The Turner Diaries

The Turner Diaries

William Luther Pierce Andrew MacDonald / Jan 18, 2020

The Turner Diaries Reacting to the prohibition against gun ownership Earl Turner joins the revolution that creates a racist facist state

  • Title: The Turner Diaries
  • Author: William Luther Pierce Andrew MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9781569800867
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reacting to the prohibition against gun ownership, Earl Turner joins the revolution that creates a racist facist state.

    The Turner Diaries The Turner Diaries is a novel by William Luther Pierce, published under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald The Turner Diaries depicts a violent revolution in the United States which leads to the overthrow of the federal government, nuclear war, and, ultimately, a race war. The Turner Diaries Extremism in America ADL The Turner Diaries is probably the most widely read book among far right extremists many have cited it as the inspiration behind their terrorist organizing and activity Hoping to bring about the Aryan uprising depicted in Pierce s novel, Robert Mathews, formerly a Pacific Northwest representative of Pierce s organization, helped found the The Turner Diaries Andrew MacDonald The Turner Diaries Andrew MacDonald on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This is the book which the FBI and the controlled media have been claiming hysterically is the blueprint for everything from the Oklahoma City bombing to the takeover of the U.S government by White extremists. The Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce Of all the reasons why The Turner Diaries is shit, the racism is the least glaring The portrayal of blacks and jews is so incredibly offensive that it easily takes a turn for the absurd and funny The portrayal of blacks and jews is so incredibly offensive that it easily takes a turn for the absurd and funny. How The Turner Diaries Changed White nationalism The The Turner Diaries is a Rorschach test for racists of all stripes, pedestrian or ideological Readers can bring their own ideologies and justifications to the narrative, or they can bring none at all. The Turner Diaries novel by Pierce Britannica Apr , The Turner Diaries, novel by William Luther Pierce under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald , published in An apocalyptic tale of genocide against racial minorities set in a near future America, The Turner Diaries has been referred to as the bible of the racist right, a handbook for white victory, and a blueprint for revolution Pierce was the head of the National The Turner Diaries e Reading The Turner Diaries, however, provides an insight into the background of the Great Revolution which is uniquely valuable for two reasons It is a fairly detailed and continuous record of a the turner diaries eBay product ratings The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald Book The Fast Free Shipping . Buy It Now Free Shipping These is My Words The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, Nancy Turner New Other . Time left d h left bids . Buy It Now . shipping The Turner Diaries American Experience Official Site PBS The Turner Diaries has been tied to nearly murders, including those committed by Timothy McVeigh when he bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The Turner Diaries, Other Racist Novels, Inspire Extremist Although The Turner Diaries may be the most famous such novel, it is neither the first nor the last novelized version of dire conspiracies and drastic solutions Pierce told his seminal story through two years of diary entries by his white supremacist hero, Earl Turner.

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      • William Luther Pierce Andrew MacDonald

        American white separatist, mostly known for his novel The Turner Diaries, which he wrote under the nom de plume Andrew MacDonald.In 1966, he joined the American Nazi Party and was a member until 1970 One of the reasons he left was he disliked the Nazi uniform image In 1970, Pierce became the chairman of the National Youth Alliance, which later became the National Alliance In 2002, he died of cancer.


    1. An acquaintance of mine was late to work one day, running several minutes behind on the way to his 9-to-5 office gig. He never got in trouble for it though, because he worked in the Murrah building and at 9:02 AM April 19, 1995 Timothy McVeigh blew it up with a truck bomb, shearing the structure's southern face off, exposing its blasted north half as a crumbling cross-section.Although in the U.S. the term "terrorist" has come to be applied exclusively to radical Islamists, the majority of terror [...]

    2. I read The Turner Diaries for free online several years ago. While I didn't expect to agree with it, I expected to at least gain some kind of empathetic understanding of the author's point of view. It turns out that I couldn't have been more wrong. While I can understand why certain groups of people hate certain other groups of people, or why extremist groups entertain utopian fantasies of redrawn borders and wholesale deportation of everyone who's not exactly like them, after reading The Turner [...]

    3. Ignore this book if you are anti-racism, because it will either offend, or simply sicken you in many, many ways. However, for anyone who wants to understand how many Americans, even today feel about race, or how Timothy McVeigh felt as he bombed the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, I suggest you read this. Some people love it, some people despise it. I guess it comes down to your own personal views and morals. I happen to love this book. I find it is an inspirational book, and takes the reader [...]

    4. I read this hoping for some sort of manifesto that would make the racist worldview understandable, perhaps even pitiable. But while The Turner Diaries gives us a good look into that worldview, no explanations are given; no arguments put forward that can be refuted. The narrative assumes that the reader has already accepted the usual racist cultural myths. For a so-called "racist bible", there is nothing didactic. The whole thing is just cheap porn for white supremacists.Though we never learn the [...]

    5. The copy of this book that I read had a really interesting forward on it. The editor said that they published this book so that people might learn from it, because if we don't look at the mistakes of the past we are bound to repeat them.I really enjoy dystopia fiction, which is why I picked up this book. That and I don't like being told what I can and cannot read, so I'm always reading banned books. I'm also a firm believer in reading things which do not match your point of view in order to gain [...]

    6. The only "banned" book I've ever read. It's one I'm reluctant to give a rating to, because if I rate it by how much it affected me, it would get five starsbut if I rate it by how much I LIKED the content, then it would get one. This is a horrible, horrible, horrible storyd I wouldn't in a million years recommend it to anyone too easily influenced, but if your head is fixed on your shoulders and you can read insidious evil propaganda without losing yourself in it, then there's a lot to be learned [...]

    7. Barricade Books edition, 1996, ordered from Loompanics Unlimited (awwww man, Loompanics was the best. Does anyone else remember them from way back in the dizzay?)Sigh, what can one say? A disgusting and frightening look at a deeply misguided philosophy/subculture, but.damn it, a rollicking good time at least as good as Clancy's later rubbish. I'm pretty deeply embarrassed to have enjoyed this book as much as I did, but there you go.Shameful! Then again, sometimes you've just got a hankering for [...]

    8. The Turner Diaries is a special piece of literature, it is intended for a specific audience so if you read this book and express nothing but hatred towards it then you were obviously not the target audience.The book is written in the form of a diary (surprise!) which makes it quite easy to read and even more believable since you are reading the emotions of a man who is in the middle of a war for his people.Even though this book is called racist by many, it actually deals with this subject in the [...]

    9. I was going to keep this only because it's apparently so hard to find but I honestly am not too sure I can sleep knowing this filth is in my home. And what if - God forbid - my daughter found it? At this point she wouldn't be able to make out the words that would concern me anyway but soon?I didn't seek this book out - it actually came into my house via someone else who had no clue as to anything about the book yet knew I loved books - and I was interested when I saw the McVeigh statement on the [...]

    10. Now for people who want racism (or who don't, in which case they should stay away from this book, which won't be hard because you really have to go looking for this book), in their books, this is a book to read instead of say Herge's Tintin in the Congo. This is standard fare pulp / action stuff. It's about the same quality of say any of The Left Behind books, or most of Stewart Home's early works (which is a difficult comparison since Home is doing something artistic in a way with his novels an [...]

    11. I suppose this book's reputation precedes it. It's been nearly 20 years since I read it. I remember being surprised at the quality of its writing, considering that most fiction written by radical Rightists in English tends to be godawful. It's certainly not Dostoevsky but it is a page-turner of a war story containing some cogent social commentary concerning America that remains relevant today, even if I reject Pierce's racism. It's definitely not for the faint-of-heart, however, as it contains a [...]

    12. Turner Diaries is an ok quickie read as far as casual goofy entertainment but it completely boggles my mind how many people in the white racial movement actually look at this as a blueprint for an Aryan "takeover". I mean they actually end up nuking half the planet! Wow there's a "brilliant" recipe for a healthy white world! Sure half the worlds a radioactive ball of nuclear pollution, but hey there aren't blacks living in my neighborhood anymore! Like I said its ok as far as casual entertainmen [...]

    13. This is probably the most poorly written banned book in American History fascinating for insight into 80's White Nationalist/Identity culture. Written like one of those dime-store "Executioner" novels from the seventies, it is remarkable for its influence in the American White Power underground. This is a must-read for anyone at all interested in subculture, radicalism (left or right) and the strangeness of ideology.

    14. I give this book 5 stars merely for entertainment. This is far from a "blue print" for any sort of takeover. I think this book was written just so Dr. William Pierce could relieve some stress.

    15. I really wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for here. So much baggage surrounds this novel and it comes with a massive moral health warning. It was said to have inspired the Oklahoma bombings which killed so many people. It was a “must read”for me.I found it a compelling and powerful read, well written and told through the diaries kept by Earl Turner. He is a very capable member of the nationalist Organisation which is fighting the System (US government) in order to preserve the white [...]

    16. among the worst items ever written, this post-WWII fascist tract. it's probably not worth the effort, but the text will deconstruct fairly quickly--even though it wants, for instance, to maintain NSDAP herrenvolk doctrine, the details of the narrative will work out racial equivalences at numerous loci, which means that the remainder is mere 'race' loyalty for its own sake.whatever. barf. prose is turgid, wanting discipline, so it's not even worth reading for aesthetic reasons. endpoint of narrat [...]

    17. Love this book in spite of the fierce racism. The recent events in Baltimore led me to re read again. I think it's interesting to consider that it was written in 1978 and predicts so many of the issues we deal with today, for example immigration, affirmative action, the rule of political correctness over logic and behavior based judgement, etc. Yes, many views are extreme, but it is dystopian fiction after all. The greatest value of this novel is that it forces the reader to consider the possibl [...]

    18. Make no mistake the content of this book is vile. It will sicken you and it will leave an indelible mark on your soul should you ever pick it up and read it. Its a thoroughly racist science fiction novel written by William Luther Pierce (Dead and burning in hell I hope.) who was the founder of the National Alliance. He wrote under the nomme de plume of Andrew Macdonald. This book is valuable because it is an intimate look into the mind of an extremist. As someone who has always been fascinated b [...]

    19. Being in Oklahoma and hearing that one of McVeigh's inspirations for the OKC bombing was this book I felt compelled to read it to better understand white supremacist paranoia.It's terribly written and difficult to read without affecting an ironic eye but, unfortunately, I believe this truly represents how an entire subset of the U.S. population feels and it can't be discounted wholesale. It's a rascist, fascistic, and wholly absurd screed against the US government but unflinching in its hatred a [...]

    20. What a prophecy! For me is at the same level as George Orwell's "1984".Is a fiction book written almost 40 years ago and many facts are happening nowadays, almost in the same ways, at the USA and Europe.

    21. I wish the star ratings did not have the "liked" or disliked connotation. You can loathe a book and still think it is worth reading, or has a valuable lesson. I think both apply to this book. This book is an eye-opening view into racist minds. Racism is still a problem today but it is not so blatantly open, so easily identified. Racism today is apparent in things many white people will never take notice of, such as the lack of minority race characters in television and books (and ever children's [...]

    22. Of all the reasons why The Turner Diaries is shit, the racism is the least glaring. The portrayal of blacks and jews is so incredibly offensive that it easily takes a turn for the absurd and funny. If white supremacists had any common sense, they'd condemn this level of racism for making them sound completely detached from reality.The main reason why I condemn this book is because of its utter moral depravity, which is particularly evident during the infamous 'Day of the Rope', where the protago [...]

    23. Would there was a way to give negative stars.Racist revenge-porn for the reader looking to either confirm their own stupidity or to, in vain, figure out what motivates asshats like Tim McVeigh, may his bones be ground to dust.You won't learn anything from reading this, only that "Andrew McDonald" writes some pretty bad dystopian (oh, wait! He WANTS this stuff to happen!) fiction.I purchased this at a gun show, which is proof positive that we need some serious expanding of gun control laws. If pe [...]

    24. Great piece of fiction with crazy amount of violence, depicted in a non-compassionate way. Seems to be loosely based on Jack London's Iron Heel, structure and plot-wise, but with protagonists on opposite sides of political spectrum. Well, not entirely opposite, because in both stories the revolutionaries strived for a kind of command economy.Politics put aside, if you enjoyed Bret Easton Ellis'es American Psycho or Uwe Boll's movie Rampage and the like, you got to love this book. And if you also [...]

    25. Mein Kampf is rather elementary compare to this lucid dream, The Turner Diaries is one of the most hateful, prepostrous books I've ever read so far. Written in "diary" form, the protagonist joined the "Organization" to eradicate the "System" and subsequently took over the entire world to ensure 1488 was possible. Although honest to God, the plot was ridiculous to say the least, the timeline was all over the place and the author had no grasp of how all the events were chronologically impossible. [...]

    26. I found out about this book whilst reading another book, it was mentioned as being a recruitment tool for far right groups/militias. When looking up the book to find out what it was about I then found out it's illegal to own in Canada & parts of Europe which alone made me want to read it to find out what all the fuss is about.Overall, it's a reasonable dystopian novel, you have the oppressive government and a group of people who organise themselves to overthrow it. There's a few relevant par [...]

    27. On of the most popular white nationalist book. But that`s more because of the sensitionalist nature and because it is aimed at the average white unintellectual action movie looking male, who probably likes the ideas there are violent neonazis somewhere "Cause you know as long as the media reports about violent skinheads and uppity whiteys, the racial crisis in the United States can`t be that bad." It could be ment as agitprop. But then it would be that the violence against white people would be [...]

    28. (This review contains excerpts from The Turner Diaries and therefore may contain spoilers)“Fanatics fear liberty more than they fear persecution,” - Ernest Renan, "The Hibbert Lectures"There are many who say this book should be banned. I disagree. No book should be banned. It is the Utopian reactionary who bans and burns books. I think it’s vital to read books like these, whether you agree with its message or not is irrelevant. Let this book be a mirror. When you look into it see yourself [...]

    29. Crazy and chilling, this grotesquely violent yet ultimately utopian fantasy is, in fictional terms, the greatest non-fictional study of the psychology of the 'extremissimus', the 'most extreme of the extremest extremists', a character portrait which holds true for revolutionary extremists on both the far Right and the far Left (Stalin).I think the author wrote, under a pseudonym, a caricature and radicalized version of parts of his own thought here specifically to drum up outrage and to get publ [...]

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