The Eagle's Prey

The Eagle's Prey

Simon Scarrow / Feb 19, 2020

The Eagle s Prey IF YOU DON T KNOW SIMON SCARROW YOU DON T KNOW ROME THE EAGLE S PREY is the thrilling fifth novel in Simon Scarrow s bestselling Eagles of the Empire series A must read for fans of Bernard Cornwell a

  • Title: The Eagle's Prey
  • Author: Simon Scarrow
  • ISBN: 9780755349999
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • IF YOU DON T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON T KNOW ROME THE EAGLE S PREY is the thrilling fifth novel in Simon Scarrow s bestselling Eagles of the Empire series A must read for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden Praise for Simon Scarrow s gripping historical novels Ferocious and compelling Daily ExpressBritannia, AD 44 The time has come to claim Britain for theIF YOU DON T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON T KNOW ROME THE EAGLE S PREY is the thrilling fifth novel in Simon Scarrow s bestselling Eagles of the Empire series A must read for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden Praise for Simon Scarrow s gripping historical novels Ferocious and compelling Daily ExpressBritannia, AD 44 The time has come to claim Britain for the Empire Centurions Cato and Macro are preparing for what their leaders say will be the final battle against those natives refusing to accept the civilising force of Rome The British savages will surely stand no chance against the might of the unstoppable Roman army.But young Cato is concerned about hot headed cohort commander, Maximius, than about the enemy, and with Roman troops being brutally slaughtered, even grizzled veteran Macro is having doubts about the promised ease of their success Will they be victorious or will the battle cost both of them than they could ever imagine

    The Eagle s Prey The Eagle s Prophecy The Eagle s Prey is the fifth book in the Eagles of the Empire series, by Simon Scarrow This novel is set in AD during the Roman invasion of Britain During the second year of their campaign against the British tribes, the Roman legions are under great pressure to Where Eagles Prey Quest World of Warcraft wowhead Comment by chadandjody You start the quest by picking up a pile of fireworks The fireworks are not inside the castle area but just to the right of entrance ramp. the eagles prey Simon Scarrow Eagles of the Empire Series Collection Books Box Set Book Under the Eagle, Eagles the Conquest, When the Eagle Hunts, The Eagle and the Wolves, Eagles Prey The Eagle s Prey Eagle, by Simon Scarrow The Eagle s Prey Eagle It is over a year since the Roman army landed on the shores of Britain The savage warriors of the barbarian leader Caratacus continue to torment the legions Emperor Claudius needs a victory to make his position secure As the Romans gather on the eve of the battle they are confident that a final, decisive, Eagle Diet Feeding National Eagle Center Wabasha Fish is the primary food of bald eagles, but they will eat a variety of other animals and birds Their prey items include waterfowl and small mammals like squirrels, prairie dogs, raccoons and rabbits Bald eagles are opportunistic predators meaning that in addition to hunting for live prey What are the bald eagle s prey What are their predators Apr , Bald eagles prefer fish as their prey, and live near water If fish are not available, they will eat almost anything they can find, including carrion and prey they steal from smaller birds Here is a description of their food gathering according to the Smithsonian National Zoo Bald eagles are predators. The Eagle s Prey Simon Scarrow The Eagle s Prey Eagles of the Empire, Book It is late summer AD and the battle weary Roman legions are in their second year of campaigning against the British tribes. Eagles and Prey The Official Website of Central Park NYC Eagles and Prey This bronze sculpture is well known for the fine detail of the animals textures in this case the feathers of the eagles and the woolly coat of the goat Eagles and Prey, was created by Christophe Fratin and is the oldest known sculpture in any New York City park Cast in Paris in , the statue was a gift given to Bald Eagle s diet and feeding habits American Bald Eagle Bald eagles have been seen hunting in pairs An eagle protects its food by partially opening its wings or tenting An eagle can consume one pound of fish in about four minutes the eagle holds its prey with one talon, holds onto its perch with the other, then tears off each bite with its beak.

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        Simon Scarrow is a UK based author, born in Nigeria, and now living in Norfolk He completed a master s degree at the University of East Anglia, and, after working at the Inland Revenue, went into teaching as a lecturer at City College, Norwich.He is best known for his Eagle series This is Roman empire military fiction, starting with the second invasion of Britain, and continuing with subsequent adventures in every corner of the empire The stories are told through the eyes of two centurions, Macro and Cato.To date there are fourteen books in the series.


    1. -Bordeando el subgénero de la “aventura histórica”.-Género. Novela histórica.Lo que nos cuenta. Tras algo más de un año desde que Claudio decidió invadir y conquistar Britania para la Antigua Roma, los avances romanos no son todo lo rápidos que se esperaba debido a la enconada resistencia de los habitantes a ser romanizados con facilidad. Para destruir las fuerzas de uno de los líderes locales más activos, Carataco, se prepara una trampa en la que los centuriones Cato y Macro tendr [...]

    2. just brillant, once i started to read it i could not put it down. a good entertaining adventure with great battle scenes

    3. Best book in the series yet, we are still in Briton but the challenges and situations faced by our two protagonists are very different. We still have the great strategic battles, realistic combat, political intrigue and funny dialogues but what I really loved about the book was the character development for both Cato & Marco, unexpected and so satisfying. After reading on the Roman invasion of Briton, I realized the book is perfect mixture of historical facts and creative embellishment, the [...]

    4. Still in Britain with Cato and Marco, still fighting Caratacus. Things go wrong for them in this one as Maximius, their tit of a second centurion makes a right cock up of a battle and lets Caratacus escape out of the Roman army's grasp. However it's Cato and some of his men that end up taking the blame. Due to be beaten to death by the rest of the men, Marco helps him escaspe and they flee to the marshes only to be captured by Caratacus. This is where we get to see a human side to Caratacus as i [...]

    5. Best YetI didn't think I'd like this book, but it was the best, yet. Reason? Not just action, but great character development. Not overdone, but more sophisticated than in the first four books. In those, Cato was a scared, if bright, kid that got more than his fair share of attention. The other characters were just props. In this book, Macro got another dimension and so did several other characters. Not maudlin. Interesting. Action was still there aplenty.

    6. Her ble det for mange slagscener og blod i begynnelsen til at jeg orket mer. Har likt de tidligere bøkene om Macro og Cato som er legionærer i den romerske hæren, men de har inneholdt mer person- og miljøskildring.

    7. Realmente puedo afirmar que me declaro oficialmente fan de Simon Scarrow y de su protagonista Cato. En este volumen si ha habido especialmente descripciones que ha narrado las batallas entre britanos y romanos , está narrado de una manera que te imaginas y es como si vieras la batalla en directo con tus propios ojos como si fueras un espectador . También en este volumen junto al tercero es donde por el momento he visto mucha crueldad por parte de ambos bandos , pero en este especialmente por e [...]

    8. Love this series! The world of the Romans conquering is fascinating, and this book doesn't fail to deliver. Cato and Macro are knee deep in the political twists and turns as always. Every time I read another book in this series, I am able to slide seamless from the real world and be absorbed into Macro and Cato adventures.

    9. The 5th book in the series sees the two main characters still in Britain. More of the same as per previous couple of books, but this time Cato is a wanted man. Enjoyable book and i will continue with the series.

    10. "The Eagles Pray" Simon ScarrowThis is the third book of the Eagle series I've read. Good historical stories about the roman legion and the exploits of centurion Macro and cohort Cato in the Roman conquest of Britain.

    11. A fabulous book!Wonderfully written - and magnificently read by Jonathan Keeble.Gripping and believable and had me on the edge of my seat.Highly recommended.

    12. Yet another gripping novel from Simon Scarrow, book 5 and still really enjoying tracking the 2nd legion's invasion of Britain!

    13. 'The Eagle's Prey' is my first Simon Scarrow novel, and I'm afraid it will be my last. In fact, had it not been given to me as a gift I probably wouldn't have finished it, and that is a rare thing for me. I'm a huge fan of historical fiction, from Steven Pressfield and Bernard Cornwell to Robert Low and Tim Severin, but I've found that whenever I venture beyond these authors to try and find something new, I end up disappointed. Granted, 'The Eagle's Prey' is probably not the best place to step i [...]

    14. “The Eagle's Prey” is Simon Scarrow's solid fifth volume in his "Eagle" series focused on roman military adventures in the early first century, AD. This is not the best of Scarrow's series, but it's an entertaining story of well-written action sequences held together by a reasonably solid, if not unique and totally cohesive, plot.If you're new the adventures of now-Centurions Macro and Cato, you should look to “Under the Eagle” (#1) and “The Eagle's Conquest” (#2) for the best in ter [...]

    15. After finishing The Eagle and the Wolves I couldn’t wait to dive into The Eagle’s Prey. As with the earlier books, our heroes Centurions Macro and Cato are in England fighting with the 2nd Legion trying to subdue the Celts. Having recovered from their wounds (When the Eagle Hunts) and training local auxilia (The Eagle and the Wolves) our now centurions are now serving in the 3rd Cohort of the 2nd Legion under Centurion Maximius, trying to trap the Celts under Caratacus to end the fighting in [...]

    16. The Eagles Prey by Simon Scarrow was a book about the Roman Legion against the Celtic warband. There are 2 main characters in it. One being Cato and the other Macro. What attracted me the most to this book was how detailed every command sequence was. The tactics the generals used in the book really brought out a sense of realism. Not only that but the mixed emotions everyone had and the bloody combat. The book just makes you feel as if you were in there at that time.Cato and Macro are both Centu [...]

    17. Cato and Macro are two Roman soldiers. Cato is young, a child of a palace official who fell on hard times, as a result Cato joined the army. Macro is a veteran soldier. The two form a friendship forged in battles from Germany to Gaul and then onto Britain.This book is based around 40 AD when the Roman's commenced their conquest of the British isles. Cato and Macro are characters I warmed to quickly. Cato is quicker witted and has a broader perspective. Macro is practical and cynical, he excels i [...]

    18. The Roman army has come to Britain and is prepared to destroy the Celtic tribes to establish their firm hold. The fifth in the series, Scarrow does well with the history of roman expansion and conquest.

    19. The invasion of Britain is in the second year and the general is starting to feel the pressure to finish it quickly, especially when an unexpected visitor turns up in Britain. Marco and Cato now back in the legions, after their adventures in the last book, are trying to integrate themselves into their new cohort. Cato is finding this harder than his friend and mentor dus to his percieved lack of experience. The senior centurian in particular seems to have taken offence to Cato joining his cohort [...]

    20. Definitely my favorite one in the series so far. I think that's because it took a nice detour from what was becoming the normal routine of the story following the 2nd Legion around Britain kicking the crap out of barbarians. Detour might actually be an understatement. This one actually reached something of a serious conclusion in that Macro and Cato finish the book being transferred away from the 2nd Legion. Their past actions being too heroic to punish, and too insubordinate to overlook. But ju [...]

    21. Adorei novamente mais este livro da série da Águia de Simon Scarrow.A história é muito cativante e os pormenores são deliciosos de tal forma que não nos transportam apenas para essa altura, mas também em alguns momentos conseguimos mesmo sentir a velocidade dos pensamentos de Cato durante a batalha. é mesmo preciso ler para compreender o que eu quero dizer. É qualquer coisa de extraordinário.Não faltam momentos de tensão, traição, intriga, etc.Tenho pena de ter encontrado alguns er [...]

    22. In this book we continue to accompany the centurions Macro and Cato in the Roman's Empire campaign in Britannia.This has been so far one of my favorites, topping the first in the series, since in this one the characters experienced their biggest trial so far.After a series of events they lose their honor, with different consequences in each case, but still have to go through some ordeals until the end of the book.It was also interesting to see on this book a glimpse of how the roman army exercis [...]

    23. I picked the book up from a local supermarket not realizing that it is the fifth in a series about the Roman invasion of Britain way back then when Claudius was the Emperor! The author comes to the task from an academic interest in the Romans but writes in a 'Bernard Cromwell' style. It is enjoyable as long as you can accept the Romans are the 'goodies' civilising the barbaric Britons. Caractacus is treated as the courageous giant who is too dumb to accept the advice of the young captured Centur [...]

    24. Weak book in otherwise interesting series. While first half is decent and up to previous books' standards it goes downhill later. After roman failure at the fords and military trial it becomes unrealistic. While some acts are believable the consequences are not. I'll avoid details to avoid spoilers but anybody with some knowledge of roman military ill be able to see what I'm talking about.Besides, when Cato gets in troubles it's hard to feel suspense, seeing how next books in series are also cal [...]

    25. I would rate this 3 stars as a stand-alone novel but this is a 4 star read for fans of Cato & Macro. They pair with a commander who is inadequate and thus at odds with our heroes. The best part of this novel is the last few chapters. Great action and it appears as if they will actually return to Rome. Just when I was wondering how Scarrow could continue the saga on the British isle only so many storylines you can create with the Roman army fighting the native Celtic tribes. Looking forward t [...]

    26. I forgot to review this book when I read it, which was sometime before "Eagle's Prophecy".This book stretches probability a little thin, but allows for a good story. Scarrow manages to keep the reader engaged throughout the story, and despite knowing there are more books in the series, there were many tense moments wehre I wondered exactly what the fates of centurions Macro and Cato would be.That's not an easy task.Few anachronisms, well written, and well paced. I like Scarrow's stuff.

    27. Another good adventure from Simon. Our two friends, Cato and Macro are both centurions under the command of a bad piece of work, Maximus who botches up an important piece of work which manages to lead to the selection, by lots, of those troops to be decimated. Poor cato is one of the ones chosen Ooo-er! But have no fear! All will be well because we know there are more books in the series. The build-up of tension is very good and the knife-edge battles are bloody. Good stuff!

    28. The fifth in Scarrow's series following the fortunes of Centurion Macro and recently promoted Centurion Cato. This episode is set at the time of the collapse of organised British resistance to Roman occupation, and as well as being another exciting adventure yarn, also takes a look at the tendency of military and political leaders then (and now) to make others further down the chain of command into scapegoats for their own failures.

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