The Carnival Master

The Carnival Master

Craig Russell / Jan 22, 2020

The Carnival Master Jan Fabel thought he was finished with death Instead while he is preparing for a new career outside the police a Cologne murder detective asks for his help in tracking down the Carnival Cannibal a

  • Title: The Carnival Master
  • Author: Craig Russell
  • ISBN: 9780099522645
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jan Fabel thought he was finished with death Instead, while he is preparing for a new career outside the police, a Cologne murder detective asks for his help in tracking down the Carnival Cannibal, a terrifying serial killer who has killed each year for three years at the start of Cologne s world famous annual Carnival.Maria Klee, Fabel s deputy, is close to mental breakdJan Fabel thought he was finished with death Instead, while he is preparing for a new career outside the police, a Cologne murder detective asks for his help in tracking down the Carnival Cannibal, a terrifying serial killer who has killed each year for three years at the start of Cologne s world famous annual Carnival.Maria Klee, Fabel s deputy, is close to mental breakdown and on extended sick leave Unknown to anyone, Maria also heads for Cologne to hunt down a different, even dangerous killer One with whom she has a score to settle.Taras Buslenko, a Ukrainian special forces commander prepares his hand picked undercover spetznaz unit for a black operation into Cologne Their aim to end, with extreme prejudice, the rule of an ex pat Ukrainian crime boss of legendary cruelty Their orders to let nothing or nobody get in their way.Three paths converging on Cologne at Carnival at a time when the world is traditionally turned on its head and Chaos rules And everybody hides behind a mask.Fabel finds himself on a trail of betrayal and vengeance, violence and death And once faces his greatest enemy the true Master of the Carnival.

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Craig Russell was born in 1956, in Fife, Scotland He served as a police officer and worked in the advertising company as a copywriter and creative director Russell had a long standing interest in the German language and in post war German history and society He has been a freelance writer for twelve years.Also writes under the pseudonym Christopher Galt


    1. Κρεγκ Ράσελ: Μία ξεχωριστή "φωνή" στο αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα!

    2. ต้องบอกว่าติดใจจริงๆ กับซีรีย์ ญาณ ฟาเบิล นี้เล่มนี้นอกจากเรื่องราวคดีในเมืองโคโลญฆ่า และตัดเนื้อจากก้นของศพไปที่ฟาเบิลต้องมาช่วยในการสืบหาตัวฆาตกรแล้วยังมีอีกความวุ่นวาย [...]

    3. Another in this highly engaging series of police procedurals based in Germany. Although I enjoyed it very much I did wonder if the narrative was a little too divided between the Carnival murders and the quest on the part of the special forces group, Fabel's colleague and finally Fabel himself to bring to ground Vasyl Vitrenko, the Ukrainian baddie who has been Fabel's nemeses since the first novel in the series. Still by the final pages both plot strands were brought to a satisfying conclusion w [...]

    4. I really like the Jan Fabel series and Craig Russell's writing style. My main criticism of this book is the shift in focus from Fabel and his Hamburg beat to his damaged subordinate Anna, and the Cologne setting where Fabel meets again the Ukrainian gang boss with the magnetic blue-green eyes from the first book. There just isn't enough Fabel and the parts about Anna, the Ukrainians and bodybuilder Andrea didn't make up for his absence. I did enjoy finding out about carnival in Cologne, however. [...]

    5. Z twórczością Russella zetknęłam się po raz pierwszy mniej więcej w tym samym czasie, kiedy zaczęłam poznawać powieści Chattama. Od samego początku Russell posługiwał się słowem pisanym gorzej od swojego kolegi po fachu, jednak była to różnica nieznaczna. Tymczasem teraz aż przykro się patrzy, jak Chattam miażdży Brytyjczyka. Nie rozumiem, czemu autor uparł się, żeby prowadzić równolegle dwa główne wątki. Akcja jest tak rozproszona, że aż się to wszystko źle cz [...]

    6. This fourth installment in the Jan Fabel series is one of the strongest in the series - and definitely a vast improvement over the third entrant, Eternal. The varied elements and strings of the stories mold together to create a riveting - and at times, horrifying - whole. Cannibalism runs rampant throughout the book - both its history, and some more modern, criminal applications - so this novel probably isn’t the best choice for reading while eating anything. Weak-stomached readers most likely [...]

    7. Overall, I think there were too many strands to the narrative and the first third was a little confusing until some of the strands started to converge. A dark and complex story tying up loose ends from previous books in the series - it certainly helped to have read the earlier story

    8. Probably the best of the Fabel books so far, (only contested by the last one,) The Carnival Master has a more experimental plot structure where several different threads run side by side, with different main characters, only to be tied together at the last second. This books presupposes the reading of the previous books in the series to a much larger degree than 1-3, which I find a very good thing, as it enables The Carnival Master to immediately build upon the plot lines and character developme [...]

    9. I can't quite decide if I like Craig Russell's books or not I've read quite a few of them now. Honestly I think the only thing I don't like (and really really can't explain because it seems completely unreasonable of my brain!) is the fact that they are set in Europe. I had a similar experience with another book that had been translated, The Beast.Aside from that weird factor that I'm sure is just in my head, I quite enjoyed the story generally. I liked that thruout the story they throw in snip [...]

    10. Olaylar farklıymış gibi gözükse de sonunda karakterlerin başına gelenlerin benzer olduğunu görüyoruz. Yani tema aynıydı (ısırık atma ögg :P, intikam) Maria. Çok üzüldüm gerçekten, neler geldi başına hayatı karardı resmen. Ama sonunda iyi yaptı Vitrenko'ya ohh:P Vitrenko davası daha çok ön plandaydı. Diğer iki kişinin mevzusu ikinci plandaydı.Basit durmuştu biraz. İnsan vücüdundan ısırık alıp yeme üzerineydi. Bu konuda yaratıcı yazarımız maşaallah ci [...]

    11. The overwhelming theme of this novel is identity; how we see ourselves, how others see us and the longing to be somebody else, if only for a short while. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the earlier ones in the series and felt the whole subplot with the Ukrainian mafia was totally unnecessary. I would've preferred it if the Karneval Cannibal was the main focus. The ending was left kind of open so I'm not sure if Russell is planning more installments of Fabel's adventures or if that is how he [...]

    12. So far my least favorite in the Jan Fabel series. The story takes Fabel away from Hamburg, the team is fragmenteed. His colleague Maria is losing and going after her nemesis on her own. The whole case is odd, to say the least - tries to bring elements from Blood Eagle to a close - but it didn't work for me. What I also find pretty unappealing was the plot very much about cannialism. Overall, Fabel doesn't get to shine half as mich as he does in his previous cases.

    13. The way this book was written is a quite interesting form. A lot of threads make it more curious. A place wherein an action is taking place is Koln. An author shows us a police work really precisely. I think that's exactly what make me feel to read more his book. Just a good describing the way of a protagonist's job. I would say, the further you go, the harder you break away of it. Russell introduced us a good crime story. Farewell, guys!

    14. 4,5 SterneIch hatte mir diesen Krimi in erster Linie aus einer Grabbelkiste mitgenommen, weil er in meiner Lieblingsstadt Köln spielt. Aber das Buch war dann auch richtig, richtig gut! Sehr spannend und vielseitig, interessante Charaktere und unvorhersehbare Wendungen. Vielleicht werde ich mir den Rest der Reihe auch noch zulegen

    15. It took me a while to get into this book as there were so many characters to get into my head. I haven't read any other books in the series and this may have had an influence . However it was a good gritty mystery thriller which came together in the end . By all accounts Karneval would certainly be something to experience if visiting Cologne

    16. Yazarın ilk iki kitabından aldığım tadı bulamadım ama yine de derli toplu yazılmış güzel bir polisiye. Kitap da iki ayrı olay birbirinden bağımsız şekilde gelişiyor ve ikisi de (biri beni pek tatmin etmese de) açıklığa kavuşuyor.Craig Russell beğendiğim bir yazar olduğundan sıkılmadan okudum ama ilk kez okuyacak olanlara Kanlı Masalları tavsiye ederim.

    17. There are about four or five story lines so it takes a while for the book to build up speed. If you haven't read the first Jan Fabel book it might be difficult to follow. I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous books.

    18. There aren't enough cannibalistic serial murderers in Hamburg, so Jan Fabel has to go on temporary duty to Cologne, where the killer usually strikes during Carneval. Meanwhile, Maria Klee is in trouble, trying to track down her Ukrainian attacker while on sick leave.

    19. Excellent read by one of the most underrated authors out there the Jan Fabel series has gripped me from start to finish. This story has two main plot threads running throuhout the book and keeps the reader gripped to the plot.

    20. The previous book in the series was a bit disappointing and predictable, but this one was much better. I don't like characters who have a vendetta against Fabel continuing into subsequent books, but that is a minor point.

    21. Un libro que mantiene el suspense y sorprende al final. Tambien muy enttretenido al llevar dos tramas a la vez.

    22. This boom was read not long after a visit to Cologne so interesting to recognise places we had been. The whole carnival concept and the killings is excellently written.

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