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Inheritor The first book in C J Cherryh s eponymous series Foreigner begins an epic tale of the survivors of a lost spacecraft who crash land on a planet inhabited by a hostile sentient alien race From its b

  • Title: Inheritor
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780886777289
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first book in C.J.Cherryh s eponymous series, Foreigner, begins an epic tale of the survivors of a lost spacecraft who crash land on a planet inhabited by a hostile, sentient alien race From its beginnings as a human alien story of first contact, the Foreigner series has become a true science fiction odyssey, following a civilization from the age of steam through earThe first book in C.J.Cherryh s eponymous series, Foreigner, begins an epic tale of the survivors of a lost spacecraft who crash land on a planet inhabited by a hostile, sentient alien race From its beginnings as a human alien story of first contact, the Foreigner series has become a true science fiction odyssey, following a civilization from the age of steam through early space flight to confrontations with other alien species in distant sectors of space It is the masterwork of a truly remarkable author.Six months have passed since the reappearance of the starship Phoenix the same ship which brought a colony of humans to the hostile environment of alien atevi nearly two hundred years ago During these six months, the atevi have reconfigured their fledgling space program in a bid to take their place in the heavens alongside humans But the return of the Phoenix has added a frighteningly powerful third party to an already volatile situation, polarizing both human and atevi political factions, and making the possibility of all out planetary war an even likely threat.On the atevi mainland, human ambassador Bren Cameron, in a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, has arranged for one human representative from the Phoenix to take up residence with him in his apartments, and for another to be stationed on Mosphiera, humanity s island enclave Bren himself is unable to return home for fear of being arrested or assassinated by the powerful arch conservative element who wish to bar the atevi from space Desperately trying to keep abreast of the atevi associations, how can Bren possibly find a way to save two species from a three sided conflict that no one can win The long running Foreigner series can also be enjoyed by casual genre readers in sub trilogy installments Inheritor is the 3rd Foreigner novel It is also the 3rd book in the first subtrilogy.

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        Currently resident in Spokane, Washington, C.J Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel, photography, reef culture, Mariners baseball, and, a late passion, figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began with the modest ambition to learn to skate backwards and now is working on jumps She sketches, occasionally, cooks fairly well, and hates house work she loves the outdoors, animals wild and tame, is a hobbyist geologist, adores dinosaurs, and has academic specialties in Roman constitutional law and bronze age Greek ethnography She has written science fiction since she was ten, spent ten years of her life teaching Latin and Ancient History on the high school level, before retiring to full time writing, and now does not have enough hours in the day to pursue all her interests Her studies include planetary geology, weather systems, and natural and man made catastrophes, civilizations, and cosmology in fact, there s very little that doesn t interest her A loom is gathering dust and needs rethreading, a wooden ship model awaits construction, and the cats demand their own time much urgently She works constantly, researches mostly on the internet, and has books stacked up and waiting to be written.


    1. I'm entranced (again) by reading this series straight through. I was always a big fanboy when they first came out and it was by this book that I devoted myself, mind and soul, to the collecting of every hardcover edition. Yeah, I still think it's that good.The high expectations between Jase and Bren, now that Jase has made it, barely, to the mainland after his drop from space, and now he's basically regretting everything that brought him to the Atevi. Bren's not having the time of his life, eith [...]

    2. 4.5 - end of first trilogyThe planet is still in turmoil from the arrival of the Phoenix and what it represents, especially between Mospheira and the atevi. Until now, this relationship was based on the humans divulging technology little by little, making sure that it didn't cause too wild a wave in the native society, in order to keep the peace while ensuring their ‘superiority' for as long as possible.However, the spaceship overthrows this precarious balance by literally giving all the infor [...]

    3. Wow! I loved 'Inheritor'! Unfortunately, it is book three in C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner series, which is turning out to be a series so linked in plots - in, fact, as linked as if they were actually one book - there is no way to describe the plot of the book without destroying the pleasure of reading the series. It is better advice to say start here: Foreigner. I can further advise the series is an acquired taste - it either appeals or it doesn't. It will be loved best, if it is loved, first by pol [...]

    4. This series is growing on me. It’s excruciatingly slow and repetitive, but this has ceased to be annoying, as I’ve reached a point where I’ve become fond of this quirky aspect of Cherryh’s writing. The setting still fascinates, and this book has a pretty exciting ending.Cameron, the human translator/ambassador to the native population, is still shepherding them through their rapid assimilation of human technology, while simultaneously training a nervous new guy from the spaceship. The hu [...]

    5. This took quite a while to get through. While previous novels in the Foreigner series were slow going plot wise in the beginning, this last book in the first trilogy suffers from rather a different problem - that of poor editing. The entire first quarter of the novel is devoted to re-capping the events of the previous two novels. Considering how complex and info-heavy those plots are, this makes for a rather boring and dreary read. It is hard to understand why Cherryh has chosen to do this. One [...]

    6. This review is probably best seen as a recap of my thoughts about the second and third books in this series. It will assume you’ve read Foreigner. It will actually mention some major plot points from Invader and Inheritor too. There will be spoilers. You have been warned. If you’re curious about and/or new to the series, go read my review of Foreigner instead, because most of what follows will a) be spoiler-y and b) probably not make a whole lot of sense to you.Read the entire review of Inva [...]

    7. I'm re-reading the Foreigner series as audiobooks, many years after I first read the books. It is a pleasure to revisit and remember the development of Bren Cameron from a nervy and uncertain diplomat, to his present illustrious status. 'Inheritor' begins six months after the arrival of the representatives of the starship 'Phoenix' to the earth of ther Atevi. Jase Taylor has remained on the mainland with Bren and the atevi, whilst Yolanda Murcheson has been speedily despatched to Mospheira, to l [...]

    8. Third in the series and a swift, fascinating read by a writer who makes you think as well as entertaining you.Those threads in the first book are now being deftly woven into more complexity. It's six months on. Jase from the spaceship is struggling to learn atevi language and living with Bren. But the spaceship has added more tension as the conservatives on both sides find it an excuse to cause real political problems. Also Jase is not easy to get on with. And finally he reveals the real reason [...]

    9. Another intrigue and tension filled chapter of Bren Cameron's life as Paidhi among the atevi population. Riveting and thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn't put it down tonight until I finished it.

    10. Humans came and humans might go. But the land went on, and the sea washed the rocks.The spaceship is in the sky, and a race is on the land - a race between humans and Atevi, as well as opposing factions in both societies. The title of this book could refer to the heavy info-dumping in the first quarter of the book: literal recap of the first book, as well as informational speeches Bren gets from his associates. It was tedious and boring. I didn't care enough to take notes on the Atevi soap-opera [...]

    11. The end of the first trilogy in this epic SF series.It's six months on from the second book and Jase-paidhi is coming along under Bren-paidhi's supervision, but it shows that Bren was a product of a ruthless competitive selection process and that Jase is just a volunteer. Even so, Jase is becoming fluent in what sounds like an insanely complex language. (All adult sentences must contain harmonious numbers of words, which means that a speaker must not only be aware of all the nuances of atevi num [...]

    12. When I finished book 1 in this series, my first thought was, "Did I even like that?" But now, I'm developing a deep, deep love for it. There's something so fascinating about being dipped deep into an alien culture through the lens of the protagonist, Bren Cameron, and trying to parse out what's human, what's not, and best of all, why the differences aren't anything necessarily better or worse.It's actually particularly interesting reading this series after Octavia Butler's Xenogensis trilogy. Ma [...]

    13. A great finish to the first Foreigner series trilogy. I have two minor complaints. The first is that Bren swears to 'God' and 'hell'. He did this in the previous books too, but it really jumped out to me a lot here. My issue is not the use of (very mild) profanity but rather that the words 'God' and 'hell' are inconsistent with the universe of the story. Religion is never mentioned in relation to the humans so it seems odd to me that religious words would be common swear words. Furthermore, and [...]

    14. C. J. Cherryh ability to make the reader believe in the characters, to feel their frustrations and confusions is awesome. It wants me to read more to see what is happening to the characters you are following. The constant revaluations of a society so different from ours, but intrinsically similar makes the novel(s) a source of pleasure and conjecture. Being able to believe in another world beyond ours and feel part of their interactions with a species so different yet maybe not is wonderful. Loo [...]

    15. Science fiction series - book 3 of the series. Bren must help everyone come to grips with the return of the space faring portion of the colony. The atevi fear, yet crave the new technology. Politically everyone wants to get a piece of Bren. One of his bodyguards does (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). The plot twists and stuff going on in the background moves the plot along nicely.No Canadian or pharmacy references.

    16. 3.5 starsStill enjoying the series but this installment lost a half star because the first 100 pages or so seemed overly repetitive. I really enjoy the characters and the relationships between them. The world building remains excellent. I realized about halfway through this book that this series so far reminds me of the novel Shogun: A Novel of Japan. They both share the political machinations and relationships of various lords and a 'stranger in a strange land' feeling for their protagonists as [...]

    17. I love the dynamics of this book. The end of the second novel was all about the hopes Bren had about the arrival of other humans, about how much easier they would be to understand than atevi, and this book turns it on its head. (view spoiler)[ Also I'm inclined to love it just because the sexual tension between Bren and Jago was finally resolved. Reader, I ship it. (hide spoiler)]

    18. Not stopping hereThis is the third book in the series and l still want more on the culture of all three of the main players. I absolutely love it when a good story teller can make you believe even if it is only for a little while.

    19. This is the book I liked less, got bored until the final 10%. But the final twist was awesome and I'm going to read the next book.

    20. I had a harder time keeping up with the political intrigue in this one, but the conclusion is bangin' and Bren-ji continues to be a champ. Can't wait to dive into the next sub-trilogy!

    21. Note 1: This review is for the audio version of the book.Note 2: This review combines my review of Invader (Foreigner, book #2) with Inheritor because when I got to the end of Invader I was totally hooked but still unsure of how much I was going to like the series. I bought Inheritor and listened to the whole thing in the next week.Note 3: Only minor spoilers in the review.So let me start out by saying that this is, yet again, a C.J. Cherryh novel. Which, as I noted in my review of Foreigner, me [...]

    22. I am truly enjoying this. I find it facinating the intricasies and use of lanuage, how certain words can mean one thing to humans and another to the aliens.The way they use numbers in lanuage and how figure out certain still confuses but facnates me at the same time.I have to say old lady, the dowager, though powerful and seem friendly has an evil and cowardly streak in her.Why stalk, destroy kill the childern of people you have a grudge to grind with, than face those people yourself. children w [...]

    23. Review: Inheritor (Foreigner 3) by C. J. Cherryh [return](ISBN 0886776899)[return][return]The Atevi have taken to the idea of racing the planet-bound humans in their rush to reach the space station. Bren Cameron, the only human diplomat on Atevi soil, is firmly in the Atevi camp. So much so, in fact, that it's creating trouble for friends and families on the island the Atevi gave the humans -- and to which they are restricted. The cultures do not mix well, and they've already fought one war.[ret [...]

    24. In book three of the Foreigner series, we find Bren has been cut off from the government he is representing. Essentially operating on his own, he continues to facilitate relations between the humans on the island, the newly arrived humans on the ship, and the atevi. Doing the best he can, he tours production facilities and tries to smooth over strained atevi/human relations all while attempting to train in his new counterpart from the ship – Jason. But everywhere relations seem to be crumbling [...]

    25. Inheritor: the third of the Foreigner series, this one follows the same style as the previous two. That is, it has a lot of musings and self-second-guessings by Bren Cameron, the human Ambassador to the Atevi, this time exacerbated by the need to continually explain himself to the ambassador from the Space Station to the Atevi, with whom he can’t get on, as he finds himself more and more in sympathy with the Atevi rather than the humans. The book also explains some of the events of the previou [...]

    26. After watching Bren struggle to translate between human and atevi for two books, it's illuminating to watch Jase flounder in situations Bren handles so well. And equally fascinating to watch Bren realize that even when you share a species and a language, you can still have a massive cultural divide, something that's outside his very provincial frame of reference.I'm enjoying watching Bren grow as a character--he's learning to be more tactical and, as he gets more comfortable, how to be playful w [...]

    27. CJ Cherryh is one of my all-time favorite authors and this nonet is probably her best effort. It's got everything -- politics (lots of it), really great aliens, culture clashes of monumental proportions, great charaters I can't say enough about it.The story is absorbing -- a lone human diplomat becomes embroiled in the political life of an alien culture that's just similar enough to his own to be comfortable and just different enough for that comfort to be extremely hazardous. In the course of t [...]

    28. I inadvertantly read Foreigner #4 (Foreigner Sequence 2, book 1) before this one, so I already know things that were revealed in this book about Jase and Bren. However, it was still enjoyable, especially the last few chapters when the Dowager was in control and had everyone galloping across the wilds. She is perhaps my favorite character of this series. Bren becomes less wimpish in book 3, with Jase assuming the role of wimp as he tries to adjust to life on a planet. It takes almost the whole bo [...]

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