The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Nonsmokers Using the Easyway Method

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Nonsmokers Using the Easyway Method

Allen Carr / Feb 21, 2020

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Join the Millions Who Have Become Nonsmokers Using the Easyway Method A new edition of the revolutionary bestseller with four million copies in print Allen Carr s innovative Easyway method which he discovered after his own cigarette a day habit nearly drove him to

  • Title: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Nonsmokers Using the Easyway Method
  • Author: Allen Carr
  • ISBN: 9781402718618
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A new edition of the revolutionary bestseller, with four million copies in print Allen Carr s innovative Easyway method which he discovered after his own 100 cigarette a day habit nearly drove him to despair has helped millions kick smoking without feeling anxious and deprived That s because he helps smokers discover the psychological reasons behind their dependency, expA new edition of the revolutionary bestseller, with four million copies in print Allen Carr s innovative Easyway method which he discovered after his own 100 cigarette a day habit nearly drove him to despair has helped millions kick smoking without feeling anxious and deprived That s because he helps smokers discover the psychological reasons behind their dependency, explains in detail how to handle the withdrawal symptoms, shows them how to avoid situations when temptation might become too strong, and enables them to stay smoke free Carr discusses such issues as nicotine addiction the social brainwashing that encourages smoking the false belief that a cigarette relieves stress the role boredom plays in sabotaging efforts to stop and the main reasons for failure With this proven program, smokers will be throwing away their packs for good.

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    • Unlimited [Manga Book] æ The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Nonsmokers Using the Easyway Method - by Allen Carr ò
      468 Allen Carr
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        Allen Carr was an author of books about quitting smoking and other psychological dependencies including alcohol addiction He quit smoking after 33 years as a hundred a day chain smoker.


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    2. Training for the New York City marathon last fall didn't magically stop me from smoking, but maybe watching a beloved client die abruptly and excruciatingly of lung cancer last week will do the trick? In case that's not enough, I've got Allen Carr's annoying self-help book to back me up!I love fucking smoking. I love, love, love, LOVE it. Except, Allen Carr's going to tell me, I actually don't. I can't possibly love smoking because smoking's disgusting! All the loving I think I'm doing is actual [...]

    3. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، من یک سیگاری هستم، و هنوز به ترکِ سیگار فکر نکردم و مطمئن باشید که با کتاب و نوشته و این قبیل مسائل، کسی نمیتواند سیگار را ترک کند چراکه سیگار کشیدن برای هر شخص دلایلِ گوناگونی دارد، لذا نمیتوان به راحتی نسخهٔ همه گیر برایِ آن صادر نمود‎دوستانِ بزرگوار، برا [...]

    4. This is really, truly a terrible book that uses very transparent psychological trickery to convince you to stop smoking. But, it totally worked on me so it gets 5 stars.

    5. so, i've quite smoking like, i don't know, four times or something. there was the first time: the halfass try that lasted for about three days (although i didn't admit to myself that i was smoking again for another six months or something, even though i steadily bummed cigarettes off of my coworkers everyday). then the big time, back in 2002 when i went from being a pack and a half a day smoker to totally over and done using the patch (which i will recommend to each and everyone of you). and i d [...]

    6. I cannot give this book enough stars. I started smoking when I was 19 and was a pack a day smoker when I made the decision to quit and began to read this book. It really is the BEST way to quit smoking - I finished reading this book, threw out my cigarettes and never smoked again. I have suffered no withdrawal or pangs of desire I tried quitting several times before reading this book, either using the patch, the gum or cold turkey, and every time I tried, I was so miserable that I always starte [...]

    7. Didn't think it would work. I started smoking at 13. Didn't think it would work. A friend told me it was magic. Still didn't think it would work. Bought a used copy (it was out of print, can you believe it?!) in 2005 and managed to keep losing it, never read it. Finally sat down with it two years later. Read it, didn't think it would work. Followed the instructions. Quit painlessly. No craziness, no weight gain. Never looked back, never missed it. Believe me, I'd tried everything before, and non [...]

    8. I actually didn't finish the book, but I did smoke the last cigarette of my life while reading it, and extinguished it in utter disgust. The book is written at a third grader's level of reading comprehension, and at times, the arguments seem positively infantile. The text is repetitive, and the author's personal history is repellant and dull. The money argument doesn't really work on me. And yet, and yet. There is some very clever rhetoric in play here, utterly simplistic in its logic, but ultim [...]

    9. I loved this book, it changed my life. Understanding why you smoke and know what you have to do to quit just made sense to me. My husband (who I thought was a lifer) have been smoke free for 3 years, best thing I ever did was read this book. This book opened my eyes to the reality why I smoked and the reasons why I should stop making excuses and just quit. Thank you Allen Carr for saving mine and my husbands life :)

    10. Day 0: 40+ cigarettes/dayDay 1: Well, that wasn't so hard: 0 cigarettes/dayDay 2: Still smoke free, this is going to work!!! A guarded 5 star rating for now.Day 3: Well I'm a weak willed sucker (not that I needed further proof). It was 2am on Day 3/4, and it ended like all my previous attempts with a delicious Gauloises. Not the books fault though and there is still hope.After a week, I think it's time for a mini résumé on Allan Carr's quitting method.As I wrote in the comments, after my lapse [...]

    11. This may be the only book that I have read 4 times, but for times the charm.My sister spoke wonders of this book and how it helped her quit. A few years back I borrowed it from her, read it, and was able to quit for about a month and a half. Then, in stupidity, on a drinking night out I bummed one,and then was quickly about a pack a day. Earlier this year I felt ready to try again. In April I checked it out of the library, read it, and quit for about four days. I night out did me in a agian. I r [...]

    12. Third edit: Five years. Still smoke free with very few cravings ever. Give this a shot if you have any desire to quit no matter how small.Second edit: still smoke free more than three years later. As annoying as the book can be at points, it really worked for me. Edit: I said I would change it to 5 stars if I quit. I'm entering day 9 without a cigarette. I can't say that it was/is as easy as he says, but it is definitely easier than it ever was before. I definitely highly recommend this book to [...]

    13. I do not enjoy smoking. I hate smoking and the cigarette itself is what's making me miserable. I'm tired of feeding the monster. If I were a non-smoker I wouldn't feel cravings and would enjoy moments in life more. These are the things I've learned so far. I can understand why this book makes people want to quit smoking. It's not shock therapy which scares you into quitting. It explains all the good things that will happen to you when you quit, and while you think you like smoking or that it hel [...]

    14. زمانی که این کتاب رو شروع کردم به خوندن، یک یا دو روز بود که تصمیم گرفته بودم ترک کنم. چهارمین یا پنجمین یا ششمین تصمیم ترک سیگارم بود. تلاش‌هایی که هربار فکر می‌کردم این بار دیگه می‌تونم و با بارهای قبل فرق داره اما موضوع این بود که در تمام این تلاش‌ها تصویر سیگار و ریشه‌های [...]

    15. I wanted to wait until a decent amount of time had passed before I wrote a review of this book, just to prove that it does work! And it does. Yep, that’s right, I’ve been cigarette free for 6 whole months now and feel great!I stopped smoking for 5 years once, then I went back to smoking the thin cigars every now and then at a party. Over the months, my addiction went up to the level it was before when I was smoking, and pretty soon I was on about 20 a day! In the past when I stopped smoking [...]

    16. I had been a smoker for over fifty years. I smoked two packs a day. I tried to quit many times, paying for hypnosis sessions, using Nicorette gum, using nicotine patches of various dosages, and even being active in exercise and recovery programs. Nothing worked. I would quit for a few days, once even for a month or two but then would start up again smoking more than ever.Four years ago my wife gave me this book. She said, "Don't start reading it until you are ready to quit. It really works!" Nee [...]

    17. Very practical advice about how to quit smoking.Focuses on removing the reasons you smoke (which is the same for all smokers- to alleviate that slightly panicky feeling you experience created by the nicotine from your previous cigarette leaving your body.) Carr does not use scare tactics. The REASONS that people smoke are not the same as the reasons they ought not to smoke.In fact, I say reasons, but ultimately, all smokers smoke for the same one reason: to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withd [...]

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    19. This book is badly written in the way that only a self-help book can be, and I wanted to dislike it based purely on that principle. I also wanted to dislike it because of the author's horrifying habit, throughout most of the book, of classifying smokers as poor pathetic creatures to be pitied, only to throw in a very brief chapter at the end begging readers not to become those condescending, self-righteous ex-smokers. (Perhaps he doesn't feel that pity is, by definition, condescending?)I wanted [...]

    20. با سلام خدمت همه دوستانمن این کتاب رو با اسم "آسانترین روش ترک سیگار" از همین نویسنده "آقای آلن کار" خوندم که فکر کنم چاپ قدیمی اش باشه.در کل این کتاب عالیه و خیلی توصیه می شه.ببینید اگر شما سالها سیگار رو ترک کرده باشید و در این مدت لب به سیگار نزده باشید، اگر دچار وسوسه کشیدن دوب [...]

    21. Here's the book in a nutshell (view spoiler)[Smoking is disgusting. You would rather be a non-smoker than a poor, pathetic smoker. Quit smoking and be delighted that you are no longer a disgusting smoker. YIPEE IT'S EASY! And if it's not easy, then there is something wrong with you and you need to reread the book.(hide spoiler)]Yes, I quit smoking 3 days ago and no, it is not easy. Since I am using willpower, Mr. Carr feels that I am doomed to fail.I consider this book to be mostly scare tactics [...]

    22. It worked! I stopped smoking in December last year because of this book and I have not smoked since. And the best thing about it is that I have not once since then had the desire to smoke. That's what I always wanted and what I never got in my previous attempts to quit. I felt as though I'd tried everything, so the only solution was to give up on giving up! I didn't want to quit smoking if it meant spending the rest of my life "wanting a cigarette". That would be a torture I wouldn't wish on any [...]

    23. Read this in preparation for giving it to my dad in an attempt at getting him to quit smoking after it was discovered he has heart problems.The author goes overboard to insist that he isn't going to list the health issues or guilt the reader or any of the common things people do to smokers in order to get them to quit and instead focus on the psychology of it. He claims that when you understand the psychology you can just quit on the spot without any downsides.That's all well and good, but I not [...]

    24. The book isn't perfect. Carr annoyed me at the beginning of the book by tooting his own horn; he obviously felt the need to prove he has credentials--and that makes sense, but there's too much.But what makes the book amazing is that it systematically breaks down the myths about smoking (even the ones that I didn't think I subscribed to) and subtly sort of brainwashes you into hating smoking. You smoke as you read, which keeps the pressure off. And Carr's thinking is rational--and friendly. He do [...]

    25. I was a smoker for 10 years and tried to quit smoking over a dozen times with no success. Every method I thought would work was an abject failure and I could never figure out why. After reading this book, I immediately quit smoking and have not looked back. It was the easiest thing I have ever done in my life, once I learned how. I am coming up on the 2 year anniversary since I quit smoking and decided to re-read the book to give myself a refresher. It's amazing how much different my perspective [...]

    26. Allen Carr doesn't try to scare you into quitting, which only perpetuates the fear and makes the smoker want to smoke more, rather he gets to the psychological root of WHY we smoke, stripping this addiction to its very core.After reading this book, this is what I know - I will never again force myself to smoke another cigarette, come what may. And for the first time in 16 years, I feel truly free.

    27. It might have been the translation to Norwegian, but this book was utter crap. More repetitive than 90's techno, and there are just about NO proper instructions until the very end. I learned nothing new from the constant repetition of old and obvious information.Yes, I'm quitting smoking, but this book did absolutely nothing to help me I think. I will just quit, and that's that. At least I'm happy I was given this book, and didn't put any money in Carr's pocket.

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