Dragonfly in Amber

Dragonfly in Amber

Diana Gabaldon Sven Christer Swahn Gunilla Leining / Jul 21, 2019

Dragonfly in Amber Claire Randall a inut trecutul ei secret aproape de ani Dar acum se ntoarce acolo unde a nceputul totul pe plaiurile misterioase ale Sco iei mpreun cu fiica ei Aici Claire pl nuie te s i dezv lui

  • Title: Dragonfly in Amber
  • Author: Diana Gabaldon Sven Christer Swahn Gunilla Leining
  • ISBN: 9780385335973
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Claire Randall a inut trecutul ei secret aproape 20 de ani Dar acum se ntoarce acolo unde a nceputul totul, pe plaiurile misterioase ale Sco iei, mpreun cu fiica ei.Aici Claire pl nuie te s i dezv luie totul secretul cercului de piatr , secretul unei iubiri care traverseaz secole, i adev rul despre Jamie Fraser un r zboinic sco ian a c rui dragoste i curaj a fClaire Randall a inut trecutul ei secret aproape 20 de ani Dar acum se ntoarce acolo unde a nceputul totul, pe plaiurile misterioase ale Sco iei, mpreun cu fiica ei.Aici Claire pl nuie te s i dezv luie totul secretul cercului de piatr , secretul unei iubiri care traverseaz secole, i adev rul despre Jamie Fraser un r zboinic sco ian a c rui dragoste i curaj a f cut o pe Claire s se ntoarc napoi n timp i s r m n n epoca tulbure n care tr ia el.C l toria fascinant a lui Claire continu la Curtea Francez plin de intrigi i apoi n Sco ia, prin r zboi i moarte, ntr o ncercare disperat de a l salva pe b rbatul pe care l iube te i pe copilul lor.

    Dragonfly in Amber Dragonfly in Amber is the second book in the Outlander series of novels by Diana Gabaldon.Centered on time travelling th century nurse Claire Randall and her th century Scottish Highlander warrior husband Jamie Fraser, the books contain elements of historical fiction, romance, adventure and science fiction fantasy This installment chronicles Claire and Jamie s efforts to prevent the Dragonfly in Amber A Novel Outlander Diana Gabaldon Dragonfly in Amber A Novel Outlander Diana Gabaldon on FREE shipping on qualifying offers NOW THE STARZ ORIGINAL SERIES OUTLANDER With her classic novel Outlander DianaGabaldon Dragonfly in Amber DRAGONFLY IN AMBER is the second in my OUTLANDER series of major novels, and was first published in the U.S.A on July , th Anniversary Edition Dragonfly in Amber, TV tie in Outlander Diana Gabaldon Dragonfly in Amber, TV tie in Outlander Diana Gabaldon on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Now repackaged with official tie in art from the blockbuster Showtime series Outlander, which will air a second season beginning in DianaGabaldon Book Nine of the Outlander Series BEES GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE aka BEES will be the ninth book in my OUTLANDER series of major novels, which focus on Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser I am currently working on the writing and historical research for DragonFly Serie FAQs AudioQuest No DragonFly does not use the internal speakers in your computer DragonFly is specifically designed to connect to external audio devices, such as headphones, powered desktop speakers, complete audio video systems, and, now, iOS and Android mobile devices. Trilogy Goldens, Golden Retrievers, Sherwood, OR Welcome to Trilogy Goldens We are a small kennel on acres in the beautiful Pacific Northwest I breed litters a year and our dogs are part of our family. Watch Outlander Full Movie Free with STARZ Watch Outlander free for days Also, enjoy hundreds of other blockbusters and obsessable Originals Series from STARZ. Eye Shadow Singles Anastasia Beverly Hills Sephora Shop Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow at Sephora A finely milled, full pigment, eyeshadow formula in five finishes glitter, matte, metallic, satin, and shimmer. Perfume Directory Basenotes Loving perfume on the Internet since About Basenotes Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, features, a database of fragrances fragrance forums, user reviews and . Contact Us

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      459 Diana Gabaldon Sven Christer Swahn Gunilla Leining
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      • Diana Gabaldon Sven Christer Swahn Gunilla Leining

        Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and is of Mexican American and English descent She has earned three degrees a B.S in Zoology, a M.S in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology.She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


    1. I AM DONE! WOW. Just wow. That ending. woah. Within 40 pages I ugly cried, my heart exploded in feels, confusion happened, hope, and now I'm mind blown by the ending. WOW. Diana, you've done it again! Took me awhile to get into DiA but once i got past the 300 page mark it got so good and kept on getting better. 5/5 stars!

    2. Gabaldon's sex-ridden, hugely researched, academically adventurous, time travel/sci-fi meets historical romance novels qualify as trash novels for lit nerds -- they're absolutely a guilty pleasure. From clan warfare to herbal medicine to genealogy to British history to WWII, the books are packed with information (what little Gaelic I know started with these books). Bonus: the heroine gets to have many, many rolls in the hay with a handsome hard-bodied Highlander. Can't really go wrong.The books [...]

    3. This book broke my heart. I knew what was going to happen because I watched Season Two before reading the book but it doesn't matter. I have been crying forever now, like my heart is going to break into a million pieces! *******Let me stop right here. There are going to be some spoilers. There are going to be some thoughts about things in the next book. And who knows what else, so if you haven't read these books you should probably stop here. If you don't care then carry on.*******It was worried [...]

    4. *This review will be a little spoily, read it at your own risk*“Ok, so I set the date on 2012…d set it for Kansas City Kansas…Kemper’s deck. I think all I have to do is reverse the directions on Google maps on the laptop. Uh…turn the key. Yay, it works.” “Or I thought so, Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore (had to do it!).”“Hello Stephanie. Toto……I love the Wizard of Oz.” “Aaaaack! Claire Beachum Randel Fraser! You just scared the piss out of me. Don’t sne [...]

    5. My feelings toward Diana Gabaldon are very love/hate. She is, on the one hand, one of the greatest writers I have ever come across. I want to shake her hand for being so carefully detailed and doing what must have been an unbelievable amount of research to put together her 7 (currently) gigantic novels of this series. I love her characters, how the events are all interwoven with true historical happenings she is just generally a literary genius when it comes to historical fiction.But seriously, [...]

    6. SWEET BLEEDING JESUS!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!! DAMNED BLOODY FUCKING CLIFFHANGERS!!!!! Sensational story!!!! 5 STARS ★★★★★ [image error]”We are bound, you and I, and nothing on this earth shall part me from you.”What can I say? I am completely BLOWN AWAY by this series!!!! An amazing sequel to Outlander, this book brings Claire and Jamie through a tumultuous quest to try and change history in order to save Scotland from a pointless but inevitable war that will eventually result in the de [...]

    7. Having enjoyed the first volume of this series, I was expecting something good of this one, so I'm a bit sad it didn't match my expectations.First, because in the first and final parts, the point of view jumps around from first person (Claire) to third person, due to the fact that we follow another character and Claire isn't always there. The problem is that this character does almost nothing but notice how Claire is so beautiful and wonderful Second, the book drags a bit in some parts. Third, t [...]

    8. *Heavy sigh.*[Theme spoilers, but no plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.]I don't even know where to start because properly reviewing this would involve so much quoting and backing up and I don't have the energy for that after 700+ pages. The short of it is that the romantic hero character perpetuates rape culture by using the words 'rape' and 'sex' synonymously, blaming sexual assault on what the woman is wearing, and claiming that once men get aroused they literally cannot stop themselves fro [...]

    9. This is the sequel to Outlander, and begins in 1968, twenty-one years after we left Claire and Jaime recovering in the French Abbey, pondering their decision to try and stop Bonnie Prince Charlie from starting a war which they know will decimate the Highland Clans.At first, this is such a jolt you think you've picked up the wrong book. Feverishly checking online, you are reassured that this is in fact the sequel. Going back to the book, it all becomes clear, though you are panicking at the idea [...]

    10. Reviewed for THC ReviewsDragonfly in Amber is no ordinary romance novel. In fact, in spite of its romance and paranormal elements, it is far more of a historical novel than anything else in my opinion. This book basks the reader in lush descriptions of 18th century European history, from the political intrigue in the courts of King Louis XV of France, to the everyday life of a merchant, to the inner workings of hospitals of that time. Then it sweeps the reader along, back to the beautiful Scotti [...]

    11. OK, so admittedly, it took me a really long time to finish this book, and yes, I have some problems with it. While it started off great (mostly, I think, due to the fact that I was still coming down off the high caused by the first book), the story quickly devolved into a mess of boring details and gut-wrenching melodrama. I first became stuck somewhere around 70%, I believe. The story was just dragging. I managed, with far more time than is usually necessary for me, to make it to the 83% mark b [...]

    12. For twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets. But now she is returning with her grown daughter to Scotland’s majestic mist-shrouded hills. Here Claire plans to reveal a truth as stunning as the events that gave it birth: about the mystery of an ancient circle of standing stones about a love that transcends the boundaries of time and about James Fraser, a Scottish warrior whose gallantry once drew a young Claire from the security of her century to the dangers of his.I will say that yo [...]

    13. Tears.Read this review and others over on my blogBetween the sheets & covers blog Between the sheets & covers blog Between the sheets & covers blog

    14. "Ugh, what a dreadful cover. I'm supposed to have this read by Sunday afternoon."Okay, Wendy's book group will meet tomorrow to discuss book three in the Outlander series, but I just finished this second one, and man, it was a long haul, and I don't just mean the length.What didn't work for me: the self-satisfied tone of the author's voice behind her main character, repetitive phrases (mouths always "twitching" rather than almost smiling), excessive detail without sensory or emotional power, too [...]

    15. This book completely blew my mind. I am in awe by Diana Gabaldon's ability to write something so beautiful and descriptive, so exciting and so heartbreaking. Yes it took me about a month overall to read because there are parts which can be slow and dense, but I appreciate so much being able to really take my time with a story and become so invested in the history, the plot and the characters.And these characters!!!! They have totally taken a hold of my heart and I don't see them letting go any t [...]

    16. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest🎃 Read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge for the category of: a romance with a Celtic theme 🎃I recently reread and reviewed OUTLANDER, to see if it would hold up to my initial reading. To my pleasant surprise, it did. I enjoyed the book so much that I immediately launched into the sequel, DRAGONFLY IN AMBER. The book starts out in the present day for Claire - the 1960s. Now she has a daughter in her 20s, a [...]

    17. LET THE KILT DROP #2SERIES: This series is comprised of one epic story. Each book is like a chapter in that larger story. It is recommended that you read the books in the order they were published. To find out when book 9 will be released click here.Novellas:(#7.5)(#8.5)

    18. UPDATE:This book was even better second time around! Probably because I knew what to expect so I didn’t feel like I would die of anxiety attack every other chapter and could properly enjoy/feel all the tiny details/emotions of this storyVIEW:“I’m honest enough to say that I dinna care what the right and wrong of it may be, so long as you are here wi’ me, Claire,” he said softly. “If it was a sin for you to choose me…then I would go to the Devil himself and bless him for tempting ye [...]

    19. "For I had come back, and I dreamed once more, in the cool air of the Highlands. And the choice of my dream still echoed through ears and heart, repeated with the sound of Brianna's sleeping breath."For those of you who haven't read Outlander, I'd think any reviews for books further in the series would be spoiler-ishmine included. I'm sitting here dumbfounded, having just finished Dragonfly in Amber. I'm thinking about what to say in a review and trying to think back to the beginning of the book [...]

    20. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.I feel like I should warn you before you read too much of this review that there will be gushing. Major gushing. You see, I am in love with Jamie Frasier. I can't help it. It just happened and I am powerless to stop it. I had to admit to my husband that I was in love with a fictional character. He just shrugged his shoulders and looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well.This is a story that is really all about the characters. And Jamie is one he [...]

    21. "Drangonfly in Amber" starts with Claire coming back to 70s Scotland after the death of her husband Frank. You don't have to be a genius to realize right away that something had gone really wrong between Claire and Jamie in the 18th century. So I started the book a little sad knowing that I was surely headed for a heartbreak.The book however soon goes back to Jamie and Claire through Claire's memories. We meet them where the 1st book left off - on the way to France to attempt to stop Charles Stu [...]

    22. 5 Out of 5 StarsThis book stole my heart, I want to establish once more that Diana Gabaldon is an amazing writer. She gets me so invested and she plays with my emotions. Her plottwists are amazing and they keep surprising me. The beginning was quite weird, since it starts of at a very weird point. So I had to check if I was really reading the second book. It does give a different dimension to the story and you want to find out what happend. She kept me in the dark for almost 600 pages, and I jus [...]

    23. "I woke up three times in the dark predawn. First in sorrow, then in joy, and at the last, in solitude."Finally have gathered my courage to start this. Here we go. =D

    24. God help me. I must hate myself.******Just got to the part with the horse breeding. Holy crap it *is* Clan of the Cavebear (or rather, Valley of Horses) only with Scotsmen not cavemen.****Also, rather than spankings, there are repeated requests from Jamie to Claire that she kill him. Not sure if this is any better.****Okay. Done. On to the next one. Bizarrely addictive. Now with 1/3 less spankings!

    25. La fel ca si primul volum, o carte foarte bine documentata. O acțiune alerta si plină de răsturnări de situație. Personaje pe care le iubești si le urăști cu pasiune, dar pe care nu poți sa le dai uitării! O carte căreia as fi vrut sa ii dau 10 *

    26. Después de haber sufrido y triunfado con la historia de Jamie y Claire en Forastera y de concluir la novela con un final bastante esperanzador para ellos, no quería seguir la saga porque sabía que tendrían que enfrentar situaciones probablemente más angustiosas que en el primer libro. Pero, simplemente no me he aguantado, a pesar de haber leído muchos comentarios de que esta entrega era más floja que la anterior. Primero debo decir que estoy en pleno desacuerdo con lo anterior; este libro [...]

    27. "Crying" is the best verb to describe how I am right now!! :(Such a good book. And in two weeks, from now, there will be the second season of Outlander!! I'm so excited, and at the same time I'm not ready for what is coming My heart is broken, by happiness and by sadness. It's all I can say.

    28. beahreads"Os homens dos clãs escoceses lutavam de acordo com suas antigas tradições. Desdenhando a estratégia, a tática e a sutileza, seu método de ataque era simplesmente a própria simplicidade. Detectando o inimigo dentro de seu alcance, deixavam cair os xales, sacavam a espada e avançavam para cima do inimigo, berrando a plenos pulmões. A gritaria gaélica sendo como é, este método em geral era bem-sucedido. Muitos inimigos, vendo a multidão de banshees cabeludos, seminus, lançan [...]

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