The Prayer of the Lord

The Prayer of the Lord

R.C. Sproul / Sep 18, 2019

The Prayer of the Lord What is the Lord s Prayer In The Prayer of the Lord Dr R C Sproul writes Jesus intent was to give His disciples a model prayer an example to follow one that would teach them transferrable principl

  • Title: The Prayer of the Lord
  • Author: R.C. Sproul
  • ISBN: 9781567691184
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What is the Lord s Prayer In The Prayer of the Lord, Dr R.C Sproul writes, Jesus intent was to give His disciples a model prayer, an example to follow, one that would teach them transferrable principles for conversation with God In short, Christ gave the Lord s Prayer to teach His disciples about prayer, and Dr Sproul, in his trademark fashion, brings out many of tWhat is the Lord s Prayer In The Prayer of the Lord, Dr R.C Sproul writes, Jesus intent was to give His disciples a model prayer, an example to follow, one that would teach them transferrable principles for conversation with God In short, Christ gave the Lord s Prayer to teach His disciples about prayer, and Dr Sproul, in his trademark fashion, brings out many of the truths Christ intended for His followers to learn.

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        Dr R.C Sproul 1939 2017 was founder of Ligonier Ministries, an international Christian discipleship organization located near Orlando, Fla He was founding pastor of Saint Andrew s Chapel in Sanford, Fla first president of Reformation Bible College, and executive editor of Tabletalk magazine.Ligonier Ministries began in 1971 as the Ligonier Valley Study Center in Ligonier, Pa In an effort to respond effectively to the growing demand for Dr Sproul s teachings and the ministry s other educational resources, the general offices were moved to Orlando in 1984, and the ministry was renamed.Dr Sproul s radio program, Renewing Your Mind, is still broadcast daily on hundreds of radio stations around the world and can also be heard online Dr Sproul produced hundreds of lecture series and recorded numerous video series on subjects such as the history of philosophy, theology, Bible study, apologetics, and Christian living.He contributed dozens of articles to national evangelical publications, spoke at conferences, churches, and academic institutions around the world, and wrote than one hundred books, including The Holiness of God, Chosen by God, and Everyone s a Theologian He signed the 1978 Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and wrote a commentary on that document He also served as general editor of the Reformation Study Bible, previously known as the New Geneva Study Bible.Dr Sproul had a distinguished academic teaching career at various colleges and seminaries, including Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and Jackson, Miss He was ordained as a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America.


    1. What I love about RC Sproul is his ability to take a complex idea and bring it's understanding in a simple manner. This is Sprouls strength. This is where he shines - as a teacher. This is what he does in "The Prayer of the Lord." Not every nuanced question will be answered in this book (though this Q&A section at the end was helpful to resolve the issue of prayer's efficacy and God's sovereignty). If you want a good overview of the Lord's prayer, with enough meat to keep you wrestling with [...]

    2. R.C. Sproul’s The Prayer of the Lord explains each element of said prayer in concise but illustrated terms. No reader can walk away from this book without being enriched in his knowledge of the Christian prayer-life. The only areas I would dispute would be Sproul’s take on the kingdom (which comes from a covenantal perspective) and his underdeveloped statement on the suitableness of the “longer ending” of the prayer in liturgical settings. Even so, he also devotes a chapter to common que [...]

    3. This is a nice little book about what is commonly known as "The Lord's Prayer." I prefer to call it "The Model Prayer." It's a short book, only 130-ish pages. Basically, R.C. Sproul breaks down the prayer, line by line. It's not something that's never been done before, but he offers his own, fresh perspective on the prayer. I enjoyed the book, and feel that it gave me some inspiration to add to my own prayer life. It's a quick read, too.

    4. • In short, no prayer of any human being ever uttered in history ever changed the mind of God in the slightest, because His mind doesn't ever need to be changed.159• prayer does change things, all kinds of things. But the most important thing it changes is us. As we engage in this communion with God more deeply and come to know the One with whom we are speaking more intimately, that growing knowledge of God reveals to us all the more brilliantly who we are and our need to change in conformit [...]

    5. I read this together with Praying the Lord's Prayer by J.I. Packer, Lord, Teach Us by William Willimon and Stanley Hauerwas, and The The Lord and His Prayer by N.T. Wright, and I would rank them as follows:1a. Sproul1b. Packer2. Wright3. Willimon and HauerwasSproul's ability to weave good, solid theological meat in such efficient ways never ceases to amaze me. In 126 pages, Sproul does his thing. He covers different view on prayer, the atonement, evil, and so much more, all while staying faithfu [...]

    6. Sproul no me decepcionó, sino que una vez más mantuvo mi atención a través de su habitual característica de decir las cosas complejas de manera sencilla y sin perder la objetividad. Yo diría que esta es su marca registrada. Pero en un libro como este, sobre la Oración, se hace mucho más necesario estar atentos a cada enseñanza explicada magistralmente por este siervo conque Dios bendijo a esta generación. Termino el 2017 agradecido al Señor por enseñarme profundamente sobre la import [...]

    7. A easy-to-read book on the Lord's Prayer. I agree with many of Sproul's interpretations. The last chapter is about answers to common questions about prayer. His answer to the question, "If God is sovereign, why pray?" is good.

    8. Excellent bookRefreshing to the soul, great guide to learn to pray more deeply and grow in our Cristian path to maturity.

    9. Prayer is one of those topics that Christians simply cannot ignore. We need to pray. We need to know how to pray in such a way that God will be honored. We need a model for prayer that will help us to cover important categories well. Jesus knows this, which is why he gave his disciples a model prayer to pray. R. C. Sproul also sees the importance of the model prayer, and chose to write a nice little book on the topic.Positives The Prayer of the Lord is short, helpful, and readable. Unlike some [...]

    10. A small book packed full of punch.Jesus gave us the example for prayer by way of the Lord's Prayer in Luke and Matthew. RC Sproul provides a powerful insight into each of the verses of this very short prayer. This insight has helped refine my prayer life.Too often our prayer life can become very self-focused, however, Jesus demonstrates that it should be centred on the glory of God. Praise and adoration can sometimes be difficult. But I find when I start thanking and praising God my heart soften [...]

    11. The bottom line: A concrete investigation into the model of prayer given by Jesus.Prayer is one of the bedrocks of the Christian faith because it is the transformative medium through which believers communicate and fellowship with God. Yet, prayer cannot be done “any old way” because it is a dialogue with a Holy and Omnipotent Creator. The question then becomes: Is there a map one can follow on how to pray? The answer is yes and it is found in the blueprint Jesus gave to His disciples, The L [...]

    12. The author provides an engaging exposition of each of the clauses in the Lord's prayer and uses them as a point of departure for discussing prayer life in general. He writes smoothly, and the entire book can be read in one sitting. However, I found it useful to meditate on the ideas raised in each of the short chapters. So, I read one chapter at a time on the subway on the way to work.The idea that the Lord's prayer can serve as a sort of template for the way the individual Christian communicate [...]

    13. Full of facts and scripture with warning to be careful when considering the sovereignty of God.Brother R C's book a beautiful explanation of our prayer life being intertwined with God's ultimate sovereignty. His books are always totally inclusive of all the Bible's teachings on a topic with consideration of all other scriptural concepts that may border on the topic and lend to the most complete and accurate teaching of scripture. My thanks to you for a wonderfully comprehensive, well-written, th [...]

    14. This is a small-profile book on the Lord's prayer which addresses the introduction, closing, and each of the petitions in the prayer. As expected Sproul describes the words of this prayer in their biblical context along with historical and theological comments to explain the meaning. The book is short but rich in pastoral instruction to help in understanding both the prayer itself at a deeper level and also as a model of praying in general. A very good introduction.

    15. Excellent book on the Lord's Prayer. WOW! I stand in awe of the author's words concerning this matter. I was humbled as I read about how important prayer should be in my life. How it is to be a daily work, where I call upon the Lord, and ask for my daily provision and needs. I am thankful for RC. Sproul's work on putting this little book together, to teach of this important command of the LOrd, to pray.

    16. Sproul's unrivaled ability to communicate high and lofty theology to the average reader is in display here in this brief exposition of the Lord's modeled prayer. Rich in truth and immediate applied to the prayer life of the believer, RC again, gives the church another gift by the grace of God. The book is very short for the amount that Sproul packs in (130ish pages about 3 hours by audio book) and is worth the short investment!

    17. Profoundly helpfulSimple yet yet effective book teaching far beyond the mechanics of prayer. This book teaches us the depth and width of prayer and challenges our vulnerability, infusing us with rich times of intimacy with our Lord. Best of all, it's not RC's mere opinion of a prayer method but simply an exposition of what the Lord Jesus has already taught.

    18. This was an excellent exposition of the Lord's Prayer. R. C. Sproul carefully enunciates and explains Christ's teaching on prayer with practical encouragement for our daily lives, helping to deal with the struggle some face between God's providence and prayer and encouraging us to adore the Lord in all the splendor of his glory. Highly recommend this short but helpful read.

    19. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. God did a lot of stirring in my heart through this exposition of the prayer of the Lord. I highly recommend anyone to read it. Whether you think you have a great or terrible prayer life, this book will definitely bless you.

    20. Great brief treatment of the Lord's Prayer.Theologically Reformed, communicated simply.There is a section in the back dealing with some Q&A related to prayer, and there is also an appendix with questions about God's sovereignty and prayer.

    21. Sproul reminds me a lot of C.S. Lewis: articulate, to the point, and always ready with some fresh insights. The Lord's Prayer has been sermoned to death, but Sproul doesn't disappoint in bringing out some fresh points. I particularly found his section on forgiveness interesting.

    22. This should be a helpful book for new or old Christians alike. It is short without being pithy, and concise without being trite. R.C, as always, does an excellent job of negotiating the line between the purely theological and the purely practical.

    23. Great book on the Lord's Prayer!Dr. Sproul presents fresh insight on the ancient and theologically rich prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. I feel I will pray more confidently and more meaningfully after applying the insights provided.

    24. A quick but helpful read on the Lord's prayer. As always, Sproul is a master teacher and an expert at simplifying concepts. I would be interested in reading more on Sproul's opinion of "thy kingdom come."

    25. Understanding the Lord's prayerI liked the way he took each section of sentences and broke them down to find the meaning. when you recite a prayer over and over the words just become words. now when I pray this prayer I try to mean the words I'm saying

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