History is Wrong

History is Wrong

Erich von Däniken Nicholas Quaintmere / Jul 23, 2019

History is Wrong Erich von Daniken again shows his flair for revealing the truths that his contemporaries have missed After closely analyzing hundreds of ancient and apparently unrelated texts he is now ready to proc

  • Title: History is Wrong
  • Author: Erich von Däniken Nicholas Quaintmere
  • ISBN: 9781601630865
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Erich von Daniken again shows his flair for revealing the truths that his contemporaries have missed After closely analyzing hundreds of ancient and apparently unrelated texts, he is now ready to proclaim that human history is nothing like the world religions claim and he has the proof In History Is Wrong, Erich von Daniken takes a closer look at the fascinating VoyniErich von Daniken again shows his flair for revealing the truths that his contemporaries have missed After closely analyzing hundreds of ancient and apparently unrelated texts, he is now ready to proclaim that human history is nothing like the world religions claim and he has the proof In History Is Wrong, Erich von Daniken takes a closer look at the fascinating Voynich manuscript, which has defied all attempts at decryption since its discovery, and makes some intriguing revelations about the equally incredible Book of Enoch.History Is Wrong will challenge your intellectd maybe a few long held beliefs This is Erich von Daniken s best book in years

    History for Atheists New Atheists Getting History Wrong If Bob Seidensticker, New Atheist author of the Cross Examined blog, knows anything about the Middle Ages, he knows they were bad According to Seidensticker, this was a period in which Christianity was in charge and learning and reason suffered as a result. Things People Get Wrong About American History Time TIME asked historians which myths or errors about American history bother them most and what people should know about what really happened Fantastically Wrong The Strange History of Using Organ We now know that this is both wildly wrong and wildly dangerous A sliced mushroom may look like an ear, but that doesn t mean you should eat it to cure your earache choose the wrong mushroom History of Valentine s Day HISTORY How did St Valentine become associated with love and romance Get the full story behind the holiday. Flat wrong the misunderstood history of flat Earth theories For most people, being described as a flat Earther is an insult The idea of the Earth being flat is considered not only wrong, but a model of wrongness, the gold standard of being incorrect Top Things Americans Get Wrong About Their Own History Jun , Here in America, we think we know our stuff But it turns out that there are a few things most people get wrong about US history From the settling of the continent to the Chicago fire, pop culture and sensational news have warped our view of history and kept misleading myths alive If They Got the Wrong Envelope The Oral History of Oscar PwC s balloting leaders are required to memorize the winners and spring into action if a wrong name is announced Cullinan quietly tells a stage manager, John Esposito, that he thinks the wrong Glaring Ways That The History Books Got It Wrong May , History tells us that the Allies, heroically led by American patriots called to a higher duty, dashed the evil machinations of the Third Reich upon the rocks of utter defeat. If only that were the case In reality, the Nazi Empire was alive and well in America during the postwar years. Oral history Oral history is the collection and study of historical information about individuals, families, important events, or everyday life using audiotapes, videotapes, or transcriptions of planned interviews.These interviews are conducted with people who participated in or observed past events and whose memories and perceptions of these are to be preserved as an aural record for future generations. Lies My Teacher Told Me Lies My Teacher Told Me Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong is a book by James W Loewen, a sociologist.It critically examines twelve popular American high school history textbooks and concludes that the textbook authors propagate false, Eurocentric and mythologized views of American history.In addition to his critique of the dominant historical themes presented in high

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        Born on April 14th, 1935, in Zofingen, Switzerland, Erich von D niken was educated at the College St Michel in Fribourg, where already as a student he occupied his time with the study of the ancient holy writings While managing director of a Swiss hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries.Von D niken s books have been translated into 28 languages, and have sold 60 million copies worldwide From his books two full length documentary films have been produced Chariots of the Gods and Messages of the Gods Of the than 3,000 lectures which Erich von D niken has given in 25 countries, over 500 were presented at universities Fluent in four languages, Erich von D niken is an avid researcher and a compulsive traveller, averaging 100 000 miles each year to remote spots of the Earth This enables him to closely examine the phenomena about which he writes.Von D niken is a member of the Swiss writers association, the German writers association, and the International PEN Club He is also a convicted felon, having spent time in prison on several counts of fraud and other financial crimes.


    1. This book was a doozy. Seriously, I had to finish a liter of vodka just to choke this stuff down. Heck, that was after taking the pound and a half of cocaine.Erich von Daniken started his research asking a couple of cousins and waiters if they knew what the Voynich Manuscript was. As expected, their answers were all in the negative.Heck, I’m a professional archaeologist and I don’t even know what it is!But I digress…After Erich von Daniken asks about a 100 of these goobers he explains that [...]

    2. I have already read Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials by the same author, so most of the facts and opinions stated here were nothing new. The author loves to repeat himself almost as much as justify his own mistakes, and that's pretty much all that happens in the second half of the book. He was wronged/misinformed some years ago, regarding some ancient texts, that may have or have not existed and were or were not found in S.America half a century ag [...]

    3. Author spends too much time defending previous writings.I have read this author since Chariots of the Gods and in fact still have my copy that I bought as a child. He has opened my eyes to the mysteries of our planet since the beginning. Once again he brings to light ancient books and writings and says look at these and learn to think for yourself and not just follow mainstream thinking. This is why I like the authors books. The only thing that deflects from the book (besides a few editorial pro [...]

    4. Are we (Human Beings) alone on this planet ? the answer is in this book. The book is a successor of The Chariots of The Gods, and what a successor it is. A fantastic detailed research on the Voynich Manuscript, Nazca Lines and so on . A must read for those who fed up of Romantica and all.

    5. I was very hyped about finally reading a Daniken book since he is mentioned by other writers in his genre, if not quoted. Well I must say I was deeply disappointed, he maybe a great theorist, but this particular book was the worst one I could have started with. It was fairly interesting for the first 100 pages, the correlation with religious books like the Tora (Enoch), Mormons (Jared) & Bible (Noah) all retelling flood tails. The idea that "gods" could be early mans impression of extraterre [...]

    6. My own fault for reading this after knowing quite a bit about von Daniken's questionable reputation. I was caught up in the "Chariots of the Gods" craze back yonder about 1974 when that book was translated into English and thought by now von Daniken would have tightened up his theories a little bit, but no, he's still as crazy as ever. He explores some real enigmas and mysteries without giving any credible explanations and as usual, asks a hell of a lot more questions than he answers. A lot of n [...]

    7. Yet another wonderful book from the writer of chariots of gods. Dealing with Extra Terrestrial relations of these Gods with our earth. Detailed evidence from hidden Metal Library of Ecuador .

    8. Ko voli da dovodi u pitanje istoriju vere ova knjiga je pravi izbor. Deniken između ostalog pokušava da predstavi svoje ideje o značenju crteža u Naski, Čile, Ogromnim pećinama u Ekvadoru koje unutar svojih odaja kriju zlatnu biblioteku u kojoj je zapisana prava istorija čovečanstva i dokaz da religija nije ono što mislimo sada da jeste. Pročitajte…

    9. I thought this book was fascinating. I've always enjoyed reading Erich von Daniken's books, and this was no exception. It is easy and quick to read as it is written in a very conversational style. Reading it makes me feel as if I am speaking directly to the man himself. Though some may not believe in what he says, I find his theories to be fascinating.

    10. A point of view of realistic value. Ive always thought of iterating the bible using modern times. Ive always known back in the biblical days they didn’t have terms for what they have seen. So it was described in terms they knew, hence the spectacular. But once u think about in modern words it makes sense & this author just beat me to the print. I believe what Jacob, eziekel, enoch have seen is the truth, but in our modern times vocabulary they were EBEs & UFOs. I don’t care what anyo [...]

    11. In Defense of Erich Von Daniken Life Time of Research & Writings Regarding the Ancient Alien Theory During his 40 plus years career Erich Von Daniken wrote dozens of best selling books, which promoted and for many people,, proved the ancient alien theory. Since the publication of his first book, "Chariots of the Gods" in 1968, millions of people have read his books and found his work credible, his research beyond reproach, and his conclusions logical and convincing. In "History is Wrong" the [...]

    12. This book did have a good deal of interesting historical information, but I felt like it spent too much time discussing the author's personal experiences with the historical/archaeological communities. I would have preferred if it was strictly a historical information text, as opposed to being part autobiography.On one hand, it did go into full detail about a couple specific instances of potential extraterrestrials being misconstrued as gods; but, the whole text would have read better if would h [...]

    13. Although I don't agree with D_niken's theory about some of the most mysterious buildings/phenomenon on this world (the Pyramids, the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, etc etc), I still think his books are amazingly interesting reads that give you a great, exciting and informative insight into some of the most wonderful things this world has to offer. His 2009 work "History is Wrong" can discarded from this without a doubt though. For me, it all seemed like a long ramble that never came to the point. Mayb [...]

    14. History is wrongBy Eric Von Daniken.I’ll start by telling you I’m a believer; I read Chariots of the Gods in the early eighties and have been hooked since. History is wrong starts with a new premise, The Voynich maniscript, then looses this and moves into the old stories. The book tells nothing new, it re-hashes old, admittedly true, arguments and rants about them and how unprofessional journalists blackened the Daniken name. I’m a believer, as I’ve said, but this book was poor and a sim [...]

    15. I found this book incredibly fun and entertaining. As usual, he made some interesting connections that puzzle the mind all the while being his normal witty and funny self. I was intrigued by the Voynich Manuscript and would like to learn more about it but I learned alot regarding The Book of Mormons which I did not previously know alot about aside from the very basics. Definitely recommend for anyone that is not only interested in the Ancient Astronaut Theory but also just a student of ancient w [...]

    16. This book contains some interesting ideas and at least makes the reader question some of the commonly held beliefs about prehistory but overall the book is rambling and lacks a cohesive focus. It also seems that Dainken jumps to conclusions. The lack of an explanation for certain phenomena doesn't make his hypothesis automatically correct or even plausible. Perhaps Daniken has written better books but I am unlikely to try them as this one was too rambling and lacked even a decent ending or concl [...]

    17. Half of it is really interesting, especially the part about Enoch's books and the book of Mormon, and his theory of they relate to one another. But the part where he tries to vindicate himself for the events that followed the publication of his book The Gold of the Gods, more than 30 years before, is tiresome and off topic. I understand his need to do it, and generally sympathise with it, but the book suffers from it as a whole unit.

    18. Тази книга ми беше доста по-интересна от "Ловци на изгубеното знание". Тук са преведени части от книгата на Енох и книгата на Мормоните, които съдържат доста любопитни подробности за начина, по който са изглеждали боговете и за вътрешността на техните домове във въздуха. Кат [...]

    19. Although full of Erich von Daniken's always interesting theories, this book was a bit of a let down. Parts of it have a very bitter tone -- unusual for the author, although he does tone it down slightly as the book progresses. This book also had numerous typos that I found very distracting. I really enjoyed the ideas presented here, & I will continue to search out von Daniken's books, but this one is probably more for established fans rather than for those new to the subject.

    20. Erich von Daniken, still genious as ever. I think this is his best work i've read so far. I'm 20 years old but i love his books and theories, and i believe him.They are out there and they will come back Maybe a little less defending his previous work, and maybe some new examples, not just repeating some of old ones for book to be longer.But here, Book of Enoch definitely the best part!

    21. South American findings reassessed in relation to current intrepretations of ancient writings. New archeological findings, debunked old theories. Too much I told you so and everyone is picking on me, clouds the theories of Von Daniken. Basis of Mormanism alien visitors. Sift the extraneous to get to the meat.Suggests areas for further research.

    22. A followup to Chariots of the Gods, this book delves deeper (yet with less concrete evidence) of possible extraterrestrial help given to our prehistoric ancestors. Not as good as Chariots, in my opinion.

    23. By far one of my favorite books by Erich Von Daniken. Everything he publishes is thought provoking. This book answers so many questions about who 'God' is. If you're not afraid to think outside the box and accept that what you think you know might be wrong, then this is the book for you.

    24. Alrighty then. Onto primary sources and bibliographic entries for me?The presentation makes sense. I feel it was missing something by way of trying to be overly conversational and non-academic in skipping some rigor in quotation and citation.

    25. this by far was one of his best books refreshing and alternative view for people who already know most of what we are taught are lies or mistruths mainstreamers will no doubt not like this but if you have a open mind even if you dont believe in the theorys in this book you will still be amazed!!

    26. These are some interesting theories. I'm not sure if I believe any of it, I don't know enough to form a strong opinion one way or another. These theories sound more plausible to me than any religious theories I have heard so far about our ancestry.

    27. This book did not touch on the Voynich manuscript as much as I though it would have. It was not as good as some of his others either but it was a decent weekend read.

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