The Age of Ra

The Age of Ra

James Lovegrove / Feb 18, 2020

The Age of Ra The Ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all the other pantheons and claimed dominion over the earth dividing it into warring factions Lt David Westwynter a British soldier stumbles into Freegypt t

  • Title: The Age of Ra
  • Author: James Lovegrove
  • ISBN: 9781844167470
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all the other pantheons and claimed dominion over the earth, dividing it into warring factions Lt David Westwynter, a British soldier, stumbles into Freegypt, the only place to have remained independent of the gods influence There, he encounters the followers of a humanist leader known as the Lightbringer, who has vowed to rid maThe Ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all the other pantheons and claimed dominion over the earth, dividing it into warring factions Lt David Westwynter, a British soldier, stumbles into Freegypt, the only place to have remained independent of the gods influence There, he encounters the followers of a humanist leader known as the Lightbringer, who has vowed to rid mankind of the shackles of divine oppression As the world heads towards an apocalyptic battle, there is far to this freedom fighter than it seems

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        James Lovegrove is the author of several acclaimed novels and books for children.James was born on Christmas Eve 1965 and, having dabbled in writing at school, first took to it seriously while at university A short story of his won a college competition The prize was 15, and it had cost 18 to get the story professionally typed This taught him a hard but necessary lesson in the harsh economic realities of a literary career.Straight after graduating from Oxford with a degree in English Literature, James set himself the goal of getting a novel written and sold within two years In the event, it took two months The Hope was completed in six weeks and accepted by Macmillan a fortnight later The seed for the idea for the novel a world in microcosm on an ocean liner was planted during a cross Channel ferry journey.James blew his modest advance for The Hope on a round the world trip which took him to, among other places, Thailand His experiences there, particularly what he witnessed of the sex industry in Bangkok, provided much of the inspiration for The Foreigners.Escardy Gap was co written with Pete Crowther over a period of a year and a half, the two authors playing a game of creative tag, each completing a section in turn and leaving the other to carry the story on The result has proved a cult favourite, and was voted by readers of SFX one of the top fifty SF Fantasy novels of all time.Days, a satire on consumerism, was shortlisted for the 1998 Arthur C Clarke Award losing to Mary Doria Russell s The Sparrow The book s genesis most probably lies in the many visits James used to make as a child to the Oxford Street department store owned by his grandfather It was written over a period of nine months while James was living in the north west suburbs of Chicago.Subsequent works have all been published to great acclaim These include Untied Kingdom, Worldstorm, Provender Gleed, The Age Of Ra and the back to back double novella Gig James has also written for children Wings, a short novel for reluctant readers, was short listed for several awards, while his fantasy series for teens, The Clouded World, written under the pseudonym Jay Amory, has been translated into 7 other languages so far A five book series for reluctant readers, The 5 Lords Of Pain, is appearing at two monthly intervals throughout 2010.He also reviews fiction for the Financial Times, specialising in the Young Adult, children s, science fiction, fantasy, horror and graphic novel genres.Currently James resides in Eastbourne on the Sussex Coast, having moved there in August 2007 with his wife Lou, sons Monty and Theo, and cat Ozzy He has a terrific view of the sea from his study window, which he doesn t sit staring out at all day when he should be working Honest.


    1. See that cover? That is a kick ass cover. So the next time you're in a bookstore, stop and gaze upon its beauty--then return the book to the shelf and slowly back away because that moment, the moment where you gaze upon that glorious golden image of Ra and then wonder at the contradictory image of a modern day soldier in front of a battlefield and think WTF--that's as good as it's going to get, baby.I have put off reviewing this for days because reviewing it seems cruel, like kicking a three leg [...]

    2. A hundred years ago the Egyptian gods defeated all other gods and now reign supreme over the earth. Dividing the land up amongst themselves, their feuds and squabbles and hatreds reflect on earth amongst the mortals. Thousands of men and women join their deities' armies and navies, their service and sacrifice the ultimate worship. Lieutenant David Westwynter is a British soldier of Osiris. Having barely escaped with his life from a trap in Petra, Jordan, he knows his only hope is reaching Freegy [...]

    3. Okay, I admit it - I'm a sucker for a pretty face, a hot body, and a flashy book cover. This one caught my eye and, on a whim, I decided to pick it up.If the cover was the tease, then the premise itself was pure temptation. Imagine a world in which the gods are real, in which they've gone to war, and in which the ancient Egyptian ones have defeated all others. Odin, Zeus, Allah, Jesus . . . all of them, dead and gone. The major powers of the world are still at war (yeah, like that's a surprise!) [...]

    4. I gave up on this book halfway through. Which really was a pity. I LOVED the idea. When I stumbled across the description of the book I thought there couldn’t go anything wrong with such a fun idea. But apparently a bad author can ruin even the best of ideas.I am hard pressed on where to begin with all the faults in this book.It has little to no plot. When you reach page 160 and STILL nothing has happened you know something is seriously wrong.The mortal characters range from cardboard boring s [...]

    5. I don't often say it this bluntly, but this book is heartbreakingly stupid. What's that you say? Heartbreakingly isn't a real adverb? Well, that didn't stop James Lovegrove from employing them on such a routine basis that it actually made me laugh after a while. The prose is hilarious, but that's actually the least of my problems here. The big, glaring problem here comes from the absolute waste of the premise.Age of Ra is a world where the Egyptian pantheon killed off all the other gods 100 year [...]

    6. James Lovegrove’s Age of Ra is an unholy deuce. One hundred years ago, the Egyptian gods killed all the other gods. Now, present day, different parts of the world follow different Egyptian deities, and a man called the Lightbringer has had enough of their abuse. Oddly enough, the one part of the world free from the grasp of the Egyptian gods is Egypt (wut) or, as they call it, “Freegypt” (ugh). Thus, after British Soldier Lt. David Westwynter’s crew is ambushed, he flees there and finds [...]

    7. It was good. For the first half I was reading at such a nice pace that I was reluctant to put it down; not an exciting page-turner, but a smooth read that held my attention. Other than skimming some of the military and battle descriptions it was an easy read with a nice flow. I like the parallels between the story of what's happening on Earth and what the gods are up to in their realm. It's an interesting new take on the traditional tale of free will versus divine intervention. It also included [...]

    8. This was one of those books where I liked the idea moreso than the execution. The idea of a world in which the Egyptian gods have destroyed all other beief systems and essentially rule the world is a pretty clever idea. The main thrust of the story, a group of non-believers,led by the faceless 'Lightbringer', attempting to overthrow the gods themselves, is an interesting and engaging story. I foun the main character,David Westwinter, to be a pretty enjoyable, if unoriginal,character. He acts as [...]

    9. I picked this up after reading a glowing review on a blog. I've since noticed that almost every review on said blog is a little too glowing in, I couldn't find a negative review. So I should have been more wary.The Age of Ra takes place in a world where the Egyptian pantheon of gods has arisen again to dominance in the world, and with good reason--they are real, and they have defeated all other deities.As it was, I think the idea behind the book has merit, but the execution was feeble. The chara [...]

    10. I'm someone who picks up books 50% on their covers, 25% on the back story and 25% on its reviews. And I have to say The Age of Ra by James Lovegrove was unique. Chose it partly 'cause of the cover and partly cause of the title; I'm a sucker for Mythology and anything related with mythology is good enough for me and then their was the added bonus of the story being of a sci-fi-military-utopia vs. dystopia centered story, my favourite genre. So read on.Here is how the summary of the book goes like [...]

    11. The setting is an alternate modern-day world, in which the existence of ancient gods of is undisputed: their existence is a fact. The Gods have waged a war and those of the Egyptian pantheon were victorious and rule the heavens, fighting amongst themselves for dominion over the world of humankind. Cleric-politicians claiming direct communication with deities hold sway over international affairs; tensions boil over into military conflicts… everywhere except Egypt itself, which the gods have dec [...]

    12. The Age of Ra was a book I picked up on a whim, mostly out of curiosity for the plot. My sister enjoys Egyptian history, knows her Gods and Goddesses and quite a bit of the lore, so I was tempted to pick up the book mostly to tell her the plot at a later date. I have not told her, because this book was a tedious read, at least for me. So, what can I say. I am writing this review a little while after I've read the book but I remember the majority of the story. So, let's begin. The story begins wi [...]

    13. I found this book in a secondhand bookstore's science fiction section. The cover made me pick it up and the synopsis was interesting enough to warrant a read. While the author does create an interesting universe in which the fate of nations is determined by Egyptian gods, many of which have absolutely no concern for morals, the story ultimately falls flat. Flat is really the best way I can describe this novel. The characters are flat, static, and uninteresting leaving the reader detached from th [...]

    14. This book is quite a departure from my normal reading pattern. I don't usually read books with a military/war sort of setting. But this book had myth in it and that was a hook I could not resist. I will admit that I approached it quite warily since I was afraid that I'd not quite understand the military terminology, etc and that would break the flow of the story while I try and work it all out so it made sense. The ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all other pantheons, and now rule the Earth, [...]

    15. Basically the novel equivalent of a summer action movie: a light, scifi tinged militaristic romp. If you aren't looking for anything too serious or groundbreaking, but just a quick read I don't think you will be too disappointed. Lovegrove is able to build his world in a clever way where details are slipped right into your knowledge of the real world, which makes me wish he had done more of it. As it stands, I can't really believe or understand how the Gods have so much control over the human go [...]

    16. The Age of Ra is a novel writtrn by the british writer James Lovegroove. It provides an interesting view of what the world would look like if the Egyptian Gods still existed. The answer is world war. The story divides in two threads: the Human Thread, which follows Liutenant David Westwynter, a British soldier who serves Osiris and Isis, Europe's guardians, when he rebels against the control of the gods and allies himself with the mysterious Lightbringer, a freedom fighter whith a dark past. The [...]

    17. Meh and blek. I was quite surprised to read the author bio at the end and discover this was not a debut. After 20 some books you'd think appealingness and personality and, I don't know, maturity as a writer would be present. this felt so much like a 20-something year old's first novel, wherein he tried too hard - sincerely tried - to write a very important work filled with angst and deep meaning but really only delivered a juvenile tale filled with clichéd tropes and a teenager's futile diatrib [...]

    18. Age of Ra turned out to be very good, much better than what I expected based on the blurb which is so misleading, true but way misleadingBecause Age of Ra is not exactly mil-sf - it definitely has armies, an officer as main character but much, much more: mythology, "Englishness", philosophy, very good prose Mr. Lovegrove is one of the best writers out there as style and he could write literary stuff easily and maybe that's why his genre novels are quirky and not that well knownExcellent novel an [...]

    19. The Gods of Egypt have returned and defeated every other immortal pantheon to reign supreme over the Earth. Now man divides in to various sects devoted to them (Set, Horus, Osiris, etc.) and fights endless wars in their name.My personal favorite part of the book were the scenes actually taking place amongst the Gods on Ra's solar barque. When most writers do something like that, they load those scenes up with flowery, over the top language. Not here. These Gods possess all the charm and snarling [...]

    20. This book is a bootlegged American Gods. Poor execution and why are Egyptian gods using British slang? I understand that we don't really know what sort of colloquialisms that people were using in ancient Egypt but to just use your own slang is straight sloppy as hell. Lazy writing, just read Neil Gaiman's book because it's actually good.I see this dude has more books in the series. I'll add those to my "Avoid at all costs" list. The guy didn't even bother to pick a God for the latest one just a [...]

    21. I am giving this book a 4-star rating because it was a good story with a solid plot. In spite of what other reviewers have said, there was a point to the whole narrative. David Westwynter is the main character, a soldier. Initially he is fighting for one of the gods, but eventually joins the cause to eliminate all gods from having dominion over earth. The leader of the cause turns out to be his long-lost brother, Steven. Will they be successful in their fight for freedom?The weak points:- There [...]

    22. In honesty, this is more like a 2.5 stars, but I like the concept and the writing style enough to round up. I would like to read something similar.This is one of the few times that I wish the author had done a second or third book to. The plot is too condensed to be truly good. Taking a little time to explain, and some more character development, and do a little more world-building the ideas present in the novel are great. But a lack of pages to explain, and only developing characters to a point [...]

    23. Rather hard going. Started well enough, so I continued reading without any expectation or scepticism. But things going harder, and as the conflict going more complicated, I began to wonder whether the effort to finish this book really worth it. I kept continue then, hoping somehow the ending would be more interesting. I love stories about the deities, anyway. But no. A big NO. There was no decent ending, so shallow and unimportant. Like, "That's it??" That single star were credit to the author, [...]

    24. I really liked the premise of the story and the shifting perspectives of the main character and the Egyptian gods. The scale of the story was impressive and the mystery inherent in it was very intriguing. I was a bit underwhelmed by the way the story unfolded as it seemed that the author wasn't quite sure whether he was writing a story about humans and gods grappling over cosmic primacy or a personal tale of self-discovery and retribution. Either way, I enjoyed the book and I was pleasantly plea [...]

    25. First off, it took me over a week to read this novel — not because it was slow-reading or difficult, but because life got in the way of reading. That being said, this novel did not have the gripping quality that would have made me set life aside and make the novel take priority. However, I was engaged while reading The Age of Ra, and I am overall very pleased with the novel and its plot. The concept of Egyptian gods ruling over a twenty-first century world is almost, well, novel, since I have [...]

    26. I can't even begin to say how much I love this book. I initially came across it at the bookstore and didn't pick it up; while the concept was interesting, the cover art made me wary that it would be a typical war/adventure novel wrapped in a fun concept that would disappoint me. I ended up picking up another book, which I later found out that I already had; I returned to the book store, got a credit, and decided why not, I'd give this a chance.I'm very glad that I did.The gods of ancient Egypt h [...]

    27. Review:So, first off tell me what you think when you look at that cover no, really, stop and think about it?What do I think? Kurt Russell, James Spader Stargate yes. There I said it. Stargate. That aside, I'm not sure how I feel about this book. Due to my own confusion over how to feel, I went out and read several other reviews some of which loved the book, and some of which hated it and here's what it boils down to for me: I agree more with the folks who didn't exactly enjoy it.I think this rev [...]

    28. I was honestly surprised by this book. At first, I thought it was just a pretty cover, with an interesting premise. Egyptian gods ruling the earth, the planet divided up between the deities, a country seeking to spread its ideology of non-belief's all a pretty good idea. And thought-provoking. Throughout the book, the protagonist follows a bunch of rebels who are trying to defy the gods. I'm not talking riots in the streets or protests; I'm talking about a militia group going out and destroying [...]

    29. Military fiction with Egyptian gods. Lovegrove has created a rich universe that feels as if he has only scratched the surface with his story. The setting alone, and his handling of a world given over to the Egyptian gods, is wonderfully done and reading this book is well worth it just for seeing how he has handled this unique situation within his story.Much like the other reviews of this book, I feel too that the story takes a long, long time to pick up the pace. The first half of the book takes [...]

    30. With the pretty unique premise of looking at a world in which the old Egyptian gods vanquished all the other belief systems and lived into the current day and age, I simply could not resist picking up this book. It is a great example of creating an alternative reality, and the element of adding some interesting perspective from the point of view of the gods as well as contemporary humans who face a very different reality form our own, made this a fascinating, compelling, and very thought-provoki [...]

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