The Complete History of Jack the Ripper

The Complete History of Jack the Ripper

Philip Sugden / Jan 26, 2020

The Complete History of Jack the Ripper A comprehensive account of London s celebrated East End killer revised and updated The murders in London between attributed to Jack the Ripper constitute one of the most mysterious unsolved c

  • Title: The Complete History of Jack the Ripper
  • Author: Philip Sugden
  • ISBN: 9781841193977
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • A comprehensive account of London s celebrated East End killer, revised and updated The murders in London between 1888 91 attributed to Jack the Ripper constitute one of the most mysterious unsolved criminal cases This story is the result of many years meticulous research The author reassesses all the evidence and challenges everything we thought we knew about the VictoA comprehensive account of London s celebrated East End killer, revised and updated The murders in London between 1888 91 attributed to Jack the Ripper constitute one of the most mysterious unsolved criminal cases This story is the result of many years meticulous research The author reassesses all the evidence and challenges everything we thought we knew about the Victorian serial killer and the vanished East End he terrorized.

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    1. (A) 87% | ExtraordinaryNotes: A readable, in-depth, nightmarish account, it’s no less than required reading for the knowledgeable and novice alike.

    2. Is there anything new to say about Jack the Ripper and the infamous 1888 Whitechapel Murders? Well, yes, there is, and Philip Sugden has said it. Most Ripper books suffer from two principle weaknesses: first, they set out to make a case for a favoured and predetermined suspect, and second, they exist in a close, almost incestuous relationship one with the other. That is to say that they are secondary works based on secondary works, which means that when errors appear they are rarely questioned, [...]

    3. If you are interested in Jack the Ripper but don't have the time to wade through all the material on him, just read this book. It's a comprehensive study of the Ripper murders and the best book written on the subject, in my opinion. Sugden is one of the few Ripperologists who is also a trained historian, and he puts his skills to good work here, dissecting the available evidence. Also, unlike many other Ripper writers, he's not trying to propogate one "solution" theory or another -- he simply pr [...]

    4. This is one of the best books on the History the Whitechapel Murders that I have ever read. If you are interested in Jack the Ripper. This is the book for you. The author is a historian and you can tell how much research and knowledge went into this book. I also like that this book did not take a stance on who was the killer. So many Jack the Ripper books make a case for who the author "thinks" was the killer. I like that this book, instead, focuses on the Whitechapel Murders. It gives lots of d [...]

    5. A very complete, through look at what is actually known about Jack the Ripper and his victims. While the text does get rather dry in spots, it is very well written and escapes the sensationalism so prevalent in Ripperology. If you want to know the facts, this is a great book to find them in.For the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/Philip

    6. First let me state the categories of people who should (please note the emphasis) study (not 'read') this book: -1. Anybody who is interested in the any or all of the following: the Whitechapel killings, the subsequent frenzy, investigation into the murders, armchair investigations by "Mycroft" wannabes, and the literally literary witch-hunt being carried out over the past century & more to "unmask" the killer;2. Anybody who is interested in understanding the socio-economic dynamics of the w [...]

    7. I have seen this book hailed far and wide since it first appeared in 1995, and having just read the latest edition (Carroll & Graf/Robinson Publishing, 2002), I must side with those who call this the best book on the subject. Sugden has examined all of the available primary materials himself, uncovering some material that had hitherto been overlooked. As a result, his analysis of possible suspects, the number of murders that can be reasonably claimed for "Jack", and the reliability of severa [...]

    8. This book nearly exhausts everything history can give about Jack the Ripper and it pays off. There aren't any strange, over the top theories about who Ripper was, instead he presents historic archives as evidence, gives you a possible suspect list and lets you decide which to believe. There are no straight answers, but he does debate on some of the popular theories. It gets rather confusing though when you read other Ripper books or watch Ripper movies or documentaries because they all start con [...]

    9. So many pot-boiler books have been written on the Ripper murders, it seems best to point out one that is actually worth reading.Sugden's book is unusual, inasmuch as he has no solution to offer and no murderer to finger. He does give convincing reasons why the three lead suspects for one reason or another don't fit the bill as the offender, and concedes that "there is every possibility that the man the Victorians called 'the master murderer of the age' was in reality a complete nobody whose name [...]

    10. this is probably the best book i have ever read about jack the ripper(i have read a lot of books about jack the ripper)

    11. Academic in detail and intent yet sadly, also in style. This is a "complete history" that barely recreates the milieu of Victorian London. The author instead immerses hapless readers in competing theories of Jack the Ripper's identity, which means that you will read a lot about other strange men who write about Jack the Ripper but little about Jack the Ripper himself. Philip Sugden does a poor job of balancing narrative with raw data and interpretation. Too often, minor details build into larger [...]

    12. Not the best written, or indeed the best researched of all the Jack the Ripper books out there, but by no means the worst either. The text is a bit out of date now, and despite my having the 'new revised' edition, I didn't encounter any new theories.What it is, is a reasonably good summary of the case, with a fairly interesting look at four key suspects.The author appears to have done little primary research of his own, but does do a credible job of collating the research of others, and is excel [...]

    13. I've always wanted to read a book which gave all the true informations about the Whitechapel murders just for the sake of it, and not for using them to sustain a highly unrealistic theory. This book is completely objective, it only tells the truth. It has everything one wants to know about Jack the Ripper, and I mean literally everything: it is absolutely objective and accurate and yet easy to follow and not boring at all. I liked how in the last part the author considered the most likely suspec [...]

    14. The Victorian murderer who slew a handful of women in London's East End has become a worldwide symbol of terror, his fame celebrated in story and song, on the stage and on film, in art and in opera, his tale told in languages as diverse as English and Russian, Spanish and Swedish, German and Japanese. Robert Bloch, the American author of Psycho, has said that Jack the Ripper belongs to the world as surely as Shakespeare. It is not an undue exaggeration.We've all heard of Jack the Ripper. I becam [...]

    15. I visited London recently and did a Jack the Ripper tour. The guide gave the basic historical facts but didn't provide a lot of explanation or analysis, so I wanted to find a comprehensive nonfiction work. Enter ! Out of the bewildering array of Jack the Ripper fiction and non-fiction listed on here, I settled on this book as it didn't seem to focus so much on all the myths and conspiracy theories that have arisen. After finishing it, I can say that it is indeed a straightforward, fact-based acc [...]

    16. I have read and reviewed this book before, but's one of the best general-purpose introductions to the Ripper murders out there and worth a re-read. It's a little dated by now, originally published in 1994, but I'd definitely recommend it still. It doesn't try to push a particular angle or suspect; the author doesn't have a pet theory involving disgraced royalty, Freemason conspiracies, deranged physicians or the like - he just summarises the material available on the case, relies on written reco [...]

    17. I found this book to be very informative! Everything, literally everything, that you would ever care to know (and in some cases, not know) about the Whitechapel murders and their subsequent investigations. Sugden has put a lot of time and effort into researching this dark period of Victorian England history and it shows.I loved that Sugden included the biographies of each of the five canonical murders, as well as the biographies of three more women who may or may not have been victims of Jack th [...]

    18. The most comprehensive and best documented account of the Ripper murders ever written. Such is written on the back of this book and I am inclined to agree fully with it's statement. Philip Sugden has done a tremendous justice to presenting the account of the infamous 1888 Whitechapel murders, not only setting the standard tome for the historical account but wading through the vast conspiracies, theories, and misconceptions many have put forth in regards to it. It contains no personal bias toward [...]

    19. Philip Sugden's The Complete History of Jack the Ripper is widely considered to be the best single-volume history of the Whitechapel murders, and with good reason. Sugden is not only intimately familiar with the details of the case thanks to his own painstaking personal research (some of which is presented here for the first time), but he's also conversant with the many works that preceded his study. As he recounts those facts we know and those bits of contemporary evidence that contradict each [...]

    20. I have read dozens of books on Jack the Ripper over the years, and this is by far the best. Philip Sugden refutes many of the myths surrounding the Whitechapel murders and uses primary sources to find out the facts. His research goes further than any other ripperologist and I found out many new things about the case, which I didn't think possible considering how many JTR books I have read. In terms of the suspects, he covers the original three that the police suspected of the murders, but few ot [...]

    21. I had always been interested in Jack the Ripper, but never quite knew everything (or almost everything) there was to know about the cases. Such a gruesome true-story in which the killer was never identified. It's creepy to think that this man roamed the streets as a "free being," then passed, never receiving his punishment. I believe that Jack the Ripper is one of the top most infamous and well-known murderers ever known. The book is an excellent read, and had me a little scared at times reading [...]

    22. Really enjoyed this book as a fairly objective view of the evidence. He puts forward what was known and looks at theories without espousing one himself. Interesting to read something about the victims' life, not just their deaths.

    23. Definitely the most comprehensive book dealing with the Whitechapel murders and Jack the Ripper. I learned a lot about the police environment and the general atmosphere during the time. Plus, it was hilarious to read this and then go watch From Hell, which is about as historically inaccurate as you can get. I've been meaning to read this book for around 10 years and I'm glad I finally made time to do it. I really enjoyed Sugden's dry wit, and just about every chapter has a dig at some other auth [...]

    24. If you only read one book about the Whitechapel murders, this is the one to read. Sugden brings his skills as a historian to the task of sifting fact from fable, adroitly interpreting primary sources and debunking many common myths and misconceptions about the crimes. The book's usefulness is also aided by Sugden's willingness to lead from the evidence, rather than to be pushing a particular theory about the crimes or about the identity of "Jack." Finally, he manages to wade through all these de [...]

    25. Comprehensive, thorough, a real historian's take on the Ripper murders.I highly recommend Sugden’s account for readers looking to know the history of 1888 London and the sociocultural aspects of that time when the Whitechapel murders occurred. Not for ripperologists looking for a whodunit.

    26. This is an amazing book that takes a look at what was once thought of as facts and really separates actual facts from interpreted facts. This book would be great for those who really want to learn or research Jack the Ripper

    27. The author just spent 10 years researching material for this book. He wanted to write about Jack the Ripper leaving all the nonsense and fiction behind. One of the most amazing, well-written, page-turner book I had the luck to ever read! Absolutely unmissable.

    28. Probably dated now but still relevant in that it's a very well researched and well written book that scotches a lot of the myths that have been written over the years about the Whitechapel murders. A must read for all who study this case.

    29. This is the best book on Jack the Ripper I have read. Sugden can lay out a clear, coherent narrative of what we know about each crime, he is adamant about relying on primary sources, and when he doesn't know something, he says so flat out. He treats everything we "know" about the identity of Jack the Ripper with rigorous skepticism (including, thank goodness, the claims of Sir Robert Anderson that seem to have hypnotized so many Ripper historians), and the only time I caught him yearning, like a [...]

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