Mad Cows

Mad Cows

Kathy Lette / Jun 26, 2019

Mad Cows Maddy s first day out with her newborn takes a Kafkaesque turn when she s arrested in Harrods for shoplifting If this isn t already a miscarriage of justice then being detained in Holloway s Mother a

  • Title: Mad Cows
  • Author: Kathy Lette
  • ISBN: 9780330334020
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maddy s first day out with her newborn takes a Kafkaesque turn when she s arrested in Harrods for shoplifting If this isn t already a miscarriage of justice, then being detained in Holloway s Mother and Baby Unit at the local prison is the DC Panicked at the thought of losing her child in a forced adoption, she has newborn Jack smuggled to freedom in her friend GillMaddy s first day out with her newborn takes a Kafkaesque turn when she s arrested in Harrods for shoplifting If this isn t already a miscarriage of justice, then being detained in Holloway s Mother and Baby Unit at the local prison is the DC Panicked at the thought of losing her child in a forced adoption, she has newborn Jack smuggled to freedom in her friend Gillian s handbag but worries ferociously about the move because Gillian has the maternal instincts of a guppy fish Finding herself in jail and as a runner up in the human race, the only person Maddy can turn to is her hot to trot ex lover Alex who proves to be as useful as a solar powered vibrator on a rainy day The only trouble with Alex is his sex appeal of which he gives generously Will Maddy ever escape the clutches of the prison psychologist Edwina Phelps emphasis on psycho Will she ever be able to see Alex for what he really is a self made man who worships his creator When will Alex realize that a paternity suit is not the latest look in men s leisurewear How does one brief a lawyer with a heat seeking penis that never reports to mission control And what about the entire police force

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    • Unlimited [Children's Book] ☆ Mad Cows - by Kathy Lette ✓
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        Kathy Lette divides her time between being a full time writer,demented mother now there s a tautology and trying to find a shopping trolley that doesn t have a clubbed wheel.Kathy first achieved succ s de scandale as a teenager with the novel Puberty Blues, now a major motion picture After several years as a singer with the Salami Sisters and a newspaper columnist in Sydney and New York collected in the book Hit and Ms and as a television sitcom writer for Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles, her novels, Puberty Blues 1979 Girls Night Out 1988 , The Llama Parlour 1991 , Foetal Attraction 1993 , Mad Cows 1996 , Altar Ego 1998 Nip N Tuck 2001 , Dead Sexy 2003 and How To Kill Your Husband and other handy household hints 2006 became international best sellers Kathy Lette s plays include Grommits , Wet Dreams , Perfect Mismatch and I m So Happy For You I Really Am.She lives in London with her husband and two children and has just finished a stint as writer in Residence at London s Savoy Hotel.Kathy says that the best thing about being a writer is that you get to work in your jammies all day, drink heavily on the job and have affairs and call it research Although her husband says he should have the affair as it would give her a better book


    1. This book couldn’t have been unfunnier if it were about poor cows suffering from Mad Cow disease. It’s chick lit, not my favorite genre, but every now and then I come across a gem that I actually like. This wasn’t one of them.It’s about a brand new mom who just wanted to buy some prunes to help move things along but instead winds up in jail after a series of stupid coincidental calamities. We get to listen to her inane and crude thoughts as she prattles on about baby poop, drooping belli [...]

    2. It's a terrible terrible book. So terrible that I kept reading it out of a kind of horrified fascination to see where the author was going with the story. It's supposed to be funny but I didn't laugh out loud once. Not even a chuckle.

    3. disappointing a rubbish story told in a crass manner by someone who should know better. there is a fine line between sarcasm and humour and Kathy and Lette has totally missed it this time.

    4. I made it to disk 7 but found it unbearable to listen to it any further. I know it is all lighthearted and ironic - I just didn't find it funny or entertaining at all.

    5. When I was about 14 I got it into my head that I needed to stop reading Katherine Applegate's Making Out series over and over again and start reading proper adult books. To this end I borrowed Mad Cows from a family friend. I remember two things from it:-The young one compares her pre-pregnancy nipples to Jelly Babies. A distressing and unsavoury association that will never leave my brain.-The old one makes fun of babygrows/onesies during a job interview or something, only to realise that the in [...]

    6. Sometimes you're desperate for something brainless and shallow to read; in my case, I tend to get my hands on pulp paperbacks that my (highly educated, intelligent, strategy consultant) girlfriend leaves lying around -- the same person who repeatedly tries to explain to me why high-powered female executives fight each other for fashion and gossip magazines on Friday evening commuter flights. This was brainless and shallow, and somehow entertaining, I can't explain how, like playing Solitaire on [...]

    7. I really struggled through this book. To me Kathy Lette is a mixture of witty one liners and total vulgarity. When she's good she's good but Mad Cows unfortunately fell into the latter category and stayed there throughout. The subject matter being quite hard hitting - the welfare of a baby while the mother is first arrested and then goes on the run - and it really doesn't lend itself to the comic, blase style of the book. Tasteless and I wish I hadn't bothered.

    8. The pace of the humour in this book was so frenetic it was like being assaulted. In any situation, jokes have primacy. It doesn't matter how dramatic or tragic a situation the characters find themselves in, they will always get a pun in at the very least. This is literature for people who want to have their funny bone tickled from the word go, and who don't mind a creaky overblown plot and a cast of exaggerated stereotypes. I swear there were no likeable men at all in this book, but we needn't w [...]

    9. This is a hilarious and fast book about a mother with a small baby.The story begins with Maddy, the mother being at her first trip to the mall after the birth of her son Jack. The father, Alex Drake documentary filmmaker, turned out to be a jerk and Maddy left him. Her boobs are leaking, the baby stinks of poop and with a bag of dried plums in her jacket pocket, she's accused of shopliftingd disturbing the peace (breastfeeding in a public place).Suddenly both Maddy and Jack are guests at the wom [...]

    10. Despite the serious nature of the plot, Mad Cows was a hilarious read from start to finish. Maddy’s a foreigner in England, has few friends, and faces a situation so much bigger than herself. She does some crazy things, but in the end makes the best choice for herself and her baby.Though the book mostly felt like a light-hearted read, Lette took jabs at ‘perfect parents’, you know the ones who know all there is to know about parenting and engage their children in a whirlwind of activities? [...]

    11. This book is a follow-on from another I haven't yet read (that I can recall). It's not much more than a vehicle for a succession of witty one-liners, which are clever and amusing for the most part, but wear on the reader a little in places that might have been better served by plausible and enthralling plot development. At least the ending narrowly avoids the done-to-death romantic happy-ever-after cliche, but not really by supplying an intriguing twist to the story. Much else (such as, um, men) [...]

    12. This was ok. I found it an amusing read at the start but the last third became a bit tedious and just too unrealistic to make it funny.I did like the characterisation of maddi which was well developed but some of the lesser characters could have done with more attention.Kathy Lette is one of those chick lit authors I can take or leave. She has some flashes of brilliance in her writing and then takes the joke too far.

    13. Not my sort of book. Almost gave up on several occasions when I though that I didn't care what happened. Stayed with it as it was the only audiobook I had downloaded and it was easy listening. There are some passages that are really well written, sadly wasted in a story that has no point. This author can write well I think. Sadly chick lit is not my genre so to me it seems a waste. Author is disagreeing with me all the way to the bank. Haha

    14. This was not for me at all, I felt like the story had promise but the style of writing just wasn't to my taste. I found the primary character to be hugely irritating, and her secondary counterpart to be far more interesting. Perhaps I'm not the generation this is aimed at, but I really didn't click with the language used. Would probably avoid this author in the future.

    15. An new Aussie Mum taking her baby for their first outing becomes a nightmare!Arrested for shoplifting and ending up in Holloway Woman's Prison is just the beginning of an unforgettable journey for Maddy.Kathy Lette is undeniably a straight talker and some parts of this book may shock and dismay the reader. I loved it and loved the Aussie Slang that is sprinkled through it.

    16. I really didn't find this funny like I used to. maddy was annoying the prose was trying too hard to be witty and irreverent and for one page a characters name changed for no reason from mamma joy to mamma June. I feel a little disappointed because I feel sure the first time I read this about 10 years ago I loved it.

    17. Can't remember when I first read this book and its companion "Foetal Attraction" but I've re-read them whenever I needed a bit of cheering up! Kathy Lette is known as The Master of Tongue-Fu - a right rollicking read!

    18. Always wondered what the appeal of this author was - and still am. I did not enjoy this read- not my type of book at all, although there were some humourous one liners it did not make me laugh or even smile.

    19. The writing is funny but the story itself is not. I find it rather depressing actually. I chuckled while reading it, but couldn't erase the fact that ultimately it is a sad story.

    20. Didn't get past the second chapter as I felt that I was being bombarded with every how-can-I-make-this-situation-funny scenario that there was. It got bring and repetitive after the first chapter.

    21. It was a nice, quick and easy read. I could relate to some of it being a mother myself and found some bits about pregnancy quite funny. It was a bit of a strange plot but still enjoyable.

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