Nightmare Abbey

Nightmare Abbey

Thomas Love Peacock / Jan 24, 2020

Nightmare Abbey This novel is set in a former abbey whose owner Christopher Glowry is host to visitors who enjoy his hospitality and engage in endless debate Among these guests are figures recognizable to Peac

  • Title: Nightmare Abbey
  • Author: Thomas Love Peacock
  • ISBN: 9781406583465
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • This 1818 novel is set in a former abbey whose owner, Christopher Glowry, is host to visitors who enjoy his hospitality and engage in endless debate Among these guests are figures recognizable to Peacock s contemporaries, including characters based on Lord Byron and Samuel Taylor Coleridge Mr Glowry s son Scythrop also modeled on a famous Romantic, Peacock s friend PerThis 1818 novel is set in a former abbey whose owner, Christopher Glowry, is host to visitors who enjoy his hospitality and engage in endless debate Among these guests are figures recognizable to Peacock s contemporaries, including characters based on Lord Byron and Samuel Taylor Coleridge Mr Glowry s son Scythrop also modeled on a famous Romantic, Peacock s friend Percy Bysshe Shelley locks himself up in a tower where he reads German tragedies and transcendental philosophy and develops a passion for reforming the world Disappointed in love, a sorrowful Scythrop decides the only thing to do is to commit suicide, but circumstances persuade him to instead follow his father in a love of misanthropy and Madeira In addition to satire and comic romance, Nightmare Abbey presents a biting critique of the texts we view as central to British romanticism.

    Nightmare Abbey Nightmare Abbey is an novella by Thomas Love Peacock, and his third long work of fiction to be published.It was written in late March and June , and published in London in November of the same year by T Hookham Jr of Old Bond Street and Baldwin, Craddock Joy of Paternoster Row.The novella was lightly revised by the author in for republication in Volume of Bentley s Standard Nightmare Revisited Nightmare Revisited is a cover album of songs and score from the Disney animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas.It was released on September , by Walt Disney Records to commemorate the film s th anniversary of its theatrical release In addition to the album s eighteen covers are two re recordings by original composer Danny Elfman, of the Opening and Closing tracks. Abbey Wharf Student Accommodation Cork UCC CIT University Abbey Wharf is in operation for over years and are one of the leading student accommodation complexes in the heart of Cork City It is an ideal place to live if Pet Nightmare Wizard Wiki This is the First Generation Pet, not to be confused with the Nightmare Hybrid Pet It has been observed that a First Generation Nightmare may manifest Unicorn at teen. Holiday Note This Pet may only be available from the the acquisition sources below during a certain holiday. Carfax Abbey Horror Film Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Carfax Abbey is the estate purchased by Dracula in both the book and the revised adaptations It is located somewhere in southern England Carfax Abbey is not real, but is based on St Mary s Cathedral in Whitby, Yorkshire, England. Abbey Party Rentals San Diego Party and Event Rentals Abbey Party Rentals of San Diego offers competitive pricing and never compromises quality for cost You ll receive premier rentals and stellar service every time. Corrupted Abbey Median XL Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Corrupted Abbey is an uberlevel located in the city of Duncraig which dominates the city s eastern half On Destruction difficulty, it is notable for being the source of Assur s Bane, a unique ring that provides Purify, a required skill when facing certain uberbosses. Points of interest Spread around the Corrupted Abbey are the five lieutenants of Assur Skinrender, Spinecracker Net abbey The Catholic Case against reincarnation Net Abbey Online Catholic information and inspiration for everyone The Catholic Case against reincarnation My own personal experience Logical problems with reincarnation Abbey Party Rentals San Diego Party Equipment and Supplies Abbey Party Rentals of Temecula offers competitive pricing and never compromises quality for cost You ll receive premier rentals and stellar service every time. Angeles Abbey Memorial Park from Alias IAMNOTASTALKER Angeles Abbey Memorial Park was originally established in by a shipbuilder named George Clegg The Long Beach native reportedly sent two architects to India for inspiration and, upon their return, had them build a , crypt mausoleum resembling the Taj Mahal The Moorish style structure featured imported Italian marble, intricate tile work, and stained glass windows and ceilings.

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      • Thomas Love Peacock

        English novelist and poet For most of his life Peacock worked for the East India Co He was a close friend of Percy Bysshe Shelley, who greatly inspired his writing His best verse is interspersed in his novels, which are dominated by the conversations of their characters and satirize the intellectual currents of the day His best known work, Nightmare Abbey 1818 , satirizes romantic melancholy and includes characters based on Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Lord Byron.


    1. Nightmare Abbeywas written in 1818 by Thomas Love Peacock. It is a gothic satire, which delights in parodying the current fashions of the time, such as the Romantic Movement in Literature and Transcendental Philosophy. Although the modern reader can enjoy these witty descriptions even today, it is debatable whether all the allusions can be appreciated without an indepth study of the work, as Peacock referred to many friends of the family and historical characters. The emphasis is on morbid theme [...]

    2. رواية نُشرت عام 1818 للأديب الانجليزي توماس لف بيكوكبيكوك من كُتاب الأدب الساخر في القرن التاسع عشررواية ساخرة ومرحة تنقد الاتجاهات والأفكار السائدة في ذلك الوقتالحركة الرومانسية في الأدب والفكر وما يصاحبها من قلق وتعاسة وكآبةالكاتب اختار اسم كل شخصية تعبر عن أفكارها ونظرت [...]

    3. Nightmare Abbey is a work by a lesser writer surrounded by excellent peers. He lacked the personal brilliance and powerful originality to create his own masterpiece; thus, he satirised those that were better than him. He teased them, mocked them and attacked their idiosyncrasies here. We have a caricature of Shelley and a twisted version of Byron. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is also attacked and ridiculed. Peacock provides a sharp critique on some of the texts and ideas that formed the backbone of R [...]

    4. I read this astounding little book in a 1891 edition that must have been found not on the dusty back shelves of the University Library but, indeed, in its catacombs, so dog-eared and fragile and yellowed with age it is, printed on thickened almost cardboard-like pages, perhaps, could one believe it, almost on parchment; all this being entirely in keeping with its hilariously droll and melancholic character, reflecting the wit and woefulness of its 1818 author, a friend of Shelley who was determi [...]

    5. Nightmare Abbey is a minor classic of gothic comedy, in the vein of Northanger Abbey. Thomas Peacock hung out with the Shelleys and their crew; his protagonist here, Scythorp Glowry, is based on Percy Bysshe.It's slight and short and fun. Peacock is one of those authors who takes pleasure in making sentences and cares less for where they end up. His prose is ornate and sometimes requires reading twice, but it's a short book so it's no big deal. His vocabulary is obscure and sometimes invented; m [...]

    6. You are leaving England, Mr Cypress. There is a delightful melancholy in saying farewell to an old acquaintance, when the chances are twenty to one against ever meeting again. A smiling bumper to a sad parting, and let us all be unhappy together.Oh, I loved this book. This is exactly what I was hoping Austen's Northanger Abbey would be. It's a consistently funny send up of just about every gothic trope and figure at the time (some of these characters are clearly stand ins for Byron and Shelly). [...]

    7. So I was trolling around on Gutenberg yesterday in the horror section (I gotta love me some gothic horror) and thought this such a remarkable name. And so I picked it up and it was absolutely perfectly quaint (old fashioned language and witty repartee cracks me up). Unfortunately, though, this was not horror. It was funny (and the sarcasm is fabulous), and it is short and compelling but other than a manservant who sleep walks and is mistaken for a ghost, there is no real horror. I was all atwitt [...]

    8. Although the plot of “Nightmare Abbey” is cardboard-thin, it is full of interesting characters and parodic situations. The plot is mainly used as a convenience to deliver the conversations of the residents and guests of the Nightmare Abbey, who happened to be some of the most poetic and philosophical minds in England at the time. The dialog - which widely varied from intellectual nourishing of romantic melancholy, to novelty in literature, to reason versus mysticism, to transcendentalism, to [...]

    9. Bizarre! Where else do you come across words such as - atrabilarious, jeremitaylorically or eleutherarch?!There were tongue twisting passages I didn't always understand, such as -"I am sorry to find you participating in the vulgar error of the reading public, to whom an unusual collection of words, involving a juxtaposition of antiperistatical ideas, immediately suggests the notion of hyperoxysophistical paradoxology" or"Passing and repassing several times a day from the company of the one to th [...]

    10. Despite its name, Nightmare Abbey isn't Gothic horror but rather a humorous spoof of the Gothic and romance tales of the late 1700s. I found myself laughing out loud at several places, although the pseudo-Transcendentalist/Kantian language was sometimes a bit heavy to wade through. Only about 100 pages long, this novella is worth exploring!

    11. Este libro es para gente que sí lee clásicos. Está muy bueno, es muy divertido, pero debes tener leídas un puñado de novelas góticas y literatura clásica para que no te pierdas todas las referencias. Es una sátira abundante y deliciosa. El autor hace referencias a Cervantes, Goethe, Sofocles, Shelley, Byron, Coleridge como si estos fueran gotas de agua y Peacock hubiera dejado la llave abierta. Estas son las referencias que alcancé a cachar. Otros que leyeron el libro encuentran palabra [...]

    12. Nightmare Abbey is the best known and surely most consistently funny of Thomas Love Peacock’s cult mock-gothic novels. He makes absolute nonsense of Romantic fiction, German philosophy and fashionable angst.The book belongs to that category of literature that relies on the reader’s familiarity with existing popular and classical fiction. So the better you know your Shakespeare, Austen and Kant – amongst many, many others – the more grotesque Peacock’s satire. Without that knowledge, Ni [...]

    13. This satire was filled big words (atrabilarious, eleutherarchs, perlustrated, jeremitaylorically…) that I’ve never seen before and lots of Latin expressions. I diligently looked them up at first but due to a weak WiFi connection and lack of dictionary in the B&B that is currently home (or due to laziness!) I eventually carried on without. At times this went over my head (I think it was meant to…) but it was also wickedly funny. There is romance of sorts, with lots of ups and downs in t [...]

    14. There are no words laudatory enough to describe the genius of this book. It is probably the funniest novel I have ever read - I was smiling the whole way through and burst out laughing several times. Peacock masterly pokes fun at the reigning philosophies and literary movements of his time - which he himself was in the middle of. He was friends with Shelley and Byron but he had no problem mocking that kind of person in his work. This is a very unusual story in that it's not about the plot at all [...]

    15. I adore Byron and Shelley and the Romantic movement in literature and when I stumbled across this book, quite by chance as one of the only ones I hadn't heard of on a very cliché list of the best 100 books in English literature, I was eager to read it. The language is absolutely sublime and I can see where it fits into the romantic period. I enjoy satire but I felt Love Peacock wasn't very subtle and the premise for the novel is a bit too wacky. I also struggled to understand quite a lot of the [...]

    16. A definite to-read for those interested in the Romantic movement. The edition I read had hysterical illustrations linking characters to real people of the times. What I appreciated was that though I may have studied Romanticism in art, music & literature, I heard very little about the reception of the movement by those not connected to it. It was studied as seriously as those who were involved. Yet here is a heavily mocking satire! Guess this is a lesson that we should always be looking at h [...]

    17. Another great comedy and social satire. I previously read Crotchett Castle by the same author which is also really good. The characters in this arn't as various as those in Crotchett, this one is all about Goth. And i mean that in the modern sense, most of the characters really like being depressed, and you have people like Mr. Toobad and Mr. Listless.Its very well written and has great back and forth conversations. It also didn't have as many words i had to look up as Crotchett Castle. I was so [...]

    18. I was put on the trail to find this book as it was mentioned in The Moving ToyshopSuperb read - thoroughly enjoyed the faux romanticism and my favorite character has to be Flatout.

    19. As I read Thomas Love Peacock's Nightmare Abbey, published in 1818, I kept seeing this story in my mind’s eye as a darker Dahl, Tim Burton stop action, Fallen London thingy. It felt like one of those modern period pieces. Surprisingly modern to the point of seeming anachronistic to the setting and the period in which it was actually written. I quite enjoyed the story for itself but also I went a bit highlight crazy on this one because of all the fun thoughts Peacock had about his Romantic frie [...]

    20. "Nightmare Abbey is a Gothic topical satire in which the author pokes light-hearted fun at the romantic movement in contemporary English literature, in particular its obsession with morbid subjects, misanthropy and transcendental philosophical systems. Most of the characters in the novel are based on historical figures whom Peacock wishes to pillory." Sparks Notes. I found this book pretty hilarious even though I had to look up many words and foreign phrases. adhibitingunconsentaneous'cogibundit [...]

    21. With a name like ‘Nightmare Abbey’ I expected a gruesome Gothic novel, full of bandits, locked up ladies and daring escapes. From the first, the tone was so facetious that I quickly realized that this was a contemporary parody of a Gothic novel. I was completely onboard, Gothic novels are fun and slightly ridiculous. A loving parody of the genre would be delightful.However, the loving parody did not just apply to the Gothic genre, it also encompassed the illustrious friends of the author. Th [...]

    22. So, I "discovered" this book through an on-line article listing the "40 Scariest Books of the Last 200 Years." After reading the novel (novelette really as it is very short), it became clear to me that the author of the article had never once read this amazing novel.To be clear."Nightmare Abbey" is not scary is not even attempting to be scary. But what it is, is an outstanding parody of dark, gothic fiction of the age. The language is superbly overblown and mellifluous is the a way the skewers w [...]

    23. This was apparently Thomas Peacock making fun of the romantic movement which was characterized by the promotion of anxiety, fear and terror in the persons within the story. It is said that the main characters are Percy Bysshe Shelley, his first wife Harriet Westbrook and his final mate for life Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. The tale illustrates the on goings within Nightmare Abbey, mostly about the Scythrop Glowry (Shelley simulacra)and his trials of love in the midst of his father who seemed non [...]

    24. Grandiloquent dinner discussions and visions of fleeting mermaids allow Peacock to humorously poke fun at fellow English contemporaries Shelley, Coleridge, and Godwin."He had some taste for romance reading before he went to the university, where, we must confess, in justice to his college, he was cured of the love of reading in all its shapes; and the cure would have been radical, if disappointment in love, and total solitude, had not conspired to bring on a relapse."

    25. I knew it was funny, I knew it was anti-Gothic, but I did not know that it was so heavily inspired by Shelley's lovelife. It helps to have ed that point, and I'm certain a heavily footnoted edition would help with the many allusions and foreign phrases, but it's still laugh-out-loud funny to hear all of Peacock's types (Mr. Glowry, for example, and Mr. Toobad) philosophize at each other about the virtues of being morose. Put this next to Northanger Abbey on your bookshelf.

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    27. Scythrop locks himself up in a tower where he reads German tragedies and philosophy and develops a passion for reforming the world. Disappointed in love, a sorrowful Scythrop decides the only thing to do is to commit suicide. Very well written.

    28. A few excellently biting lines, but I can't help feeling like I would have enjoyed it more if I had also been a personal and affectionately satirical friend of Percy Shelley. Oh well.

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