Woman's Inhumanity to Woman

Woman's Inhumanity to Woman

Phyllis Chesler / Sep 17, 2019

Woman s Inhumanity to Woman The bestselling author of Women and Madness offers a revolutionary look at aggressive relationships between women of all ages that continues the dialogue of recent bestsellers Odd Girl Out and Queen B

  • Title: Woman's Inhumanity to Woman
  • Author: Phyllis Chesler
  • ISBN: 9780452284081
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • The bestselling author of Women and Madness offers a revolutionary look at aggressive relationships between women of all ages that continues the dialogue of recent bestsellers Odd Girl Out and Queen Bees and Wannabees Includes a new Introduction by the author.

    Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Phyllis Chesler Woman s Inhumanity to Woman is a provocative take on the nature and behavior of women Seattle Times Phyllis Chesler has one of the most original and provocative minds in Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Phyllis Chesler Chesler is a co founder of the Association for Women in Psychology , The National Women s Health Network , and The International Committee for Women of the Wall She is a Shillman Ginsburg Fellow at The Middle East Forum, and a fellow at the Institute for the Study of Global Anti Semitism and Policy ISGAP. Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Phyllis Chesler Woman s Inhumanity to Woman is a provocative take on the nature and behavior of women Seattle Times Seeing women, like men, as capable of both courage and jealousy, of providing care and causing pain, is no nor less than acknowledging women as fully human. Woman s Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler Commentary Woman s Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler Thunder s Mouth Press pp . In Phyllis Chesler strode onto the feminist stage with a speech to the American Psychological Association View Post Woman s Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler Jan , Woman s Inhumanity to Woman ended up in my cart as soon as I spotted it on and read its description The title says it all The title says it all It deals with the myth of sisterhood. Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Phyllis Chesler Jan , Phyllis Chesler, Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Feminist writings on horizontal hostility among women, tend to focus on articulating various means by which to reduce it, work around it, or heal it through creating new foundations of feminist community ethics in our relationships with each other. Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Summary eNotes In Woman s Inhumanity to Woman, Chesler tackles this often overlooked phenomenon of female to female violence and aggression In researching the topic, Chesler interviewed than five Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Quotes by Phyllis Chesler Many women wish to star in this role, and many do The male universe has room for many stars the female universe is therefore much smaller, and the competition quite fierce for the limited number of starring roles Phyllis Chesler, Woman s Inhumanity to Woman Breast Ironing Woman s Inhumanity To Woman In The Name Of The campaign to wipe out this cultural practice better described as woman s inhumanity to woman continues across the nations involved. WOMAN S INHUMANITY TO WOMAN Kirkus Reviews Women are sexists too is the not very surprising thesis of this reference packed tome from psychologist, feminist, and author Chesler Letters to a Young Feminist, , etc

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        Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women s Studies at City University of New York She is a best selling author, a legendary feminist leader, a psychotherapist and an expert courtroom witness Dr Chesler has published thousands of articles and, most recently, studies, about honor related violence including honor killings She has published many classic works such as Women and Madness, Mothers on Trial The Battle for Children and Custody, and Woman s Inhumanity to Woman She is about to publish her fifteenth book in October, 2013, titled An American Bride in Kabul.


    1. "Sexism is complicated." This book is a giant sociological study that took the author 21 years to complete. I spent about two hours with it. I came to this book with one agenda: to find tools and answers to better my own close relationships with other women. I needed language for my confusing feelings. We all know (or should know) what is normally considered "drama" among women is serious direct and indirect violence that crosses class, race, and gender lines. We're talking women throwing acid i [...]

    2. Parts of this book are heart breaking and parts are very lif-affirming. Chesler impartially outlines problems in women's relationships without condemming or sinking into mysoginistic language. She is merely describing what ocurrs everyday in Western society from what she has personally observed. This book is one of the truest descriptions of the human condition that I have ever read.

    3. You have to give the author credit for her bravery in being one of the first to tackle an important but taboo subject. You can read throughout the book that she expects to be mercilessly attacked for writing it. Some parts of the book are stronger than others, but it is worth reading for those parts. I wish she gave more suggestions for dealing with the problems, but perhaps there aren't many solutions.

    4. This book a lot of effort to read, but it was worthy.It shows a lot of the character of women that's usually hidden, almost taboo to talk about directly. It helps understand women a bit more, show some very bad stuff, some extremely weird, some eye-opening.It's also a great book on group dynamics and somewhat on character assassination

    5. This is a feminist book that deals with tricky subject for most feminists: hostility between women. The more normal/acceptable topic is men's nastiness towards women, but then, it's too easy (I mean anybody can criticise men, they are asking for it, poor things! - only joking). Phyllis Chesler is no slacker and goest straight to the core:- little girls bullying other girls- female colleagues at work sticking to men in their attempt undermine other women- mothers, out of best intentions and care, [...]

    6. It really is a no-brainer: members of a social group with limited power will undermine and manipulate other members within that social group in order to achieve power, even if the power achieved is of no substance. This is achieved through preying upon weaknesses and manipulation and passive aggressive behavior.Having been on the receiving end of predatory and passive aggressive female behavior in various contexts throughout my life I can most certainly identify with this. It's spot on. So are h [...]

    7. Много хубава книга за сложните взаимоотношения между жените. Описва точно проблемите в тези взаимоотношения, диференцира ги ясно един от друг и ги обяснява по много убедителен за мен начин. Всеки човек с поне минимален житейски опит е забелязал, че женските взаимоотношени [...]

    8. Her last 10 pages of the book were groundbreaking and if you were expecting a self-help book; those pages would be the closest to it. Maybe I'm biased being a psychology major - but this book was phenomenal. Yes - a bit slow in the beginning. I completely lost her for a bit with the Electra talk in chapter 4. But it breaks down an understanding of WHY women are so vicious to one another. It gave me answers as to why women are horrible to those who are honest, clean-hearted and genuine in nature. [...]

    9. I've had this book for a while and never really finished it. Recently, due to not understanding some of the 'women' in my life, I picked it up again hoping that it would give me some new insights about my female relationships. Boy did it ever. I think this is a must read for any woman and I would go as far as to say that it should be required reading for all females ESPECIALLY those who do not like other women, are cunt haters or do not have close female friends. If you are over women's hostilit [...]

    10. This book changed everything for me. It is the bible for anyone who wants to read the most fundamental and first, groundbreaking work on what women do to each other. It was part of my research for my own book, and nobody raised the issue like Phyllis Chesler did.

    11. Published in Sally's World, August 2003 sallyduros/womans-inhuBy SALLY DUROSLeadership. We talk about it all the time. But what is it?I've worked in places where leadership is measured by office configuration and size of paycheck, by number of phone calls placed and appointments made, by the urgency, authority and volume of voice with which one gives orders, by the minutes one arrives late at a meeting, or by the number of minutes of face time one has with the boss. You know and I know that none [...]

    12. "[A] person of spiritual quality sees to it that the evil stops when it comes to her; she will not pass it on, but neutralizes and dissolves it back into the nothingness from which it came.“ ~ Simone Weil (not verbatim)Woman's Inhumanity to Woman ended up in my cart as soon as I spotted it on and read its description. The title says it all. It deals with the myth of sisterhood. "Women's aggression may not take the same form as men's, but girls and women are indeed aggressive, often indirectly [...]

    13. Phyllis Chesler е радикална феминистка от старата школа - активно участвала във втората вълна на движението през 60-те ин 70-те. След това обаче е отхвърлена от ръководните кръгове на феминистките организации заради изразяваните от нея мнения относно посоката, която поема феминизм [...]

    14. I liked the theme and her overall message, but I thought the style of writing was not that great. Also, I do not like how many personal anecdotes were shared; to me a scientific work should stay a bit more removed than that (although I know others may disagree). I was surprised that she also failed to acknowledge any similar 'feminine' failures on her part; instead Chesler seemed to 'apologize' for her bad reactions towards other women. In other words, she framed herself as a constant victim, wh [...]

    15. I have yet to see such a book aimed at men.Double standard that women are expected to be better human beings or what?This lady has already spoken about "women should stay at home and take care of their hubbies and children" while on the road, leaving her own children (albeit all grown up) and husband on their own devices. Do-as-i-tell-you-not-as-i-do in its purest form.Women can be assholes, jerks, sexist and misogynistic well, duuh. Also, women are sexist against other women because the whole g [...]

    16. The first part of the book was fantastic. It surveyed female relationships in non-human primates, introduced a number of intriguing studies on humans, and covered a lot of female-female relationships in cultures around the world. It felt very broad and anthropological. Unfortunately, it was let down by the second half, which brought the topic home to the author's own life suddenly it became almost exclusively driven by anecdote (amusingly when it wasn't an anecdote, it was using literature like [...]

    17. Started reading it then shut iten started reading it again. I'm still reading it, very open mindedly. I have been recommending it based on what I've read so far. It is very interesting and educational, very relatable learning a lot from it. I got it from the library but will purchase my own copy. Too bad it's not an Ebook!

    18. I read only some of this book hoping to learn how to deal with other women more effectively at work and at club. But it seems more just stories of women being mean to each other, I didn't see much on how to change attitudes. Sure, being aware is the first step, I'm ready for the next one.

    19. As a Woman, I highly recommend this book to all women, you become more self-aware of how you treat other women.

    20. Very insightful look at how pervasive violence between women has been ingrained into our DNA as well as encouraged societally.

    21. A great read, to understand women relationships (from mother to daughter, sisters, female friends). It was for me really enlightening.

    22. The points made in this book definitely need to be made, but I wish some of it was backed up with more scientific data and less "I know a woman who" anecdotal evidence. Still, well worth reading.

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