ending particularly shocking and a little bit horrible (although I may have had a little giggle!).However, this book highlights that not all story's end 'happily ever after', and really, that's just how real life is!I was lucky enough to see a whole term of work across the curriculum based around this book when I returned to my SBT2 school for the summer term (it's a storytelling school). I found it really interesting to see how this book [...]

    5. Caroline: bigbooklittlebookA rainbow and a pearl fell in love. The rainbow requested her beloved pearl, to promise to never change. Unfortunately Pearl was destined to break his promise, as he was a tadpole and his love Rainbow, a caterpillar. Obviously not a fan of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 (“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds” ) Rainbow becomes increasingly distressed and peeved at the physical changes she observes in her beau each time they meet. Pearl begs forgivenes [...]

    6. This book has great science links as it describes the life cycles of a frog and a butterfly. I love that this book has a surprise ending - it shows children that stories do not always have to end 'happily ever after'! The author uses repetition of some phrases for emphasis which works so well.

    7. Not your usual love story, Tadpole’s promise is a tale about a tadpole and a caterpillar that fall in love. When they are both young and with immature bodies, they promise one another they will never change. The next time they meet, the tadpole has grown front legs, which upsets the caterpillar as the tadpole has changed. Then the tadpole grows arms and finally loses its tail. This upsets the caterpillar who cannot believe that the tadpole has broken his promise and declares she cannot love hi [...]

    8. No matter what age you are, this book is hilarious! The ending surprised me.

    9. Strange and weird with an ending that would make most children fairly upset. My daughter was not overly fond of the ending in this book at all. Basically, tadpole and caterpillar love each other, but, caterpillar gets upset as tadpole changes as he promised not to change. Caterpillar ends up changing into a butterfly and goes back to the pond to find tadpole who is a frog now and eats her immediately. So, yeah, a strange one. I liked it, but, it probably has a bit of a limited audience because o [...]

    10. I liked this book and although its not the best book for cross-curricular links I think it is an excellent resource for Science sessions. It could be used after a session of pond dippping at the farm, as it covers the topic of life cycle.It is a story of a tadpole who falls in love with a caterpillar, they make a prommise to eachother that they will never change. Not long after making that promise, the tadpole begins to alter in appearance as he turns into a frog. The caterpillar becomes very di [...]

    11. This is the story of the friendship between a tadpole and a caterpillar. The caterpillar tells the tadpole that she loves him the way he is. He promises her that he will never change. However, throughout the book the tadpole is unable to keep his promise as he matures into a frog. The book has a tragi-comic ending in which the frog eats his friend, while waiting for her to return, because he fails to recognise that she has matured into a butterfly! I enjoyed this book and think it would be great [...]

    12. A wonderful and unpredictable tale about the love between a tadpole and a caterpillar. They both take a vowel to never change. But as time goes by nature takes its course and the tadpole matures into a ribbeting frog!At the same time the butterfly matures too!One day the frog is sitting on his lily pad and sees a scrumptious butterfly and he quickly gobbles it up.The next day he sits and waits for his love.what has he done?Read the book to find out!I absolutely enjoyed this book. Its got humour, [...]

    13. I went to a workshop on books boys will want to read. This is one of the many titles that the presenter turned me on to. The book is very simple. The format is great, the pictures are fun, but the story is the real selling point. The story progresses between a tadpole and caterpillar that have fallen in love. But as the tadpole begins to change, the butterfly doubts that he is seriously in love. The end of the book is hilarious and totally caught me off guard. I have read this to my fifth grader [...]

    14. A caterpillar and a tadpole fall in love. The caterpillar places unreasonable demands on the tadpole (never change!), and when he fails to live up to them (growing arms, legs, and eventually losing his tail), she leaves him. Then, having undergone a major change in her own life, the butterfly returns to her frog Are the star-crossed lovers to be reunited at last? Is change desireable as well as inevitable? First reaction: "Oh what is this sentimental craOh, ok, that's alright, then." It turns ou [...]

    15. This is the best picture book EVER. I found this sometime in college when I was student teaching and I read it to my high school senior students. They were baffled, saddened and confused. Eighteen year old boys said, "That's messed up." Ever since then I've read it to all the classes I taught. I've read it to my boyfriend, roommates, and several coworkers. I need to carry a copy of it with me in my car, because you never know when you'll find a chance to read it to someone. SO GOOD.

    16. This book is a riot! Kids just aren't going to "get it" and that's OK, but there are some wonderful life/love lessons here that they'll recognize later on Love is sweet Love transcends challenges We are going to change and we just can't help it Lovers can be selfish Love forgives Unrequited love happens It's hard to pass up a good lunch

    17. We had this book discussed in one of the philosophy thinking sessions. Analyzing it was pretty interesting but i think it's a bit too abstract or complex for children younger than 4th grade! The ending was so mean in a SHOCKING way to absolutely everyone Soooo unexpected!I loved the illustrations, they're very simple and the colors are beautifully childish !

    18. I recently rediscovered this gem when I was browsing books at the amazing public library across the street from my school.

    19. Ah, one of the best picturebooks ever. I read it aloud in my masters level courses each time I get a new cohort. I laugh at the end, and they find it disturbing--disequilibrium!

    20. This book is hilarious! I've got a little twist to my sense of humor though. Not sure I'd read it to my kids. :)

    21. This is an odious little yarn. This book has no coherence, no charm, no subtlety, no warmth, no message, and no redeeming features.

    22. Twinnies love this book, slightly sadistic sides definitely showing! Took great delight in telling me what happens to the tadpole and caterpillar.

    23. This book is about a tadpole and a caterpillar who fall in love. The caterpillar asks her "Shiny, black pearl" to never change, and she is horrified to find out that each day he changes a little more. The irony is, she herself is changing too. I absolutely loved this book as it is filled with hilarious irony that even young kids understand. This book could be used in so many subject areas of the classroom. for example in Reading, it could be used to teach a lesson about predictions such as askin [...]

    24. a tadpole met a caterpillar they gaze into each other's tiny eyes and uhh fall in loveey promise each other they will never change, but we all know that tadpoles don't stay the same, and neither do caterpillars. so read the book to find out what happens. this book shows a false hope to children in my opinion. animals change. people change. it gives a promise that you can't keep I don't really know if I would have this book in a classroom. if I did it would be for science lessons teaching childre [...]

    25. I liked this book but it had rather an unexpected ending. Due to the ending, I would be very careful with what children I use it with in school. Although, there is plenty of potential for this book to be used in PSHE as it has lots of references to change and in Science with the looking at life cycles including looking more closely at the ending of the story and explaining it. Overall, I enjoyed this book but some children may find the ending upsetting, particularly younger children.

    26. Unexpected ending yeah, science yeah, but I see it as a great tool to talk about unhealthy relationships with little ones! The butterfly was holding the tadpole to unfair expectations, and then threatening to revoke emotional connection if the tadpole wouldn't stop changing!

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