Feeling Good Together: The Secret to Making Troubled Relationships Work

Feeling Good Together: The Secret to Making Troubled Relationships Work

David D. Burns / Aug 18, 2019

Feeling Good Together The Secret to Making Troubled Relationships Work Book by Burns M D David D

  • Title: Feeling Good Together: The Secret to Making Troubled Relationships Work
  • Author: David D. Burns
  • ISBN: 9780767920704
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book by Burns M.D David D.

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      272 David D. Burns
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        David D Burns is an adjunct professor emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the author of the best selling book Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy Burns popularized cognitive behavioral therapy CBT when his book became a best seller during the 1980s.Burns received his B.A from Amherst College in 1964 and his M.D from the Stanford University School of Medicine in 1970 He completed his residency training in psychiatry in 1974 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and was certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in 1976 Burns is the author of numerous research studies, book chapters and books He also gives lectures and conducts many psychotherapy training workshops for mental health professionals throughout the United States and Canada each year He has won many awards for his research and teaching, and has been named Teacher of the Year three times by the graduating class of psychiatric residents at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.Burns was an early student of Aaron T Beck who developed cognitive therapy from 1950s work by Albert Ellis whose work was based on that of Alfred Adler.Burns is on the voluntary faculty of the Stanford University School of Medicine, where he is actively involved in research and training He also serves as a statistical consultant for Stanford s new Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research He has also served as Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Medical School and Acting Chief of Psychiatry at the Presbyterian University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia.enpedia wiki David_D.


    1. The path to intimacy is nearly always painful.For a while now I have believed that the Life of Reading, if it isn’t to be merely a diversion or a way of stroking one’s own ego, must be a life of self-transformation. To be well-read does not only mean to be familiar with certain names and ideas, plots and quotes; more importantly, it entails the development of real changes in perspective, personality, and behavior. Thus when I recently ran into a problem in my relationship, I chose to see it [...]

    2. This is a reworked and expanded offering of the communication sections from The Feeling Good Workbook. If you've already read either of the previous Feeling Good books, but you're interested in learning how to use the communication skills better, this volume streamlines some of the previous information and adds some new exercises. The Relationship Journal technique and provided form is helpful tool in assessing your strengths and weaknesses when using the Five Skills, and using it regularly will [...]

    3. I waited for this audio book for quite some time in a queue in my library and I glad that, when the title became available to me, I put all other readings on hold and focused on digesting the author’s messages thoroughly. I am ordering this book in a paper format now and also a complementary workbook. I’ve known about efficiency of cognitive behavioral therapy since I read Dr. David Burns’s bestselling book “Feeling Good” 12 years ago. I have never mastered techniques Dr. Burns suggest [...]

    4. Really helpful tips and exercises in here. A great read for anyone who wants to improve their relationships and be a better human.

    5. A must read if you want to work on any relationship. It's amazing the techniques you will learn to deal with your spouse, boss or siblings. I was very impressed with the methods used especially EAR. Empathy, Assertiveness and Respect. The writer is an expert on personal relationship and how to get the most out of each encounter.

    6. It has many valid ideas, I think, but you have to sift through a lot of self-help type of speech to get at it. To me, this was quite the effort!

    7. Despite the big title, this book offers many good pieces of advice. I really appreciate the honesty of the author working as psychotherapists: there are general rules to improve troubled relationships, but also be aware of extremely hard cases. The general rules are: genuine empathy & respect for others people, courage to open one's own feelings and work hard to improve relationships. The author discussed his 5 techniques when dealing with people. From my experience, it really works as i oft [...]

    8. First off, I already have a great relationship with my wife. This book so is really good at showing you how to work with all types of relationships. Unlike other ones I have read it gives you realistic and simple tools to improve your communications. It also directly addresses common challenges and common types of personalities and how to deal with them. Make no mistake though, it like pretty much all other books I've read on the subject, all indicate the only thing you can do is change your int [...]

    9. Much like Mindless Eating, this is one book that probably every American should read. Most people have communication issues that the techniques in this book can help you overcome by pulling you out of your automatic responses, acknowledging the truth in what the other person is telling you and then finding the path forward together. Knowing and acknowledging that you can only control your actions is really the key to fixing a lot of things in life. Dr. Burns uses it extensively. Highly recommend [...]

    10. My close relationships are dramatically improving.First, David Burns' newly developed TEAM CBT therapy (as practiced by therapist Annie Hanaway) cured my 30 year depression. With that as a foundation, this book then has provided immense understanding of how to heal my most important relationship. And that is just what I plan to do. Just wow.

    11. A good communication book, good strategies, but a lot was lost in over-analysis. Although some of it was helpful, it was complicated. I could see it working if both parties involved were willing to work on communicating effectively and learning techniques to improve. I don't see it working as well one-sided.Many of the author's rewritten "correctly" modeled conversation examples felt stilted and robotic. People are human--I don't know anyone who talks in the ways he describes, not even therapist [...]

    12. I read this book after finishing Feeling Good and found it to offer practical suggestions on responding to the people we love in a way that promotes intimacy and deepens the relationship. These skills require a certain willingness to change oneself for the benefit of the relationship and may require the reader to work through his or her own resistance to being the one to change. The practice exercises are helpful for consolidating skills and applying them to one's own life.

    13. This would be my third venture into David Burns territory, and with diminishing returns. Feeling Good Together is a beefed-up and perhaps more thorough rendition of the Communication section in the Feeling Good Handbook, but for some reason this book carries a more bitter tone. Burns has not quite shed his oft-inappropriately exuberant styling, but this time around there are some negative undertones or red flags. First is the usage of utterly impossible examples to demonstrate his point; it seem [...]

    14. First off, I will admit I didn't do the exercises on paper. I was listening to this audiobook mostly in the car and I thought it would be unwise to pause the book to write something down. I have, however, downloaded the handouts from the website so I am planning on doing some of the exercises now that I've finished the book. The exercises do seem helpful, so if you choose to listen to the audiobook like I did, you may want to listen somewhere you can actually pause and do the exercises. Also spo [...]

    15. Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy (CIT)techniquesMotives compete with love: control, revenge, justice, narcissism, pride, scapegoating, truth, blame, self-pity, anger/bitterness, competition, and hidden agenda, What do I want more - a battle or a loving relationship?Good communication: 1. express feelings openly and directly, 2. listen non-defensively, 3. treat other with respect during conversationCIT factors:1. we all provoke and maintain the exact relationships problems that we complain about, [...]

    16. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to communicate better with difficult people. I would caution you, though, that reading the book isn't enough. As the book progresses, Dr. Burns insists that you practice his techniques, sometimes in writing and sometimes in person with a partner. It can seem daunting, especially if you are older and have never had a good role model for how to communicate. One other thing that might put you off a bit is that many of the examples he provid [...]

    17. En este libro Burns revisa lo que sabemos acerca de las prácticas comunes de terapia de pareja, y el resultado es bastante desmoralizador: la terapia de pareja, en general, no funciona. Las causas quedan bien establecidas en la primera parte del libro. Especialmente de agradecer la honradez de Burns al admitir que la terapia que él ha ayudado a popularizar y que más soporte científico tiene (la terapia cognitiva) tampoco pasa esta prueba.Como respuesta Burns desarrolla una variante de la ter [...]

    18. This book is not just for the couple that find themselves at an impasse. It is for every individual who wishes to better understand the roots of relational conflicts and how to navigate the inevitable (and healthy, if handled properly) episodes of conflict that will come in life. Rather than focusing on how to get one's way, it focuses on what to change in the only agent of the conflict we truly have control over: ourselves."Good communication involves three components: skillful listening (Empat [...]

    19. Like many books of this genre, it seems to be one that can help a couple who are both interested in changing their relationship to make it better. He provides good basic instructions on communication skills that can make a huge difference if people are really willing to apply them. Better still, he explains why these practices will make a difference.Like many authors, he also says many times that if you do this. those around you will begin to respond differently, I continue to struggle with that [...]

    20. Uno de esos libros que siempre tengo a mano para releer y refrescar cada cierto tiempo.David Burns es un MUST en terapia y el ámbito de la Psicología/Psiquiatría. Los ejercicios y técnicas que se usan en el libro son aplicables a cualquier tipo de relación y en el contexto diario, no sólo en terapia.Puede parecer que muchas de las cosas que se comentan son de sentido común, pero no hay nadie infalible, ni siquiera un terapeuta experimentado, que no tenga un mal día o caiga en las dinámi [...]

    21. This is another one that I think I have to buy. The author, a successful therapist, starts out by saying that the reason that most conflicted relationships never improve is that no one wants to change themselves and the way they're acting--they want the other person to change. Well I have seen that situation. And I have probably been in that situation. I love that he teaches (difficult) techniques to help in difficult relationships or in moments of conflict. He also presents places to practice e [...]

    22. I don't doubt Mr. Burns' knowledge and skill with his personal counseling sessions, as his theories and tricks made perfect sense; but I didn't really enjoy receiving his knowledge via writing. Especially since he often wanted you to apply his theories to a specific event or person in your life, and that doesn't always work. Otherwise, it was a little boring, and the "worksheets" just annoyed me. Some might find it very helpful it just wasn't for me.

    23. Extremely clear explanation of techniques to improve relationships with other people. This book is about learning how to change YOURSELF to improve your relationships with other people, despite how much you may believe that the trouble lies with the other person.Of course these techniques would not work with everyone all the time, but I would guess that these techniques are without question going to work in general most of the time with most people. This book is definitely worth reading.

    24. This is essentially a book about improving interpersonal communication. What it argues is pretty sound, but there's nothing especially innovative and I didn't feel as though I learnt anything through reading it. Others might find it more relevant.As a warning, someone with BPD is used as a villain (opposing their psychologist) in one of the described scenarios, with the usual stereotypical statements made about manipulation etc. Unnecessary and unkind.

    25. This is THE best communication book I've ever come across. Don't take the title too literally- it can be useful with any relationship, not just a spouse. If you're having trouble getting closer to someone you want a more meaningful relationship with [spouse, sibling, parent, friend, coworker:] then this is an EXCELLENT book to read. He tells you how YOU are doing things wrong- which is something you can actually fix [everyone knows you can't change other people, just yourself!:]

    26. This is a great book about communications. It has you take personal responsibility for your communication, then teaches you to listen and to act on what you hear, rather than to react, and cause more problems. Good skill building book for all types of realtionships, not just marriage. A book everyone should read.

    27. Not bad although too touchy feely sometimes. There are good takeaways for dealing with conflict in work and any kind of relationship in general. I didn't appreciate the chapters which sort of promoted ass-kissing behaviors though sometimes it is healthy to leave too conflicted relationships instead of faking it.

    28. This was like a college psych course, complete with homework assignments. Great book club discussion. Heather described it best when she said - lots of books make you want a better relationship but this one gives you the actual techniques to use to work towards one. I learned I need to practice empathy. It is always great to be around Heather's enthusiasm.

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    30. This book was fascinating! So many things to strengthen ANY relationships we have. Things don't have to feel "troubled" to be improved. Excellent ideas Very excited to implement many of them in my relationships w spouse kids family and friends. Planning to relisten with notebook in hand (was due back to the library so I didn't get a chance to do the exercises in depth).

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