The Five Love Languages for Singles

The Five Love Languages for Singles

Gary Chapman / Aug 20, 2019

The Five Love Languages for Singles Gary Chapman first penned the bestselling The Five Love Languages than ten years ago The core message has hit home with over million people as it focuses on the need to feel loved This need is felt

  • Title: The Five Love Languages for Singles
  • Author: Gary Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781881273981
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gary Chapman first penned the bestselling The Five Love Languages than ten years ago The core message has hit home with over 5 million people as it focuses on the need to feel loved This need is felt by married and singles alike Dr Chapman now tackles the unique circumstances that singles face, and integrates how the same five love languages apply in their relatGary Chapman first penned the bestselling The Five Love Languages than ten years ago The core message has hit home with over 5 million people as it focuses on the need to feel loved This need is felt by married and singles alike Dr Chapman now tackles the unique circumstances that singles face, and integrates how the same five love languages apply in their relationships For example, in a business environment, when and how is physical touch appropriate Take the love language test included.

    Discover Your Love Language The Love Languages The Love Languages changed my life It changed my marriage There s such simplicity in its message, but I feel like it s so powerful Kelly Hurliman, Wardrobe stylist to Oprah Winfrey The Love Languages changed my life It changed my marriage. Five Two Love YouTube Love you all Hi, we are Skyler and Jamie Scott, parents to quintuplets Logan, Lily, Violet, Daisy, Lincoln and boys Shayden Landon Join us on our journey Understanding the Five Love Languages Focus on the Family All five love languages challenge us to give to our spouse, but for some, receiving gifts, visible symbols of love, speaks the loudest A gift is something you can hold in your hand and say, Look, he was thinking of me, or, She remembered me. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman Can Gary Chapman s book, The Five Love Languages strengthen your marriage Dr Gary Chapman is a Christian counselor and the author of The Five Love Languages.He writes about the importance of being able to express love to your spouse in a way that your spouse can understand. The Love Exotica YouTube Jun , Live TV from channels No complicated set up No cable box required Cancel anytime. What Are the Five Love Languages Growthtrac Marriage These five love languages are WORD OF AFFIRMATION Actions don t always speak louder than words If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you Hearing the words, I love you, are important hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. The Love Languages The Secret to Love that Lasts The Love Languages is as practical as it is insightful Updated to reflect the complexities of relationships today, this new edition reveals intrinsic truths and applies relevant, actionable wisdom in ways that work Includes the Couple s Personal Profile assessment so you can discover your love language and that of your loved one. The Five Love Languages A new, revised edition of The Five Love Languages was released on January , Related works Since , Chapman has written several books related to The Five Love Languages, including The Five Love Languages of Children in and The Five Love Languages for Singles in . The Love Languages Which One Are You QUIZ Goodnet Love, Quiz, The Love Languages, Relationship Written in his book, The Love Languages The Secret to Love that Lasts , Dr Gary Chapman reveals that each of us primarily speaks with one of five love languages quality time, physical touch, gift giving, acts of service, and words of affirmation. The Love Languages Quiz The Mindful Company The Love Languages Quiz January inspiration We all feel and express love in different ways.

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        Married than 45 years to Karolyn, Dr Gary Chapman is just the man to turn to for help on improving or healing our most important relationships His own life experiences, plus over forty years of pastoring and marriage counseling, led him to publish his first book in the Love Language series, The 5 Love Languages How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate Millions of readers credit this continual 1 New York Times bestseller with saving their marriages by showing them simple and practical ways to communicate their love to their partner.Since the success of his first book, Dr Chapman has expanded his 5 Love Languages series to specifically reach out to teens, singles, men, and children.He is the author of numerous other books published by Moody Publishers Northfield Publishing, including Anger, The Family You ve Always Wanted, The Marriage You ve Always Wanted, Desperate Marriages, God Speaks Your Love Language, Parenting Your Adult Child, and Hope for the Separated He coauthored The Five Languages of Apology with Dr Jennifer Thomas.Chapman speaks to thousands of couples nationwide through his weekend marriage conferences He hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, Love Language Minute, and a Saturday morning program, Building Relationships with Dr Gary Chapman, that air on than 400 stations Dr Chapman also serves as senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina.Dr Chapman holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology from Wheaton College and Wake Forest University, respectively, MRE and PhD degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has completed postgraduate work at the University of North Carolina and Duke University.Dr Chapman and his wife have two adult children and two grandchildren, and currently live in Winston Salem, North Carolina.


    1. I didn't really learn anything in addition to the original "The Five Love Languages". I recommend just sticking with that book. The examples he gave were either people who were currently dating or past tense examples of relationships that have came to an end. This is helpful for identifying what your own or what other's love languages are or have been, but really does nothing to help the single person enter a new relationship. It really did not give a very positive outlook on dating, with dating [...]

    2. This book is, essentially, the same as the original The Five Love Languages. Some of the examples are more fitting for unmarried folk and the illustrations also deal with different singles or dating couples he has come across throughout the years. Different chapters deal with how to love friends, roommates, coworkers, family members, siblings, and other relationships outside of romantic ones. Those chapters are mainly what distinguish this book from it's predecessor. The main issue I had with th [...]

    3. I was recommended this book by co-workers and students because they felt so profoundly that it helped them with building better relationships with friends and loved ones. There were a lot of concepts from this book that I really enjoyed; however, I wish I had been warned about the heavy Christian agenda behind some of the authors ideas. For me, the book would have been more effective if the Christian themes were left out or more generalized in nature.

    4. When I was finished with this book, I felt as if everyone I know should read it or another version of it (not necessarily the "Singles" version.) This book not only will undoubtedly help me understand future relationships, but it had me stop and examine the love languages of every member of my family, close friend I even went through and examined the love languages of colleagues. A total "a ha" moment was when I looked at the love languages of my parents. Prior behavior which I, at times, felt w [...]

    5. Why I Choose this Book:I was first introduced to the 5 Love Languages about six or seven years ago when I was in my late teens, and my world was literally changed. Around that time I read one of the 5 Love Languages books, but I'm not sure what edition. I figured it was time to do a refresher course, hence the reason for requesting this book. What I Thought about this Book:If I hadn't already known about the 5 Love Languages and a lot of the material in this book, I think I would have had millio [...]

    6. I picked this up at a thrift store and thought it might would work well for character development for my stories. However, after reading into just the first chapter, I grabbed out a notebook and pencil for me to take notes for myself. The "Five Love Languages" explores five common ways that most people express love: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, physical touch. I have known about the five love languages for several years, but reading the book helped me to analyze ho [...]

    7. Great theory--in fact, I think I buy into it in a pretty big way. I plan on applying some of the things I've read. He relates a great way of looking practically at how to relate better to people. That being said I wouldn't recommend the book to most people for two reasons: 1. it is poorly written with extremely "hokey" examples, which makes it hard to take the theory seriously at points and 2. it's written from a very Christian perspective, which makes it sometimes difficult for many to relate t [...]

    8. I'm very happy to have finally read this book. I knew I would benefit from and enjoy learning about the love languages, and already agreed with what I had heard of them. What I wanted to gain most was a better understanding of each language and how to apply the knowledge in my life, especially as a single. So the version was perfect! Well-written and informative, the only reason I didn't read it fast enough was because there was much for me to contemplate, analyze, and set goals with. I'm pretty [...]

    9. I first read this book a few years ago and I found it to be life changing. I started reading it again just to remind myself of the concepts of the book. There are 5 love languages: 1. words of affirmation 2. Receiving gifts 3. Acts of service 4. Physical Touch 5. quality time. My primary love language is quality time followed by receiving gifts. Understanding the 5 love languages actually made me understand people better (as well as myself) and to be able to express love in a way that makes them [...]

    10. 3.5 starsI thought this had solid, though not groundbreaking, advice. It did make me think how I could improve my relationships with those around me which I'm going to follow through with.2017 challenge: a book with career advice (this book contained information on how to improve your relationship with co-workers, so I'm counting it)

    11. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while because the author’s love language concept resonates with me. It’s simple and sensible but not widely applied. He explains that people give and receive love in five different ways (through words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and gifts) and that the best way to love someone is through their language rather than your own. Your well-meant gift might not mean as much as a word of encouragement and a hug to someone whose p [...]

    12. This was a pretty easy read. Chapman uses good flow and all his arguments are smooth and organized. I found this book insightful in that I don’t think I ever fully realized that people love and receive love in different ways. It is a bit difficult to see myself before learning what was in the book, but I think I tended to believe that some of the love languages were good and some were just superficial. This book changed my views on that and has helped me realize that people do actually receive [...]

    13. Being a single who has had his struggles with the female gender I found this book very enlightening. This book isn't geared solely towards dating it also deals with friendships, work relationships, parents and your kids. Basically there are five types of love languages that we all speak and we each have one that is predominate. If you figure out what the person's love language is you can "speak" it to them and fill their love tank. The five love languages are 1) words of affirmation, 2) gifts, 3 [...]

    14. Có câu: " Phải hiểu sâu sắc một người nào đó ta mới có thể nhận ra đó là một người hoàn toàn xa lạ." đợt trước mình có bắt gặp nhiều lần nhưng đọc thấy không thực sự hiểu lắm.Đọc cuốn sách này, tự dưng mới có liên tưởng thêm về cái gọi sự khác biệt trong một mối quan hệ thân thân lâu lâu intimate kiểu như thế. Một mqh ( không chỉ riêng tình yêu) luôn có 2 giai đoạn: giai đo [...]

    15. You can translate the fundamental teachings of this book to all relationships in your life - romantic love, friendship, and even professional relationships. I read in high school and am going to read his book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace which is specifically focused on professional relationships. His concept is so simple yet has a profound impact on the way we understand and interpret relationships.

    16. Sometimes with this sort of book, the advice seems "airy-fairy" or unrealistic to me. However the love languages concept resonated with me,. I was able to see myself reflected. Even more significantly, I had a potentially difficult conversation coming up and this caused me to stop and rethink my approach and think that is the true mark of success. The book was able to apply to my life, and in a positive way.

    17. I'm not usually that into self help / psychology books, but our book club read this and I found it well written, well thought out, and useful. Not just in terms of my marriage, but in terms of how I interact with my children, other family members, and even friends.

    18. This is an awesome book to help people not only have more meaningful and loving romantic relationships, but relationships in all areas (friends, family, children, etc). This is a MUST read for everyone. And it's less than 250 pages, so why not?

    19. I'd read the original Five Love Languages from the library several years ago, and I really liked Dr. Chapman's ideas. They make sense: we each spell L-o-v-e differently. For some of us, it's words of affirmation, others it's acts of service, gift-giving, spending time together, or positive physical touch. Most of us have a dominant love language, identifiable from our own actions and our expectations of others, and all of us need to learn to speak all five languages.On and off, I had though abou [...]

    20. Recently out of a seven year relationship, I chose to pick up this book I’ve heard so much about to re-evaluate how I show love to others and to question my own love language. I didn’t know what to expect when I started The Five Love Languages, I just felt at this particular time in my life it would be a good read. There is much truth in the value of a book based on the seasons in one’s life.As stated above there are five love languages and these are not only how we prefer to be loved but [...]

    21. I had always heard people referencing this book as if everybody else was already aware or in tune with it's content and I just missed the meeting the day it was discussed. So I finally took the time and sought out the edition that suited my lifestyle the best. Ahem the Single's edition. Being a night reader I tend to read only a couple chapters a night, pass out, then pick up where I left off the next night or even a couple nights later if I'm not really into the book. However, the five love lan [...]

    22. This made a lot of sense to me, though I do think our needs change, sometimes from day to day. Mine are words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch. None of these are a big surprise.

    23. This book serves as a compliment to the original Five Love Languages which is geared toward married couples. Chapman does an excellent job at breaking things down simply without losing depth. It's a fast read and overall, I really enjoyed it. I picked it up because as someone who is single and dating it seemed like something that would be helpful. I did have some issues with it though, which is why I gave it four stars not five. At times the author makes this book seem like the end all to be all [...]

    24. This book helped me understanding why at times I feel unsatisfied/misunderstood in certain relationships. Understanding our personal love language, as well as the one of others, is important for people who seek meaningful relationships. The 5 love languages are as follows:1 Acts of service2 Quality time3 Gifts4 Physical touch5 Words of affirmationGary is a Christian author who expressed these 5 characteristics of love in junction with the meditation of 1 Corinthians 13 & other bible passages [...]

    25. This author has written at least 6 books on this topic. Everyone apparently responds more to one "love language" than the others. The five languages of love are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Once you know a person's preferred language you can use that language to better express love or friendship towards that person. This theory can be applied to significant others, parents, kids, other relatives, friends, co-workers,. In the back of th [...]

    26. Okay, this book is awesome. I've known about the love languages for years, but never read any of the books. This book was helpful I'm understanding them on a deeper level.A few things that I especially liked:-The author is religious and shares how his beliefs connect to the different love languages. I didn't feel like it was pushy or overwhelming at all. But as a Christian, I loved his insight. It really helped me to connect the concepts on a deeper level.-I loved that the author discussed abusi [...]

    27. Anyone who knows me knows that I am cynical when it comes to self-help books. Most are written by self-important freaks who have god complexes. However, I have finally found a self-help book that I can truly understand, agree with, and recommend to my friends. Heck, I could even recommend this book to a stranger. This book is for any human being who is not a hermit. If you have any relationships with any humans in your life, this book is for you!!! This book is written in everyday language that [...]

    28. The Love langauges series has been talked about in concervative circles for years. I have avoided this series for that reason. Although Dr Chapman has branched out and coverd many different situations regarding Love Languages I first became interested in this series when I read the book Love Languages for Children. I have been in childcare for 15 years and out of all the classes and books I have read, it was the Love Language book that helped me the most.This book was an impulse buyonce I picked [...]

    29. I think EVERYONE should read one of The Five Languages of Love books. This book has the power to enhance every relationship in your life - friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers alike. I learned an unexpected amount about myself and the way I feel love and express love and how to show love to others in the way they best receive it. The book is written by a minister and talks a bit about Christian values and bible scriptures It didn't turn me off to the book at all, it was just kind of weird [...]

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