Hillbilly Women

Hillbilly Women

Kathy Kahn / Jun 26, 2019

Hillbilly Women None

  • Title: Hillbilly Women
  • Author: Kathy Kahn
  • ISBN: 9780380001712
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. In the 1970’s Kahn interviewed a group of women from the southern Appalachian region and put their lives together in this book. These biographies are both a powerful condemnation of the Big industries and Big Government that did their best to try and screw them over – but it is also a testament to the granite backbone these women have/had. No matter the obstacle, these women refused to roll over and die when told to – that fought like hell for their basic rights and to protect their famili [...]

    2. Confession time, I bought this book because I thought the pictures of the Hillbilly women were gorgeous and tough, but this is a pretty amazing and frequently shocking collection of interviews with women from Appalachia. I guess it's naive to be shocked by the exploitation of coal miners and factory workers, but I was. The only thing I didn't like was the author's introductions to each interview, which are frequently kind of fawning in that fetishistic way middle class and upper middle class fol [...]

    3. Fantastic and inspiring book. Highly recommended read for a snapshot of the Appalachian people's struggles, and stories of strong women who lived there during the early 70s. You could listen to the Harlan County Blues soundtrack as a companion piece while reading this. The stories will make you angry (assuming you have a pulse) but also give you hope for how amazing people can be.

    4. Read this book, figure out how much HASN'T changed since it was published 30 years ago, and be prepared to get very, very angry.

    5. This book has an irritating bias that undermines its message, but the stories the women tell are pretty fascinating. Reading this really highlights that the oppression of the working poor is longstanding and won’t fix itself. “What can people do to create a more just society? I think they can start by examining their own lives and discovering how they are being used to sustain corruption and oppression. Then they can begin the long hard work of resisting.”

    6. Realy stories of Applachian women. What a read!! Should be required reading for high school students. None of the stories are about women asking for sympathy, but rather of women proud of where they are from and of what they are. First part of book is about women either wives or daughters of miners. I heard and read about miners and mining towns, but these stories bring it close to home. It's unbelieveable that these conditions have and do exist in our country. Another 'forgotten' people.

    7. The stories in this book were interesting, but after awhile, they were mostly all alike and I didn't care for the way the whole book was written. Obviously the author had a huge bias, and while I thought the stories were accurate and all, I got sick of her commentary of "This woman is a true hero, this woman is a real inspiration, this woman is the second coming of Jesus" (ok, I made that last one up) But you get the point. Enough. They're women, not saints.

    8. The author did a magnificent job with this book. She stepped in at parts, but otherwise all the stories were in these women's own words. Emotional, yet funny and heartwarming at times. These women held their families together, supported and provided for them, and fought for what was rightfully owed to them.

    9. The story of where I come from. Strong appalachian women struggling to support their families in harsh coal mining towns (before unions and during the struggle to form unions), boot-legging, working in textile factories. Appalachian women are strong and un-trusting by nature, this book will help you understand why.

    10. Oral histories from women in Appalachia. The author's voice during the in-between segments wasn't my favorite part, but most of the book is made up of the stories of the women, in their own words, and their experiences with mines & mills & unions & getting by- pretty intense stuff.

    11. I never re-read books. Ever(except for my son). But I will say, I can pick this book up anytime and read the stories of these women over and over again. I guess I appreciate the fact that the women are telling their own stories in their own words.

    12. Another good sociological study of the Appalachias from the female point of view. Easy to read, as it is set up in short story format.

    13. A book about urban Appalachians in Cincinnati in the 1960s. Discusses a population that has been ignored, dismissed, or disparaged.

    14. Hardcover including several actual photos with stamps on verso with name of photographer/subject accompanying the book.

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