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Salamanca Dean Alfar s first novel is about the sorcery wrought by love lust and literature by friendship family and the Filipino nation Salamanca streaks across decades and spaces tracking the stormy rel

  • Title: Salamanca
  • Author: Dean Francis Alfar
  • ISBN: 9789715504911
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dean Alfar s first novel is about the sorcery wrought by love, lust, and literature, by friendship, family, and the Filipino nation Salamanca streaks across decades and spaces, tracking the stormy relationship between polymorphous perverse Gaudencio Rivera, whose passions ignite prodigious feats of writing and wandering, and Palawena beauty Jacinta Cordova, whose perfectiDean Alfar s first novel is about the sorcery wrought by love, lust, and literature, by friendship, family, and the Filipino nation Salamanca streaks across decades and spaces, tracking the stormy relationship between polymorphous perverse Gaudencio Rivera, whose passions ignite prodigious feats of writing and wandering, and Palawena beauty Jacinta Cordova, whose perfection transmutes walls into glass and adoration into art.Tracing the arc of an imperfect marriage sundered by acts of nature not least human and sutured by acts of will not least nonhuman , and vividly peopled by a multigenerational and multinational cast of kith and kin, this work of imagination takes the reader on a magical excursion into Philippine life and history while setting new standards for the Filipino novel along the way.

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    1. 11 April 2014, 1:20 p.m.I only suspect that not a lot of people would cry after reaching the last page of this modern masterpiece by Dean Francis Alfar. Not me, though. Not on this day. Not in this hour when all I see around me are the browning leaves and cracked barren earth. Not when love is as elusive as a summer rain and my heart is dying, burning in ardent but nonviable hope.I guess I’m crying because my heart breaks at the thought of real, pure love and how it has been meticulously and s [...]

    2. A fecund, oversexed imagination is on display in this first novel by Filipino writer Dean Francis Alfar, the main proponent of speculative fiction in the country. The sorcery of the title refers to the fuel that powers an imaginary Spanish galleon to soar through the skies. The galleon is a fixture in certain fantastical short stories written by Gaudencio Rivera, the bisexual male lead of the novel. His fount of creativity is derived from his love affairs, betrayals, and promiscuity. Lovemaking [...]

    3. Reading this book feels like reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera (4 stars). It has the magical realism, the sexual characters, the use of Spanish-sounding names (full names instead of first or last only or even nicknames) and the events in the novel happening while some important political/historical milestones are on-going as backdrops.It is a easy read. Short but full of subplots and secondary characters that can sometimes be confusing. The main plot, however, is about [...]

    4. Salamanca is a novel about love.Basically, the plot goes like this: Gaudencio Rivera, the main character in the story, announces to his friends one day in a dinner party in Los Angeles that he wants to go back to the Philippines and return to his wife. He has abandoned her many years ago for a man (Yes, a man!). He wants to apologize to her and renew his commitment of love to her and raise a child with her. He wants to make right the great wrong he has done, and start anew. He then relates to on [...]

    5. Dean Francis Alfar's novel Salamanca (2006) is a (quite short) piece of magic realism that stretches across much of the life of its central protagonist and through several decades of the Philippines' history. I've been slightly imprecise in that sentence because, while one spends perhaps as much as the first three-quarters of the book believing that, even during some longish periods when he is off-stage, the central protagonist is the oversexed writer Gaudencio Rivera, towards the end of the boo [...]

    6. A luminously sensuous family chronicle that could easily sit next to the best of Gabriel García Márquez. The evolution of Gaudencio from lustful bisexual philanderer into content family man is filled with tragedy and wonder, and Alfar's light touch with the fantastic here elevates the narrative to mythic proportions. Simply put, I didn't want the book to end, but it does so on exactly the right note. Dean Francis Alfar is a wizard of prose, the possessor of a very special kind of narrative sal [...]

    7. Just like magic, the novel opens up all of love's faces - mysterious, unexpected, scary, but will always leave us awestruck and wanting more. A good mix of fantasy and an atypical Filipino love story, Salamanca was such a pleasure to read.

    8. I'm just not a fan of stories in which women play the part of mystical, unknowable beings who are merely instruments for egocentric male protagonists and authors to realize their own selfhood, especially not in the form of excessive homages to Gabriel Garcia Marquez such as this.

    9. Salamanca was awarded the Grand Prize for the Novel in the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in 2005, and was first published by the Ateneo Press in 2006. It is, for the most part, a love story, and its appeal is in the interrogation of who that love's between, or what.General/LanguageLike with most of Alfar’s work, language in this novel is strange, almost whimsical, but underscored by something heavier, a certain darkness—the setting is familiar but made new, and the actions of [...]

    10. My Dear Mina,Thank you for the bandi you sent back with Tonio. I did not realize how much I missed the taste of it.I am happy that he was able to meet Cesar, and that Cesar is well.Sometimes when I think of everything that has happened, I ask myself the same question Tonio asked me a long time ago. Is it true?But as I continue to grow older, I realize that it doesn't really matter. I remember what I remember, and for me that is the truth.Perhaps that is the same for everyone? I don't know.I know [...]

    11. This book shared a lot of the feeling with Love in the Time of Cholera and reminiscent of the style of the referenced Without Seeing The Dawn by Javellana.The perfectly molded world by Alfar came wondrously at Tagbaoran and Manila, both being tastes of the simplicity and fecundity of life. Filipino culture, even politics and history, was greatly reflective of the long post-Japanese and Marcos dictatorship era. Less of those, but Gaudencio's life affairs and search for himself came through tough. [...]

    12. The book has its salamanca working on me my tears just flowed with that ending. Its awards are well deserved.

    13. I never thought that I will cry because of this book. 😭😭 so much emotions specially in the last part.

    14. While it's definitely a clumsy (especially in the beginning), obvious attempt to mimic One Hundred Years of Solitude, the novel comes through with a creative, sometimes poignant, and ultimately unique take on life and love, on memory and magic.

    15. Seriously can't get into this book at all. Might come back to it when I have more time in my life. With that, I leave you with a little anecdote:It was my last year at uni and I went to this lecture about experimental fiction by author redacted. This guy has been to some of my class workshops and I like the way he thinks. His work can be somewhat too experimental for my taste, but at least he's pushing the boundaries (whatever that means. When he mentioned Dean Alfar, he said that Salamanca wa [...]

    16. This book is a requirement from my college literature course. To be honest, i never read much Philippine Literature. This book for sure is one of the best and I'm glad i had a chance to read it.“The first two things Gaudencio Rivera was made aware of--within hours of arriving by carabao-drawn cart at the secluded town of Tagbaoran on the island province of Palawan--were these: that the most beautiful woman in creation dwelt by the river, and that it was pointless to even dream of being loved b [...]

    17. Almost midway through my reading of From Dawn to Decadence, I realized I needed something lighter to tide me overWhile browsing through NB's Filipiniana section I came across this one, yet again. But this time I started reading the first few pages. In no time I realized I'd found just the story to serve as buffer for Jacques Barzun's heavy (literally and figuratively speaking) book.Magic and fantasy. And realism too, as it ends. What took me so long?

    18. epic like and tragic, this is my first philippine historical fiction read, and it was good but not spectacular, i find the characters development were brief because the author made the story shorter than the average novel, but it was easy to understand and the prose was somewhat erotic and magical and at the same time, for adult readers only. It was a fun read, not bad at all.

    19. Our professor required us to read this book back when I was in college and this could totally be a really weird book for some, but it really is sort of good. I could really refer to it as a "high magical fiction" because Dean Francis Alfar has this very, very wide imagination.

    20. Watered down magic realism. Then add some historical details then call it speculative fiction. One brilliant passage of American woman screaming obscenities in multiple tongues, but lazy moments too, especially the summary-like ending. This text won an award? How?

    21. Stunning, surprising, and straight from the soul. Every page has a truth about the human condition that is hard to forget.

    22. Read it. It's not all happy but for all its supernatural elements it's quite raw and real. I did not expect to be in tears by the end of it but I was hahaha.

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