The Slap

The Slap

Christos Tsiolkas / Mar 28, 2020

The Slap Soon to be an NBC event series directed by Lisa Cholodenko and starring Uma Thurman Peter Sarsgaard and Zachary Quinto In this powerful and riveting novel literary phenomenon Christos Tsiolkas unfl

  • Title: The Slap
  • Author: Christos Tsiolkas
  • ISBN: 9780143117148
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soon to be an NBC event series directed by Lisa Cholodenko and starring Uma Thurman, Peter Sarsgaard, and Zachary Quinto.In this powerful and riveting novel, literary phenomenon Christos Tsiolkas unflinchingly exposes the inner workings of domestic life, friendship, and parenthood in the twenty first century, and reminds us of the passions and malice that family loyalty caSoon to be an NBC event series directed by Lisa Cholodenko and starring Uma Thurman, Peter Sarsgaard, and Zachary Quinto.In this powerful and riveting novel, literary phenomenon Christos Tsiolkas unflinchingly exposes the inner workings of domestic life, friendship, and parenthood in the twenty first century, and reminds us of the passions and malice that family loyalty can provoke When a man slaps another couple s child at a neighborhood barbecue, the event send unforeseeable shock waves through the lives of all who are witness to it Told from the points of view of eight people who were present, The Slap shows how a single action can change the way people think about how they live, what they want, and what they believe forever.

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      • Christos Tsiolkas

        Christos Tsiolkas is the author of five novels Loaded, which was made into the feature film Head On, The Jesus Man and Dead Europe,which won the 2006 Age Fiction Prize and the 2006 Melbourne Best Writing Award He won Overall Best Book in the Commonwealth Writers Prize 2009, was shortlisted for the 2009 Miles Franklin Literary Award, long listed for the 2010 Man Booker Prize and won the Australian Literary Society Gold Medal for The Slap, which was also announced as the 2009 Australian Booksellers Association and Australian Book Industry Awards Books of the Year Barracuda is his fifth novel He is also a playwright, essayist and screen writer He lives in Melbourne.


    1. Thank you Christos Tsiolkas you finally made my mind up for me and I have flung your horrid novel away from me in a graceless convulsion which mixed repulsion and depression in equal parts, with a dash of glee. Because for many pages I was desperately seeking a casus belli. Something I could put my finger on. I was a closet Slap-hater at this point. I couldn't quite admit the horror of this novel to myself. I needed to find something definite, a line in the print where I could say thus far and n [...]

    2. This isn't any old review. My opinion on this book has sparked an idea for a discussion I'd like to have with you about offensive content in novels. I'd like to know how you react to it. But first, let's get to my review of this book.This book was written by a very highly acclaimed Australian/Greek author. I have to say, that I admire him and his blatant honesty. And this is the first book I've read of his. I find it hilarious how so many people who have read this book have given it bad reviews [...]

    3. I do not consider The Slap to be a great piece of writing - I feel it was created to provide mass appeal. I found the quality of writing a little patchy, and in places offensive. The basic premise is an interesting one - the "incident" at the party and how it affects the lives of the people involved, which in turn leads to a description, history and character study of a group of loosely interrelated people. The big moral question of whether the actions and reactions following the "Slap" were nec [...]

    4. I read constantly. I read for information, for enlightenment, for pleasure. I read anywhere from 2 to 5 books a month, and have for some 45+ years. I was excited when I first saw this title, as I am one who shamelessly admits to ofttimes judging a book by it's cover. I own to liking the look of the book, and the title just jumped out at Me. "The Slap" Intriguing. The synopsis -- Someone slaps a child who is not their own Oooh, you've got Me.A more apt title would have been "Slaps All Around", wh [...]

    5. FUCK THE PAIN AWAY Christos Tsolkias sventola la sua esca, uno schiaffo, lo schiaffo del titolo, quello di un adulto a un bambino di quattro anni, detonatore di una situazione che man mano si rivela ben diversa dalle premesseE noi ventre a terra, a seguire come un branco di segugi questa finta preda, come se fosse il MacGuffin in un film di Hitch.La prima serie tratta da questo romanzo è del 2011, tre anni dopo la pubblicazione, ed è made in Australia, proprio dove la storia è ambientata. Tra [...]

    6. I read this book a few years ago and thought I would write a review as I recently watched the US TV mini series based on the book. I also watched the series a couple of years ago that was filmed in Australia. I love the fact that Melissa George was cast as Rosie in both versions. First off, I hate this cover. The one I have is a bit different. I just don't like seeing a child on the ground obviously upset and crying. When I picked it up in the bookstore and read the back I thought the premise wa [...]

    7. Having seen this spoken of so highly and having read the initial idea of how one instant can change so many lives i thought i'd give it a try. i was disappointed. Tsiolkas has an appalling view of humankind. The way people think of each other and treat each other and stick with each other for the most ludicrous of reasons in his universe is depressing in the extreme. The characters are all either racist, sexist, drunken or sluts or indeed, in a few cases, all of the above.The idea of tracing the [...]

    8. At a suburban barbeque, one slap will change the lives of these people. Christos Tsiolkas unflinchingly looks at domestic life in the Australian suburbs in the twenty first century. The slap and its consequences cause everyone to question their own families and the way they live, their expectations, beliefs and desires. A gripping novel of loyalty and happiness, compromise and truth from the very start to the end.You’ll either love it or hate it; Christos Tsiolkas’ controversial novel The Sl [...]

    9. FLOAT!**NOW WITH TAX TIPS FOR DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIOS!**So I've heard a lot this morning from various MEDIA OUTLETS about this 'Merkin show based on an Australasian show based on this novel based on the movie Precious based on the novel Push by Sapphire.All the descriptions say it's about a rugged individualist, a "self-made man" who slaps some dumb grimy hippies's's kid after that kid is swingin' a bat around recklessly at a birthday party/neighborhood cookout/commie picnic/wobbly parade combine [...]

    10. I positively HATED that book. I only finished it, because when I start a book, well I just finish it.First of all Language. There is at least one occurrence of the word “fuck” “fucking” or even “cunt” I am no prude, but in this case, it was way too often, and totally unnecessary. That was one of the first thing that ruined this book for me. Especially when you have the 70 something greek granddad, talking to his long lost friends and saying” hello you cocksucker” totally unrealis [...]

    11. I've never been to Australia. My knowledge of Australia is based entirely on several books both historical and fictional, a conversation with an Australian work colleague who informed me that "No, she could not bring me back a bush-baby" (apparently they're native to continental Africa, not Australia - who knew?) and many many episodes of Neighbours and Home and Away. If this book was my only source of information regarding the denizens of Australia I'd definitely be striking it from the holiday [...]

    12. This was one of the best books I've read in a long time. Filled with despicable but ultimately somehow sympathetic characters, a microcosm of friends and family becomes a commentary on the social make-up of the city of Melbourne, the country of Australia, and perhaps the world. That the story is told from multiple perspectives but still chronologically (ie. the episode around which the plot is centred isn't retold again and again) is genius and the complex, nuanced emotions of, reactions to and [...]

    13. The Slap wasn't really anything like I was expected. From the title and the description, I expected the plot to be focused around the aftermath of Harry slapping his friends' child. Instead, it really just focused around the relationships of all the acquaintances and their personal lives. The Slap was mentioned a few times throughout the book but it really felt like it was in the background. I found it very hard to like any of the character as they were all incredibly selfish and hate-filled but [...]

    14. A group of people are gathered at a suburban Barbecue. During the afternoon an incident between one of the guests and a four year old result in consequences that directly, or indirectly, affect all who are present.Told as a collection of short stories through the perspective of eight characters, all with different background, age, ethnicity and value systems, The Slap is a provocative, unflinching novel that explores our inner most beliefs and the conflicting issues we face. I enjoyed having a d [...]

    15. This book has occasioned a lot of controversy with many people thinking that it is misogynistic. It's overly simplistic to see this story as full of misogyny, but even if the charge held, novelists are under no obligation to be politically correct.This is in many ways an old fashioned novel. It has a beginning, middle and an end.Christos Tsiolkas is giving us his version of social reality and satirizing the concerns of the middle class of the 21st century. Maybe there's more cursing and sex than [...]

    16. Hated this book. Really hated ALL the characters in this book. I'm probably being a little too harsh to give this one star since I somehow managed to finish the book. The subject was interesting, but I just didn't like it.The author seemed like he wanted to push every button he could and go extreme with it. The book touches on racism to the point where it's cringe worthy, using every kind of racist comment or stereotype it can. It's very misogynistic, making every man in the story come off as so [...]

    17. The Slap is a compelling book, but ultimately just as flawed as its characters. It suffers from the kitchen sink approach, except the sink AND all its piping is thrown in for good measure. In trying to point out the dark side of suburban life, it is beating its own chest and yelling "Look at me! I have so much to say!"And it DOES have a lot to say about contemporary life in Australia. It's just that it does with no subtlety. The characters are monsters with no shades of grey. Harry, the slapper [...]

    18. I seriously need to stop impulse buying. I also need to start ignoring three for two offers. In addition I need to read the first couple of pages before buying instead of just relying on the book cover. My brother can get away with that kind of behaviour, I can’t. I just end up with tat, as this purchase once again showed. However, my best defence against buying this sort of tat is to stop wandering into Waterstones to ‘have a look around’. That is the most lethal mistake I can ever make. [...]

    19. Ο Έκτορας στα 40α του γενέθλια πρέπει να υποστεί το πάρτυ γενεθλίων που του ετοίμασε η γυναίκα του, σχεδιάζοντάς το για μήνες. Ξέρει ότι θα πρέπει να ανεχτεί τη μάνα του, το σόι του, τους αγαπημένους αλλά ενίοτε φοβερά ενοχλητικούς του φίλους. Τα παιδιά τους. Τον ατσούμπαλο γι [...]

    20. Παίρνουμε ένα μικρό, ασήμαντο περιστατικό αστικής βίας σε ένα μπαρμπεκιου, ένα χαστούκι, αλλά στη θέση του θύματος ένα παιδί, στη θέση του θύτη έναν ενήλικα : όχι κάποιον γονιό του. Το μεγεθύνουμε πασπαλίζοντας με γενναίες δόσεις ελληνικότητας και ομοφυλοφιλίας (ο Τσιόλκας [...]

    21. I’m probably one of the few people in my group of friends that actually finished this book. I don’t think I have ever read a book that has left me with such raw and mixed emotions before. I was totally drained! There were at times when I wanted to fling the book against the wall in utter disgust and there were others where I felt such sympathy for the characters inner turmoil that I wanted to embraces them and tell them it was all okay. This was a very hard book to read. But the thing I real [...]

    22. The word c**t and completely emotionless/hate-filled sex plus casual drug use does not make a story either good, controversial or interesting. There feels like there is only one character in this book, but it assumes different ancestry and genders. Just one hate-filled, drug and alcohol-fuelled zombie, playing all the parts. I hate this book, hate it, hate it, hate it, if I could unwrite it, I would. Books don't have to be angel sparkles, ginger beer and licky happy dogs, I don't mind anger/hate [...]

    23. From very early on I just didn't care about any of the characters, they were all awful!! I finished it, but hate that I wasted my time on this book and these horrible people.

    24. The Slap is about New Australia, an uncomfortable country of people living the direct contradiction between the white western world and an immigrant life; a fractured country where class, religion, and all those other big ideas break friendships and families apart.But this book is also about the small things, the tiny lines people draw, the boundaries we fret over and keep us safe. Christos Tsiolkas explores the ideas that create generational difference. In a lot of ways, I intimately understand [...]

    25. The Good - An easy enough read with interesting topics of debate (whether it's appropriate to hit a child, fidelity, drugs), and a modern/diverse cast of characters. I read somewhere that it's like a long episode of neighbours,but souped with with lots of swearing pretty accurate. The Bad - The title of the book. The opening chapter - characters are introduced at a very fast pace so you've not a clue who is who. Language used isn't amazing, cliches, lots of pointless swearing (Too much use of th [...]

    26. The Slap is a novel looking at a cross section of Australian life by taking the viewpoints of eight characters, all whom were present at the BBQ where the eponymous slap took place. Hector is first up, a Greek bureaucrat, married to Indian Aisha but considering an affair; then Anouk, a hard Jewish writer who cannot see the problem with hitting a child - and, in general, has no understanding of, or liking for, children; Harry is next - Hector's hot-headed cousin who delivered the slap. Connie is [...]

    27. Why no rating? This is the type of book which makes me greatly dislike the rating system. In my opinion it isn’t the worst of books nor the best of books. But, I almost didn’t get past the first chapter, and then found myself skiming here and there from the third or fourth chapter. Each of the 8 chapters were told from a different POV, so a rating seems a little unfair as perhaps I missed some defining moment in what at times seemed to be much to do about nothing, but an injection of a lot b [...]

    28. I had hoped a book as popular as this was popular because it was good - I was wrong.This novel places its merits on its characters, not on its writing or even its ability to tell a great story. I found none of its characters interesting or worthy to read about. Manolis was perhaps the only character I began to warm to, but as soon as I did, like every other character, a sordid, sexual deviancy was thrown in.And then there was the character of Richie, who was not only boring, but whose chapter in [...]

    29. I was really looking forward to this book, but although I'm not certain whether I found it engrossing or just gross.There were a few things I liked about this book, sadly they were not related to any of the main characters. The story of the slap itself is nothing and my interest in the principle players was almost nothing as well. However, some of the sideline characters were great, but that actually only served to frustrate me more.This book was written about the wrong people. WHY would he want [...]

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