Doomsday Can Wait

Doomsday Can Wait

Lori Handeland / Sep 15, 2019

Doomsday Can Wait It took the near annihilation of humanity for Liz Phoenix to understand the true meaning of her premonitions Liz is one of the sacred few on earth who has the psychic powers to fight the malevolent fo

  • Title: Doomsday Can Wait
  • Author: Lori Handeland
  • ISBN: 9780312947163
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • It took the near annihilation of humanity for Liz Phoenix to understand the true meaning of her premonitions Liz is one of the sacred few on earth who has the psychic powers to fight the malevolent forces that have tried to wipe out the human race since the beginning of time She battled these beings once, thwarting Doomsday but losing most of her soldiers in the massacreIt took the near annihilation of humanity for Liz Phoenix to understand the true meaning of her premonitions Liz is one of the sacred few on earth who has the psychic powers to fight the malevolent forces that have tried to wipe out the human race since the beginning of time She battled these beings once, thwarting Doomsday but losing most of her soldiers in the massacre Now she must replenish her troops quickly because the supernatural war isn t over yet As the new leader of the federation, Liz is marked for death by a Navajo witch with a link to her past To survive, she must rely on her few remaining allies her mentor, a shaman with too many secrets, as well as ex lover, Jimmy Sanducci Bringing Jimmy into the mix is a dangerous move, for Liz s darkest desires are razor sharp and her longing for Jimmy is at a fever pitch But can Liz afford to give into the cravings that burn inside her, with the next shot at Doomsday just around the corner This time, if evil wins, chaos will reign and the world as we know it will be lost forever

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        Lori Handeland has written over fifty novels, novellas and short stories in several genres historical, contemporary, series and paranormal romance, as well as urban fantasy for such publishers as Dorchester, Kensington, Harlequin, St Martin s Press, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster and Penguin PutnamShe is a New York Times, USA Today, Waldenbooks and Bookscan Bestselling Author and the recipient of many industry awards, including two RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America for Best Paranormal and Best Long Contemporary Romance, a Romantic Times Award for Best Harlequin Superromance, the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, the Write Touch Readers Award, the National Readers Choice Award and the Prism Award.Published world wide and known for her popular and highly acclaimed Nightcreature paranormal series, as well as the Urban Fantasy series The Phoenix Chronicles, and the historical fantasy series, Shakespeare Undead, Lori also writes gritty, sexy western historical romance under the name Lori Austin Look for her Once Upon a Time in the West series.


    1. So this is the second in the Elizabeth Phoenix series by Handeland. After reading the first book, I wasn't exactly in a rush to read the sequel. The action was kickin, but the prose was a little less precise and efficient, the rules unclear, the "romance" a little haphazard. I needn't have worried. The prose in Doomsday Can Wait stepped further away from Paranormal Romance and into Urban Fantasy with spare, precise narration that's more modern and concrete from a heroine who is humble and funny. [...]

    2. Having lived for six years near the Navajo Reservation, I really can't read something this poorly researched.

    3. -See my review of the prequel to this series.-See my review of book 1 in this series.All in all I was really disappointed in this one. I quite enjoyed the first book in this series, so I had high expectations for this one. Unfortunately, it didn't deliver.Good points: The world building, despite being somewhat generic (i.e. because it felt like the author had the equivalent of a thesaurus for monsters and that a different monster was randomly inserted in every story segment which featured the me [...]

    4. "Doomsday Can Wait" was another hit for me by Lori Handeland. This is urban fantasy with hot sex and enough paranormal critters to keep anybody happy. There's blood, but not gore. There's a cool twist on reality that's more than just a cast of supernatural beings. And there's a tight plot that keeps you turning pages as fast as you can read.Since Liz recently managed to stave off Doomsday (not that any normal humans know about that, thank God) she's been enjoying a little down time. She deserves [...]

    5. I really like this new series. I find myself liking this book even better than the 1st one. I think that may be because the world and rules have been established. One thing that I really like is how Liz just seems like a normal person, someone who we could know in real life, but then her life is thrown way off course by things out of her control, mainly her heritage. She seems torn between Jimmy and Sawyer. I have to say that I don't really like Jimmy. He seems really selfish and a bastard. Sawy [...]

    6. I thought this book was just an entertaining as the first. On the romantic side I definitely seem to be rooting for Sawyer, which there were a few developments there. But to me I didn't feel like there was any big movements in that area though. There are some HUGE plot developments however. It definitely kept me at the edge of my seat.

    7. I like the cover? The writing . . . meh. Actually, this is one of those books that gives aspiring authors hope. Much like the Twilight series, the realization that this book was published -- and more than that, it's apparently part of a series -- is at once depressing and exhilarating. Depressing because it's simply awful -- not in terms of plot, which had promise, but in terms of the actual writing. Dead writing, badly paced, and a lot of "telling," not "showing." There were times when I felt a [...]

    8. Lori Handeland writes the most incredible series, and I get emotionally involved with her characters in every book. The Phoenix Chronicles is no exception. Her female heroines are tough girls, whether or not they start out that way, and her men are to die for; unfortunately, Lizzie Phoenix has to do just that - die - several times, actually, in her position as leader of the Light. Luckily she's got some nifty skillsets and interesting somewhat human friends to help her prevent a second death, as [...]

    9. La Fine può attendere di Lori Handeland, secondo romanzo della serie Phoenix Chronicles, edita da Delos Books per la collana Odissea Streghe.Protagonista della serie è Liz Phoenix, ex-poliziotta Veggente dai poteri incredibili, nuovo capo delle forze del Bene in vista dell’imminente Apocalisse. Non per sua scelta, potremmo aggiungere.Il primo volume si conclude con l’uccisione del Capo dell’esercito del Male (esercito che è composto da Nephlilim, ibridi nati da umani e angeli), a opera [...]

    10. "Glut" ist der zweite Band von Lori Handelands Phoenix-Chroniken. Elizabeth Phoenix (kurz Lizzy) ist eine Seherin mit ausergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten. Zusammen mit einigen übrig gebliebenen Dämonenkämpfer tritt sie erneut gegen die böse Mächte der Finsternis an.Lizzy hat es dieses mal mit einer mächtigen Navajo Hexe zu tun, die nicht nur die Weltherrschaft an sich reisen möchte sondern auch noch ihren Sohn Sawyer auf ihre Seite ziehen möchte. Obwohl Lizzy nicht 100 %-ig daran glaubt das [...]

    11. Synopsis: It took the near annihilation of humanity for Liz Phoenix to understand the true meaning of her premonitions. Liz is one of the sacred few on earth who has the psychic powers to fight the malevolent forces that have tried to wipe out the human race since the beginning of time. She battled these beings once, thwarting Doomsday but losing most of her soldiers in the massacre. Now she must replenish her troops quickly--because the supernatural war isn't over yet.As the new leader of the f [...]

    12. Adjusting to what she now knows to be part of her life, Liz Phoenix also realizes that she can’t do it alone. No training could prepare her to fight the demons that are trying to bring on doomsday, but to go into it as a seer and a DK (demon killer) leaves her with her wits, the little bit of information that her ghost of a mentor givers her through her dreams, visions and a voice she hears every time a demon is around and anyone who could possibly help her. The help available isn’t the most [...]

    13. Non riesco a dare meno del massimo a questo romanzo della Handeland. Lo stile dell'autrice mi ha catturata, i suoi personaggi mi sono entrati nel sangue. A mio parere il punto di forza di questa saga è l'ambientazione: si respira il sapore del deserto americano, della terra dei nativi, delle magie sciamaniche che arricchiscono il panorama più tradizionale dell'urban fantasy, con vampiri, nephilim ecc. Mi sembra di vederle, quelle lande aride, ricche di leggende, a cui il carattere della protag [...]

    14. Der 330 Seiten lange Band der Phoenix-Chroniken ist im Stil eines Road-Trips gehalten, da Liz sehr viel unterwegs ist. Sie sieht sich diesmal einer Navajo-Hexe gegenüber, die sich auch noch als Saywers Mutter entpuppt, und nebenbei hat sie sich zum Ziel gesetzt, Jimmy zur Vernunft zu bringen und um seine Hilfe zu bitten. Doch der ist verschwunden.Dieser Roadtrip beinhaltet einige sehr spannende Szenen, was vor allem das Auftauchen von Feinden angeht. Summer ist für mich das Highlight des Buche [...]

    15. Dopo aver eliminato la striga ed aver combattuto una battaglia all'ultimo sangue, Lizcerca di ritornare alla normalità, sempre se la sua vita può considerarsi normale. Le filadegli AD si sono ridotte all'osso dopo il combattimento ma soprattutto dopo che JimmySanducci, l'amore-odio di Liz, ha spifferato ai nemici le loro identità segrete. Duranteun tranquillo turno nel bar di Megan, Liz si ritrova a fronteggiare la temibile donna di fumo:un essere talmente potente che nessuno è mai riuscito [...]

    16. This is the second book in the Phoenix Chronicles series, following the fight between the light and the dark, and the role of leader that Liz never wanted, but has come to accept. Unlike her Moon series, this one is told in the first person POV with a continuing story. It's also loaded with creatures from mythology outside of the normal shifters and vampires we've come to expect from Urban Fantasies.Most of her army was killed in the first book and Liz needs Jimmy's help to locate the others tha [...]

    17. So I wanted to like this book. It has every element that makes a for a good, if not great, urban fantasy series; it just never really came together.I know this book has been out for awhile now. I have had it in my to-be-read pile for a long time. I enjoyed the first book in the series enough to hunt down a copy of this book. I must have liked it because if it isn't at one of my local libraries I usually decide to just not read it.I have been trying to figure out what bothered me the most about t [...]

    18. Der zweite Teil geht auch gleich gut weiter. Es fehlt wieder an nichts, Schreibstil flüssig, alles dabei liebe , Erotik und genügend Action.Im Vordergrund diesmal ist die Mutter von Saywer die Jagd auf Liz macht um diese aus dem Weg zu räumen , aber das ist nicht so einfach.In der Zeit hat unsere liebe Fee , Jimmy an einen Ort gebracht wo er nun lernen soll das Biest in sich zu beherrschen und das ist nichtmal so leicht.So wollen dann Liz und Saywer die Frau aus Rauch finden und sie vorher be [...]

    19. For Elizabeth Phoenix, fighting everyday human evil was hard enough. Now, firmly in position of the leader of the Light, she has to battle the not-so-ordinary evil. Unfortunately for Phoenix, she finds that in order to battle evil, she must become evil. But becoming something unnatural is just not that easy. First she has to find her missing on-again-off-again romantic partner, Jimmy. Unfortunately she ends up with the pert annoying fairie Summer. Then, in the quest to stop some evil people from [...]

    20. Liz Phoenix - who reminds me of Mercy Thompson - is amazing. She does whatever needs to be done regardless of the cost to herself or anyone else in her quest to stop the apocalypse from happening. I really like Sawyer. He's been so abused (as a child) and was so withdrawn from socity until Liz entered his life. Maybe there is hope for him yet. And poor Jimmy Sanducci. He's been terrorized and turned dhampir - half vampire/half demon. He hates himself and wants to die but Liz won't let him since [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book. It was a nice addition to the series.The story picks up not long after the end of book 1. There's a relative lull in the chaos being caused by the dark side and the light side hypothesizes that because Liz killed the dark leader, the timing of the apocalypse was set back, presumably until the leader of light is killed.The focus this time is on trying to help Jimmy recover and finally kill off the woman of smoke a.k.a. Sawyer's mother.I'm not really sure yet how I feel about [...]

    22. This novel was complete and utter babble. The mumbling of a sadly deranged woman. It mundanely rambled on about on with psychobabble, good vs evil, light vs dark, blah blah blah. Bored me to tears. I must have skimmed, on and off, about 100 pages. The driving character was a waste of space, a complete and utter twit, and I have no real idea why I bothered with the end. This second novel achieved nothing and took the story nowhere. I must be stark raving mad to have made it to the finish line.

    23. I like the way she writes and the pace is always good, but there's always one thing she adds to her books I don't like. In this series it's the whole Sawyer and sex thing. Don't like this guy, don't like the sex thing.The mythology was a bit too heavy for my taste. I tend to shut down if there's too much info from this and that and too much pages. But that happens in every book I read. I prefer just the necessary info.Apart from that. I'm interested to see where she takes the story with the whol [...]

    24. Probabilmente il mio errore è leggere questi romanzi uno dopo l'altro.Penso siano scritti sapendo che verranno letti a distanza di un anno l'uno dall'altro.Però non so farne a meno :)IL solito accumulo di ostacoli impossibili da superare fino alle ultime pagine Tanto ora comincio il terzo e spero ultimo.

    25. I loved Lori Handeland's other series. This one I just have been disappointed with. I got about half way through this book before finding that I just didn't have any desire to pick it up. Sadly I think I will not read any more from this series. However I am excited that she is writing more in her other series!

    26. Book # 16 of 2010Sawyer's mommy dearest shows up as the antagonist in this outing. More action, more Doomsday. Another fairly decent read.Also fulfills #6 in the March Monthly Challenge: Read a book with a single female on the cover.

    27. Loved, loved, loved the insight into the character Sawyer. Very explanatory as to why he is how he is, and that he isn't as perfect and calm as he pretends to be. Nice to know that even the ice man has a few vulnerabilities. Now I'm not sure if I prefer him, or Jimmy. Don't like not being able to decide.

    28. Loved this almost as much as the first one - seriously, I can hardly WAIT for the next installment of this series! The story is so interesting and sexy, it's full of great characters and twists. I do feel so dorky carrying it around though, like I'm going to whip out my D&D board (or whatever they use) any second. But I don't care that much because the book is so awesome.

    29. So other than having a horrible digital copy this book was enjoyable to read.I won't really go into detail. Other than to say, I really like the more depth of Sawyer.Liz definitely had to go to an interesting place in this one.And I think Lori likes Supernatural, with the Impala as the road trip car lol.

    30. the series continues and the true nature of the relationship between Sawyer and Phoenix is revealed. Her ex Jimmy continues to influence her outlook ans the weight of the world and saving the inhabitants shifts more squarely onto her shoulders. Who is evil? Who can she trust? What does she need to sacrifice for the fate of the world?

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