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The first day of Stephanie s junior year is a step into the underworld Led into desire depression and alienation by the intoxicating yet strangely distant figure of Denny Pistill Stephanie must cop

  • Title: 17
  • Author: Liz Rosenberg
  • ISBN: 9780812649154
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The first day of Stephanie s junior year is a step into the underworld Led into desire, depression, and alienation by the intoxicating yet strangely distant figure of Denny Pistill, Stephanie must cope with a series of fears and crises Denny and Stephanie are drawn to each other through writing and reading poetry, and author Liz Rosenberg s own poetic sense gives truth tThe first day of Stephanie s junior year is a step into the underworld Led into desire, depression, and alienation by the intoxicating yet strangely distant figure of Denny Pistill, Stephanie must cope with a series of fears and crises Denny and Stephanie are drawn to each other through writing and reading poetry, and author Liz Rosenberg s own poetic sense gives truth to Stephanie s ability to make art out of the darkest things Stephanie s passage through an emotional winter, which echoes the myth of Persephone, ultimately brings her into a budding sense of life and hope Written in short chapters in the style of prose poetry, this is an exquisitely crafted, emotionally honest novel for young adults from a prize winning author.

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        Liz Rosenberg is an American poet, novelist, children s book author, and book reviewer She is currently a professor of English at Binghamton University.


    1. Liz Rosenberg's short novel 17 is interesting because of the way it is written in prose poems. The story was based around Stephanie and how she overcomes the issues of being a teenager, such as her desires and even her depression. I felt that the book didn't really have much of an interesting story to it, and the characters themselves failed to come to life for me. There were some issues that the main character was going through that I was partially able to relate to but there wasn't really anyt [...]

    2. I didn't like this book, but have to give it a 4 because the extremely sparse writing style was so amazing that it invoked extremely real feelings in me that I did not like. So, despite this happening, I can't say that it was badly written because I think the reader is supposed to feel this way. A couple of pet peeves that the "wish I had been a book editor" in me has to mention: 1. they go to the "fine arts museum" in Boston. No such thing exists. It's the Museum of Fine Arts and everybody know [...]

    3. Spoilers ahead! I found this book in my high school library about a year ago when they were giving away books. I read the back cover and the inside cover and thought this book unique with the prose poetic way the story is told and became interested having it. I put off reading it for so long and now finally finishing it-- the book has more meaning to me. I found Stephanie's downward spiral with the depression, anxiety and almost paranoia problems relatable to me early this year with relationship [...]

    4. A gothic story about Stephanie, a 17 year old girl, struggling with her mother's mental illness and her battle with depression and anorexia. For such a short book, there are a breadth of topics, namely one of sex and love when she meets Denny. Her first. But can the love/sex stay if all they had in common was poetry and even if Denny might be gay? Wonderfully written. "All right," Clarissa says. But, it isn't clear what she's saying all right to. In a few minutes, she's breathing evenly again. S [...]

    5. I'm usually all for angst-ridden stories about high school girls, including the pitfalls of first love and the inadequacies of parenting skills to soften the blows of adolescence but this book was just plain depressing. The style was unique, but there seemed to be so little light emanating from the main character, and so little joy in the "happy" ending. I can appreciate a certain amount of realism, but I hope there are more redemptive books out there for the youth of today. (Do I sound old or w [...]

    6. Written as a series of prose poems, Stephanie's story emerges in bits of sparse but surprisingly descriptive language. Her mother is mentally ill and Stephanie wanders through her life, struggling with her own depression and first love, as she waits for her mother to fall apart. Parts of this book were utterly amazing, but it was too short to let Stephanie deal with the many issues in her life in a satisfying way.

    7. This book wasnt really a five star book. Its okay though. It is written in a poem type of way. It is about a girl who's family is a little crazy. Her mother has what people would consider ADD. Her dad and brother is the only normal ones. She thinks that her life is coming down until she meets this one boy who changes her life and they fall "in love". But she thinks something doesnt feel right feel the need to do something so she does. If you want to know what happens then read the book."

    8. My Aunt Mia gave this beautiful book to me on my 17th birtday. Little did she know how prfound I would find this writing. As a young red haired child of a well meaning, but bi-polar mother, I could understand the plights of the main character and take refuge in the knowledge that I was indeed not alone.

    9. It's been called a YA novel in prose poems, but it's more a novel in short chapters. There lovely passages in this coming of age story of a 17 year old girl trying to find her first love with an in-the-closet boy and find peace in house overseen by a mentally ill mother. Well done, but not what I was expecting.

    10. terrific YA book-- also read Home Repair, her adult novel, which I liked as well. 17 great portrait of teenage first love, depression, confusion. Nice touch of humor, too. Surprised this one isn't better known

    11. I'm not one for poety, but this was really cool. I really liked it. It had really good emotions and they were portrayed very well.

    12. I didn't enjoy this book at all. I thought it was pretty terrible. It was about a girl that has problems with everything and gets depressed for no reason. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.

    13. Terrific book about adolescent angst, first love, how being in high school can feel a whole lot like being in Hades.

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