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Glubbslyme Glubbslyme You re magic When Rebecca wades into the witch s pond after a row with her best friend Sarah she meets a very unusual new friend a huge warty toad And Glubbslyme is no ordinary toad Hundr

  • Title: Glubbslyme
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780440862314
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Glubbslyme You re magic When Rebecca wades into the witch s pond after a row with her best friend Sarah, she meets a very unusual new friend a huge, warty toad And Glubbslyme is no ordinary toad Hundreds of years old, he can talk and best of all he can work magic Maybe, just maybe, he can help Rebecca be best friends with Sarah again

    Sleepovers book Sleepovers is a children s novel by the English writer Jacqueline Wilson, illustrated by Nick Sharratt. Plot The story is about a girl called Daisy and the friends at her new school in alphabetical order Amy, Bella, Chloe, Daisy and Emily aka The Alphabet Girls. Vicky Angel Vicky Angel is a children s book by Jacqueline Wilson, about a young girl s struggle with her grief over losing her best friend, Vicky.It was first published in . Jacqueline Wilson About Jacqueline Biography Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath in , but spent most of her childhood in Kingston on Thames She always wanted to be a writer and wrote her first novel when she was nine, filling in countless Woolworths exercise books as she grew up. goo Jacqueline Wilson, en Nestl Smarties Book Prize

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        Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath in 1945, but spent most of her childhood in Kingston on Thames She always wanted to be a writer and wrote her first novel when she was nine, filling in countless Woolworths exercise books as she grew up As a teenager she started work for a magazine publishing company and then went on to work as a journalist on Jackie magazine which she was told was named after her before turning to writing novels full time.One of Jacqueline s most successful and enduring creations has been the famous Tracy Beaker, who first appeared in 1991 in The Story of Tracy Beaker This was also the first of her books to be illustrated by Nick Sharratt Since then Jacqueline has been on countless awards shortlists and has gone on to win many awards The Illustrated Mum won the Guardian Children s Fiction Award, the 1999 Children s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards and was also shortlisted for the 1999 Whitbread Children s Book Award.Double Act won the prestigious Smarties Medal and the Children s Book Award as well as being highly commended for the Carnegie Medal The Story of Tracy Beaker won the 2002 Blue Peter People s Choice Award.Jacqueline is one of the nation s favourite authors, and her books are loved and cherished by young readers not only in the UK but all over the world She has sold millions of books and in the UK alone the total now stands at over 35 million In 2002 Jacqueline was awarded the OBE for services to literacy in schools and from 2005 to 2007 she was the Children s Laureate In 2008 she became Dame Jacqueline Wilson.


    1. I read this when I was 9 or 10, and even though I used to devour Jacqueline Wilson books (like any other little girl), this one sticks in my mind as being absoloutely terrible. I don't know if I even finished it, it was so bad.

    2. This book is full of laughter and entertainment and I really enjoyed reading it. It is a about a girl, Rebecca, who jumps in a witches pond after an argument with her friend Sarah. She then befriends a talking frog called Glubbslyme who can also do magic. They both have great adventures together. This book mainly deals with two girls who do not get along with each other but the good thing, at the end of the story, is that Rebecca is brave, as she decides to go and be nice to her ‘enemy.’ Chi [...]

    3. Ahhh ini buku Jacqueline Wilson pertama yang aku baca dan aku langsung suka dengan gaya bahasanya yang ceplas-ceplos. Buku ini berkisah tentang seorang anak perempuan bernama Rebecca yang bertemu dengan seekor kodok ajaib di kolam taman. Suatu hari Rebecca bertengkar dengan sahabatnya, Sarah, perihal kolam penyihir yang terletak di taman. Em Si Rebecca berkali-kali menegaskan bahwa kolam tersebut dulunya adalah kolam tempat dibuangnya penyihir-penyihir di jaman kuno. Karena Sarah dan Mandy, tema [...]

    4. Glubslyme is a magical toad, who is found by Rebecca, when she is a very sad state as she has argues with her 'best friend'. Rebecca seems childish in comparrison to the other girls her age and whilst she chooses to believe in stories told to her by her father, the other girls choose to put on make up and dress up. Rebecca's faith in these stories are rewarded when she meets Glubslyme the magical toad. Rebecca and Glubslyme develop a strong friendship despite their animalistic differences! They [...]

    5. 'Glubbslyme' is one of Jacqueline Wilson's earlier novels in which the title is the name of the magical toad that main character Rebecca accidentally befriends. This toad has the ability to talk and to cast spells upon others. When Rebecca and best friend Sarah fall out, Glubbslyme might just have the perfect spell to bring them back together again.I have read many Jacqueline Wilson books and the reason Glubbslyme stands out for me is because it's quite different from the others in regards to fi [...]

    6. Dame Jacqueline Wilson (a very deserved title!) is, in my opinion, the best contemporary children's writer. She writes perfectly, in content, theme, style and accessibility for children from aged 6 to 13 (ish - of course this varies among children). She writes flawlessly for children, I could not find a single fault.She is never patronizing and introduces young people to important life issues such as love, poverty, friendship, adolescence, separated parents, illnesses and so much more, in a mann [...]

    7. I admit, I haven't read this book in a number of years, so my memory of it is fuzzy, but I am quite sure that this was the book that got me into reading as a younger child, and for that, I owe this book a lot! I remember really enjoying it, particularly the injustice of no other characters believing the main protagonist when she tells her friends of Glubbslyme!

    8. I used to adore this book as a child. Back then it seemed a long book :)I reread it last night for old times sake, and whilst, obviously, a childrens book, it still raised a smile as well as a few childhood memories :DA sweet read for children who like magic and witches

    9. this was the very first story i read of Jacqueline wilsonsom then on ive read everyone of her books to this day.

    10. I have just read this for the first time as an adult so definitely not the right reading age but I did enjoy it, I think it would be good for ages 12+ as it does contain mild adult references such as barbies drinking champagne and toads sucking blood. Not necessarily one of her best in terms of character development and encouraging a younger audience to think deeper about moral choices but enjoyable nonetheless

    11. Glubbslyme was a good book by Jacqueline Wilson, though not the best. I enjoyed the story line but sometimes got a bit lost at what was happening. I enjoyed this book regardless and am looking forward to reading more.

    12. Musim liburan kali ini tiba-tiba menjadi tidak seru. Jauh dari yang direncanakan Rebecca. Sarah, teman dekatnya ternyata lebih memilih untuk menghabiskan masa liburan bersama Mandy, anak perempuan yang tinggal tepat disamping rumah Sarah. Awalnya Rebecca berpikir mereka bertiga akan menjadi teman bermain yang mengasyikkan. Sayangnya, Mandy hanya ingin bermain bersama Sarah, tidak dengan anak perempuan yang dianggapnya hanya mengganggu mereka dengan ocehannya yang tidak penting.Lihat saja ketika [...]

    13. Buku pertama dari penulis ini yang saya baca. Saya menyukai cerita anak-anak yang fantastis dan penuh petualangan, namun buku ini tidak masuk ke dalam selera bacaan anak-anak saya. Ceritanya tentang penyihir dalam buku ini kurang saya sukai karena saya merasa cerita dan gaya bahasanya kasar untuk anak-anak (dalam sudut pandang saya). Petualangan Rebeca yang kesal karena merasa dicuekin sahabatnya, Sarah, dan tersisih oleh anak bernama Mandy kemudian bersenang-senang bersama kodok ajaib kurang ti [...]

    14. I read this quite young, at the age of 5 and I didn't like it that much. I had never really been into fantasy but the front cover drew me in.I loved the idea of magic and the thought of this toad being able to make them fly and do all sorts of magical things was exciting to me as a child.I found this storyline too short to be a decent book. It was only about getting two friends back together over an arguement, and in which case the frog wasn't really needed

    15. Kisah tentang gadis cilik yang bertemu (dan akhirnya berteman) dengan kodok bangkotan yang funky. Glubbslyme, si kodok, usianya 300 tahun. Apakah dia pangeran? Bukan kok. Kalau pangeran, itu bukan tipikal Jacqueline Wilson ;). Lumayan lah, mengikuti kisah pertemanan Glubbslyme yang bisa ngobrol dan sihir, dengan Rebecca, yang sedang bete dengan sahabatnya Sarah.

    16. I don't know what it was but something about this book made it boring and a chore to read when I was younger. I loved Jacqueline Wilson books and many of my copies of her books are well thumbed and loved, this however remained on my shelf gathering dust in virtually mint condition. It's a shame

    17. Rada kecewai tidak seperti kisah-kisah Jacqueline Wilson yang saya baca sebelumnya. Padahal beli buku ini sepenuhnya karena ada nama Jacqueline Wilson :P Begitulahgak mau baca sinopsis sih heheheDan saya kehilangan ilustrasinya yang lucu.

    18. awful, I've only read this once and I hated it. so boring and really rubbish in my opinion. not even worth one star!

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