Best Friends

Best Friends

Thomas Berger / Aug 25, 2019

Best Friends Since childhood Sam Grandy and Roy Courtright have been best friends They grew up in the same prosperous community went to the same prep school and later entered the same university After Sam s fat

  • Title: Best Friends
  • Author: Thomas Berger
  • ISBN: 9780743255844
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since childhood, Sam Grandy and Roy Courtright have been best friends They grew up in the same prosperous community, went to the same prep school, and later entered the same university After Sam s father died, Roy s father looked after him At one point Sam dated Roy s sister, Robin As best friends, they share a close and loving bond, often stronger than the relationshiSince childhood, Sam Grandy and Roy Courtright have been best friends They grew up in the same prosperous community, went to the same prep school, and later entered the same university After Sam s father died, Roy s father looked after him At one point Sam dated Roy s sister, Robin As best friends, they share a close and loving bond, often stronger than the relationships other men share with their girlfriends, siblings, or wives But in the twenty years since their friendship began, their fundamental differences have become apparent and their relationship has grown strained More and often they realize they are opposites one a womanizer, the other a devoted husband one careless with money, the other frugal one independent, the other needy Do these differences threaten their friendship or are the dissimilarities what make it possible Can they escape the ties of their past, or are they intrinsically bound until death When Sam s health begins to falter, he draws Roy into his life again and into a chain of deceit, sex, delusion, death, and love such as only a best friend could Thomas Berger has enthralled millions of readers for almost fifty years with his psychologically complex, sharp sighted storytelling With exquisite wit and insidious wisdom, Best Friends weaves a powerful tale about friendship and the complex loyalties involved.

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        Thomas Louis Berger is an American novelist Probably best known for his picaresque novel Little Big Man and the subsequent film by Arthur Penn, Berger has explored and manipulated many genres of fiction throughout his career, including the crime novel, the hard boiled detective story, science fiction, the utopian novel, plus re workings of classical mythology, Arthurian legend, and the survival adventure Berger s use of humor, and his often biting wit have led many reviewers to refer to him as a satirist or comic novelist, descriptions he prefers to reject.His admirers often bemoan that his talent and achievement are so under appreciated, in view of his versatility across many forms of fiction, his precise use of language, and his probing intelligence.


    1. I have to admit - I was less than impressed. Berger's style was consistent with his other novel I read, "Meeting Evil," and it's just not compelling to me. His narration is fluid but thin; he seems to comment from 30,000 feet and his characters seem slightly lifeless and their motivations unclear. I actually thought the plot of this novel was intriguing and really wish it had been pulled off better. It was an extremely quick read, though, and if you're curious, it wouldn't take long to satisfy y [...]

    2. This book wasn’t all that great. It was about a middle aged man with too much money who lacks morals and has sex with anybody. He falls in love with his best friend’s wife and they have an affair and then he decides he wants to commit suicide. I didn’t see the point in this book. I got it from the library because the back said it was funny, but it really wasn’t.

    3. Frenemies: the male version. Berger did a good job showing the complexities of friendships formed during childhood and maintained for life. Two stars for plot, four stars for characterization = three stars. This is not an "and they all lived happily ever after" kind of book, but that doesn't make the story any less entertaining. Oh, and high-end classic cars. Lots of them.

    4. Sam is married to Kristen. Roy is best friends with Sam. Roy notes that, in their years of friendship, Kristen does not seem too interested in being friends with her husband's best friend Roy. All that changed one night when Roy, essentially a handsome, good-looking vintage car salesman, expresses his keen romantic interest in Kristen who later reciprocates after Sam has a heart attack. The rest is sex, remorse, a lie that leads to a confession of Kristen and Roy's tryst, and a planned suicide t [...]

    5. Okay so finished another one and eh.nt say it was good or bad it just wasIt told the story of two "best friends" and I use the term loosely and their lives together over the next twenty years as basically their entire relationship is dissected and you wonder if they ever really liked each other at allThe guys Roy and Sam have been in similar situations and in trouble together since youth and as they grow older and into themselves--Sam gets married but still spends irresponsibly, has the same ann [...]

    6. For a book just barely over 200 pages, Berger crams in maximum melodrama. Sudden tragic deaths, love affairs, betrayals, accusations. He does it in his usual eloquent manner; Hearing one of his books read aloud would make a piece of classical music. Unfortunately, Best Friends is soapy and uninteresting. What begins as the examination of the friendship between two otherwise polar opposite individuals - one a fat, wasteful sloth, the other a fit, spartan go-getter - becomes a predictable decent i [...]

    7. The book details this relationship between the best friends, Sam and Roy, and I was immediately wary of defining their relationship in any positive note. I believe competiveness can work well in a relationship but theirs was beyond being competitive and into something more hateful.Kristin, Roy and Sam were not involved in a love triangle in the end but a hate triangle; using each other to get to the other. I left this book with a bad taste in my mouth, partly because I wanted a physical action b [...]

    8. I've run out of time and must return it to the library. The dialect of the narration is difficult for me, too dry stilted? But the story itself is intriguing. Well, actually, part of me suspects the story may be boring in the end, but the way it is being told is intriguing me. I have to confess though, I am skipping some paragraphs after the lead sentence, and only coming back when I think I missed something key to the story line. Actually, I've skipped about every other page so far.

    9. Best Friends (June)The story of Sam and Roger and their 20 year supposed friendship. The book doesn’t really say nice things about either man or their values. Roger starts an affair with Sam’s wife while Sam is in the hospital with heart failure. I read it to read it but did not enjoy it.

    10. This book is entertaining enough but I found the characters pretty shallow. It was sort of fun to learn a bit about antique cars and I loved the descriptions of food, being a foodie! Probably an okay "beach" book.

    11. Author wrote many books. Not sure if I liked it. Sam and Roy are best friends. Kristin, Sam's wife, sleeps with Roy. The book jacket said the author is such a good writer. I think he jumps all over the place. The writing is not smooth or realistic.

    12. You shouldn't label people you know, especially "best friend", which the author used to much to refer to Sam and Roy. I got it; they were as close as brothers. This book was annoying.

    13. I liked this book and am interested in other novels by T Berger. Very slow start by the characters became a little more interesting toward the middle of the story.

    14. this book is one I randomly chose off the library shelves. Turns out I really liked it, and more than how much I liked the story, I liked the way Berger writes. Happy to have stumbled upon it.

    15. I've gotten this book twice now from the library. Maybe the cover photo caught my attention?? Started and didn't like it much either time.

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