Zombie Britannica

Zombie Britannica

Thomas Emson / Sep 21, 2019

Zombie Britannica In Canadian researchers warned that a zombie plague would wipe out civilization unless we were ready We weren t As temperatures reach unprecedented levels the dead rise and eat the living There

  • Title: Zombie Britannica
  • Author: Thomas Emson
  • ISBN: 9781906727376
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 2009, Canadian researchers warned that a zombie plague would wipe out civilization unless we were ready We weren t As temperatures reach unprecedented levels, the dead rise and eat the living There is no warning There is no time to prepare And with tens of thousands dead or infected, another waking nightmare comes to terrorize the survivors.As the nation teeters onIn 2009, Canadian researchers warned that a zombie plague would wipe out civilization unless we were ready We weren t As temperatures reach unprecedented levels, the dead rise and eat the living There is no warning There is no time to prepare And with tens of thousands dead or infected, another waking nightmare comes to terrorize the survivors.As the nation teeters on the edge of extinction, those who survived the onslaught fight for their lives, and for the lives of their loved ones CARRIE ASHER must battle her way across the blood soaked streets of London to save her six year old daughter who is locked in the basement of their home with her zombie infected father upstairsNCENT MASKELL is trapped in a Welsh castle with the girl he loves But how can he be her knight in shining armour with a zombie army besieging the medieval fort and the humans inside slowly losing their minds CRAIG MURRAY and his family are stuck in a traffic jam in Scotland when the zombies attack But when his younger sister is kidnapped, he is forced to confront a human monster as well as the undead hordes.The odds are against us The zombie throng is growing Our numbers are dwindling WELCOME TO ZOMBIE BRITANNICA

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        Thomas Emson is a British horror author He has written eight novels, all published by Snowbooks in the UK They include Maneater, Skarlet, and Zombie Brittanica His Jack The Ripper novel Pariah was published by Tantor Media in the U.S.His collection of stories The Trees And Other Stories was published on Kindle and CreateSpace He has also written How To Write A Novel In 6 Months, a how to guide for would be novelists, which is available on.He is represented by Mariam Keen at the Whispering Buffalo Literary Agency.


    1. I liked Skarlet by Mr Emson so decided to give Zombie Britannica a go when I happened to be putting stock out at work. Now I am only really starting to read horror - its not a genre I really thought I would like, but this was amazing. I guess as I haven't read anything like this before I have nothing to compare it with but it gave me everything I wanted; thrills, edge of your seat suspense, action and relationships - people discovering themselves, heroism, life and death situations and apocolypt [...]

    2. What a great page-turner! Zombie Britannica starts with Carrie, who discovers that there's a zombie outbreak in London. The rest of the book describes the different main characters and their battle against the zombies. I really loved the story, because it was action-packed and creepy at the same time. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by the ending of the book: it was too abrupt for me. Another downside were the typos in this book: there were a lot of sentences without punctuation marks, wh [...]

    3. This is the first book I have read by this author and I must say if this is anything to go by I will definately be reading the rest of Emsons novels! As previous reviews have stated the book throws you straight into the action. There is no chance to know the characters in their normal lives before the zombie apocalypse. The story follows survivors who are dotted in various locations around Britain, their stories intertwine at points and each group have traumatic experiences and try to survive th [...]

    4. Well, there's absolutely no build-up with this book, we're straight into the zombie flesh-munching action from the word go, and it never really lets up. We are told the stories of a few survivors from various locations around the UK, some of whom are connected with one another. Characterisations were wonderful, some characters were utterly loathsome, some flawed, but who ultimately redeem themselves through heroics and self-sacrifice, others well-intentioned but weak, and some actually more terr [...]

    5. eview and General OpinionAs you know I love zombie books so When I find a new one I want to read it. This one has been sitting on my desk for almost a year. Unfortunaly the book wasn't that great. Why? Well there are several flaws that I will come back later.Spoilers insideIn this tale we follow three main characters. Vincent in Wales, Carrie in England and Craig in Scotland. Each one is related in some way (check the name list). Carrie battles through the street of london to save his daughter. [...]

    6.  ***Disclaimer*** This review might contain minor spoilers and spelling errors because English is not my native language.The story dives right into action from page 1. There is no mystery surrounding what we're dealing with, considering the title already has the word 'zombie' in it and that's the only name given to the walking dead in this book (which can get quite dull after a while). There are alot of characters, mainly because we follow 3 basic stories (a woman in London trying to get to her [...]

    7. And that's me being kind. Don't get me wrong, the plot was ok and everything, but what brought it down was the constant grammatical and punctuation errors. I don't mean to sound harsh, but honestly? It says that the author is an 'award-winner', but I'm seriously wondering how the hell that can be, judging from this book.It also gets me wondering what on earth the proofreaders were thinking. Sure, I understand that a typo or so here and there are inevitable, but the ENTIRE book is FILLED with the [...]

    8. Zombie Britannica is a novel of Fiction by Thomas Emson from Snowbooks.Book Blurb:In 2009, Canadian researchers warned that a zombie plague would wipe out civilizationunless we were ready - We Weren’tAs temperatures reach unprecedented levels, the dead rise - and eat the living. There is no warning. There is no time to prepare. And with tens of thousands dead or infected, another waking nightmare comes to terrorize the survivors - The undead’s victims now rise up, a new wave of zombies hungr [...]

    9. As stated in my comments, as I was reading this, it seemed to have promise, but quickly descended into clichéd nonsensewhy oh why did the Author think that he had to use every bad cliche there is to be had in horror novels? A great horror story can be written as intelligently as any of the great classics in other genres and just because it is yet another "zombie" novel, it doesn't mean that it has to be written like a straight to dvd second rate movie. There are many ways to present a novel of [...]

    10. Britain is suffering the most extreme heat wave it has ever experienced when suddenly the dead dig their way out of earthen and watery graves and swarm across Britain, devouring and dismembering everything living in their path.Emson is a contemporary British horror writer, born in Wales and currently residing in England. He writes both Welsh and English books, and in 2008 his first English novel was printed. Zombie Britannica follows half a dozen view points and jumps around Britain and the UK a [...]

    11. Urgh!!! Books with more that one narrator!!!! Had the book been split into the 3 different stories and they were told one after the other, I don't think it would have been so bad, but all the stories were all mixed together, and there was no logic to the order. And the author switched between POVs soooo regularly and with absolutely no warning. And I HATE that. Two narrators I can deal with…sometimes. But this book had three, sometimes four. And I just don't like that style of writing, it;s no [...]

    12. I didn't mean to read another Emson right after Prey, but saw Zombie Britannica on a UK shelf while on holiday, and snatched it up. With this one, Emson sets out his stall right away with a genuine quote from an actual scientist: "An outbreak of zombies will result in the collapse of civilisation, with every human infected or dead". That's pretty much how the book proceeds. The zombies themselves aren't really the story here. Instead, they're a vicious backdrop for the end of the world, a device [...]

    13. I'm a massive fan of Emson's work, he's bold with the details, takes supernatural, myths & legends & puts a spin on them, throws in some history & religion (but not in a god bothering way and throws in character POV's brilliantly.Zombie Britannica is packed full of gore and opens right in the middle of the action, typical Emson style. It has a feel of 28 days later meets the walking dead. I loved the twist on the zombies, feral & crazed in light but somewhat subdued in the dark.I [...]

    14. Zombie Britannica is a rip roaring read which moves at a fast pace. The characters, although sometimes being annoying, seem to be well characterised in the situation that they are in. It is well written and an extreme page turner. The characters do have a thread that does connect them all which was a nice touch and the apocolyptic view of the book is well handled. It is a zombie book and although I found Skarlet to be a better rounded book, this book kept me glued through its 400+ pages causing [...]

    15. I found the book fantastic from the start with the survivors struggling to stay alive and not get eaten by the zombies. It's a very well paced novel and I couldn't put it down. The author could have done a bit more research into one part of the story however and that is the part when Carrie and Sawyer are on the railway and a train speeds past them with Zombies clambering over the outside of the carriages. Owing for when the book was published, the trains used at the time meant that no one or an [...]

    16. Okay, wouldn't call it a best-seller. But then, I don't think I am the target audience. It was really gorey, and the sex scene could've been written better (or left out all-together), but other than that fairly good book. I liked the author's take on the way people would react, very realistic! Really quick read too, easy and fun. I cringed in a few places, but I think that's more because while I love the zombie I'm not so keen on the graphic gore he described. It's more a book for my brother, wh [...]

    17. For action this is a good read. Stylistically the constant sentence and idiolect repetition became well too repetetive for me, it made the reading, the book, put-down-able which is not what I want in a read. However the scene changes helped keep the structure together and propels the plot along at quite a rate. I finished this book in three days so there must have been something to keep me interested. I would read others by this author, in this genre.

    18. Nice, quick read. With the very short chapters, it's one of those books that makes you say "Oh, alright, one more chapter before going to bed," only to find yourself reading 10 more before actually putting the book away! Pretty explicit and gory, just the way a zombie book should be. While it's told from several viewpoints, I never lost track of the story, perhaps due to the short chapters. When it switched viewpoints, it kept me reading cause I wanted to see how it would continue!

    19. What a cracking book! I was hooked after the first few pages, you get thrown right on into the horror The pace is fast and I chomped up chapter after chapter, I had to consciously slow down so I didn't miss anything! Never read a zombie novel, nor horror really and can't wait to get my teeth into another Emson bookoff to the library tomorrow:)

    20. Really do not know what i was thinking here, usually zombies freak me out in a big way but for some reason (despite being pretty descriptive) this book had very little effect on me. Kinda trashy but not painfully so, it was middle of the road to be blatantly honest. But i suppose if your hard pushed you could do worse.

    21. Grimy, blood-soaked, relentless and hopeless, but shot through with portrayals of humanity at it's best and worst. Emson's writing, as always, holds you and pulls you in, and excels at describing the bleakest of horrors unflinchingly. Brutal and bleak and bloody but a high point in the zombie novel genre.

    22. The story itself was really exciting. I really wanted to know what was going to happen and if someone would survive. It was sometimes confusing cuz there were multiple pov's. But i enjoyed it very much. The only downside was that the ending was a bit sudden.

    23. Gore-tastic! Thankgod for the British zombie novel: and this one's one of the best! From the first few lines you're thrust head first into an apocalypse of the undead and held there by the throat till the very last page!

    24. Standard fair for this genre. Probably held bit more interest for me as a lot of it was based in Wales but there are better out there. Saying that it was enjoyable enough and no regrets reading it.

    25. This is the first book I have read by this author and I must say if this is anything to go by I will definately be reading the rest of Emsons novel

    26. Not the best book I have read. But interesting with the three narrative story's and the chains that intertwine them, I don't want to say to much and spoil it for the rest of you

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