It Feels So Good When I Stop

It Feels So Good When I Stop

Joe Pernice / Jan 21, 2020

It Feels So Good When I Stop Will be shipped from US Used books may not include companion materials may have some shelf wear may contain highlighting notes may not include CDs or access codes % money back guarantee

  • Title: It Feels So Good When I Stop
  • Author: Joe Pernice
  • ISBN: 9781594488740
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Will be shipped from US Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting notes, may not include CDs or access codes 100% money back guarantee.

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    1. Not the Dimmest Star in the UniverseThis first novel wasn’t that bad. I just wanted to like it a smidgen more than I did.I wanted to be able to say that it warranted five stars, not three or four.I wanted to quote Joe Pernice’s lyrics.I wanted to say that the novel had an Amazing Glimmer, an Amazing Glow, that it made me Lightheaded and Shaken Baby, that the protagonists made me feel like I’d been Blinded by the Stars, that they all Heightened Everything, that it all wasn’t a Flaming Wre [...]

    2. Es triste terminar un libro y pensar que casi has perdido el tiempo No llego a comprender qué es lo que han encontrado interesante para publicarlo. No tiene trama, no ocurre nada, no hay ningún giro que te mantenga en vilo, no está especialmente bien escrito Incluso, en bastantes ocasiones, el lenguaje y el comportamiento de los personajes es grosero y, un poco, machista.

    3. No me ha gustado nada, ni me parece original, ni me gustan los personajes, es pretencioso, un poco irreverente y bastante caótico No sé si he sido yo que no he sabido cogerle el "punto" o simplemente no es un buen libro.

    4. It's not every novel that can make you laugh out loud in the grimmest of settings--the L train at 9:30 a.m or waiting for the doctor in a purple paper gown, to take two examples from last week. Pernice is hilarious, and his sentences are marvels of wit and compression. On the downside, this novel has about as much structure, plot, and form as a puddle of melted ice cream. 200 pages go by, and nothing happens and nothing changes. But melted ice cream is still ice cream, right?

    5. Este libro tiene una edición preciosa, frases elogiosas de autores de la talla de Nick Hornby, George Pelecanos o William Gibson en la introducción y en la contraportada, y una premisa sugerente. Quizá por estos motivos la decepción que me ha supuesto me ha sentado peor de lo que esperaba.¿Tiene cosas buenas? Sí, las tiene. Joe Pernice es músico y letrista, y de hecho el disco que acompaña al libro (disponible en Spotify) es muy bueno, mucho mejor que la lectura. Es capaz de escribir una [...]

    6. Pues no, no me parece que sea "la mejor canción sobre corazones rotos que vas a leer jamás", como indica una de las opiniones de la contraportada. No sé por qué, pero tengo la impresión de que de un tiempo a esta parte está de moda un tipo de personaje que bajo mi punto de vista ya deja de ser creíble. El del joven atormentado, inseguro, que no sabe lo que quiere eso mezclado con un poco de lenguaje de mal gusto, alcohol y rock and roll (sexo poco) y novela lista. Creo que "El guardián e [...]

    7. La historia inconclusa de una relación tóxica narrada desde el punto de vista de un hombre cobarde. No he conseguido conectar con ninguno de los personajes. La testosterona de la narrativa no es tan brillante como la de Hornby como para hacerse soportable, y el ritmo del relato tampoco es especialmente fluido. Digamos una cosa de Hornby: sus personajes son gilipollas, pero al menos son gilipollas muy inteligentes. El protagonista de esta novela es simplemente gilipollas. Y no puedes pretender [...]

    8. "Si quiero seguir viviendo, no puedo evitar el dolor."Joe Pernice es músico. Indie al parecer. Al parecer porque jamás había oído hablar de él ni del 99,9% de músicos que menciona en su novela. De hecho, solo he conocido a uno, a Del Shannon, y por roce.No sé si existe el término de novela indie pero supongo que ésta podría serlo. El protagonista es un tío deprimido que ha dejado tirada a su esposa recién estrenada en Nueva York y se ha marchado a Cape Cod con su sobrino bebé, Roy, [...]

    9. Supongo que lo peor que puedes decir de un libro es que no sabes si te ha gustado o no y éste es el caso. A pesar de estar muy bien escrito, la historia no sé si me convence. Al principio me pareció francamente aburrido; pero, poco a poco, fue enganchándome, gracias a algunos pasajes francamente brillantes. No obstante, superada ya la mitad del libro, la historia vuelve a adquirir un tono algo errático e insustancial, convirtiendo su lectura en un intrascendente pasatiempo cotidiano. ¿Es u [...]

    10. The nameless narrator, having walked out on his rocky and three-days-old marriage in New York, stays at his brother-in-law James’ Cape Cod house that stands empty following James’ own impending divorce from the narrator’s sister. Looking after his baby nephew to make ends meet, tooling around Cape Cod on a rusty, undersize bicycle his sister rode as child, he thinks back to how he and his wife met and the course their relationship took, while in the present he meets a fragile young woman w [...]

    11. Never was a big fan of plot anyhow, and I have a soft spot for indie rock slacker stories. The jumping around in time was fine - each schism triggered by either a word or idea that linked the parts together. There were some real laughs in this book, and some pretty heartbreaking moments too. Lots of drinking and fucking and cussing. Some parts were so crude that Bulkowski himself was evoked, like it said in a blurb, but this was truly surprising for me, since Pernice's lovely pop and earlier cou [...]

    12. The guys in the book were just too vulgar and dickish for me to root for. Which sort of surprised me, having been a big fan of Joe Pernice's music, which tends towards the sensitive and heartbroken. I guess you could give him extra points for writing about people (hopefully) not like him. But the book doesn't really get moving until the end, when the protagonist finally engages with someone - only then does he seem like a decent guy. But it's too late.That said, the soundtrack that Pernice put o [...]

    13. Esta canción no me ha recordado nada más allá de una noche lúgubre, desperdiciada en un bar anónimo en el que no quieres estar pero del cual no te atreves a marchar. Una narrativa que no lleva a ninguna parte hasta que no estás a punto de terminar el libro, momento en el cual todo parece cobrar un mínimo sentido, aunque no el suficiente. Prácticamente todos los personajes, menos Marie y Jocelyn me parecieron de lo más insulsos, vacíos, y con cero encanto. El propio protagonista me resu [...]

    14. “Como bebedor y fumador conocía el código: si tu provisión está visible -como tristemente era mi caso-, comparte siempre que te pidan“ (Pág. 17)Joe Pernice. Esta canción me recuerda a mi. @blackiebooks Tan bueno el título, tan molona la portada, tan sugerente la admiración pública de Nick Hornby, y luego No. No he sido capaz. No he llegado al final. Ni siquiera a la mitad. No sería el momento. O no yo el lector adecuado. Tal vez en otra ocasión.

    15. First of all, I had listened to Mr. Pernice's music (mostly with the Scud Mountain Boys) before I found out he was a published author. His lyrics are quite poetic. I liked the premise of the book as I thought I could relate to the main character, and I did. The book ended up being very funny. I also knew some of the references (some musical ones) which made it even more enjoyable. It's not perfect, but funny and relatable, at least for me, it definitely is.

    16. I wasn't the target demographic for this one: the musical references were over my head and slacker protagonists are just meh. Quirky/troubled/under achieving characters can be compelling but this main character's obsessing over a very unlikeable ex just got tedious. There were some surprisingly affecting passages though (involving Marie and her back story) and a few laugh out loud moments.

    17. Un llibre que m'ha fet riure en no poques ocasions, que utilitza amb profusió i encert referències musicals i culturals, i on sembla que no passa res però sí que passa una cosa: la vida, nosaltres, els desitjos. Molt recomanable.

    18. La verdad es que es un libro que no vende una historia intensa , difícil. parece una lectura amena , sin más la recomiendo para gente que esté con parón lector o quiera coger esa rutina. Eso sí , decir que con menos páginas de introducción también me hubiese gustado un pelín más

    19. La única razón por la que tiene tres estrellas y no dos son la últimas veinticinco páginas, que realmente son sensacionales. Por lo demás, no es un libro bueno, no es interesante.

    20. Un poco raro para mi gusto. Con un principio y un final un tanto abrupto. Te mete en la historia, pero a mi me ha faltado algo

    21. Una de las reseñas lo describían como un libro fresco. Fresco? Con un lenguaje rudo, y a veces hasta desagradable. No era lo que esperaba, quizá ese fue el fallo pero no me gustó.

    22. Joe Pernice (the author) is part of the musical group The Pernice Brothers, who were before that called The Scud Mountain Boys. I should say a few words about what I know about these groups. My impression was that these groups were Americana or alternative country music. When I bought my first Pernice Brothers' CD, I was disappointed. It was too smooth and poppy for me. I was expecting something grittier. Their earlier incarnation, The Scud Mountain Boys was only slightly better. So I wasn't sur [...]

    23. I wish there was .5 stars because I believe that this novel deserves a 4.5 instead of the measly four I bestowed upon it. It exceeded the "really liked it" apex in my opinion and just barely missed the "amazing" factor. If it had been a punch you may not have felt the blow but you would definitely have felt the rush of air pass your face. The only barrier to the full 5 star rating was the ubrupt ending. It was an utter collapse; like a beautiful star imploding upon itself. The author never names [...]

    24. This was a generally enjoyable story about a guy trying to find his way in life after the breakup of a short-lived marriage. It's the author's first novel, and it shows, particularly at the beginning as he struggles to get a handle on the sometimes jarring decision to swing back and forth in the story's timeline. Things settle down and pick up in the second half. Bonus points for taking place largely on Cape Cod, which added a nice touch of familiarity.Some memorable passages:"I couldn't sleep, [...]

    25. It feels so Good When I stopBy Joe PerniceThis book was a pleasant surprise-- a book I had never heard of (that I found accidentally while browsing through the “P“ section of the library) that nevertheless proved to be absolutely delightful to read.This is set in Cape Cod in the 1990’s, but unlike another recent book I read that took place in that decade (whose name escapes me at the moment) the setting is not used to milk the reader’s sense of nostalgia--it simply serves as a way to set [...]

    26. La verdad es que gustarme no me ha gustado, pero por algún motivo me enganchaba a su lectura. Dejo la reseña completa del blog: madridylibros/2018/01/

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