One Good Turn

One Good Turn

Carla Kelly / Jan 29, 2020

One Good Turn Benedict Nesbitt the Seventh Duke of Knaresborough has resigned himself to a life of solitude The woman he d loved for years just married one of his best friends And so in the noble tradition of re

  • Title: One Good Turn
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780451204820
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Benedict Nesbitt, the Seventh Duke of Knaresborough, has resigned himself to a life of solitude The woman he d loved for years just married one of his best friends And so, in the noble tradition of resignation, he is heading back home to look after his niece and work on his stiff upper lipBut on the way he agrees to give a ride to a poor Spanish woman and her child ABenedict Nesbitt, the Seventh Duke of Knaresborough, has resigned himself to a life of solitude The woman he d loved for years just married one of his best friends And so, in the noble tradition of resignation, he is heading back home to look after his niece and work on his stiff upper lipBut on the way he agrees to give a ride to a poor Spanish woman and her child And though they appear to have nothing, Liria Valencia s self assurance is stronger and genuine than any he s known in his whole upper crust life There s certainly to this single mother than meets the eye But could she be Benedict s second chance at love Only if they can see past their differences And that will require delving into a complicated and painful past

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Although Carla Kelly is well known among her readers as a writer of Regency romance, her main interest and first writing success is Western American fiction specifically, writing about America s Indian Wars Although she had sold some of her work before, it was not until Carla began work in the National Park Service as a ranger historian at Fort Laramie National Historic Site did she get serious about her writing career Or as she would be the first to admit, as serious as it gets Carla wrote a series of what she now refers to as the Fort Laramie stories, which are tales of the men, women and children of the Indian Wars era in Western history Two of her stories, A Season for Heroes and Kathleen Flaherty s Long Winter, earned her Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America She was the second woman to earn two Spurs from WWA which, as everyone knows, is all you need to ride a horse Her entire Indian Wars collection was published in 2003 as Here s to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army It remains her favorite work The mother of five children, Carla has always allowed her kids to earn their keep by appearing in her Regencies, most notably Marian s Christmas Wish, which is peopled by all kinds of relatives Grown now, the Kelly kids are scattered here and there across the U.S They continue to provide feedback, furnish fodder for stories and make frantic phone calls home during the holidays for recipes Carla Kelly is some cook Carla s husband, Martin, is Director of Theatre at Valley City State University, in Valley City, North Dakota Carla is currently overworked as a staff writer at the local daily newspaper She also writes a weekly, award winning column, Prairie Lite Carla only started writing Regencies because of her interest in the Napoleonic Wars, which figures in many of her Regency novels and short stories She specializes in writing about warfare at sea, and about the ordinary people of the British Isles who were, let s face it, far numerous than lords and ladies Hobbies She likes to crochet afghans, and read British crime fiction and history, principally military history She s never happier than talking about the fur trade or Indian Wars with Park Service cronies Her most recent gig with the National Park Service was at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site on the Montana North Dakota border Here s another side to this somewhat prosaic woman She recently edited the fur trade journal of Swiss artist Rudolf F Kurz the 1851 1852 portion , and is gratified now and then to be asked to speak on scholarly subjects She has also worked for the State Historical Society of North Dakota as a contract researcher This has taken her to glamorous drudgery in several national archives and military history repositories Gray archives boxes and old documents make her salivate Her mantra for writing comes from the subject of her thesis, Robert Utley, that dean of Indian Wars history He told her the secret to writing is to put your ass in the chair and keep it there until you re done He s right, of course Her three favorite fictional works have remained constant through the years, although their rankings tend to shift War and Peace, The Lawrenceville Stories, and A Town Like Alice Favorite historical works are One Vast Winter Count, On the Border with Mackenzie and Crossing the Line Favorite crime fiction authors are Michael Connelly, John Harvey and Peter Robinson And that s all she can think of that would interest anyone Carla Kelly is quite ordinary, except when she is sometimes prevailed upon to sing a scurrilous song about lumberjacks, or warble Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in Latin Then you m


    1. A phenomenal 5 stars!!!. A touching story written with such depth it was hard to put down. The characterization was also beautifully done. I fell in love with each of them; I will sadly miss them.

    2. I've spoiler warned this but, really, go and read Libby's London Merchant before you read this review (even if you've read it before, treat yourself to a re-read!). This is really The Story of Nez and the conclusion of the journey he started with Libby and the doctor towards reformation. Along the way he falls in love. I enjoyed this, but it didn't feel that much like a romance novel to me. The romance was there, but not at the centre. It existed, it seems to me, as a way to move Nez's character [...]

    3. Lovely book. This is what I expected but did not get from Reforming Lord Ragsdale based on reviews from that book. This book also concerns the redemption of a man whose character is perhaps not all it should be. You could really see Benedict attempting to make himself a better man. Others around him knew he wasn't as bad as he thought himself to be although he did need the redemption. The book was told almost entirely in the POV of the hero and it was wonderfully well done. There was pathos here [...]

    4. This book typifies what I really enjoy in a regency, even though it’s depressing and even horrifying at moments. I read the book in 3-4 hours and absolutely loved it. The slow build of the romance, the unfolding of each character's story, and the development of each one were wonderful. *I somehow missed the fact that this is a follow-up to Libby's London Merchant I'd urge readers to read that one first just so this book doesn't spoil the outcome of that one, but each book stands up well on the [...]

    5. STOP!I made a mistake. I didn't pay attention that this story was the follow-up to Libby's London Merchant. My bad. So I am warning you to read that book first.I started ONE GOOD TURN and my gut told me that there must be another story out there somewhere. Stupid me. I continued reading because the hero was a dolt and I became intrigued with Liria and her little boy, Juan. I admit I didn't like 'Nez' at the beginning. As I just mentioned, he was a dolt: a blockhead, nitwit, and imbecile. He was [...]

    6. Author: Carla KellyFirst published: 2001Length: 3160 locationsSetting: Kent, around 1820 (shortly after "Libby's London Merchant").Sex: clean.Heroine: Spanish camp follower with child.Hero: Duke. Dried out Alcoholic. Fought at Waterloo. Some light ptsd.Trigger: Liria was gang raped during wartime.Includes: excerpt from The Lady's Companion by Carla Kelly.A tear-jerker that delves into guilt, responsibility and reformation.This isn't an easy book to read.Benedict (Nez) isn't the most compassionat [...]

    7. 4/5; 4 stars; A-I vaguely recall Benedict, the Duke of Knaresborough from Libby's London Merchant, which I read several years ago. I think I put off reading this book because I didn't like him then although I was sure there was something decent in his character. I'm so glad that Carla Kelly's books are coming out in ebook now because I always meant to read this book to feel that this story arc was complete. Its practically impossible to find her older books in print although I lucked out on ebay [...]

    8. This was a gritty story. Not the usual Carla Kelly Regency. But I love, love, love this book!!Love the male character driven stories. Love the military men who cry!! Love the mellow men who turn alpha!! And - characters from a previous book turn up so that I know what happened to them. Love that last chapter where you think that the hero and heroine won't get together then WHAM - they are sitting there professing their love and you are saying - YEAH!! Love the butler who is really the best frien [...]

    9. This is the book that really got me into reading Carla Kelly and (for me) set her apart from similar authors. I love light Regencies like Georgette Heyer, but occasionally I want to sink my teeth into something a little more substantial. The Duke of Knaresborough is a thoroughly selfish and bored man now that he's retired from the army. The occasional act of service to another human being does nothing toward making him a more likable character until his coachman shames him into offering a ride t [...]

    10. I got to about Chapter 10 and read the end. It drags. The history lesson is interesting but I got tired of the dragging out of plot points. Love Libby, woe is me our hero, the Sargent , chicken pox, his sister, courting the neighbor. The overall writing is good , I just got bored.

    11. One of the things Ms. Kelly does well is to begin her story in media res. Her characters haven’t been waiting for this story to live, and we must catch up with them as they ramble, gallop, or flee ventre à terre across the landscape of the story. In One Good Turn, Benedict Nesbitt, the Seventh Duke of Knaresborough, crawled out of the bottle a year previous to the beginning of the story, after having lost the love of his life to a “bumbling, overweight surgeon”, who is utterly happy with [...]

    12. This is a nice follow up to Libby's London Merchant. This time the story picks up a year later with the Duke of Knaresborough, Benedict Nesbitt (Nez). He has successfully stayed sober but still feels the sting of losing Libby to Dr Cook. However, a Spanish woman with her young son enters his life and he realizes his heart can heal. This story moves along at a good pace and deals with serious matters with just the right touch. It does not gloss over the horrors of war but neither did it leave me [...]

    13. On second reading, I was much less aware of the Americanism. Still irked by the ending. Still like it considerable.For some reason I was keenly aware that it was an American writing it, even though I suspect I've seen British authors pull pretty much anything specific I might point at as an example. It just has an underlying "American west" attitude, somehow. I also felt that some choices were made to make a point about the issues the author was dealing with, when I wanted the author to challeng [...]

    14. This book is almost entirely from the hero's perspective, which you don't come across too often in romance novels (though this isn't the first time I've run into in Carla Kelly's books). And while I would've liked to get to know Liria better than I did, I didn't feel like the book suffered at all being mainly from Nez's perspective, because he's such an interesting character. He's far from perfect, but he's trying, and I appreciated that it wasn't "the love of a good woman" that reformed him--it [...]

    15. So, this kind of looks like it's going to be a steamy romance novel, but it isn't bad like that. It was bad in that it took me until like halfway through to actually become a little interested in the characters and the story. One of the characters was so prevalent at the start of the book and dwindled to non-existance toward the end, which was weird because he decided that he was going to be so much a better uncle and everything, and then this niece Yeah, what happens to her? Oh well. An interes [...]

    16. An extraordinary book by an extraordinary writer.In this book, Carla Kelly brings extraordinary depth of emotion to the usually light, fluffy subgenre of Regency romance. I don't want to give anybody any spoilers about this book, but I cannot recommend it more highly.

    17. 2 1/2 Stars This was my first time reading an older non-smutty historical and it was aight. It's one of those novels where you don't get many fun characters and the plot is lacking, so it was pretty boring.

    18. This book was full of introspection following the Napoleonic War. It had some hard topics and as Carla Kelly does, she shows that there are many facets to each individual.

    19. This story was an eye-opener to be sure and while the romance was very proper, there are some extremely violent war scenes described in this book. It's a double edged sword. I have so much admiration and sadness for people who endure these horrible situations and continue living but sometimes their experiences haunt me. So I recommend it with caution if you are tender hearted like me.

    20. “One Good Turn” is a spin-off of “Libby’s London Merchant”. I like spin-offs, generally speaking, because it gives focus and value to another worthy character. If I liked the original story, I am always happy to read a further adventure. Nez was a good guy who deserves his own story.It was good. However most of the time Carla Kelly hooks me with the first chapter and off I go. With “Good Turn” I had to be dragged somewhat into the story. I finally got more into it by the time I hit [...]

    21. synopsis:nez was on his way back from visiting the woman that he loved, but lost to another man, when he meets a spanish woman and her son on the road. he takes them up, and offers liria a job as his housekeeper. liria is hiding something, some hurt from her past, and nez is still recovering from the atrocities that he saw during waterloo. when some of his comrades visit, he discovers the truth about liria, and has to answer for his actions. while he himself did not participate in the atrocities [...]

    22. This is a sequal to Libby's London Merchant and you really should read that first in order to fully appreciate Nesbitt. I did not like him in Libby's story and as a matter of fact, I didn't like that book nearly as much as I did this one. Nesbitt definitely redeems himself here.This was not a traditional romance. It is remarkably dark and while it's evident what happened to Liria during the war, when she finally tells the specifics of her story, it is deeply moving and disturbing.I think that on [...]

    23. I can't quite say why this book didn't work for me. I'm a fan of Carla Kelly, especially her non-British settings and atypical romantic heroes and heroines. Yet that combination didn't work for me here. I never quite found the hero convincing as nobility. He is simply too nice. He has absolutely no pretensions or arrogance, something I found difficult to believe. One reason--among many--that I enjoy Kelly's characters is because they're so very decent. But decency becomes almost treacly in some [...]

    24. Oops! I should have read book 1 first.I love Carla Kelly's writing and her ability to draw me into a story. These characters were amazing. I love that Ms Kelly made the competing love interest a nice and kind woman. No need for her to be portrayed as a witch. Even the secondary characters were people of depth that I cared about.Nez starts out as a selfish, inconsiderate jerk. But we see him grow as a man. He is a work in progress. Liria is not what she seems and as I learned more about her heart [...]

    25. It's the second time I read this, and I'm glad I did, what a glorious way to celebrate the end of a vacation! I didn't remember a bit until I came to the part where Liria takes care of smallpox patients, and I couldn't stop reading by that point. It's a really tragic and beautiful tale, one of Carla Kelly's masterpieces. We are creatures who can create heaven and hell on this earth, and it kept me spellbound. The only problem with this book is that CK does emphasize her points here and there, an [...]

    26. I enjoyed this as a sequel to Libby's London Merchant. As I was on Team Benedict. I loved the Benedict character and the addition of the heroine different than Carla Kelly's english heroines. I love her research on war, unexpected characters meeting, worlds that seem to collide and heroes that are true heroes. Although this might be marked as a clean book by some, I would caution that because of the war storyline there is a scene in which rape is handled. Because I have a daughter I think in ter [...]

    27. Great storyWell before I read this book and after I read "Mrs Drew plays her hand ". I thought Wowat's in the top five of all the books I have read. I don't say that lightly. I have at least 2500 books on my Kindle and read probably 5 or 10 a week. I have to delete them off frequently to keep it at 2500 I am not bragging. That's how much I liked this book. Ms. Kelly, I bow to the way you effortlessly give your heroes such a mixture of humaness and grace. This book will stay with me. I will read [...]

    28. What fantastic writing! I could not put this book down and had to finish it! Kelly words tug at your heart, squeeze and doesn't let go. The story itself is amazing, then add Kelly's magnificent story-telling on top. We meet Ben/Nez and Liria during a rainstorm where each is wary of the other. Thank goodness there is no instant attraction or love-at-first sight, nor is there antagonism that seems contrived. As the story progresses, each character is peeled back layer by layer to reveal themselves [...]

    29. The sequel to LIBBY'S LONDON MERCHANT. Nez, nearly the hero of that book, still had some growing to do before he could take on the full aspect of a hero. The story grows slowly and our duke matures slowly as well. He came a long way in the previous book, but he's still struggling to find his place.Liria's story, when it is fully revealed, is horrible. Such horror is unusual in romance, esp. an older Signet Regency, as this is. But it's real.The HEA, when it finally arrives, left me warm and quit [...]

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