Ghost King

Ghost King

David Gemmell / Aug 18, 2019

Ghost King Chaos and terror stalked the realm The king had been slain by traitors and the sword of power had been lost beyond the Circle of Mist Armies of Saxons Angles Jutes and Brigantes cut a gory swath a

  • Title: Ghost King
  • Author: David Gemmell
  • ISBN: 9780345379023
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Chaos and terror stalked the realm The king had been slain by traitors, and the sword of power had been lost beyond the Circle of Mist Armies of Saxons, Angles, Jutes, and Brigantes cut a gory swath across the land, led by puppets of the ruthless Witch Queen whose minions included dark, bloodthirsty creatures and a savage, undead warrior.All hope lay with young Thuro iChaos and terror stalked the realm The king had been slain by traitors, and the sword of power had been lost beyond the Circle of Mist Armies of Saxons, Angles, Jutes, and Brigantes cut a gory swath across the land, led by puppets of the ruthless Witch Queen whose minions included dark, bloodthirsty creatures and a savage, undead warrior.All hope lay with young Thuro in whose veins flowed the blood of kings He would have to defeat the Witch Queen s monsters and travel to the land of the Mist, there to seek a ghostly army And the only one who could prepare Thuro to achieve his birthright was the mountain warrior Culain, the one man who knew the queen s deadly secret .The legend of the mystic Stones of Power begins with a tale of blood and glory, of love and betrayal, as a boy must come of age amidst the seemingly impossible quest to become the High King.

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        David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984 He went on to write over thirty novels Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sell worldwide.


    1. Ghost King (Stones of Power #1), David Gemmell تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه فوریه سال 2010 میلادیعنوان: مجموعه سنگهای قدرت کتاب اول : شبح شاه ؛ نویسنده: دیوید گمل؛ مترجم: طاهره صدیقیان؛ تهران، کتابسرای تندیس؛ 1386؛ در 319 ص؛ شابک: 9789648944327؛ چاپ دوم 1388؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی - قرن 20 مساکسون ها، آنج [...]

    2. Okay, generally I find Gemmell’s books to be fairly fun; standard fantasy, with enough interesting characters, twists or references to keep me interested. And you’d think this one would be especially so, since it’s basically about King Arthur (albeit as a young boy). Maybe it’s the fact that this was one of the earliest of Gemmell’s books (as far as I can tell from publication dates), but it really, really didn’t work for me. There was that same moreishness about it in some ways, but [...]

    3. So I am a diehard Gemmell fan. But there's a problem with these 2 books when I compare it in the light of, say, his 2 Lion of Macedon books. While Gemmell always has a lightning pace, these King Arthur books feel downright rushed. I don't know why. There is so much that he could have unpacked, so many interesting threads that he could have spent time on. Instead it felt like he rushed these books, depriving us of a richer tale. However, they still beat the majority of Fantasy published today, so [...]

    4. Gemmell is a great story teller, period. I am a big fan of his Drenai Saga (11 books) and this series is just as good. If this series continues the way it is, I will probably say that not only am I a fan of the Drenai Saga, but a fan of all things Gemmell.An alternate take on Arthurian legend, the Ghost King is a coming of age story. Gemmell deftly blends sword and sorcery with a touch of historical fiction. (The character development is a little sudden, but I think can be attributable to: 1) Ge [...]

    5. Reimagining Arthur 4 January 2017 Now that I have finished this book I am wondering whether this is the first book in the Sipstrassi series, or whether it was Wolf in Shadow. I was just about to start reading Wolf in Shadow when I noticed on that it was actually book number three. I remember reading it years ago, and I believe I actually read Wolf in Shadow before this one, but I suspect that was because of the order in which it was written. Well, now that decades have passed since they were fi [...]

    6. GHOST KING is the first in a long-running series of Gemmell books, the 'Stones of Power' books as opposed to the 'Drenai' saga. I knew it was a slim book and would be one I read very quickly. I also knew I would enjoy it a lot, superficially at least.The thing about being a Gemmell fan is the joy of knowing what to expect. Most of the author's books are written to a specific formula. There will be rampaging, unstoppable armies ravaging a rural landscape. On their side will be witches and wizards [...]

    7. Hook, Line, and Sinker! I am now hooked on David Gemmal. I couldn't put it down, he actually takes you back in time. And who doesn't love the time of gods and goddesses? 5 stars Mr. Gemmal, Well done!

    8. I was a huge fan of David Gemmell a few years ago, but then stopped reading his books so often because I was running out of them and I didn't want to stop having new books of his to read. However, over New Year I decided I was in the mood for some nostalgia so collected this book from my shelf and finished it within a couple of days. It was exactly as fantastic as I remember.David Gemmell's writing is not going to shatter your world, it is functional and definitely engrossing, but nothing more t [...]

    9. Great read! I really enjoyed how Gemmell slipped Arthurian lore into the story. I always carried a low opinion of Uther Pendragon until now. Thanks again DG!

    10. Ghost King opened with a character named Gwalchmai, and I muttered to myself, “What’s he doing here? He was in Ironhand’s Daughter!” I read on, expecting some clever twist that would explain the two Gwalchmais were really one person but the twist never came. Reusing a name is a huge turn-off when there’s no pay-off. That aside, Ghost King was quite a good read, a few notches above Ironhand’s Daughter in terms of readabiltyI finished it and started the sequel, “Last Sword of Power [...]

    11. Basically, this started off really well. I liked the weak prince idea and the plot that went awry and the stories following the fleeing guards and the crippled hunstman.Then, the book went wrong when it became too adulty. I don't mind a little murder, even war, but adultery in books is unecessary.The massive massacres of so many was irksome, though fit. I like how Goroien defeated herself. I liked reading about the young characters and didn't appreciate them suddenly turning around and acting li [...]

    12. Another alternate take on the Arthurian legend, set during the end of the Roman empire, with quite a bit of magic and mysticism. The first half of the book is stronger and more interesting. The second half feels rushed and abbreviated. Additionally, the characters change a bit too much--it feels as if the characters are being forced to become the characters of Arthurian legend, rather than it being a natural evolution.

    13. Despite the fact that it's technically part of a series you could read this as a stand alone novel. This was actually the first book by David Gemmell that I ever read when I was about fifteen years old and I reread it once sometime in my early twenties. It is a retelling of a classic myth although I won't say which one because that would give away the ending if you haven't read this before. Well worth the read!

    14. A bit of a let down after reading all of the Drenai Saga. The world, the characters, and the plot all seem a bit rushed and not quite fully developed.Despite that, I'll keep reading as I hear the series picks up as you go along. Besides, I enjoyed the Drenai Saga too much not to give Gemmell the benefit of the doubt.

    15. I love this story. It shows that there are hard truths you need to swallow and that growing up bites. Love is also interestingly explored. Read this. It is quite good.

    16. Ghost King falls between two of Gemmell's best cycles, emerging from the Drenai series and before the Rigante books. It is the first of a two book story and although it wraps up the storyline in this volume, a lot of character development takes place in Ghost King. It follows the path of a slight prince who must face up to his legacy, which becomes more and more complex as his journey develops. There is a broad mix of characters set against an alternate history of the British Dark Ages, with eno [...]

    17. Gemmell gives his take on the King Arthur legend. It's done fairly well, and he ties it in to the "Sipstrassi Stones" which pop up in quite a few of his other books.As with many other books of this sort, there's a real "missing" legion on hand to help Arthur to power, back when it was written in 1988 this may have been a more original idea.Overall it's a well written book with some interesting takes on the legend.

    18. Having read a lot tales of Arthur this one really stands out. This maybe because it's David gemmell at the helm and I just love his writing! ,probably the only negative thing I can say about was that it was probably a bit too short. The world and characters gemmell used were really interesting, and I'd have gladly welcomed more information about them.

    19. I'm hooked!The fusion of history and fantasy fiction aided by the art of great story telling, this book was hard to put down.

    20. This is probably the weakest of Mr Gemmell's novels so far. Here's why (IMNSHO): A): The setting is a mess: like SO many authors in the 70s and 80s, Gemmell gave us a revision/ reinterpretation of the Arthur myth. Like so many authors he based it partly on the sources and history available at the time. Unlike so many other authors he put in a hell of a lot of his own ideas and shifted stuff around so that it fit his story a bit better. So we have a vaguely anglo-saxon setting, some real shifts f [...]

    21. panopticonitalia/2We make a brief introduction.Also today I am talking about a novel by David Gemmell. You'll probably be tired of reading articles on this one author, but unfortunately I can not do anything, I am fond of his narrative style, and you'll have to endure in spite of this and other post dedicated to it. I'm sorry, but the heart can not control.We come to the book.The author in this novel takes up the Breton Cycle, radically changing the events related to it and mixing it with other [...]

    22. Overall, I liked this book. It wasn't the best Gemmell book I've read but I enjoyed most of it. LIKES: 1) Gemmell always infuses human emotions into his books and this is no different. There is a clear undercurrent of romance throughout the book and the love interests, while in a fantasy setting, have a real quality to them. One of my favorite things about this book among the other human emotions included. 2) Somehow he squeezes deep and interesting characters into his short books, something oth [...]

    23. First off, I have seen quite a few poor reviews on this read by one of the greats David Gemmell' The story is a retelling of Arthur and the roman empire (sort of) some don't like this and I myself am not a fan of Arthurian retelling, But this has so much more and that part is the least of the story, the main story is of a people who have the power (magic) at their disposal and fit right in with the ancient alien theory, they control the world and time they are in and other worlds visit and mix [...]

    24. E' noto a tutti chi era Artù, Re di Bretagna. Più in ombra è invece la figura di sua padre, Uther Pendragon, il sovrano che secondo la leggenda prese la bella Igraine e la rese gravida del giovane principe quand'era ancora sposata al romano Gorlois di Cornovaglia. Giocando con le tradizioni celtiche con allegria e astuzia, Gemmell ricostruisce la vita del giovane Uther, immergendolo in un'epoca ambigua, dove miti più antichi - suo amico e compagno, ad esempio, è Culain, personaggio leggenda [...]

    25. Although a fan of David Gemmell's books, I found Ghost King to be somewhat disappointing. Maybe it's the fact that I've recently finished the Rigante books or that Ghost King is one of the first books by Gemmell but I found it lacking.Gemmell has some recurring aspects in his books, that although they repeat in most books, he manages to make you like them each time. Redemption, sacrifice, war, loss make Gemmell's characters flawed but interesting. Ghost King did not have any such character. The [...]

    26. After much debate, I have come across David Gemmel's name a number of times and decided to try out his novels - I was not disappointed - this is standard fair Fantasy, so don't expect to have some great epiphany once this story is completed, but it has great characters and wonderful exposition and this is a good example of how a well written fantasy could be played out - I only give it 4 instead of 5 stars, because of the names in this novel are so FANTASTIC - this was written when that is an ac [...]

    27. I wasn't sure if i'm in the middle of a series, but i thought this was the beginning of one. In any case, i do not think i will be proceeding to the next book or finishing this series. I found that even with the character listing, there were still too many characters to follow and not enough character development. Especially, with the main character and his changed identity. I did not get the sense that he had transition from boy to man, it seemed more like they were two separate entities, a boy [...]

    28. Tra le Nebbie diQuesto terzo capitolo (cronologico) delle Sipstrassi è una sterzata violenta di personaggi, ambientazione e trama, fatta eccezione per la presenza delle Pietre e per il "fine", l'eterna lotta contro il Male.Operazione destabilizzante per il lettore — con conseguente frantumazione di pathos nella continuità della Saga —, ma che si può interpretare come uno di quei salti spazio/tempo immaginifici che hanno sostenuto e alimentato i precedenti volumi. Qui Gemmell prende la mat [...]

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