Lord of the Fire Lands

Lord of the Fire Lands

Dave Duncan / Sep 17, 2019

Lord of the Fire Lands As unwanted rebellious boys they found refuge in Ironhall Years later they emerged as the finest swordsmen in the realm The Kings BladesOnce bound a Blade s life is no longer his own Only death can

  • Title: Lord of the Fire Lands
  • Author: Dave Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780380791279
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • As unwanted, rebellious boys, they found refuge in Ironhall.Years later they emerged as the finest swordsmen in the realm The Kings BladesOnce bound, a Blade s life is no longer his own Only death can break the gilded chain of enchantment that binds the bodyguard to the man he is sworn to defend And never in living memory has a candidate refused the honor of servingAs unwanted, rebellious boys, they found refuge in Ironhall.Years later they emerged as the finest swordsmen in the realm The Kings BladesOnce bound, a Blade s life is no longer his own Only death can break the gilded chain of enchantment that binds the bodyguard to the man he is sworn to defend And never in living memory has a candidate refused the honor of serving his king.until now.Young Wasp never intended to be a rebel Yet, at the sacred ceremony of binding, he follows the lead of his friend Raider, and together they spurn the wishes of King Ambrose himself Now Raider and Wasp are outlaws hunted by the very Blades whose ranks they were a breath away from entering, and joined together by a destiny that binds them securely than any knot tradition and sorcery might tie Amid the turmoil their treachery has inspired, Wasp and Raider must undertake a desperate journey into the heart of the dreaded Fire Lands And the outcome of their terrifying confrontation with dark truth and darker magic in this realm of monsters, ghosts, and half men will ultimately determine the fate of two kingdoms.

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      • Dave Duncan

        Originally from Scotland, Dave Duncan has lived all his adult life in Western Canada, having enjoyed a long career as a petroleum geologist before taking up writing Since discovering that imaginary worlds are satisfying than the real one, he has published than forty five novels, mostly in the fantasy genre, but also young adult, science fiction, and historical He has at times been Sarah B Franklin but only for literary purposes and Ken Hood which is short for D ye Ken Whodunit His most successful works have been fantasy series The Seventh Sword, A Man of His Word and its sequel, A Handful of Men, and ten books about The King s Blades He and Janet were married in 1959 They have one son and two daughters, who in turn are responsible for a spinoff series of four grandchildren Dave now lives in Victoria, BC.


    1. delivreenlivres/20Je n'ai pas aimé ce livre. Non pas parce que le style ou l'intrigue globale me déplaisaient vraiment, mais juste parce que je n'ai pas adhéré au thème et ça m'a complètement bloqué. Nous suivons les jeunes Lames Pillard (nommé comme ça à cause de ses cheveux roux qui sont la marque des habitants du Baemark, les barbares pirates) et Guêpe. Lorsque le Roi arrive pour en faire ses lames, le premier refuse et le second le suis par solidarité. Chose totalement inédite [...]

    2. A Tűzföldek ura a trilógia második része, ám a szerző a történetmesélés rögösebb útját választotta, és a sztori nem Az aranyszín lánc után folytatódik időrendben, hanem azzal párhuzamosan, jórészt új szereplőkkel a középpontban. Az aranyszín lánc úgynevezett életút-regény, a főszereplő, Sir Durendal egész életét felöleli, míg a második részben Sir Durendal – nyúlfarknyi szerepében – nagyjából negyven éves, és az események sokkal inkább Peng [...]

    3. I enjoyed this quite a bit. This is the second in the "Tales of the King's Blades," a series I'd seen recommended. I couldn't find the first, The Gilded Chain in stores but took a chance on this one, and fortunately as Duncan tells you upfront, this is a stand-alone. I find the premise intriguing: the king's blades of Chivial are superbly trained swordsmen who are bound to their wards. For the time bound, in some cases for life, almost their entire personality is subsumed in protecting their war [...]

    4. Un roman bien construit, bien écrit et efficace, voilà l’impression que laisse le deuxième tome des Lames du Roi de Dave Duncan. L’auteur conte une histoire parallèle au premier tome, en changeant complètement de point de vue, puisque l’essentiel se passe dans la contrée ennemie. Moins original et surprenant que l’insigne du chancelier, il s’agit toutefois d’un très bon récit d’aventure qui laisse un bon souvenir et manie bien les intrigues politiques en évitant de les com [...]

    5. So, the ending of this book is completely mystifying, based on what happened in the *first* book of the series. From what I've read, you need to have the 3rd book handy so you can start on it immediately (sadly I do not). But besides that, it's a great book. If you haven't read anything by Duncan yet, you need to pick up something by him. I've enjoyed all of his works that I've read so far.

    6. Much different from the first book. So much so, that I actually thought to abandon it 1/3 of the way through. Finally I saw what Duncan was intending with this tale and was rewarded with a tale steeped in much more intrigue and politics than its predecessor. Thoroughly enjoyable, but slightly less rewarding than I'd hoped for, but still worthy of the series so far. On to A Sky of Swords!

    7. Almost as good as the first King's Blades book. A quality fantasy story. But the ending is so bizarre and unexpected (based on what you read in the first book), you have no choice but to want to read the next installment.

    8. This one was every bit as good as the previous book in the series. It has an equally intriguing main character, and a plot that moves very quickly. There's an excellent mix of action, politics, revenge, and magic that should satisfy pretty much anyone. Really good stuff.

    9. Great book, but it doesn't align with the first. This may fix itself in book three, but it still bugs me that I didn't know it wasn't going to align.

    10. Lord of the Fire Lands by Dave Duncan is the second in the King's Blades novels. While it largely stands on its own, it is still intertwined with events that take place in the first novel, The Gilded Chain. In fact, Duncan drops a bomb at the end of Lord of the Fire Lands which directly contradicts events that take place in The Gilded Chain. At first, I had to wonder if I was remembering things wrong (I'd just finished the first book, so I was pretty sure I hadn't), or if I'd missed some subtle [...]

    11. "it seems that the ending of this book paves the way for the beginning of the next", I wrote at the end of my review of the gilded chain, first of the King's Blades. How very wrong I was. In fairness to me, the end was quite open and I did not know that they weren't a series in the accepted sense of the term. "Each book in this trilogy stands alone, but together they make a larger story," according to the author.So what of the lord of the Fire Lands? I found it very compelling, intriguing, and f [...]

    12. Going over my list for good reads, I was a little appalled that I had given the first book such a rave review and score, but never continued the series. I rectified that by rereading the first novel, and today have finished the secondAnd whoa, what a journey. I had no idea the second novel would take me to Bael, which was sometimes mentioned in the first novel but never really expounded upon. During the first books tales of Durendal I had better things to occupy my mind in any case. In this book [...]

    13. I really liked the first book of the King's Blades, this second one, not so much. I didn't care for the setting, which is different, and it just never quite clicked for me. It wasn't nearly as complex or nuanced a book as the first. I did appreciate how the forced marriage was dealt with, though. Duncan makes it clear that it is really like rape, because the woman isn't really given a choice. Technically, she is, but she actually is only given the choice between saying she freely chooses to marr [...]

    14. Interesting, but I didn't like it as much as "The Gilded Chain." As usual, Duncan writes with a breezy, fun flair and introduces interesting takes on magic and how it affects different cultures. There's also more literary in-jokesis book's theme is "Hamlet." Unfortunately, there are events in this book that directly contradict what took place in "Gilded Chain." These contradictions are only explained in "Sky of Swords." Though Duncan says he tried to write each book so that one can read them wit [...]

    15. Good book but it was not what I wanted to read (base on my expectations coming from The Gilded Chain). I was expecting the same type of knightly adventure story weave with a little magic, but I got a Viking infuse political intrigue. I is a very good story, just not in the same vein as the Gilded Chain, even do in the end both stories intertwine quite nicely and make you want to read the third book.

    16. Not as engrossing as the first book of the series (The Gilded Chain) but (if you read the series in order) ends with a whopping cliffhanger. Largely told in flashbacks, which can make the pacing feel clunky at times. Probably the lightest of the King's Blades books, featuring a pseudo Anglo-Saxon culture, lots of humor, and a lovely friendship between the two main characters.(The Harlequin romance-esque cover is quite unfortunate and rather misleading.)

    17. I read the Kings Daggers trilogy before reading the original series of the King's blade and I recommend people do things that way. this particular one started good and then plateaued so it was not as good as other books by Dave Duncan, but the ending was pretty good after the epilogue. if it was not for the epilogue, I would have given it 3 stars. even the epilogue what is not as good as I would like

    18. First I had forgotten about the TIMEY WIMEY bullshit that Duncan tries to sell you in this book. Second, I found parts INCREDIBLY boring and the whole "everything is a flashback wah hey!!" Is more bs. I did like AElred tho, and I liked the call backs re: unwilling queens. Also, Duncan walks the "NO HOMO BRO" line waaaaay too closely.

    19. A sort of retelling of Hamlet the way I'd like it - Hamlet killing lots of people instead of vacillating the entire time.OK, I joke, but it's an excellent book. I was stuck in a hospital with it, years ago, with nothing else to read (except People) for days and it held up even when I reread it three times in a row.

    20. This is the second or third time I read this, and I remember this being my favorite of the series. It is interesting reading it as an older wiser person. The ending is quite a bummer, but I love how these books don't pit good versus evil, just flawed humans versus flawed humans. Now I have to go read the last one in the series, because I forget exactly how the brilliance is executed.

    21. The 2nd book in the triology! I loved it! If you like vikings, plundering, pillaging, revenge, magic, kingdoms, politics, royalty, loyalty, and it helps if you're 1/2 Viking like me - - this book is AWESOME!!! I'm still confused but they say they 3rd book ties everything together. Let's see what happens :)

    22. A second book of near-perfection in the King's Blades series, full of vivid characters and political intrigue. I really, really love Dave Duncan's storytelling. I was completely captivated the whole way through, and I'm still reeling from the twists. I've been reading fantasy since I was a kid, and it's hard to surprise me, but Duncan does, and I love him for it!

    23. The plot was not quite as compelling as Gilded Chain, but I loved his look at an ancient Norse culture, complete with a plot lifted from Hamlet. Duncan's fascination with the culture sometimes got in the way of the story, but I didn't mind - I also found it fascinating. Sequel to A Gilded Chain, this also can be read on its own.

    24. My second read through. This is probably my favorite of the original Trio of books of the Kings Blades. It's been years since my first read, and I'd forgotten a lot of the details, which made it a fun re-read even though I knew the rough framework. Now I really want to re-read The Sky of Swords again.

    25. It wasn't quite at the level of the first, but it was still a good story, with engaging main characters. Don't plan to read this one if you don't think you'll read the third, because once you've finished this you've got to complete the group to understand the whole story.

    26. This one didn't hold my attention as well as the first one, but it was still interesting. And the final chapter - wtf!? Now I have to read the last book, just to figure out how they reconcile this itty bitty enormous "discrepancy."

    27. While the first book was a splash of scenes made to make the reader be impressed with Durendal, the second book is an interesting book about the viking like -Baels. The book produces an alternative perspective very nicely and immerses the reader in the world of Eurania.

    28. I can't even begin to say how much I loved this book. Romance, swords, politics, puns, and Hamlet just doesn't get any better than that! You don't have to have read the other King's Blades books to read this one btw.

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