Claimed by the Wolf

Claimed by the Wolf

Charlene Teglia / Feb 20, 2020

Claimed by the Wolf They guard humanity against supernatural threats from the five gateways into the world The Shadow Guardians a vampire a werewolf a demon a dragon and a fae are united in brotherhood and war Shadow

  • Title: Claimed by the Wolf
  • Author: Charlene Teglia
  • ISBN: 9780312537425
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • They guard humanity against supernatural threats from the five gateways into the world The Shadow Guardians a vampire, a werewolf, a demon, a dragon and a fae are united in brotherhood and war Shadow Guardian Kenrick is an alpha werewolf forever in his prime When Sybil, a beautiful apprentice witch, unknowingly opens a realm to the Otherworld, there is a sudden influThey guard humanity against supernatural threats from the five gateways into the world The Shadow Guardians a vampire, a werewolf, a demon, a dragon and a fae are united in brotherhood and war Shadow Guardian Kenrick is an alpha werewolf forever in his prime When Sybil, a beautiful apprentice witch, unknowingly opens a realm to the Otherworld, there is a sudden influx of demons and it s up to Kenrick to help her stop them Soon their passion flares and Kenrick desires Sybil as his mate But to form their union, Sybil faces the ultimate test She must bind herself to the Shadow Guardians by sharing herself with all five warriors.

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        Award winning author Charlene Teglia loves penning tales of romance and adventure Among other accolades, Charlene has been presented with the prestigious Romantic Times BOOKreviews Reviewers Choice Award for Best Erotic Novel and twice nominated for Best Erotic Romance That s the official blurb I m using to track my own reading, so that at the end of the year I ll have some idea how much and what I read.


    1. 3 ½ stars – Paranormal Romance/Erotica/Ménage/BDSMApprentice witch Sybil, frustrated and bored with being treated like a fledgling errand girl by her coven, goes looking for some action, buys a seemingly worthless, innocent book of magic at an estate sale, and inadvertently ends up opening a gate to the shadow realm that can unleash demons and possibly end the world. So what’s a witch to do to make things right again and save humanity? How about submitting to a big ol’ sex fest with five [...]

    2. I was mentally exhausted while reading this book. There is a story in this book but the story is wrapped around Sybil having sex, lots and lots of sex with 5 beasts, I mean men over 5 days. Did I mention she has lots and lots of sex? After reading Animal Attraction by Teglia, I am starting to see a pattern here. Sex, lots of it, with lots of men over a very short period of time. Hmmmm doesn't sound bad to me.

    3. So. What do I think of this book then. Oh my. Where do I start?? I guess I'll start by saying it's pretty well written. No awkward grammar or sentence structures. Well, almost none. A book that is well written, no matter how dumb I think it is, automatically rates higher on my scale of 1 to 5.Plot. Wow. I guess it can be discussed whether the plot is good or bad, or even there at all. Because this book is one huge orgy with a basic plot at the beginning to lead into the orgy, and a little bit of [...]

    4. 0.5 STARSI didn't like this book at all!!!! So disappointing. I was looking forward to reading something interesting when I picked this up but really it was gross!!! ;( So the main character, Sybil, she's a witch and she gets into some trouble with a dark book. That's where the five guardians of the gate come in. They are supposed to keep the book out of the hands of evil but didn't know where it was until now. The dark book has a mind of it's own and buries all of it's dark spells and magic int [...]

    5. Sybil is a fledgling witch who happens upon a book that opens the gate to the shadow realms. Since the magic is far too strong for her to handle, she calls for the aid of the goddess, Inanna. In walks Kenric, a wolf shifter, who is one of the five Shadow Guardians. To save Sybil, he takes her back to Xanadu where Sybil is told that since she threw herself on the goddess's mercy, she will have to accept her mark and serve the goddess. Well, serving the goddess Inanna, who is a goddess of sex, mea [...]

    6. Okay read, very hot. Wish the story had been more in depth. I would buy the next in the series if it comes out hoping to get more story line. I liked the dragon.

    7. WHEW!!! This one had me blushing basically through the entire book. The plot was simple, quite uncomplicated considering the dangers surrounding it. But the guardians are all HOT!!!!!!!!!!! I must tip my hat to Sybil because I know I could not have handled all five of these guys on my best juggling days! LOL The only reason I give this one 3 stars is because it just doesn't sit well with me if a man claims a woman for his mate, for him to be okay, more than okay, with his fellow Brothers sharing [...]

    8. While I liked this book, I did have some problems with it. The first was Sybil's easy acceptance of her fate, sex with 5 men who are strangers and then to be tied to all of them for life. With each man getting to spend 24 hours with her, then to hand her off to the next, it made for the straight 100 or so pages of sex scenes make sense, but did give me pause. What woman could handle that, not be incredibility sore and able to walk, but I digress.I really liked how each of the men were so differe [...]

    9. Ms. Teglia is new to me, recommended by one of the groups as April '11 BOM. I was a bit skeptical to read this book. I ended up enjoying it a lot. The narration was fun from Sybil's point of view. The five studly men she sleeps with turned me on. Each of the men had their unique sexual kink. While the premise of the story was rather weak and the characters weren't fully developed, I still enjoyed the sex scenes so much, I'm ranking it a 4 star. I'm even going to look for other books by this aut [...]

    10. This book was just not for me. I am ok with lots of sex and ok with shifter sex of all kinds what I am not really ok with is really no character development and I felt like I was reading an excerp from play girl fantasies. Just not for me I need to like the characters I am reading about .

    11. WTF?No plot, no nothing, except sex, sex, sex. With 5 guys!I have nothing against erotica, or porn (in this case), but don't sell it as some mate-bonding romance, please!

    12. I was pleasantly surprised to find some humor in this book: dragon with the sense of humor. As expected, the 80% of the book were sex scenes and I had to skip some – too repetitive

    13. Who knew that an erotic PNR wherein a witch must repeatedly have sex with five immortal warriors (a werewolf, a demon, a vampire, a sidhe, and a dragon-shifter) as part of a magic ritual to serve Inanna to save the world from demons could be so BORING? Just lots of thrusting and orgasming from barely a touch. Repeatedly. And it says something about how jaded I've become that the BDSM (or, I should say, "BDSM") scenes seemed so mild and, again, BORING. It's partially the way it's written--lots of [...]

    14. Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on Aug 8 2011:Just looking at the cover, what does it make you think of? I mean, aside the normal “mm, hunk, tattoo, yummy” part You know what it made me think of? Gena Showalter‘s Lords of the Underworld series, am I right? By the way, one of these days I’ll post my thoughts on that as well, I was hoping I’d be able to postpone that until the last novel would be published, but since it’s gonna be a while and there’ll be a few novels in [...]

    15. I was actually hoping this book gonna blow me away, but after aquarter of the series it just didn’t get anywhere. I just didn’t feel the love nor that deep connection between the girl and the 5guardian but i still read it till the last page, so 3stars it is

    16. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this book, but most things involving werewolves will usually catch my attention. This book follows the young apprentice witch, Sybil. After buying an old spell book at an estate sale, she unwittingly opens a gate into the demon world and releases a large number of them. While trying to rid herself of the book, it links itself with her mind and flesh to become part of her. Now to stop the hordes of demons and a coven of witches from taking over, she must join forc [...]

    17. I gave this four stars because I liked Charlene Teglia's style of writing, and her brand of erotica. This is in the book of the month in the Erotic Enchants group (GoodReads) and I decided to read it as one in a reading challenge as well.I'm impressed with Ms Teglia's imagination, and this is the first book I've read from her. This reminded me a little of Lara Santiago's "Menagerie" because Sybil is shared by 5 men. The similarity stops there. In here, there are multiple sex partners, menages, a [...]

    18. If you are in the mood to read some sex, sex, and a little more sex, you are in the right place!There is very little character development, especially on the guys side. We do learn a little bit about Sybil's feelings, mainly of inadequacy because her coven never let her learn magic and she was more of an errand girl than anything. In fact, it was her desire to prove that she could do magic and that she was ready to learn more that got her in the whole mess of needing to have sex with 5 different [...]

    19. Many trees and much electricity have been sacrificed for bad erotica so this reader tries to be a little discriminating and determine if I'd read it without the threat of much sex between the covers. I liked the premise of the world being guarded by 5 different supes. The origin story for the series gives werewolf alpha Kenrick spotlight time to find his mate. Kenrick and his fellow guardians have a choice between accepting death or being given a second immortal life to fight on behalf of mankin [...]

    20. DNF. I'll admit, I prefer to have my stories laced with some good heathy erotic along with some steaming build up. Some short 44 page novella make my work easier if I'm in a pinch for time. On the far end of that scope, I truly dislike the teasing pent up blue ball inducing books that have no equal measuring release to make it worth the read. I usually am left irritable, un-sated, mentally vex, and all out bitchy when it comes to thoseWith that being said, I find it difficult to read books like [...]

    21. This book has a tremendous amount of sexual contentt that I minded but some people will. If you are into paranormal this book is a great read. I am hoping she makes it a series. A breif and I mean breif plot line paragraph:Sybil is a witch who doesn't get to use her magic so she discovers a book that she uses, but it turns out the book tries to use her instead. In come the guardians of the dimension gate 5 of them to be specific. We got a werewolf, dragon shapeshifter, demon, vampire, & a hi [...]

    22. This is paranormal erotica, so if that's not your thing, stop reading.Erotica is often poorly written, so to find a halfway decent story with some good characters is a pretty big deal. I think this book delivers that. The love affair between the heroine and her eventual mate wasn't at all believable, but I liked the characters anyway, and while the challenge laid out in the plot was too easily surmounted, at least it kept my interest. So, pretty good. The plot was about a witch who activated a d [...]

    23. 2-1/2 starsThis book was ok. There was a lot of sex which became boring to me after a while. And this book is titled "Claimed by the Wolf" but there was very little interaction between Kenric and Sybil until the end of the book and then all of a sudden they are talking about uncontrolable passion and deep for all eternity love and I just didn't buy into it. I didn't feel their connection at all. There was a lot more heartfelt interaction between Sybil and the other male characters than her so-ca [...]

    24. I kind of regret putting so much time in reading a pointless book. It was a hot read, I'll admit. But the storyline and the incessant sex got boring. No definite structure for a book. No plot that would hold the book on its feet. As for the characters, they were very lacking. No traits distinguished the men from each other. They were really just all supernatural sex-crazed immortals. And for the heroine, I really wonder what's in her head. She is lacking so much as a character; nothing but a bra [...]

    25. I had to force myself to finish this book. I was only a couple pages in when I knew i wasn't going to like it. I mean one minute the wolf is being a dick. then the next minute he's eating her out? wtf. don't really see how someone who hated a species would be so quick to eat out that species vag. Just doesn't make sense to me. not much longer after that part i knew i wasn't going to be able to finish it so i just skimmed and kinda got the gist of the book but not enough to sit there and moon ove [...]

    26. They guard humanity against supernatural threats from the five gateways into the world. The Shadow Guardians: a vampire, a werewolf, a demon, a dragon and a fae are united in brotherhood— and war.Shadow Guardian Kenrick is an alpha werewolf forever in his prime. When Sybil, a beautiful apprentice witch, unknowingly opens a realm to the Otherworld, there is a sudden influx of demons—and it’s up to Kenrick to help her stop them. Soon their passion flares and Kenrick desires Sybil as his mate [...]

    27. So this Sybil has to sleep with these five Guardians to be granted blah blah blah. Okay, I skipped that part. The sex scene was good I guess. Lots of stamina on Kenrick's part really what kind of name is Kenrick and Sybil just has to take it like a woman. I know, the horrors of having to have anal sex with a dragon's tail, sex while other men are watching, sex with multiple men, and then sex with tentacles. Ok, I made that last part up but it could had gotten kinkier but by the time she was lite [...]

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