Bastardos de Voltaire, Los

Bastardos de Voltaire, Los

John Ralston Saul / Aug 18, 2019

Bastardos de Voltaire Los Voltaire fue el individuo ms clebre del siglo dieciocho que fij el rumbo de Occidente para gran parte del siglo diecinueve Fue un hombre consumido por la ambicin social y econmica que derroch gran p

  • Title: Bastardos de Voltaire, Los
  • Author: John Ralston Saul
  • ISBN: 9788489691377
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Voltaire fue el individuo ms clebre del siglo dieciocho, que fij el rumbo de Occidente para gran parte del siglo diecinueve Fue un hombre consumido por la ambicin social y econmica, que derroch gran parte de su vida tra tando de ganarse la aceptacin de la aristocracia y de triunfar como corte sano Sin embargo, al no poder influir sobre los monarcas y los poderosos, VoltaVoltaire fue el individuo ms clebre del siglo dieciocho, que fij el rumbo de Occidente para gran parte del siglo diecinueve Fue un hombre consumido por la ambicin social y econmica, que derroch gran parte de su vida tra tando de ganarse la aceptacin de la aristocracia y de triunfar como corte sano Sin embargo, al no poder influir sobre los monarcas y los poderosos, Voltaire se dirigi a los ciudadanos y se convirti en principal defensor de los derechos humanos y en el apologista de las reformas prcticas La preocupacin humanstica de Voltaire y sus seguidores fue olvidada en la actualidad En su lugar, han surgido grupos de poder que han construido enormes estructuras racionales cuya nica motivacin es mantenerse en el poder Ellos hacen uso de la razn no para liberar a la gente sino para crear sistemas que, nicamente los tecncratas, aquellos expertos a los que Saul llama los bastardos de Voltaire pueden entender y manipular.

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      • John Ralston Saul

        John Ralston Saul is a Canadian author, essayist, and President of International PEN As an essayist, Saul is particularly known for his commentaries on the nature of individualism, citizenship and the public good the failures of manager , or precisely technocrat , led societies the confusion between leadership and managerialism military strategy, in particular irregular warfare the role of freedom of speech and culture and his critique of contemporary economic arguments.


    1. I was impressed by the introduction to this highly touted book. His central point, that the 'reason' of the Enlightenment age, and to which we modern westerners pay lip service, has run amok, that our world is run by soulless technocrats, is not new, but I was eager to see what ammo he brought to bear.Alas, what I found was a personal essay masquerading as a historical overview. Page after page of unsupported opinion offered as fact, sometimes as judgments about individuals. I kept asking myself [...]

    2. Probably the most prophetic thinker on politics, economics, literature, and modern culture in general that we have in the English-speaking world. I read this when it came out in 1992 and it made me rethink a lot of what I had learned as an economics undergrad. It contains an accurate account of the dotcom crash that would come ten years after publication as well as one of the best essays that I have ever read about the modern novel. His chapter on the status of celebrities in our society should [...]

    3. I always find myself conflicted about the non-fiction of John Ralston Saul: he's a fearless thinker who provides illuminating and ofttimes counterintuitive insights to historical, political, cultural and societal patterns that seem to have eluded the grasp of others; and yet he is also prone to mistaking opinion for fact, assertion for truth, calumny for critique, and strenuously whiffing at pitches for every one that he hammers into play. In the course of a single page I can find myself nodding [...]

    4. I think this book does an excellent job of analyzing modern culture and pointing out many of its flaws, especially how there is such specialization that people lack the ability to put actions and events into any sort of context. Without this we cannot hold anyone accountable or judge people/corporations/govts. We need to have some common sense, historical context and morality back in society/corporations/govt before our society slowly implodes back into a society separated into the haves and hav [...]

    5. This book is important. You should read it.If you do not like how limiting school has become, read this book. If you do not like your job because it feels like an 8 hour insult to your potential as a person, read this book. If you have serious qualms with your society and your fellow society member's willful ignorance and disingenuity, read this book. If you're exhausted of having to play dumb to cope with everyday life, read this book. If you're cynical of the idea you're only allowed to have a [...]

    6. FAIL. Dreadful, dumb trash — a farrago of received ideas pretending to be thinking — and intellectually dishonest into the bargain. Worse — Where the hell was the editor? A good editor would have looked out for the reader and reduced 656 pages of repetitive, jejune cant to something befitting the smallness of the thought. This is a pamphlet, padded — outrageously — to book-length. This recalls Truman Capote's remark, "That's not writing. That's typing."

    7. (If you haven't read and understood this book, don't pretend to be an activist.). In 1989, Jules Verne’s great-grandson discovered the manuscript of an unknown novel by his famous ancestor. Paris in the Twentieth Century was published in French in 1994. Shortly after it was published in 1996, I bought Richard Howard’s English version, read it as a curiosity, and set it aside, largely forgotten save for its title.That title, however, has stuck in my mind for almost two decades as the kernel o [...]

    8. This is a very interesting work. Although two decades old, it does contain ideas which are no less- if not just- as valid as they were when the author proposed them. Amongst these are criticisms of the trend since "the Enlightenment" (whatever that was supposed to mean!)of logicians and technocrats to hide their inefficiencies and prejudices, injustices and genocides, beneath a sophistry of hypocritical and cross-purposing propaganda agendas. There is a lot picked to shreds here including:The pr [...]

    9. Encyclopedic, vast, overwritten in parts but contentious in the right sort of ways.We depend on the judgement of "experts" who are adherent to the systems of their intellect and the process of their own convictions to mark up our world. True today, true tomorrow.He misses the boat quite a few times here but when he's on, he's ON.I read this after graduting from school (SUNY-Purchase!) and it gave me plenty of restless nights, believe me.It's almost like he prophesized the rise of the neocons, wh [...]

    10. This is the most life-changing book I have ever read. The author traces reason as an ideology since Voltaire and shows how it is used to create a class of systems managers and technocrats who speak in their own deformed logic that enables kleptocrats to bankrupt our countries ("free market" or "invisible hand") and justification of perpetual war. After reading this book, you will be increasingly wary of academics, technocrats, and economists are able to confidently provide simple answers for the [...]

    11. I am sympathetic to the argument that rationality has trumped humanism but how can you make the argument without resorting to rational argument? A conundrum not solved by this book. It ends up being a mishmash of straw man argument, questionable fact, and lengthy diatribes in search of an editor.And, at the end, the proscription is to question? Did I need to read 600 pages to be told that?It barely gets two stars because of my sympathy for the thesis. Ok, maybe a little extra for the rants again [...]

    12. I really liked this book. It took me a long time to read, but it was well worth it. He discusses how the world of reason has become the world of managers who no longer are connected to reality and have perverted the reason why the enlightenment first began. He disses the world of experts who dismiss the common persons insights and experience because it does not fit into his logical frame of mind. He basically declares that divorce of reason and logic from the real world is a major source of our [...]

    13. Scrivo la recensione in italiano perché l'edizione italiana, che ho letto, non è semplicemente una traduzione dall'inglese, ma una riduzione del testo originale: lungi dall'essere una semplice mutilazione, sembra che autore e curatori abbiano approfittato dell'occasione (e della scusa di veri o presunti riferimenti culturali impervi al lettore italiano) per fare quell'editing di cui svariati recensori dell'edizione originale lamentano la mancanza, laddove parlano di un libro eccessivamente pro [...]

    14. Insightful and "inciteful." This is the most comprehensive and prescient social criticism I've ever read. It's broad topics and accurate reflections are profound. It's hard to believe this book was first published in the 1990s. Obviously we didn't listen. It's a tough read, if you're actually reading it. The pages and ideas are dense, but well worth the effort.

    15. Best book I've read which criticizes western political thought and action. It is the book which has probably shaped my political views the most. Provides what I think is a very fair look at the fundamental logic that operates in most western democracies.

    16. I will never forget this book--it was among the books I was reading 9/11/2001 and I recall it being extremely prescient at the time. I will warn that it's a bit on the dry side. It really takes an earth-shattering event to make it make sense.

    17. The quote on the back of the book, from the Washington Post, describes it as "a hand grenade diguised as a book." 'Nuff said.

    18. This book changed my intellectual life forever, putting word to my vision of the world. When it first appeared Saul challenged everybody to look at the society around them and how common sense and morality had been subordinated to reason. This use and abuse of reason in the services of elites and false populism is explored in detail, as is the co-opting of language to distance people from the activities of the philosophical and political world around them. It reads as fresh to today as when it w [...]

    19. a truly paradigm shifting thesis hampered by a repetative, almost anal retentive focus on uninteresting personages & minutia in history. read it, learn from it, but do not expect to be fully engaged throughout. needed editing, desperately.

    20. On 'The Age of Reason'"Never before in history have there been such enormous elites carrying such burdens of knowledge." p8"[A]mong the illusions which have invested our civilization is an absolute belief that the solution to our problems must be a more determined application of rationally organized expertise. The reality is that our problems are largely the product of that application." p8"ason constituted a moral weapon, when in fact it was nothing more than a disinterested administrative meth [...]

    21. To say that I am "Currently Reading" this poorly states the case. I have been reading it in bite-sized bits for five years or more. I find that too big a bite clogs my mind.The book defies simple description for it covers many areas and elements of modern society, however . . .Saul's premise is that Reason, a "discovery" of the late 18th and early 19th, century has run riot, ignoring humanity (in the sense of human-ness), to society's detriment. Here's a sample of a thought. "Reason" develops co [...]

    22. It's difficult to understand the concept of "challenging reason" at first, but once it's understood, one can look anywhere around them and see how Saul's argument can be applied. He ingeniously weaves his narrative through history, culture, military strategy, economics, celebrity, and fine art to illustrate how centuries of thinking inside the box has brought us to where we are today, and how daring to challenge the preconceived norms of our modern rational society is often met with indifference [...]

    23. You have to filter through the dense, rambling, pompous at times dirt for the insightful gems. There is a payload here but it's a lot of effort to get to. It's hard to pin down a concise thesis because he goes off into so many tangents and covers so much ground. That ground is the entire scope of western civilization going back to ancient Greece including political hierarchies, military strategy, economics, academia, law, art, literature and so much more. Essentially the point is that over time [...]

    24. This is a very lengthy (600+ pages), dense, extensively researched, comprehensive approach to the topic. It is well-reasoned (pun intended; appropriate to the topic) discourse that attempts to draw out the logical outcomes and results from what has already transpired in the areas of philosophy, politics, art, literature, economics. It gives much to ponder. If you buy into his whole thesis, the resulting explanations are plausible and probably spot-on in most cases. While the book is twenty years [...]

    25. One of the ones I reread every few years. It's very hard to argue against his bigger conclusions since they are regularly vindicated the world over. It's a great rant and I'm not concerned with the nitpicking and often wayward negative reviews I have seen from time to time.For an interesting aside on the issues of the Age of Reason see "'Are We "Voltaire's Bastards?"' John Ralston Saul and Post-Modern Representations of the Enlightenment"

    26. A somewhat tedious read, as it often diverged into lengthy tangents, but it did contain many excellent nuggets of insight and historical analysis, as well as a strong condemnation of our overly bureaucratic society. Unfortunately I felt the overall thesis of the work was not well defined or structured, and his opinions were often simplifications stated without enough support or examples. Perhaps it's unfair of me to expect that an attack on structuralism would be well structured?I'd recommend hi [...]

    27. John Ralston Saul argues that society has been barking up the wrong tree for ages. Forever really. Nice insights into Loyola and the Jesuits, Rob McNamara and other people in history. Gives you a sense that we are doing really well at going nowhere but doesn't offer anything to correct it. Our process orientated, bureaucratic, "reason" underpinned society constantly talks double speak and fails to take many worthwhile actions. Read it before taking an ITIL course and try to keep your mouth shut [...]

    28. If you enjoy insights into socio-political behavior through the west`s climb into the sunlight and the irrational choices made by our self appointed leaders than this book will illuminate. I read it cover to back then just picked my way threw it at random, it kept me interested and wanting to come back to check facts and observations. It`s one of those few books that remains prominent on my shelf and when I have nothing to new to read I go back to Ralston`s fabulous insights.

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