فن الخطابة

فن الخطابة

Dale Carnegie ديل كارنيجي / Jan 18, 2020

  • Title: فن الخطابة
  • Author: Dale Carnegie ديل كارنيجي
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1926 1926 .

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      296 Dale Carnegie ديل كارنيجي
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    About "Dale Carnegie ديل كارنيجي"

      • Dale Carnegie ديل كارنيجي

        Dale Breckenridge Carnegie originally Carnagey until 1922 and possibly somewhat later November 24, 1888 November 1, 1955 was an American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking and interpersonal skills Born in poverty on a farm in Missouri, he was the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, first published in 1936, a massive bestseller that remains popular today He also wrote a biography of Abraham Lincoln, titled Lincoln the Unknown, as well as several other books.Carnegie was an early proponent of what is now called responsibility assumption, although this only appears minutely in his written work One of the core ideas in his books is that it is possible to change other people s behavior by changing one s reaction to them.Born in 1888 in Maryville, Missouri, Carnegie was a poor farmer s boy, the second son of James William Carnagey and wife Amanda Elizabeth Harbison b Missouri, February 1858 living 1910 In his teens, though still having to get up at 4 a.m every day to milk his parents cows, he managed to get educated at the State Teacher s College in Warrensburg His first job after college was selling correspondence courses to ranchers then he moved on to selling bacon, soap and lard for Armour Company He was successful to the point of making his sales territory of South Omaha, Nebraska the national leader for the firm.After saving 500, Carnegie quit sales in 1911 in order to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a Chautauqua lecturer He ended up instead attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, but found little success as an actor, though it is written that he played the role of Dr Hartley in a road show of Polly of the Circus citation needed When the production ended, he returned to New York, unemployed, nearly broke, and living at the YMCA on 125th Street It was there that he got the idea to teach public speaking, and he persuaded the Y manager to allow him to instruct a class in return for 80% of the net proceeds In his first session, he had run out of material improvising, he suggested that students speak about something that made them angry , and discovered that the technique made speakers unafraid to address a public audience From this 1912 debut, the Dale Carnegie Course evolved Carnegie had tapped into the average American s desire to have self confidence, and by 1914, he was earning 500 the equivalent of nearly 10,000 now every week.Perhaps one of Carnegie s most successful marketing moves was to change the spelling of his last name from Carnegey to Carnegie, at a time when Andrew Carnegie unrelated was a widely revered and recognized name By 1916, Dale was able to rent Carnegie Hall itself for a lecture to a packed house Carnegie s first collection of his writings was Public Speaking a Practical Course for Business Men 1926 , later entitled Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business 1932 His crowning achievement, however, was when Simon Schuster published How to Win Friends and Influence People The book was a bestseller from its debut in 1937, in its 17th printing within a few months By the time of Carnegie s death, the book had sold five million copies in 31 languages, and there had been 450,000 graduates of his Dale Carnegie Institute It has been stated in the book that he had critiqued over 150,000 speeches in his participation of the adult education movement of the time During World War I he served in the U.S Army.His first marriage ended in divorce in 1931 On November 5, 1944, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he married Dorothy Price Vanderpool, who also had been divorced Vanderpool had two daughters Rosemary, from her first marriage, and Donna Dale from their marriage together.Carnegie died at Forest Hills, New York, and was buried in the Belton, Cass County, Missouri cemetery The official biography fro


    1. A classic book from a recognized master on the topic. A good read and foundational material for anyone looking at public speaking as a career. I bought this book at special price from here: amazon/Art-Public-Spe

    2. لتصبح خطيبا ً جيدا ً أمام الجمهور و لتحصل على ذلك بسرعة و فعالية هناك 4 أشياء ضرورية :- أولا ً : - أبدأ برغبة قوية ثانيا ً :- إعرف تمامًا ما الذي ستتحدث بشأنة . ثالثا ً :- تصرف بثقة .( قف مٌستقيما ً و تطلع في عيون الجمهور أبدأ بالكلام بثقة و كأن الجميع يدينون لك بالمال تخيل أنك كذالك تخ [...]

    3. As other Dale Carnegie' books, this book lays out important principles for effective public speaking. I have been trying to apply his suggestions in my talks and I find them very helpful.A few notes:- Be genuine interested in the audience: when preparing and giving a talk, I constantly remind myself to appreciate the audience who spend their time (and perhaps money) to listen to me. If the talk is 20 minutes and there are 30 of them, that's already 10 hours so I am responsible for not wasting su [...]

    4. حتى في الحديث اليومي مع الناسولمن يريد إلقاء خطبة أو قصيدةمهارات للتأثير في الناسطريقة القاء الكلام تؤثر في الناس أكثر من الكلام نفسه********** بعض الأسرار **********-شدد على الكلمات المهمة و أخفض الغير مهمة .-كن إنسانا,تحدث بأسلوبك.-كن طبيعيا ، وابتسم أثناء التحدث .-غيّر طبقات صوتك.فه [...]

    5. يعتبر هذا الكتب والمؤلف من الشخصات الأولى في هذا المجال بل مجال التعامل مع البشر فيه العديد من النصائح المذهلة والمميزة والتي تعتبر من القواعد الأساسية والرئدة .

    6. فَن الخطابة لـِ ديل كارنجيكتاب لطيف و مسلي , يتحدث عن النقاط الرئيسية التي يمكن أن تجعل من الخطاب ناجحاً , ويحذر من تصرفات بعض المحاضرين التي قد تجعل من يستمعون إلى الخطاب يتوقون لانتهائه .هو تجربتي الثانية مع ديل كارنيجي وقد استمعت إليه ككتاب صوتي

    7. يقول الفوهرر النازي أدولف هتلر: إن معظم الكلمات التي غيّرت عالمنا لم تُحدثها الكلمة المكتوبة بل الكلمة المنطوقة. وهذا صحيح قطعاً، فلم يكن لهذا السفاح الذي أباد الملايين آلاف الأتباع الذين كانوا يأتمرون بأمره بدون أي اعتراض لو أنه كان يرسل إليهم الكتب والبرقيّات!!بل إن كلمات [...]

    8. كتاب رائع، سلس وبسيط، ملىء بالأمثلة والقصص التي توضح ما يرمي إليه الكاتب يأخذ بيدك خطوة بخطوة لتكون خطيبا خطيباً بارعاً مؤثراً في الآخرين

    9. لا أحب الكتب المليئة بالحشو، إذ إن الأفكار المفيدة في الكتاب يمكن تلخيصها في خمس أو ست صفحات فقطثم إني أقترح على المؤلف تغيير اسم الكتاب إلى "فن الخطابة عند الرئيس لينكون" ؛نجمتا التقييم من أجل الأفكار -رغم ندرتها- التي استفدتها من الكتاب

    10. Do you always feel worried to talk with girl? Do you still feel doubtful about how to make public speech? Speaking is an art,if we can use it properly,then we can benefit from it.Want to know how to make yourself be good at speaking? Read this book- The art of public speaking as soon as possible. Unlike previous works on speech, speech patterns described in this book, the integration of public oratory, salesmanship, psychology and business negotiation skills to guide people on how to overcome fe [...]

    11. I had very high hopes after reading "How to Win Friends & influence people ?" and to an extent, it has lived up to the expectations. He has tried his best to include even the minority details required in a public speech so that a speaker does not stutter. Of course, the book has to be complemented with the practice otherwise it is waste read. The author has included references from multiple resources and has tried to make this topic as lively as possible. There are examples, inferences, expl [...]

    12. Most everything in this book is a review of what you learn in college speech class- though these methods are common sense to some of us, this would be a good book for someone who really just needs LOTS of practice. MANY speeches are offered in this book with tips on how to best recite them, but it's really more of a workbook than an informative read. I lost interest many times b/c it was just review information and long winded speeches and poetry from other authors given as examples for the read [...]

    13. I listened to this book through an audio book version. It's filled with many quotes and speeches that can last as long as fifteen minutes or more. This can be both distracting and rather boring causing you to miss key information on the art of public speaking. Although, some of these quotes and speeches do help in identifying important information in public speaking. After you get over these flaws, the book is filled with many devices that will help you stand up in front of many and speak confid [...]

    14. ابراهام لينكولن بخطابه لإنهاء الحرب الأهلية (البيت المنقسم على نفسه لا يمكنه أن ينهض) ومارتن لوثر كينغ لإنهاء التمييز العنصري بخطابه (عندي حلم) وخطابات عمر المختار وأحمد ديدات ونيسلسون مانديلا وغاندي وكتير عباقرة غيروا مجرى الأحداث وقدروا يقنعوا الجمهور بأفكارون, الخطاب وم [...]

    15. يقول الكاتب في ص٨٤ " عندما تجد نفسك تتحدث بطبقة رتيبة ، توقف قليلاً وقل في نفسك : أنا أتكلم كالهندي الأخرق . كن إنساناً كن طبيعياً "كان كتاباً رائعاً إلى أن وصلت لهذة الجملة المقززة ، هندي اخرق كن انساناً !!!! أوليس الهندي إنسان يا صاحب التفكير الحيواني ؟! أي ثقافة تتحدث عنها وانت [...]

    16. I wish I could say that this was a great book. But it was sooooooo boring. The only reason I have to give it three stars is that it was genuinely a very educational book that I'm certain benefited me. Other than that, yeah . . . I wouldn't recommend this for anyone's fun reading. This is definitely for people who perform public speaking and no others.

    17. This book will teach you everything you need to know about public speaking but also about influencing and persuading people in everyday life.Everyone can do with what this book teaches because sooner or later we all need to learn the art of persuasion. And this book teaches you how.

    18. Very nice.I read the book from the perspective of a listener, and not someone who intends to speak.That way i can know what to look for when i listen to a speaker

    19. It was my first book in a long joney of figuring out how to build conections and understand people. Its nice book, just take some honey away from it)

    20. This is the type of book you get back to. It is in a class of its own, it broads your views and each chapter focuses on specific aspect that may inspire you to further research the topic. I would recommend it to anyone in need to hold public speeches, but also it can help you in daily conversations with people. I found the summary in bullet points at the end of each chapter enjoyable and helpful. In one sentence: a supreme book that was never boring.

    21. What I enjoyed about this book is that it analyses every single aspect of speach from pitch to language chosen to audience. I would dock it 2 stars just because I feel like it could have been written in a much more concise manner, as well as using more modern examples. Overall, reccomended to anyone who would like to improve their public speaking skills.

    22. كتاب فن الخطابة ل ديل كارنجي : ديل كارنجي , و إن لم يكن هذا الكتاب افضل كتبه , يعد كاتبا عظيماً و باحثاً متميزاً . هذا الكتاب يحمل في طياته الكثير من الفائدة و يمكن الرجوع اليه من وقت لاخر لمراجعة المعلومات .أعيب عليه كثرة القصص , حيث انها قد تأخذك بعيداَ عن الفكرة الاساسية و هي ال [...]

    23. More like a 3.5Khá có ích. Mình nhận ra được sự quan trọng của phần mở đầu, kết thúc bài nói, cách sử dụng ngôn từ, cách xây dựng sự tự tin, phát triển bài nói, cách diễn thuyết sao cho thật hiệu quả. Nhưng có lẽ để thấm hơn nữa thì phải đọc lại lần 2, lần 3.

    24. I have read a few of books by Dale Carnegie and this one is the best. The examples, the tips and tricks show just how important speaking is not just to communicate with crowds, but to communicate ideas in everyday life. Highly recommended.

    25. This is the first time that im reading about Public Speaking and will say that this book, despite that is old, is fantastic. It breaks down Public speaking to specific items that anyone could practise and gives a lot of advice, tips on how to do it. If you are interested on the free audio book version, can be found here:librivox/the-art-of-publiFor sure, will be reading more about the subject and also hear this book again, especially the first 10 chapters.

    26. I have never read a more enjoyable book on the public speaking. Th examples of some of the speeches that were included were some of the best yet! The book proved a clear-cut understanding on how to go about writing great speeches of your own.

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