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Shamanslayer Dwarf Trollslayer Gotrek and his human companion Felix Jaeger Warhammer s most famous pair of heroes head off to a new adventure in the latest novel of this best selling fantasy series against a hor

  • Title: Shamanslayer
  • Author: Nathan Long
  • ISBN: 9781844167739
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dwarf Trollslayer Gotrek and his human companion Felix Jaeger, Warhammer s most famous pair of heroes, head off to a new adventure in the latest novel of this best selling fantasy series against a horde of beastmen who threaten the safety of the Empire.

    Gotrek and Felix This Warhammer related article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in universe style Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction clearly and provide non fictional perspective October Learn how and when to remove this template message Gotrek and Felix The Anthology Warhammer Gotrek and Mar , Gotrek and Felix The Anthology Warhammer Gotrek and Felix Christian Dunn on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A group of Black Library authors give their own spin on stories based on and about the iconic characters of Warhammer Fantasy Gotrek and Felix Stories are by the authors Nathan Long x The Desert of Souls Howard Andrew Jones Books The Desert of Souls is filled with adventure, magic, compelling characters and twists that are twisty This is seriously cool stuff Steven Brust, New York Times bestselling author of the Vlad Taltos series A grand and wonderful adventure filled with exotic magic and colorful places like a cross between Sinbad and Indiana Jones. Warhammer Fantasy Battle Descrizione generale Il gioco richiede una combinazione di tattica e fortuna lancio dei dadi ed stato periodicamente aggiornato e rielaborato sia nel regolamento sia nella composizione delle armate, con lo scopo di migliorare di volta in volta la giocabilit.Il luglio stata pubblicata l edizione del regolamento ufficiale Regole fino all ottava edizione

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        Nathan Long is a screen and prose writer, with two movies, one Saturday morning adventure series, and a handful of live action and animated TV episodes to his name, as well as eleven fantasy novels and several award winning short stories.He hails from Pennsylvania, where he grew up, went to school, and played in various punk and rock a billy bands, before following his writing dreams to Hollywood where he now writes novels full time and still occasionally plays in bands His latest novel is Jane Carver of Waar, available March 6th from Night Shade Books Visit his blog at sabrepunk.


    1. Nathan Long is getting a little better writing for Gotrek. You can tell he likes writing better for Felix though. No worries because I like Felix too. =) This story is a good one filled with lots of battle and blood. A very worthy fantasy tale. =)

    2. HOLY WOW. Such a great ending such a great ride all the way through. I cried twice. You've got to read this series in order if you're going to pick it up, but it's totally worth the journey to get here (and it was always a good journey). Nathan Long does an amazing job writing a strong female character and reminds us why we still love Felix and Gotrek.

    3. Another great novel by Nathan Long.When William King left Gotrek and Felix many people that this couldn't be it to this duo. A lot of years had passed and Black Library made them start again. This time by the hands of Nathan Long. Unfortunately or he got sick of writing about Gotrek and Felix OR BL and GW said that he should stop. What happened I do not know. He started writing the Ulrika Trilogy.Meanwhile, some other writers wrote Gotrek novels but they are not a continuation of the story made [...]

    4. Well that was a ripper! Always love getting back to Gotrek & Felix, and the 11th book didn't fail to live up to everything before. This time the duo are up against the beastmen while being caught up with the past (all the way back from the first novel!), it was full of laughs, tension, and ended with a very big cliffhanger.

    5. This is one of the best Gotrek and Felix novels for a number of reasons. Long's characterisation of the various groups within the book bring the varied sets of the Empire's inhabitants too life - any number of spin-off stories could be told of, for example the pistoleers in Bauholz, or the scouts accompanying the protagonists to the final encounter. The speech has an authenticity to it which goes beyond previous novels, although there are some more awkward parts with Felix's emotional attachment [...]

    6. Après mon brake de Warhammer et dans ma nouvelle gestation de digérer un livre de Steven Erikson, j'ai décider de continuer une série que je suis depuis plus de 10 ans. La série des Slayer de Warhammer, communément appeler Felix et Gotrek.Jusqu'à maintenant, Nathan Long a toujours sur porter fièrement le flambeau de la série Slayer. Tous ses derniers livres ont été plus que satisfaisant et j'espérais beaucoup ne pas être déçu par la suite de Elf Slayer.Encore une fois, la quest es [...]

    7. Gotrek is a slayer dwarf, one who has committed a sin so great the only atonement is seeking out an death in battle worthy of an epic. Felix is a poet and swordsman who is wanted by the Empire for his participation in the window tax riots. Gotrek saved Felix's life from being trampled by the Empire's troops. While hiding in a tavern, very inebriated Felix swears an oath to follow the slayer dwarf and write the epic of his death. In this series of books the duo fight; chaos worshipers, goblin wol [...]

    8. This Review Contains Spoilers:I still like this series but I hated the romance-novel feel of parts of it, in this instalment Kat (all grown up now) and Snorri (who has lost his memory) make a guest apperance as Felix and Gortek go to fight a Beastman group of over 10'000 and thier Shaman who uses a very dangerous stone, one whose light turns people into Beasts.This is the first book in the series that doesn't have a full conclusion, instead the Shaman adventure ends and the start of the next boo [...]

    9. Mr. Long definitely took a step back with this one. After thoroughly enjoying Elfslayer, I was really looking forward to this release. The long awaited return of one of the better side characters was ruined with an unexplained case of senility and took total second fiddle to a new/old love interest for Felix. I got the sense that the author tried to build on Felix' inner self doubt (which has always been there from the original stories onset) however in my opinion, it turned Felix into a scared, [...]

    10. Action Adventure Fantasy, 11/12 of the seriesJoin Gotrek on his fantastical aim of a heroic death with Felix's oath of chronicling Gotrek's death.Within this novel the pair fight a few thugs, and beastmen.Snorri the Slayer makes a return and he was important to the plot. Discussion/SpoilersThe story started super strong, but then it ended anticlimactically. This novel should have been a short story and not included in the episodic saga. Why not just wrap up the episode here? Why would you create [...]

    11. Not classic Gotrek and Felix, but back on par at leastSince Nathan Long has taken over from William King he hasn’t had any bad books, he hasn’t had any great one's either but they beat William King's last couple, he still hasn’t nearly hit the heights of the first trilogy though either, in this book the double act are fighting the beastmen of the drakwald and there is a couple of re-admissions of old characters as in the last book (I think this is generally a good thing), the enemy though [...]

    12. I am a huge fan of the Troll Slayer series, and Nathan Long has done an excellent job carrying the torch after William King ended his run. The adventures of Gotrek & Felix continue to be exciting, action-packed romps through the rich, dark, gothic Warhammer Fantasy setting by Games Workshop.I really liked this adventure, as the brooding, seething presence of Chaos is one of the underlying themes of the setting. And beastmen are a race usually only used as creatures occassionally encountered [...]

    13. Edit. I have now read all Gotrek & Felix books. Here is my order of preference:Rank Book # Writer1 Skavenslayer 2 William King2 Daemonslayer 3 William King3 Shamanslayer 11 Nathan Long4 Manslayer 9 Nathan Long5 Beastslayer 5 William King5 Elfslayer 10 Nathan Long7 Orcslayer 8 Nathan Long8 Slayer 14 David Guymer9 Kinslayer 13 David Guymer10 Zombieslayer 12 Nathan Long11 Giantslayer 7 William King12 Dragonslayer 4 William King13 Vampireslayer 6 William King14 Trollslayer 1 William King

    14. One of the best Gotrek books that I have read. As ever it reintroduces you to old characters, some with a twist, and gives you even more to add to the Gazetteer at the back. Nathan Long has perfected the writing of this series, in to the next one now

    15. it was actually good, but at the same time, the storyline was a little slow, and i hated the final. That is because the next book "zombieslayer" won't be traduced to spanish, so i'll have to read it in a long time

    16. Dark, gloomy, gothic fantasy - predictable as hell, but competently-written and action-packed. I am a little afraid the series will never actually end, because I'm only in it for the ending at this point.

    17. Il cliffhanger finale è a dir poco stupendo! Avevo altri piani ma mi toccherà iniziare subito il prossimo volume della saga :)

    18. Some people compared this to David Gemmell's LEGEND. God, no. Not even close. Another case of Star Trek red shirts. I simply do not care about other people in these novels except Snorri and Kat.

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