In Their Blood

In Their Blood

Sharon Potts / Aug 22, 2019

In Their Blood Born into a life of privilege Jeremy Stroeb loves freedom loathes responsibility and drops out of college to start backpacking across Europe But this free spirited drifter crashes back to brutal rea

  • Title: In Their Blood
  • Author: Sharon Potts
  • ISBN: 9781933515625
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Born into a life of privilege, Jeremy Stroeb loves freedom, loathes responsibility and drops out of college to start backpacking across Europe But this free spirited drifter crashes back to brutal reality when his parents, Rachel and Daniel Stroeb, are murdered in their home on Miami Beach.When he returns to Miami, Jeremy assumes guardianship of his teenage sister, Elise,Born into a life of privilege, Jeremy Stroeb loves freedom, loathes responsibility and drops out of college to start backpacking across Europe But this free spirited drifter crashes back to brutal reality when his parents, Rachel and Daniel Stroeb, are murdered in their home on Miami Beach.When he returns to Miami, Jeremy assumes guardianship of his teenage sister, Elise, who is traumatized and convinced the killer will be back for her.With steely, urgent resolve, Jeremy vows to find out what really happened to Rachel Stroeb, the respected CPA and Daniel Stroeb, the controversial professor.Determined to get on the inside of his parents lives, Jeremy takes a job at the accounting firm where his mother worked, and enrolls at the university where his father taught.But too many details don t add up With mounting certainty that his parents were anything but the people he thought they were, Jeremy must face the toughest questions of all Who were Rachel and Daniel Stroeb And when will the killer be back for the next of kin

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        Sharon Potts is the award winning, critically acclaimed author of five psychological thrillers, including In Their Blood winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award and recipient of a starred review in Publishers Weekly A former CPA, corporate executive, and entrepreneur, Sharon has served as treasurer of the national board of Mystery Writers of America, as well as president of that organization s Florida chapter She has also co chaired SleuthFest, a national writers conference Sharon lives in Miami Beach with her husband and a spirited Australian shepherd named Gidget.


    1. I’m having quite the lucky streak when it comes to books. I just finished reading In Their Blood and let me tell you something: it was quite the page-turner.As opposed to, say, Little Lamb Lost, which seemed like a more approachable murder-mystery, In Their Blood is the kind of book which invites you to step into a world you are probably never going to otherwise be able to step into. However you feel very comfortable in that world – perhaps too comfortable. And it makes reading this book all [...]

    2. Jeremy Stroeb is a lot like many kids his age who are living a comfortable life. With parents who have more than enough money to support his wanderlust, his world of rebellion and backpacking anywhere his heart took him in defiance of his parents so called “sell out world” hits hard when he receives the news that his parents have been brutally murdered in their bed and that his sister Elise is now his responsibility. His parents had named him and not his Uncle Dwight to be her guardian, ange [...]

    3. Sharon Potts has written a coming of age novel combined with a mystery that definitely works. The story starts with the violent murder of Rachel and Daniel Stroeb. They leave two children, Jeremy, a 23-year-old son who is living out of the country and has never settled down and Elise, a high school student. Jeremy had flight trouble and so missed the funeral but this tragedy forces him to take responsibility and he assumes the guardianship of Elise against the wishes of his uncle. The problem is [...]

    4. “In Their Blood” tells the story of one son’s journey to maturity. Jeremy Stroeb is a typical young adult who shuns responsibility and doesn’t get along well with his father. In a pique of rebellion he drops out of college and backpacks his way around Europe. His idyll is abruptly shattered when he learns that both his parents were murdered in their Miami Beach home.Back in Miami he tries to understand the seemingly senseless murder. He is devoted to his younger sister and wants to assum [...]

    5. I have mixed feelings about this book, but I enjoyed it for a couple reasons. From the very beginning Potts manages to make the reader interested in the family’s story and the protagonist’s journey to find his parent’s killer. Her writing is clean and descriptive, but it’s the kind of narration that you stop noticing as you get more entrenched in the drama. And it was easy to get lost in the story, which was complex and kept me guessing about not only the murderer’s identity, but a bas [...]

    6. Rachael, a partner in an accounting firm and Daniel Stroeb, a college professor, are murdered in their Miami Beach home leaving their two children, Jeremy and Elise, alone. Jeremy is a college dropout roaming around Europe and Elise is a teenager who has been severely traumatized by finding her parents after their murder. Now, Jeremy must return home to take care of his sister but finds it difficult to change his self centered ways. Jeremy soon decides to try to find out who his parents really w [...]

    7. This book had it ALL. The thrills, the action, mystery, murder – even love. Jeremy Stroeb is the quintessential “rich kid”. His parents are hard workers who got where they are through determination and love of what they do. Jeremy doesn’t know what he wants to do. On the outside he seems to be a slacker living off his parent’s money. On the inside – he’s still just a confused kid whose last wish is to be his parents. He wants to be his own person.Jeremy’s parents are brutally mur [...]

    8. Does a spoiled, privileged college dropout have the wherewithal to be responsible enough to care for his sister and uncover a murderer?Jeremy Stroeb, a college dropout trying to find himself in Europe, refuses to come home despite pleas from his parents and sister. But his plans change when his mother and father are murdered in their Miami Beach home soon after the family returns from visiting Jeremy in Europe. Jeremy's parents, Rachel, a CPA, and Daniel, a professor, had recently changed their [...]

    9. I have never read any Sharon Potts and as always look forward to reading new authors. Very early in the book we meet Rachel and Daniel Stroeb following their trip to visit their son Jeremy who is backpacking across Europe. His teenage sister Elise sneaks out the house and on her return is scared witless when she discovers the bodies of her parents who had quite clearly been savagely murdered.Before long Jeremy makes an appearance and between him and his sister they need to look out for each othe [...]

    10. Jeremy has lived a very privileged life- his dad's a college professor and his mom's a successful partner at a CPA firm. He doesn't want that kind of 9-to-5 life for himself though, and drops out of college to travel around Europe and escape the responsibility of becoming an adult. When young Jeremy Stroeb's parents are brutally murdered in their home though, he must rush back to Miami to assume guardianship over his 16-year old sister, Elise. However, upon arriving home, he finds that little is [...]


    12. In Sharon Pott's debut, In Their Blood, she has created a gripping tale of what happens to a family after the murder of their parents. Not content to sit by and be coddled, the two (adult) children investigate their parents lives and what lead to the fateful night they were shot in their bed.This is a well-written, suspenseful thriller. Pott's characters are developed early so that the reader will quickly fall into the story and won't be able to put it down. Although this is a family drama, ther [...]

    13. Excellent thriller! I really enjoyed this story that starts quickly and maintains the tension throughout. 22 year old Jeremy Stroeb comes home after a period of estrangement because his parents have been murdered at night, in their own beds, in an exclusive Miami Beach community. They had just returned from unsuccessfully trying to convince Jeremy to come home and stop his wandering in Europe. His sister Elise (16 years old) had left the house that evening to be with her boyfriend and she discov [...]

    14. 4.5 stars!Sharon Potts really knows how to draw readers in. In Their Blood captured my attention from the beginning with a horrific double murder. And from there the mystery begins. I love that Sharon starts the novel off this way. It drew me in!Jeremy and Elise both just lost their parents in a terrible and violent way. I would never know what to do if anything like this happened to me. But i love that they are both strong and determined to find out who did this. It's great to see that they are [...]

    15. Jeremy is named the guardian of his 16 year old sister, Elise, after their parents are brutally murdered. They are determined to find out who committed this terrible crime. The police investigation seems to be losing pace and so Jeremy begins his determined goal of finding the murderer. Jeremy soon finds out things that make him realize he really didn't know his parents as well as he thought. Their past lives open up some secrets unknown to Jeremy. The author keeps you turning the pages until th [...]

    16. This was a better than usual book--held my interest better than the last several books which I have read. Jeremy and his sister were more sympathetic characters. Their parents turned out to have feet of clay--both of them having affairs. Jeremy did quite a turnaround to take care of his sister, instead of returning to Europe for his hedonistic life. He had to follow in his father's footsteps--fooling around with Marianna, his father's assistant. There were some dramatic and scary scenes before a [...]

    17. In Their Blood by Sharon Potts is a coming of age story of a young man who loves to live life on his own, with no responsibilities or money worries because his parents are highly successful. That is, until his parents are tragically killed and he takes it upon himself to find out why while also taking care of his baby sister.There's not a lot of action but I still enjoyed this book; must have been the writing style. I'm glad I read it!(Gerard's review)

    18. This book was written by a woman Frank and I met at a Sleuthfest we attended. She was an organizer of the conference and led our little dinner group as well. She was a sweetie and reminded us of Candi Skipper. The book is well written but the characters are somewhat lacking. You don't feel for the son and daughter of the murder victims. This book illustrated for me how important character development is.

    19. Sorry, couldn't identify with the loser slacker who claims to want to solve his parents' murder and then just kinda futzes about for the next I don't even know how long. Knows all his responsibilities, and the consequences of failing at them, and still can't act like a semi-adult. Plus the outcome was so bloody obvious it became painful to read the characters blundering around like a bad soap opera.

    20. A college senior backbacking across Europe returns home to care for his sister after his parents are shot dead in their bed. He accepts a job at his mother's accounting firm and enrolls in classes at the university where his radical father taught, hoping to uncover clues to death. But his sister, who surprised the killer in their home, may hold the key to solving the crime. A pageturner.

    21. I really was irritated by this book. It was predictable and I don't feel, very well written. The plot could have been more interesting and less disjointed. The plot read like revisions. I have not purposely given a synopsis if this book because that is pretty much the most exciting g part of the book.

    22. I couldn't identify with the main character. He was self-centered and irresponsible and fell in and out of love (or at least lust) when he was supposed to be caring for his sister, who had been severely traumatized by their parents' murder and was terrified that the killer was coming back for her.

    23. Fast ReadReally like the story line, so much couldn't put down. (I don't like being told I have to write 10 more words. I'm not going to analyze every book. So, how do I skip this and say I'm done so it can just go on "the shelf"?)

    24. Jeremy Stroeb, a free-spirited drifter, must come back to reality when his parents are killed and he is made guardian of his 16 year old sister. He vows to find the killer before she becomes his next victim.A great book for anyone who loves a good mystery.

    25. I read a glowing review of this book in the Denver Post, but I don't feel it lived up to it. It was a good, fast-paced story, but the writing made me cringe at times and a couple of the characters were just ridiculous -- one-dimensional and spouting totally cliched villain lines.

    26. I wasn't sure I'd like this book in the beginning; however, I quickly got into it. There is a lot of suspense, and it makes you feel a lot of emotion, especially where Jeremy is concerned. You will have times you are fed up with him because of his immaturity, and times you are proud of him.

    27. This was a fast read, and entertaining. The plot was a little over-complicated, but the narrator's flawed (and, therefore, realistic) characterization propelled the story forward. I also thought the epilogue was a little vague.

    28. I found the main character compelling and the possible suspects all very suspicious. I enjoyed everything except when two suspects fell off a cliff at the end. Otherwise, it would've been five stars for sure. I couldn't stop thinking about this book when I wasn't reading it.

    29. What happens when you discover that your parents weren't who you thought they were-- and it's up to you to find out who killed them? Great suspense, terrific sense of place & character.

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