Dirty Liar

Dirty Liar

Brian James / Feb 28, 2020

Dirty Liar A heartbreaking breakthrough novel about coming to grips with a tortured past from acclaimed PUSH novelist Brian JamesBenji has to escape his home His mother s boyfriend has crossed the line and Benj

  • Title: Dirty Liar
  • Author: Brian James
  • ISBN: 9780439796231
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A heartbreaking breakthrough novel about coming to grips with a tortured past from acclaimed PUSH novelist Brian JamesBenji has to escape his home His mother s boyfriend has crossed the line, and Benji can t deal with it any So he leaves behind everything he knows to go live with his father and stepmother in Portland His stepmother is nice, but he doesn t trust her.A heartbreaking breakthrough novel about coming to grips with a tortured past from acclaimed PUSH novelist Brian JamesBenji has to escape his home His mother s boyfriend has crossed the line, and Benji can t deal with it any So he leaves behind everything he knows to go live with his father and stepmother in Portland His stepmother is nice, but he doesn t trust her His father is testy, refusing to trust Benji And Benji he s just trying not to self destruct.In this spellbinding novel, Brian James surpasses his previous work to take his place among Adam Rapp, Melvin Burgess, and Kevin Brooks on the razor s edge of teen literature.

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    1. I've been waiting for years to write a review of this book because I wanted to get the wording just right and this feels like the best time. This book is the best book I have ever read. Now, I've read a lot of books in my short 17 years and no other book has impacted me to the extent that this work has. I've read this book two or three times since my first read simply because I have such an incredible experience reading it time and time again. The story is a companion novel to James's previous w [...]

    2. I was actually given this book as a gift from someone. It's really good. It's kinda emo but you know me, the emo person hahaha. Anyway, the main character deals with his family that is falling apart and he is on a thin line with love, life, and staying sane. I think this book is the kinda book you read as a guilty pleasure on like a rainy day or something. I recommend it.

    3. I admit that I have a weakness for books that make me cry. And even a stronger weakness for books that make me cringe at the level of vulnerability that an author is willing to allow themselves to feel in order to write a book.So Dirty Liar, which I tripped over while looking for something else at the library floored me. I have a rule. If I take something out of the library and dog-ear more than 5 pages, I usually buy the book (sorry Nashville library system). Let's just say that I've already or [...]

    4. Benji sees the world in shades of angel and demon, which makes it, more often than not, a rather scary place. While his father may be less trouble than his mother, less abusive, less of a demon-magnet, in order to live with him Benji had to leave his personal angel, Lacie, behind.Being in a new school suits him, though, as it's easier to disappear when no one knew you were there to begin with. Being labeled a freak is fine with him. As long as no one takes any notice. As long as no one tries to [...]

    5. Dirty Liar is written by Brian James and is an intriguing novel written for sad or depressed teenagers. It is more focused for teens and since this is based on the author’s childhood, it could be relatable to kids in the same situations. The story is about a boy named Benji, that has had a rough childhood with his mother and stepfather. When his stepfather crosses the line for one last time, Bengi has had enough and moves away to live with his father, stepmother, and stepsister in their sleepy [...]

    6. I really disliked this book. I don't know how to describe it other than it was all just words. I never got into the story and I never felt a connection with any of the characters. I could see Brian James trying to write from a deeply troubled, abused boy's perspective, but he just missed the mark. There's no action in the book just the main character keeping a secret and then telling the secret and then moving on all interspersed with some strange dreams and imagery. Waste of my time.

    7. Brian James has a unique writing style that's very character driven, so much that I find myself immersed in the dark ramblings of his MC's. If you are looking for a story packed with plot Dirty Liar is not for you, but if you want a disturbing peek inside the head of a teenage boy who has probably seen more bad things in his short life than most do in a lifetime, check this out.

    8. this book is basically a teenage read. but parts of it are really profound the beginning of the book, it reads:"i am nothing to them.i'm only a list of differences.a list of adjectives to describe what they see when they look at mea collection of words to define themselves as whatever i am notrange because they say so.weird because they say so."

    9. Amazing book ! I felt like I was right there watching it all happen as I was reading ! Breathtaking book , just absolutely fantastic !

    10. The book "Dirty Liar", by Brian James, was a captivating and emotional story explaining the struggles of a sixteen year old boy named Benji. He believes that there are angels and demons in this world, but he's surrounded by demons. His mother is an alcoholic, while her boyfriend, Roy, drinks and abuses him. His father, on the other hand, is married to a kind woman named Janet. Benji's father and Janet have a daughter named Pollyanna, or Polly for short. Benji used to live with his mother, but af [...]

    11. This book was just okay. Benji has a group of "friends" if you could call them that, and they're a poor influence on him. He gets involved in some toxic habits, but it appears he never really lets them get out of hand. Benji always carries a notebook around and doodles/writes conversations down that he hears going on around him. He left his alcoholic mother to move in with his dad in Oregon. Benji has a really hard time adapting and getting along with his father, who left him when he was little. [...]

    12. Difficult topics discussed in this booktely for a more mature reader who can handle a more mature, YA novel.Language 8 (Intermittent swearing, but when it happens, it's a lot of swearing at once)Sexual content 4 (No sex scenes, but sexual abuse is discussed throughout the novel)This YA novel was just okay for me. While some of the writing is rather poetic and beautiful to read, the novel has a dark and depressing feel. I think some young readers would really appreciate the feelings that the narr [...]

    13. This is a simple story of brokenness and healing. While it sounds like something I'd write, there are also aspects of it that I can learn from both as a writer and a reader. Through letting it out and learning to be himself, Benji learns how to get rid of the "demons" and resolve his past. I really enjoyed the ending. Some books like this have endings that are very cliche and are way too short and sweet for their genre. I think Brian James does a wonderful job at making the theme and what Benji [...]

    14. This was a tale of an understandably angry young man. It is a journal of his life after escaping from his abusive mother and boyfriend and it's proof that damage done long ago can still reap repercussions in the present moment. The raw anger that jumped out of the pages was so vibrant and loud that I got the feeling the author was not just describing some random character but himself. The self-destructive tone in the beginning of the book definitely sets a pace. I liked the book but I didn't lov [...]

    15. so far i can already tell that this book is going to be filled with a lot of drugs,alcohol, and swearing but so far i have learned that Benji is not normal to his friends at school. They all think he is some weird freak but on the inside he is a nice kid just in with the wrong people. Right now he is smoking like every day with his dad and friend but its not cigarettes it like crystal meth and stuff like that so this book should be very interesting to keep reading.

    16. Benji is a young teen boy who has fled from his alcoholic mother's home to live with his father and stepmother outside Portland, OR. He was happy to leave his mother's home, but sad about leaving his girlfriend. He has a hard time fitting in at school and adjusting to life with his dad. This is a good story about overcoming difficult obstacles and learning how to depend on other people.

    17. Read for work, otherwise I wouldn't have picked it up on my own because it is a very rough realistic novel. Teenage Benji was abused by his mother and her boyfriend, and his story is told with flashbacks to his horrible experiences with his mother, and with his current, uncomfortable life with his father and stepmother. Good story.

    18. I love Brian James' language/style and especially his characters. Since I'm still young, I felt more of a connection with the main character. I think the way I was able to relate to the situations and the character in this book was what made it that much more enjoyable to read.

    19. ive read this book too many times to count, over and over again finding new things to love about it. each time i read it i find new meaning to each concept James presents. i adore this book. 10/10 would recommend

    20. Let people know how you're feeling because having your emotions pent up inside of you can't lead to anything good.

    21. Written in great detail, and limited dialogue. I would've like the ending to be more dramatic but it was still a good read. A great example of how talking about it can help you heal.

    22. This book was really good!! I liked how benji was so lost and hurt and at the end he knew everything would b oki . Cuz he knew who he was and noone would stop that !

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