Matilda Bone

Matilda Bone

Karen Cushman / Feb 19, 2020

Matilda Bone Orphaned Matilda is not at all pleased when she arrives at Blood and Bone Alley to become an assistant to Red Peg the Bonesetter She is a religious well educated girl who can t picture herself doing

  • Title: Matilda Bone
  • Author: Karen Cushman
  • ISBN: 9783423706728
  • Page: 345
  • Format: None
  • Orphaned Matilda is not at all pleased when she arrives at Blood and Bone Alley to become an assistant to Red Peg the Bonesetter She is a religious, well educated girl who can t picture herself doing dirty chores or helping sickly patients Each day is very different from her former quiet life Matilda s not used to being around so many people who are coming and going, laOrphaned Matilda is not at all pleased when she arrives at Blood and Bone Alley to become an assistant to Red Peg the Bonesetter She is a religious, well educated girl who can t picture herself doing dirty chores or helping sickly patients Each day is very different from her former quiet life Matilda s not used to being around so many people who are coming and going, laughing and eating Not one of them seems interested in prayer or study Self centered Matilda thinks no one understands her But Peg does, and gives her time to get used to this new way of life and teaches her through kindness and friendship Matilda is as surprised as anyone when she begins seeing the world around her in a different way From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1. Matilda's dropped off in "Blood and Bone" Alley by this priest that has raised her since childhood. She's a snobby little bitch who thinks she knows everything. The bonesetter Red Peg and the rest of the health workers in the alley teach Matilda right.I'm really torn as to whether this was better than "Catherine Called Birdy" or not. It's so different, it's incomparable. I loved both books so so so so so so much. In "Matilda Bone," Karen Cushman tells a feminist story set in medieval times. She [...]

    2. Apa jadinya kalau sejak kecil kita dibesarkan di sebuah rumah mewah, mendapatkan pengetahuan kita hanya dari seorang guru sekaligus penasehat spiritual, tanpa mengetahui dunia luar sana? Bagai katak dalam tempurung, bukan?Itulah yang terjadi pada Matilda. Sejak ibunya meninggal, Matilda tinggal bersama ayahnya yang bekerja pada seorang kaya raya sebagai juru tulis di sebuah rumah yang besar. Matilda diajarkan membaca, menulis Latin yang suatu hari nanti akan bermanfaat baginya. At least demikian [...]

    3. Amazing writing with amazing historical accuracy, or at least intentioned and it worked. She nailed it. A young girl raised by a Priest and taught the ways of God and man and saints and well versed in Latin but never given any real life skills. Unlike many in this time she could read and write which she finds later is her "skill". She learns to 'take what you have and work with it'. Her journey there is amazing. She is left in the care of a Bone Setter to learn her trade and assist her but she h [...]

    4. Medicine in the middle ages — definitely not like medical practice as we know it today. Here we met a believable cast of interesting characters.

    5. So I have 4 children in 3 different schools and consequently spend a lot of time in the car. Lately I have been listening to a lot of YA fiction to pass the taxi time. I figure with little ears in the back seat, I better keep things safe and select books on CD strictly from the young adult section. It turns out that all teen books these days are about cliques, mean girls, and vampiresblech! So I was thrilled to listen to this little gem by Karen Cushman. If you aren't familiar with Cushman, she [...]

    6. I found Matilda Bone on a list of feminist novels for girls. Karen Cushman, whom I read and did not fully appreciate as an eight and nine year old, tells the charming and quaint story of Matilda, a girl who aspires to achieve saintly status via the influential teachings of a priest who imparts the importance of being "meek and obedient". When Matilda finds herself in a new place, where bodily presence is not disregarded or sinful, where women are wise and learned, where science is trusted, where [...]

    7. Written by Celine Tougas, aged 11.This is a story about an orphan named Matilda in medieval England. She was raised by a priest in a manor but then was dropped off at Blood and Bone Alley to be apprenticed to Red Peg the bonesetter. At first she feels lonely and misunderstood because no one thinks that reading latin and knowing the names of saints is any use. She is also proud and difficult to get a long with. She meets a friend named Tildy. In the end Matilda learns to be more appreciative of t [...]

    8. I liked this, though I found it fairly heavy-handed. Young Matilda has been raised by a priest to be humble but learned in Latin, to be obedient and not to question, to be a priggish pain in the tush, in other words. She's suddenly sent to live with Red Peg the Bonesetter, and oh, how Matilda hates this new life where Latin isn't important, and God is about love instead of punishment, and where the unschooled and the ignorant help people in distress. Heavy-handed, but sweet and well-researched a [...]

    9. Cushman's effortless style belies her craft (both in terms of research and writing). This book is beautifully done, with likeable characters and lots of food for thought. A great feminist YA read!

    10. In the author’s note, Cushman says she took most of the medieval medicine out of the story. That’s a surprise, given how much is still here. It’s good stuff for the most part: pounded earthworm, hare’s foot salve, bull urine, the boiled rags of an Egyptian mummy. All cutting edge I’m sure for its day. Peg is a bonesetter and Matilda Bone is learning the trade as her apprentice. Their professional colleagues include Doctor Margery, Horanswith Leech, Nathaniel the Apothecary, Boggle and [...]

    11. Book 9Jasmine JohnMatilda BoneMrs. Holt Exposition: Matilda lived with father Luefrudus. They were very religious and they went to church every week. Father Luefrudus is a pastor. He had to go to London so he dropped her off at Old Red Peg to help her do some work. She is a bonesetter so she helps people to get better. She takes bones that are out of place and puts them back into place, she also cures the sick. Matilda helped her cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She also would start a fire in [...]

    12. I have enjoyed all of Karen Cushman's books. This book takes place in Medieval times. Matilda, age 14, has been raised in a castle by a pompous, dour, self-righteous priest who has taught her to look down on anyone who doesn't pray seven or eight times a day, who has cats (which are possessed of the devil), and who are poor and uneducated. He drops her off at Blood and Bones Alley to be a servant to a bonesetter. Slowly, Matilda changes from a self-centered, self-righteous girl to a loving and c [...]

    13. Matilda has lived a sheltered life since she was orphaned and left to the care of a priest. When the priest must move on to London he sets Matilda up with Peg the Bonesetter. Here,at the age of 14, she learns what life with people instead of priests and saints, can offer. She sees that life can be messy, but also that caring for others and actually making friends is important. She even begins thinking for herself. This historical fiction novel was set at a time when medicine was just at its infa [...]

    14. Another wonderful story of history and science in the making, told by Karen Cushman, in her very special storywriting style. I have read most of her books, and each one, so charming, and enlightening story ; this one of a young girl who must learn of the field of medicine, and how to help people have a more tolerable, a better life. I hope to reread this book again soon!

    15. Uma pequena fábula infanto-juvenil muito interessante. De início tive um certo impacto com a descrição de como era a vida na sociedade medieval; uma certa crueza ao expor algumas situações chegando beirar à barbárie. Depois, fui me acostumando com a estória, até passar a ver com os olhos da narradora (Matilda). Bacana, super adequado aos jovens.

    16. This was dead good :) I really liked seeing Matilda's transformation from such a closed, dutiful not-really-a-child-or-much-of-a-person to someone who could connect, make jokes, think for herself. Heartwarming. And occasionally very gross.

    17. Karen Cushman’s books are all a delight, but this is one of my favorites! Don’t miss her other books, especially Catherine Called Birdy, and The Midwife’s Apprentice!

    18. An entertaining introduction to the medical practices of medieval times,as told through the story of a young girl names Matilda. I really liked theway Matilda's character changes ever so gently throughout the story.I found myself growing quite fond of the characters, and while this isa story for a younger audience, it held plenty of information I did notknow, and therefore held my attention throughout.

    19. This was a great book. I enjoyed everything about it. A perfect "living book" companion for educators studying the middle ages. Karen Cushman is in my opinion a terrific children's author. She lets the character emerge naturally; instead of telling you. Same with the historical references. Too many books those written for adults included are a thin plot wrapped around lots of historical information spewed out to educate the reader. Matilda is a great character. I think grade school girls will [...]

    20. Title: Matilda BoneAuthor: Karen CushmanGenre: Historical FictionRate: 4 Stars Summary: Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman is about a fourteen year old girl that is taken to Bone Alley. She was a very religious girl and lived with a priest in a Manor. The story takes place during the Renaissance, a very interesting age! Matilda is taken to Bone Alley to help a woman named Red Peg, the Bonesetter. Matilda, being extremely religious, finds that she is left alone, almost abandoned by her only ‘Family. [...]

    21. My only complaint about Matilda Bone? It wasn't long enough! The author could easily have lengthened the story--expanding on Matilda's growth from a self-centered, self-righteous, snooty girl to someone who learns of the importance of friendship, sacrifice, and an appreciation of others. The author, in her end note, mentions how during her research, she realized that her job was to tell a story, not write a medical dictionary. Bravo--finally, a writer who realizes that every bit of her research [...]

    22. The last of the Cushman's I have to read, Matilda Bone continued on the author's theme of historical/coming-of-age fiction. Set in medieval England, young Matilda is set in her ways, as much as she can be at 14. She is sent to work for Peg the bone setter. But Matilda has been taught reading, Latin, obedience and much theology, and she considers everyone who does not know at least as much as herself to be beneath her. In time, she comes to understand that everyone has their virtues and that know [...]

    23. This is a terrific book for tweens.Set in medieval times, Cushman's book is a lovely exploration of what it means to be pious and part of a community. Matilda is an orphan raised by a fire and brimstone priest until she is twelve when he drops her off to become the servant of Red Peg the bone setter. Matilda is so heavenly minded she is no earthly good at first. She can read and write Latin and Greek but she has not one practical skill in terms of any kind of manual work in daily medieval life.M [...]

    24. I wanted to like this book, because it's such a great plot line, and I love following a young medical apprentice in this time period, but the book made the fatal error of telling rather than showing. The first chapter hammers into your head explicitly that Matilda doesn't have her own opinions, is elitist and lacks compassion. Guess where the narrative arc goes? yep! by the last chapter, Matilda forms her own opinions (and says, "it doesn't matters hat father L would think" just in case we might [...]

    25. The book “Matilda Bone” by author Karen Cushman, talks about how Matilda is used to an easier way of living. She would prefer to live in a manor house with Father Leufredus than to live with a bone setter, because in the manor she got everything she wanted, and she studied Latin and the lives of the Saints that she adored. But one day she is brought to live with a local bone setter who is called Mistress Pig. She soon finds out that her life will be filled with the scent of healing herbs, br [...]

    26. It was fun getting into some historical fiction again, with the help of an author I've been meaning to try out for a while now. I enjoyed the history mixed in with the story here, but reading this made me feel very, very grateful that I live now instead of then. This book made it more evident to me than ever that the Great Apostasy is a real thing. I had no idea there were so many saints in this era of Christianity. It hardly sounds like the Christianity I know today at all, more like a mix of s [...]

    27. a wonderful book introducing the middle ages to children but, really, to anyone. Cushman does a good job of animating the everyday life of a person in medieval England and has truly done her research on just about every aspect of medieval life but focused on medicine and religionrprisingly, this book teaches critical thinking and confronts overly pious and zealous attitudes with enthusiasm. Matilda Bone was raised in a minor noble's manor by a priest who is delivered to a bonesetter named Peg wh [...]

    28. This is the seventh of Karen Cushman's books that I've read and am always impressed by the strength of her characters, her plots and her historical research. That being true, while I did enjoy this book, it is probably my least favorite of Cushman's. But that probably has more to do with how amazing her other works are. And I do mean amazing.So, if you are new to Cushman I'd recommend you start with The Midwife's Apprentice or Alchemy and Meggy Swann.But that doesn't mean Matilda Bone should be [...]

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