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MW A secret U S chemical weapon called MW accidentally leaks and wipes out the population of a southern Japanese island Though Michio Yuki survives he emerges from the ordeal without a trace of conscien

  • Title: MW
  • Author: Osamu Tezuka Camellia Nieh
  • ISBN: 9781932234831
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A secret U.S chemical weapon called MW accidentally leaks and wipes out the population of a southern Japanese island Though Michio Yuki survives, he emerges from the ordeal without a trace of conscience MW is manga god Osamu Tezuka s controversial testament to the Machiavellian character and features his most direct engagement of themes such as transvestism and homoerA secret U.S chemical weapon called MW accidentally leaks and wipes out the population of a southern Japanese island Though Michio Yuki survives, he emerges from the ordeal without a trace of conscience MW is manga god Osamu Tezuka s controversial testament to the Machiavellian character and features his most direct engagement of themes such as transvestism and homoeroticism MW is a chilling picaresque of evil Steering clear of the supernatural as well as the cuddly designs and slapstick humor that enliven many of Tezuka s better known works, MW explores a stark modern reality where neither drive nor secular justice seems to prevail This willfully anti Tezuka achievement from the master s own pen nevertheless pulsates with his unique genius.

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        From Dr Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese manga artist, animator, producer and medical doctor, although he never practiced medicine Born in Osaka Prefecture, he is best known as the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion He is often credited as the Father of Anime , and is often considered the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney, who served as a major inspiration during his formative years His prolific output, pioneering techniques, and innovative redefinitions of genres earned him such titles as the father of manga and the God of Manga.


    1. Well first of all while reading this manga by Tezuka I thought of a young Alain Delon playing the lead character in a film version of this realistic horror story. The violence is pretty gruesome, yet I also think it's a classic work by Tezuka (after so many!)The story is about a young man who comes from a family of Kabuki actors who as a young boy is exposed to a secret nerve gas produced by the 'X' Country that is stored on a Japanese island. Basically he turns into one of the worst serial kill [...]

    2. Honestly, who hasn't talked about this? Any avid comic reader, especially the ones that pay attention to the older stuff or the rare stuff, know who Osamu Tezuka is. Need a refresher? Just look up Astro Boy, which is possibly his most internationally known manga, more known for the anime. It's pretty darn old, my mom saw the show as a kid in it's original black and white television form. So here's a listicle review instead:All of the Hearts:- The beautiful artwork. Lots of lines and detail, ever [...]

    3. Tezuka got famous in Japan and worldwide as the master of youth-oriented manga. He was the master of this, the godfather of manga but then he decided to branch out, to create fundamentally different manga for adults with realist, often adult themes. There are spiritual/mystical manga such as Buddha, there's historical/political manga such as ones on Adolph Hitler, ones on racism. and there are dark thrillers such as MW that are complicated, highly readable. This one has a homicidal maniac, Yuki, [...]

    4. Osamu Tezuka can be moralistic and preachy at times, as in Phoenix and Buddha. I suppose that's why many readers are pleasantly surprised at this violent, sinister masterpiece. However IMO his sermon just shifted its gear and took another form. This time the messages are: (view spoiler)[a) There is nothing wrong with homosexuality not any more than heterosexuality is. It is explicitly voiced twice -- by Yuki: Relationships like ours are perfectly normal in developed countries. Japan's the only p [...]

    5. This is a hard manga to rate. I was debating if I should give it three stars or four stars the whole time (nothing lower or higher though). Gave this four stars as a final because one I'm a sucker for Tezuka's work and two it had a suspenseful plot with a decent ending. Third stars though for the length and at points it seemed choppy compared to his other stuff.If you read this though you might think that it had a strangely similar plot to V for Vendetta and this was published in 1976 too. Not s [...]

    6. I came back from Winter Break to find my roommate Ivy sitting in our common room squealing. She had just finished MW for a class, and started raving to me about how much I would love it. "It has a man in it," she exclaimed, "who dresses as women! And he has no moral compass!"She knows me all too well.I was initially surprised by how bothered I was at the idea of a Catholic priest having sex with an amoral killing machine. That is to say I was almost bothered enough--not by who he was having sex [...]

    7. Whenever a former child star attempts to revise their public image into something more "adult", the results are often mixed, and sometimes disastrous. I still haven't determined if the transformation of Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana into inflatable cock riding Molly queen is a witting parody of this pop maturation process or its victim. Fortunately she has vocal talent to spare, so she should pull through just fine.I thought of this while reading Tezuka's brilliantly flawed attempt at mature m [...]

    8. This is substantially darker than the other Tezuka books I have read--the Buddha series. Its a thriller about a bisexual cross-dressing sociopathic serial killer, so basically right up my alley. And the illustrations are nothing short of astonishingly good. There are a couple panels that are breathtaking--a couple that come to mind are one of a waterfall and one of a starry night sky. The details are expertly drawn, and its probably the prettiest graphic novels I've ever read. I found Father Gar [...]

    9. This is the book that made me stop putting Tezuka as Disney's equal.Because he's beyond that. Definitely.Forget the cutesy of Atom or the wisdom of Buddha. Read MW and find Tezuka-esque gore, homoeroticism, homicide-for-fun, and mental rape. It's reading the map of a killing machine, who's still human somehow despite his fucked up, cold-blooded inhumanity.See, I don't make a point. If you think A Clockwork Orange or Portnoy's Complaint makes you shiver, think again. When I read this book, I don' [...]

    10. Maybe I expected more from Osamu Tezuka, but maybe this is why this is one of his lesser-known works. The story was over-the-top and the characters lacked any subtlety (the villain, I can see with his having been robbed of any empathy or compassion by his brush with this chemical weapon, but the protagonist, Father Garai (yes, a priest) was really hard to read and didn't make a lot of sense). Its portrayal of homosexuals seemed - while once progressive, I'm sure - really dated and almost patroni [...]

    11. Mi primera aproximacion a la obra de Tezuka increible como con un dibujo "infantil" una historia tan brutal en todos los aspectos no se resiente, es mas se agradece. Narrador excepcional. Mira que yo de Manga poco mas alla de Lone Wolf, pero tengo que buscar algo mas del dios del manga.100% recomendable

    12. Tezuka must have been watching Hitchcock when he began writing MW. Chronologically, it makes sense. MW began serialization in 1976, coinciding with the US release of Hitchcock's final film, Family Plot. Most of Hitchcock's major Hollywood films, the ones that MW is most akin to, we released in Japan shortly after their US release. For instance, Strangers on a Train was released in Japan in 1953, two years after its domestic debut. Rope, another major Hitchcock film, finally found an audience in [...]

    13. I admire Tezuka's Buddha and Black Jack series and was eager to pick up this volume of the author's "darker" work. However, this story about two survivors of a devastating chemical weapon detonation left me with conflicted feelings. I was put off by the scenes of intense violence in the beginning but believe the later discussion about civilian deaths in WW2 and Vietnam put them in context. I was intrigued by the lead character's ambiguous sexuality but wonder if the point of the scenes of queer [...]

    14. This is two parts THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, three parts A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, five parts AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE and all parts Manga. It is a terrifying graphic novel with depth, suspense and precision. Published in the United States in 2007, MW began as a serialized graphic novel in 1976. I finished it last night, having begun it last November. I didn't read the folding flaps until tonight, however, so I have only just now found out that the man whose work this is was the creator of one of the very [...]

    15. I didn't expect to read a story like this by Osamu Tezuka, the author who wrote Astro Boy and a series on the life of the Buddha (among others). This is the story of Father Garai, a young criminal turned priest, and Yuki, the twin brother of a famous actor who goes on a a demented crime spree. There are kidnappings, rapes, torture scenes, murders, suicides, blackmail, bombings and a highjacking (and more) all for the sake of obtaining MW, a poisonous gas that was intended to be used as a weapon [...]

    16. Great art as ever by the master, the tale however was thoroughly disturbing; filled with human horrors. While this may be an expression on Tezuka's recurring theme of redemption the ending to MW still left me wondering The too-human dark undertones and that there was no subject left safe - (view spoiler)[ child murder, molestation, murder during rape etc etc (hide spoiler)] lead me to my rating of 1.

    17. An excellent place to start with Tezuka, since it lacks most of his usual self-references. Manages to be campy, pulpy, yet serious and compassionate all at the same time. Great for everyone from fans of true crime to beginning graphic novel enthusiasts.

    18. Epoch tale. Really good psuedo-manga. The story was so exciting I felt guilty for speeding through the pages because the pictures were amazing with detail. Oh, and there's gayness too which is so refreshing to see in manga or any graphic novel for that matter.

    19. It was interesting. I don't think the plot was excellent, but it did keep me reading without much difficulty, and I liked the character (although not the person) of Garai. The plot wasn't spectacular, but there were certain scenes I liked particularly, and while it was ostensibly more "adult-like" as Tezuka intended, it never really lost the feel of a Tezuka work that I like- it felt like it could have just been a particularly dark chapter of Black Jack (and that they were written at the same ti [...]

    20. I think if you take into account that this book was published in 1976 then it has a lot more impact than it would if you read it as though it came out yesterday. With that in mind, I'm not a historian nor am I a Tezuka fan so I will be reviewing this manga as a layman.Tezuka can get preachy but it's done in a nice way with Father Garai feeling trapped between his faith and his lust, between his humanity and his responsibility. The plot is a lot of fun but I feel like it drags on quite a bit, a l [...]

    21. The most disturbing of Osamu Tezuka's works I've read to date. When you get a dead child (strangled) by the first five pages, you know you're in for something that will shatter your soul. And indeed that's it.The only scenes that Tezuka censors with a thick shade of ink are the sex scenes But he leaves the child abuse for all to see, crystal clear. It felt like a garbage truck just emptied its contents inside my heart.It is, however, a scathing critique of political corruption and ecclesiastical [...]

    22. Solid work from the master. A bit salacious, but more interesting as an historical document as regards to Japanese attitudes toward the war in Vietnam.

    23. MWI'm so used to Osamu Astro Boy that he can create a story like this was quite a surprise. Highly recommended this especially if you are into thrillers. Not for kids.

    24. MW by Osamu Tezuka is a thoroughly entertaining graphic novel. I just finished it and found it to be quite, quite enjoyable.Soon after setting down MW, I picked up Douglas Wolk’s Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean. So I do not yet have an adequate framework to be much more articulate and informed about how and why MW is so good. Yes, I am that confident in Reading Comics that after absorbing its content, I will be forever eloquent and wise on the topic of comic criticis [...]

    25. There might be slight spoilers ahead!Review:This is the first manga I’ve read by the great Osamu Tezuka and while I think I chose quite a difficult and unusual book for my first reading experience from him I have to admit that the story was incredibly gripping and I was intrigued for more. I already have Princess Knight as my follow up Tezuka read, which I predict to be nothing like MW plot, character, genre and target audience wise.First of all, this was a quite difficult read emotionally and [...]

    26. Osamu Tezuka is easily one of my favorite mangaka, and for good reason. His art is fantastic in its own way, and got me over the idea that 'cartoonish' and 'old' manga were bad. His pacing with the panels and stories is fantastic; he didn't draw too many panels or skim over scenes too quickly, whereas many mangaka do. He wrote many stories, that took up a wide range, from those that gave him the "Japanese Disney" nickname to well, this. Another thing that attracted me to this story was that "Mon [...]

    27. This is actually my first manga by Tezuka-sensei's. As an avid manga reader, I've heard of him, but somehow I always tied him with Astroboy. So, God of manga, maybe, but more like shonen manga. I stumbled upon this manga in some local library and decided to give it a try. Now I'm glad I did! Why?First, it has an AWESOME PLOT. The beginning reminds me of American Psycho, but as the story progresses, we can see that it's not as simple as "bored white-collar worker out at night doing a killing spre [...]

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