The Arcades Project

The Arcades Project

Walter Benjamin Rolf Tiedemann Kevin McLaughlin Howard Eiland / Jan 27, 2020

The Arcades Project To great writers Walter Benjamin once wrote finished works weigh lighter than those fragments on which they labor their entire lives Conceived in Paris in and still in progress when Benjamin fl

  • Title: The Arcades Project
  • Author: Walter Benjamin Rolf Tiedemann Kevin McLaughlin Howard Eiland
  • ISBN: 9780674008021
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • To great writers, Walter Benjamin once wrote, finished works weigh lighter than those fragments on which they labor their entire lives Conceived in Paris in 1927 and still in progress when Benjamin fled the Occupation in 1940, The Arcades Project in German, Das Passagen Werk is a monumental ruin, meticulously constructed over the course of thirteen years the theat To great writers, Walter Benjamin once wrote, finished works weigh lighter than those fragments on which they labor their entire lives Conceived in Paris in 1927 and still in progress when Benjamin fled the Occupation in 1940, The Arcades Project in German, Das Passagen Werk is a monumental ruin, meticulously constructed over the course of thirteen years the theater, as Benjamin called it, of all my struggles and all my ideas Focusing on the arcades of nineteenth century Paris glass roofed rows of shops that were early centers of consumerism Benjamin presents a montage of quotations from, and reflections on, hundreds of published sources, arranging them in thirty six categories with descriptive rubrics such as Fashion, Boredom, Dream City, Photography, Catacombs, Advertising, Prostitution, Baudelaire, and Theory of Progress His central preoccupation is what he calls the commodification of things a process in which he locates the decisive shift to the modern age.The Arcades Project is Benjamin s effort to represent and to critique the bourgeois experience of nineteenth century history, and, in so doing, to liberate the suppressed true history that underlay the ideological mask In the bustling, cluttered arcades, street and interior merge and historical time is broken up into kaleidoscopic distractions and displays of ephemera Here, at a distance from what is normally meant by progress, Benjamin finds the lost time s embedded in the spaces of things.

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        Walter Bendix Sch nflies Benjamin was a German Jewish Marxist literary critic, essayist, translator, and philosopher He was at times associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory and was also greatly inspired by the Marxism of Bertolt Brecht and Jewish mysticism as presented by Gershom Scholem.As a sociological and cultural critic, Benjamin combined ideas drawn from historical materialism, German idealism, and Jewish mysticism in a body of work which was a novel contribution to western philosophy, Marxism, and aesthetic theory As a literary scholar, he translated the Tableaux Parisiens edition of Baudelaire s Les Fleurs du mal as well as Proust s In Search of Lost Time His work is widely cited in academic and literary studies, in particular his essays The Task of the Translator and The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Influenced by Bachofen, Benjamin gave the name auratic perception to the aesthetic faculty through which civilization would recover a lost appreciation of myth.


    1. Galeria Alberto Sordi, Rome. Not architecture alone but all technology is, at certain stages, evidence of a collective dream.This is a vast and impenetrable and knowing book, and I'm having trouble trying to review it. I might as well attempt to 'review' the contents of the oceans. "I like the fish, five stars?"Benjamin started work on The Arcades Project as early as 1927. At first, it might have been a short historical essay on Paris. But it did not stay only at that. The project grew through t [...]

    2. Two members of my family are currently obsessed with this book, so I think I'd better at least flip through it before I try to have dinner with both of them again.Great story behind it, according to my dad: George Bataille had to stash this one in the medieval section of the Bibliothèque Nationale where he worked, when Benjamin fled the Nazis. Then, many many years later, way after that whole Nazi thing had blown over, a bunch of people were sitting around one day scratching their heads wonderi [...]

    3. The Arcades Project is sprawling, unclassifiableiric. Posing as an historical analysis of the Parisian arcades--the outdoor equivalent of (and precursors to) shopping malls--this book is also (among other things) a cultural history of the 19th century, an intellectual biography of Baudelaire, an essay on the philosophy of history, a meditation on industrialization, a portrait of the city of Paris, one of the best works of criticism on literary modernism, a reflection on the textual styles of the [...]

    4. I f**kin’ hate shopping malls. I suppose, were I to have stuck it out, and had Benjamin stay’d on a little longer and gotten this thing wrap’d up, he may have assisted me somewhat in articulating exactly why I f**kin’ hate shopping malls so much. I can scarcely utilize them for their urinal=capacity ; just duck-in duck-out. But amid 200=odd pages of stuff about Baudelaire I just quit. Just walk’d off. I don’t really do the nineteenth century. I don’t really do Paris. I don’t real [...]

    5. "Kitleler, kendilerini oyalayacak bir şeyler ararlar, oysa sanat, izleyicisinden kendini toplayıp yoğunlaştırmasını ister."

    6. Where to start with this behemoth?First, let it be said that Benjamin was one of the 20th Century's most original minds, and I've been a big fan for years. My thesis advisor in college always tried to push this book off on me, but now that I've read it, I don't know how she could have expected me to use it academically. These little fragments, a great many of them quotes, are almost like a mosaic that hasn't quite come together, the grand, final, unfinished project of Benjamin's life. I doubt ma [...]

    7. This is the kind of book you are always currently reading, because this is the kind of book that is almost impossible to read entirely, and once you've read it you need to start reading again. Fragmented and brilliant, sometimes confusing but always worthwhile, this book will come back to you again and again. It's supposedly a history of bourgeois Paris in the 1800s, but really it's a history of people, of culture and consumerism, of replication and lights, of wandering the city and modernity an [...]

    8. حافظه ابزار کشف گذشته نیست. خاطره همان قدر وسیله ی شناخت گذشته است که خاک ابزاری است برای شناخت شهرهای مدفون شده.والتر بنیامین.

    9. One doesn't so much "read" this book as refer to it. It is one massive, beautiful jumble of thoughts inspired by the arcades built in the nineteenth century in Paris. Benjamin draws greatly upon other writers and their ideas. Because it is almost entirely impossible to categorize the work which is more than one thousand pages long, in terms of literature, most people simply call it research for something else, the form of which isn't yet clear. I have turned to it as a resource as I write the ne [...]

    10. Of course I haven't read the entire book yet. This book is full of quotes and little pieces of thoughts and complex ideas Is like an enormous puzzle! That's why I love it I love to "solve" things, to travel through words and concepts I love when I know that I'm another piece of that puzzle.This is not an "easy" book (I'm not going to define "easy" for me that's not so easy) but it is really advisable to all the people who want to get lost for a while into one of the greatest minds of the 20th Ce [...]

    11. So I didn't read all of this. Anyone that tells you they had is either chronically underemployed for a very long time, a tenured professor on sabbatical or a liar. But at any rate, I did make it to the section that is a 200 page unfinished novel on Baudelaire. The Arcades Project does in a way work as Benjamin's unfinished masterwork. Whether or not it is readable straight through or straightaway legible or decipherable is kind of besides the point. This man was made to create dense behemoths an [...]

    12. The Arcades ProjectA ragbag book. For years, Benjamin acquired quotations, anecdotes, and any sort of thing related to the covered shopping arcades to be found around Paris. As the project continued the connection with the original interest became more tenuous – the most significant part of the book is a long essay on Baudelaire. The entire collection is organized in Benjamin’s own filing system; it is a repository from which he drew the material for many of his published articles. The conte [...]

    13. /////////////////////////oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo>.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>< <<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>> --------------------------------------------I T H I N K I H E R N I A T E D M Y B R A I N & C A P A C I T Y F O R P A T I E N C EB [...]

    14. Very few have understood what this book is about. This is the secret book, for which the Germans had been running behind Walter Benjamin, before finally he committed suicide on Pyrenees. It isn't only a city's metaphysics, but also a practical guide, with many advices, on how one can control city's soul-mind-oness. He! He! He! I am joking. It is just another Walter Benjiamin's book, of an eminent German philosopher, who was member of Frankfurt School. Well, can anybody tell me, if has understood [...]

    15. Walter Benjamin's notes on the decrepit Parisian arcades are, as a few of the other reviewers have already noted, the sort of thing one doesn't "read" so much as refer back to. To call this a "book" is, to an extent, misleading, since it's really the compendium of notes Benjamin scribbled while researching what was to be his life's project. These notes are too valuable to simply relegate to some university's archive for the exclusive use of dedicated Benjamin scholars. But they're incomplete, fr [...]

    16. I'm not certain how to coherently talk about the Arcades Project or if something like "coherently talking" is even appropriate given the nature of this beast. Baudillare, The Flaneur, examinations into boredom, the role of architecture in turning people into ever greater consumers and commodities, the failures of capitalism and heavy industry, 19th century fashion ad infinitum. The one thing I think I can say confidently about these 1000+ pages of fragments is that they are next to impossible to [...]

    17. The Arcades Project. What can be said of a work that defies classic narrative, criticism, philosophy, structuralism, modernism, studies in architecture, thinking, walking, gazing into, and it is a work so vast and inclusive I keep it close and just open up anywhere in the book, read a few passages and grapple with them or absorb in the moment as if right there next to Benjamin in conversation on just why is it that he Arcades of Paris bring about such near religious observations on sign, signifi [...]

    18. Arcades in Europe are the first shopping malls. And this is what Walter Benjamin projected his big writing project on. Saying that, this book is totally insane. It's the Rainbow Gravity of cultural theory. It's difficult in parts, but with Benjamin as the driver, you have no choice than to go for the ride.But also I strongly suggest one checks out Benjamin's other books or essays before going into the Arcades Project. After reading his other wonderful and brilliant essays/books - then you should [...]

    19. The Arcades Project is a remarkable catalogue—a listing of influences and thoughts. It is in some sense not unlike Joyce's or Woolf's attempts to catalogue the ideas and feelings of a single day, only with Benjamin it is an attempt to list and represent the experience of the bourgeois in the century of progress, in effect to undermine the lunacy of ideaology. It is an early post-modern attempt to center history not on the rulers of history but on the downtrodden, the forgotten. In pieces and f [...]

    20. I love Benjamin. Really. I was first introduced in my advanced french literature class. I took it up again with an independent research grant to study Flanerie. His observations and beautifully written and amazingly accurately rendered. His writing is such that you feel you can taste and see and smell everything he does. And the breadth of his coverage is simply astounding. Again - I love Benjamin.

    21. I have read this book both in the original and in translation several times. My copy is falling apart but I can not find a suitable replacement in the library or in used book stores, aquizition of a new one is cost prohibitive. I find myself lost in the endless explications and musings until I often am surprised when looking up to not find the glass and metal skeleton of an actual arcade. I try to read some of it every day.

    22. This was Benjamin's great unfinished project. The reconstruction done here is worth looking through but i think of less value then Susan Buck-Morss's 'The Dialectics of Seeing', an amazing work based on the Arcades Project, as well as her extensive research on Benjamin's life and philosophy.

    23. the traces of a mighty mind and passion struggles to rebuild the capital city of the 19th century and everything important linked to it, including it's soul and dreams. it is true that if the worldwideweb can be condensed in to a book then it would certainly be like The Arcades Project

    24. Good book to head back to if you ever need to stop writing. This should make you feel inadequate to do so for a good 24 hours because it makes you feel so dumb(in comparison to his megabrain)

    25. It's like a dream --- there's no identifiable end or beginning and all one can do is meander through.

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